My Aunt's Tasty Panties


Message from the Author
I’ve always had a thing for older women. As long as I could remember, I would look upon older females & would always find their matured features appealing. They have this aura that surrounds them. An aura of confidence & respect. The Aunts in my family were no exception. Bold, beautiful & striking all in one fell swoop. Just being around them was & still is intoxicating. I’m 21 now, but for as long as I could remember I’ve always felt attached to my Aunts.
Throughout the years I’ve explored the different avenues of such a fetish. Everything I’ve done has been harmless but in turn would be absolutely embarrassing if caught. Going through their panty drawers, stealing a pair & later smothering myself in them, picturing what they would look like when worn. Or if they were coming over for a BBQ in the summer, I would set up their chairs to face the basement window just to get a glimpse up their skirts or get a direct view when they sat with their legs apart.
Some people would consider such a taboo fetish to be disgusting & totally wrong, for that I would agree but I would never act upon it or at least I think I wouldn’t anyway. What’s the harm in fantasizing about someone? Masturbation is a natural stress reliever plus a healthy way of life & if dreaming about someone of interest aids the cause, why not? That’s how I feel on this subject anyway.
The stories I have written are meant for entertainment & are somewhat fictional. The engagement of Aunt & Nephew or Older & Younger are pure fantasy.

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   However, the acts of panty raiding, taking a peek upskirt or searching for nude pictures on their computers are totally true. I’m sure a lot of youngsters, male or female, have tried such daring acts & although I encourage such things, remember to be mindful of what you are doing. Don’t do anything that would make the other party upset or would land you in serious trouble. Just don’t take things too far.
With that being said, please enjoy my stories & don’t hesitate to leave feedback or suggestions after you’re done reading. Aunt's Tasty Panties
       People seem to think I have a slow, if not, non-existent sex drive. I rarely speak of the topic &, at 21, am still a virgin by choice. What people have to say doesn’t bother me much, every person is entitled to his or her opinion but behind the stern mask, there’s a hidden demon waiting to be released. A demon who has an insatiable appetite for older women. Such desirable women exist in my family but a thing such as incest is completely wrong. After all they are of your blood but they are human just like yourself. It’s a difficult situation to defuse. I for one wouldn’t dare come on to one of my Aunts but I would, however, fulfill my fetishes surrounding it.
One such Aunt I have eyes for is my Aunt Lorna. She’s a tall, voluptuous, 43 year old blonde who wears glasses from time to time.

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   She isn’t the sharpest tool in the drawer, in fact when she was younger she had a reputation for sleeping around. Whoring yourself around isn’t respectable & is down right disgusting but I looked past that fact & figured so long as I didn’t touch her, there would be no harm done to either side. Lorna recently moved back in with my grandparents, due to personal problems, so I see her whenever I decide to make an appearance. Most of the time I would go down just to swipe a new pair of panties for my collection or to snoop around in search of better masturbation material. One such occasion proved to be a little more adventurous then I originally planned.
It was a Saturday afternoon & was my Cousin’s birthday. The special event was being held at my Grandparent’s house, like most of them were. For the week prior, I was excited about going down. I hadn’t seen my Aunts for quite some time & since it was skirt season I figured I would get many opportunities to sneak a few quick peeks. When I arrived, my Aunt Lorna was sitting on the porch greeting the family as they came. The first thing I noticed was that she was wearing a white skirt & a tight black cotton shirt, so tight you could clearly see the outline of the bra she was wearing. If I hadn’t trained to control my thoughts & "equipment" over the years, I would have undoubtedly burst right there. After saying hello, I quickly went inside before any lustful thoughts set in. Once inside I was greeted by the rest of the relatives who had already arrived.
For most of the afternoon I sat around making small talk with the relatives I rarely had the chance to see.

