Ms Cole


Andy and his friends had been throwing paper at each other for the last five minutes when finally there English teacher Ms Cole had had enough and put Andy in detention.
At 4 Andy left his friends and went to his english class he took his normal seat at the back of the class. Ms cole didnt even look at him just carried on marking work.
Ms cole was coming to the end of her youth though you could see she had once been beautiful. Her dirty blonde hair up to her shoulders, her blue eyes and her soft pink lips. today she was wearing a shirt and a long skirt with dark tights.
From the back of the class andy could see her long legs and he could not help but look at them. As he looked his groin gave a twinge.
Ms cole looked up. He quickly looked out the window. She got up and walked up to him. She sat ontop of the desk in front of him her legs crossed. Andy could see her thighs and he couldnt hide his huge hard on any more.
"What were you looking at?" she said in a soft voice.
"err the floor miss" he replied.

She started stroking her legs.

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   "Are you sure?" she said unconvisingly.  It wouldnt be a crime to look at something else" she said.
She slipped of her shoes, Andy could see her feet through those dark nylons.   She put her feet on his groin, "do you like my feet Andy?" she said. Andy could hardly breathe, "yes" he said brethlessly. She put her feet on his face, they smelt so good! "Open your Mouth Andy" Andy did as he was told. She put her feet in his mouth they tasted so good. He sucked on them as Ms cole started groaning.
"take off your trousers" she demanded. Andy did as he was told but he kept her fet in his mouth. She slipped her feet out his mouth and started rubbing his cock with them.
"Oh Yes" said andy.
"mmmmmmmmm miss thats so good" he said.
She rubbed harder and harder, Andy could feel he was about to cum. "Miss get on the floor I want to cum in your mouth" he said.

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   She got off the table and got on her knees. She spat on his cock then started rubbing it frantically with her hand. the cum landed all over her face she smilied and licked it all up. Andy got on his knees and kissed her.
"Good boy Andy" she said. "But I want more!". "I cant cum any more" he said. "Piss on meshe said as she unbuttoned her shirt reaveling round breasts. She then pulled down her skirt and panties. Andy grabbed her breasts, they were warm. He opened his mouth and started biting them. One of his hand slipped down her stomach and went into her wet pussy.
"Piss on me you little boy" she said moaningly. Andy didnty care what she said he got low and sniffed her pussy. It smelt foul.

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   He put his tongue in her pussyand licked, she winced then stareted moaning.
She pulled away. "Whats wrong?" sad Andy. "Piss on me" she said sternley. Andy thought he might aswell forfuill her request. "lay down" he said. He stood up and pissed all over her body. She opened her mouth and started guzzling it down. Andy no longer wanted to fuck her as she was soaking in his piss. He put on his clothes and left her there on the floor fingering herself.



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