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Topic: My Best freinds mom 
Ok so this story might not be "Taboo" but to me it was .
I knew my buddy Jeff for about 6 years , we went to Elementry and then a little Jr high and finished in High school . This happened actually when I was in the 11th grade , completly unexpected and never happened again . Allthough I wish it did . . . . . .
Jeff's mom Mary was stunning , she was blonde 34 dd shapely and just plain hot . Whenever the guys were around wed always comment on her . I called Jeff the night before we were supposed to work on this high school project together . Well we were set so I thought and I came over at about 1 saturday afternoon . I knocked on the door and after a bit Mary answered the door in a robe . It was obvious she was sun tanning she smelt like that coconut oil stuff they use ?
Well I asked for Jeff and she said he was gone for a few but I could come in and wait . I dident have anything to do so I was like cool .

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   She walked out to the patio where there pool was and removed the robe and sat down she smiled . "Mind rubbing me down ?"She asked I quickly agreed I mean whoul wouldent ? So I began to rub her lower back and shoulders and then she shifted causing my crotch to rest right in the crack of her ass . I was growing hard just being this close to her .
After a while she turned her head and smiled "Getting a stiffy are you ?"I felt like a perv now and stammered "I. . Im so. . " she cut me off by laughing "Hell Im flattered feels like quite a package I bet the girls like you " It was true I had a rather well endowment . I had a 9 inch cock and I was half hard now she couldent take her eyes off me before she asked "Mind if I see it ? its been so long since Ive seen a cock hard "I blushed I knew she was a sexless lady . Jeffs dad died about a year ago , so she never really moved on . I got bold "Ill show you if you show me your tits " she smiled and agreed flipping around she pulled her bikini top off and reveled the biggiest pair of tits Id ever seen . Soon after I pulled my cock out for her and she imediatly reached for it and began to stroke it "Oh my god you got to be kidding me " she said as she kept stroking my cock "Can I just kiss it ? " she asked "Sure do what you want " she gave me a devious look and opened her mouth taking my cock down .
I sat there babbling like a idiot as this totaly hot woman sucked my cock hard ! Soon she pulled her mouth off my cock and smiled "you ever been fucked by a real woman ?" she asked I shook my head and her bikini bottoms came off . She stradled my hips and sank herself onto my cock and began to thrust herself over and over again over my shaft . I moaned deeply and hands cupped her breasts as she squeezed her walls around my cock .

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   I thrust deeper into her untill I felt my balls empty inside her and she moaned deeply licked my dick clean and informed me Jeff was asleep . . . .