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   They didn’t seem overly joyed to see me but then again neither was I. It’s kind of sad but my extended family is a bit dysfunctional. They only ever care about what you can do for them, only coming to family get together’s to keep face. I figured if I could hold out until dinner, the rest of the evening would be set. I would make a visit to my Aunt Lorna’s room & take it from there while everyone else would be preoccupied.
Dinner outside came & went. The tables were filled with cold-cuts, soups & other traditional family recipes. Although I love those kinds of dinners, it all lacked in comparison to what was to come. After having my fill, I began helping with the cleanup when out of the corner of my eye I noticed my Aunt coming down the stairs. Everything seemed to move in slow motion at that point. With every step her breasts bounced up & down while the air caught the corners of her skirt, waving it around in the wind. She must have caught me staring because our eyes met as she finished the last step, giving me this ice cold stare that spelt disaster. To my relief, Lorna just walked past me like it didn’t even happen.
As I finished cleaning up, I was haunted by the event that just took place. My Aunt’s ample breasts, the treasure hidden behind her white skirt & that stare.

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   The stare was the part I kept playing back. It was so sexy & provocative especially with those glasses she wore. Women with glasses turn me right on & this was no exception. As I was moving along the table I felt something touch my groin area. A sudden surge of embarrassment ran through my body as I looked down to inspect the cause. To my surprise, my penis had become half erect, tenting my shorts. It was quite evident that my penis had grazed the edge of the table as I was cleaning. My only thought at that moment was to seek refuge inside the house & pray nobody notices the camp of rebel forces taking arms in my shorts.
I dropped what I was doing & stormed into the house. Luckily everyone was still outside because I had no idea how I would cope with such an embarrassing moment & with my whole family in attendance, it would only take but a few seconds before everyone knew. Grabbing my bulge in a feeble attempt to subdue it & doubly relieve the sensation, I ran upstairs in hopes of taming the beast that had arisen. However, the same floor as the bathroom housed my Aunt’s room & of course, being insanely horny at the time I decided to step it up a notch by exploring her room.
My Aunt Lorna’s room was a bit messy which I saw as an advantage. I couldn’t afford to leave signs of me snooping around her room & with a room filled with clothes, books & other patches of disorder it would be infinitely easier covering those tracks. I quickly sat on her bed & broke open her panty drawer.

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   I had been there a few times so I knew which drawers were which. The first thing I noticed was that she hadn’t bought any new pairs of panties since the last time I was there, which was a bit of a let down. I kept rummaging through, searching for a perfect pair to entertain myself with. The smells, colours & different materials of the panties made me even more excited. I would only take one pair however, it was bad enough that I was stealing let alone taking something as personal as underwear. I kept searching until I finally came upon the perfect pair. They were silver in colour & shiny in the front & back. Undoubtedly my favourite style of panties. I reorganized the drawer as best as I could & bolted for the bathroom.
I closed the door behind me & began to lock it when I noticed that the lock had been broken off. "What luck!" I thought, but what were the chances of someone coming up within the next few minutes? I dismissed the idea of getting caught & loosened my shorts, letting them drop to the floor. My underwear had a small wet spot where my precum had been secreted. I couldn’t wait to pull my penis out for some action. I brought the panties close to my face, rubbing the crouch area on my nose, envisioning my Aunt’s scent & feel. With my other hand, I dug down into my underwear & pulled out my now fully erect penis.


   My penis is 7 & a bit inches long when standing at full attention, which is perfectly fine by me. Most people exaggerate their penis size but to what gain?
By now the feel of the panties on my face sent pulses down the length of my body, heightening the experience. I rubbed my penis with the free hand, occasionally reaching down to fondle my sack & stimulate the ticklish pubic areas. I could feel the humble beginnings of an orgasm building up while playing out a fantasy with my Aunt in mind. I let a deep but soft groan out in acceptance to my dirty & perverse thoughts. My Aunt’s breasts bouncing & swaying with every step she took, the cold stare she gave me in disapproval while licking her crimson red lips all the while hiking up the sides of her skirt. I could almost feel the soft touch of her hand running across my face when I faintly heard a creaking on the stairs leading up to my floor. Someone was coming up the stairs. Displeased, I came out of my euphoric state, quickly scanning the area for possible escape routes. The only route would be out of the bathroom & confronting the intruder head on with panties in hand. I kept looking for another way when I noticed the green shower curtains.
The door knob began to twist & the door opened just as I leaped into the bathtub, sliding the curtains behind me. I quietly peaked through the left side to see who would enter. Lorna came into the bathroom with a confused look on her face. I guessed the look was caused by having to open the door only to find nobody inside.

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   Usually you’re supposed to knock before you enter but I guess she figured everyone was outside still & decided to come in regardless of the door’s status. Lorna closed the door & undid the draw string on her skirt letting it fall to the floor. The sight of the g-string blew me away. Under that hot white skirt, she was wearing nothing more than a small piece of fabric. I almost said my thoughts aloud but caught myself before such a disastrous moment took place.
Lorna sat down on the toilet as I repositioned myself, trying to take advantage of this once in a lifetime situation. My hand was wrapped around my penis, trying to suppress the sexual urges that overcame me. Lorna shifted herself slightly but just enough to give me a full view of her pussy. I couldn’t believe my eyes & neither could my mouth because just as that happened, I let out of a gasp loud enough for anyone in the room to hear. My face went beet red as my Aunt shot her gaze over to the shower curtains. I leaned back & stood absolutely still, hoping she would dismiss anything she had just heard. The toilet flushed & I let out a sigh of relief when the shower curtains flew aside, revealing a very stunned & half naked me. My Aunt’s eyes darted about trying to make sense of the situation when suddenly she fixed her gaze on the item in my hand. It was the pair of panties I had temporarily borrowed from her drawer. A smirk widened across my Aunt’s face as she looked up into my eyes.

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"So I haven’t been misplacing my panties after all. Instead we have a panty thief in our midst. " Lorna said boring holes right into my eyes. All I could do at that moment was let out some guttural sound & try handing the panties back to my Aunt. "Hmm, I think you can keep those. It seems like you’ll have more fun with them than I will. " Lorna laughed. I bent down to pull my pants up when my Aunt placed her hand on mine, signifying to stop. I looked at her in utter embarrassment for an answer to her actions but she just smirked & said, "I’ve seen the way you look at me. I think it’s rather cute that you consider your Aunt a hottie. " Not only was I caught dead in my tracks but she knew what was happening the entire time. She asked me to step out of the tub & onto the floor. I figured that was it. I’d been caught & now I’d suffer the consequences.
"So what’s going to happen?" I asked her.

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   Lorna turned towards the bathroom door & tampered with the lock. "If you’re going to lock a door, at least do it right. " She remarked. Lorna swung back around, took my left hand & stuck the middle finger in her mouth, gently sucking & licking around the fingernail. My heart began racing as I fantasized where this was leading. Was this a taste of things to come? Building up enough confidence to even breathe, I blurted, "What are you doing? This isn’t right. Although I’ve dreamed about this I wouldn’t be able to go through with such an act!" Lorna took my fingers out of her mouth to speak. "Nobody said we had to have sex. How about a bit of friendly foreplay? We’ll do each other a favor & I’ll show you what to do. " She giggled.
The idea didn’t sound so bad. I wanted to stay a virgin so there was no way I’d engage in intercourse, especially with my Aunt. A bit of foreplay wouldn’t hurt. Besides, in the back of my mind, I’ve always wanted something like this to happen & here’s my chance. I nodded in agreement & she pulled our bodies together, leaning in to kiss me.

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   She whispered, begging me to touch her, so I reached down under her skirt & used my index finger to caress the lips of her pussy through her skimpy panties. My cock was rock hard, harder than it’s ever been. My Aunt slid one hand down my chest & into my underwear, grabbing the shaft of my penis. She rhythmically squeezed my cock, stroking it as she released while I continued to rub her lips. My other hand sprang to life, cupping my Aunt’s right breast & began to softly massage it.
Lorna pulled away & brought me over to the sink where she hopped up & sat. She continued by pulling her skirt up to reveal her already moist G-string. "Hopefully you like what’s for desert. " Lorna joked, "Dive right in. " I did just that. First I planted my face right into her groin area, tasting & licking the wet stain on my Aunt’s panties. I couldn’t contain myself. The aroma & taste sent me overboard. I pulled aside the panties & let my eyes feast upon my Aunt’s beautiful pussy. Her pussy was lightly shaved & had a soft red complexion.


   I looked up at Lorna for some advice on where to start. "First focus on the length of the lips & then move over to the clitoris. Stay on the clit. Suck & lick gently at first then I’ll tell you when to speed up. " Lorna purred.
I let out a nice wad of spit & went right to work, moving my tongue up & down her juicy pussy lips. Lorna grabbed my head, moving her hands through my hair & pulling my face closer to her genitals. I stayed on those lips for a solid 5 minutes before she signaled to move on. Next was her clitoris. It seemed awfully big to me at first but I’ve only seen pictures on the net, so what do I know? After taking a quick examination of it, I pulled the lips apart & began to flick my tongue on the tip of her clit. Lorna moaned, which is always a good sign, so I continued the pace. Every so often I would place my mouth over top & suck back on the clit.
I continued my relentless assault of licks & sucks on her genitals while she moaned in ecstasy. Eight minutes had past before she told me to quicken my pace. I began to flick my tongue at double the speed while my Aunt started to grind her pussy, rhythmically, into my face.

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   At that moment an idea sparked into my head. Why not insert a finger inside to see what happens? I took my index finger & methodically inserted it into my Aunt’s seeping wet pussy. Lorna wailed in enjoyment, ramming my face back into her groin demanding me to keep eating. I slowed my tongue a bit to change the rhythm of our dance & to aid the movement of my inserted finger. I tickled the inside walls of my Aunt’s pussy with my index finger every time I plunged it deep inside. Lorna showed no signs of disagreement so I stayed on target.
Minutes flew by as we kept a more relaxed pace until Lorna broke the silence. "I’m gonna cum soon. Are you ready to taste it?" She asked. Me, not being one to turn anything down this day & still eating away, complied with a heavy moan. I decided to insert another finger into her pussy, adding to the thickness of the already overworked index finger. Lorna’s breathing began to speed up, as did mine. I wanted to cum with her even if I couldn’t, so I began to utter naughty phrases. Lorna seemed to love it, responding to every word I said. Suddenly time stopped.

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   My Aunt froze, letting out a few gasps of breath & holding her breasts. A liquid blast of cum squirted right out of her pussy & all over my face & mouth. The salty taste of my Aunt’s cum drove me nuts. I stood up, locking eyes with my Aunt & began pumping furiously on my still solid penis.
Everything that I had just experienced & the sight of my Aunt climaxing was enough to fuel my own orgasm. After her legs stopped shaking & the full weight of the orgasm wore off, Lorna hopped off the sink & onto the floor, positioning herself between my legs. "Since you know what I taste like, let me see how you taste!" Lorna begged while putting her glasses on. My breathing quickened & my strokes became harder. The muscles in my groin began to tighten as I let the orgasm take over. I held out for as long as I could before releasing an onslaught of hot cum all over my Aunt’s beautiful face & glasses. I had been saving this load up for the entire week, knowing that I’d have the chance to unload today but who would have thought this would happen? My poor Aunt didn’t even see it coming. She was literally covered in my white cum but didn’t seem to mind. Lorna licked her lips & used her hand to scoop my cum into her mouth while I was enjoying the blissful sensation of what had just happened.
"Now you’ll have something extra to go along with all those panties you have of mine. " Lorna sarcastically said.

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   "Here take these too as a keepsake. " Lorna handed me her G-string that I had just licked clean. These panties would become my most prized possession & would undoubtedly never get washed but instead be stored in a sandwich bag for later viewing. We both looked at our watches to check how much time had past & surprisingly it was only 20 minutes. If people had realized either of us were missing for such a lengthy period of time, we would have had some explaining to do.
After we both cleaned up, I thanked her for the enlightening experience. She hinted at such a situation occurring again in the near future, knowing I would be more than happy to oblige. We both headed downstairs & I decided to take a different route so we wouldn’t get caught with one another. Lorna headed for the backyard while I went for the kitchen to grab a sandwich bag. I didn’t want to carry around my prized pair of panties in a pocket especially when they’re still moist. Sealing the bag shut, I thought of the event that just took place & how lucky I was. Then I realized that I was holding my Aunt’s panties & that she went outside without putting a new pair on. I figured she forgot but had a suspicion she had more in store for me before I left. So I headed back outside to see if I couldn’t catch a few more glimpses of my Aunt’s tasty pussy.
When I arrived back home after the party, I got the sudden urge to masturbate again but this time I had a few new items to help me out.

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   Till this day, the vivid images of the wild time I spent with my Aunt in the bathroom plague me in my sleep. More often than not, I’ll wake up with a full on erection that would need tending to all thanks to my Aunt Lorna. I can’t wait for the next family get together & I know my Aunt Lorna can’t either. Maybe this time she’ll eat me instead?