Mr. Jenkins and me, part 2


The game against Lincoln was right after Friday classes, and as my team hit the courts, our home crowd filled the gym with raucous cheers! I saw Mr. Jenkins watching us, smiling as his eyes were directed straight at me, it felt like he was feeling me up with his eyes as he took in every bit of my 5"8", 135 lb. frame. My nipples got stiff and tingly, I could feel my pussy give me an erotic jolt, knowing that in less than a day, he would have all of me, not just my mouth!

Working hard to defeat Lincoln, I could feel those eyes against my body as I twisted, turned, served, and spiked. At one time, my sexy rump was pointing directly towards his side of the court, and it was like I could feel his eyes feeling up my ass cheeks, almost as definite as the feel of his hands, and I shivered with pleasure at the idea that his hands and fingers would be able to do that very soon!

We easily defeated Lincoln in 3 games straight, and as the cheers filled the gym, I gave a secret smile to Mr. Jenkins. He smiled back, and I could see him mouth the word tomorrow, I gave him a nod, and joined my teammates as we headed for the lockers, victorious.

Trying to get to sleep was a real struggle. I was horny as hell, but I did not want to waste my horniness of the quick release of masturbation, I wanted to save it up for Mr. Jenkins! It took a while, but I finally fell asleep.

The next day, I was up early, I had a little bit of shopping to do. When I stripped in front of Mr Jenkins Thursday night, I was wearing my Jockey For Her panties and sports bra. Great for athletic wear, but not exactly a visual turn on. I wanted to remedy that, and get some very sexy, racy undies for Mr. Jenkins' viewing pleasure. At the Night Owl boutique, I browsed and could feel myself getting turned on by the things on display.

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   I finally settled on a flame red tanga style panty, that had a sheer, see-thru tanga style bottom that didn't even cover half my ass. The waistband was merely a fine ribbon of red, that laced at the side, undo the bows, and it would just fall away! My pussy would be just barely covered by a thin panel of see-thru red fabric! I got the matching flame red garter belt, matching bra, that was in a demi cup style, leaving the tops of my breasts, down to my nipples, uncovered. I also bought a pair of jet black stockings, my panties had become damp with desire as I took my sexy buys to the front counter.

At home again, I had to fight the urge to masturbate, it was a struggle. I made myself think of what lay ahead, what the afternoon would be like, and be glad that I saved up my next orgasm for Mr. Jenkins, my soon to be lover. So, after a quick shower, I put on my new hot red undies and my black stockings, and I could feel the desire slicking up my pussy lips again!I quickly pulled on a front button dress, so my lover would have easy access to my horny body. I hopped in my car, and at 18 minutes to 1 PM, I parked two blocks away, and casually strolled the distance to his house. He answered my knock immediately, and I could see from his lustful gaze that he was ready for me.

We sat for a few minutes, to relax, I was very keyed up, and Mr. Jenkins didn't want to rush me.

"Miss Lowson, would you feel more comfortable if I used your first name?" he asked.

"If I could use your first name also, I'd feel strange making love to a Mister!" I replied.

He chuckled, gave me a sunny smile and said, "OK Tanya. My first name is Terry, short for Terrence.

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Returning his smile, I whispered, "OK Terry, I think I'm ready. "

In the bedroom, he asked me, "Are you protected? Or do you want me to use a condom regardless? I know I'm not infected with anything, but if you would feel safer, I'd be happy to use a condom. "

I told him, "Yes, I am protected, I've been on the Pill since my Mom started me on it right after I turned 18 And No, I do not want you to use a condom! I want to feel all your hot, sizzling spunk, as your sexy cock explodes and squirts wildly deep inside me! I want to feel the heat of your hot spunk filling me up!"

With that, he drew me to him, his emerald green eyes gazing into my light blue eyes, and his lips pressed gently against mine. I opened my mouth to his, felt his tongue gently probing my mouth, my tongue quickly came out to return the favor. Our kiss grew hotter and deeper, he ran his fingers through my hair, stroking my scalp, that drives me wild! My nipples stood out stiffly, my pussy starting to cream wildly. He slipped her fingers through the buttons of my dress, and it soon slipped away, to pool at my feet. He stood back, to take in the view. His eyes moved lovingly over the swell of my breasts, my nipples standing out stiffly above the bra, he looked lower, and he took in the sight of the very sexy undies I was wearing just for him. I turned around, and cocked my ass sexily.

Mr. Jenkins undid the bows, and my panties fell away.

"Incredible" he murmured, "Just incredible. "

I could feel his hands, one cupping my sex lovingly, the other stroking gently and softly at my ass cheeks. The feel of his fingers against my most intimate areas really got me going.

I turned to him, and could see his trousers filled with his rock hard bulge! I quickly got my fingers busy, and as his pants and underwear slid down, I could see his stiff, very hard 8 inches.

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   My boyfriend had been 5 inches, and the thought that he would go deeper than ever made me growl lustfully.

He took me in his arms, and said, "I want you to leave your garter belt, stockings and bra on when I make love to you. "

I nodded, hearing him say that we were going to make love sent my arousal pitching higher. He pressed my down gently on the bed, and he showed me what foreplay is supposed to be about. His hands went everywhere, fingers stroking my skin, setting little fires of pleasure all over, it was like my entire body was one huge erogenous zone, and Mr. Jenkins was skillfully bringing me to a new pinnacle. His mouth quickly followed, his tongue and lips against my skin, sucking on my silver dollar size hard, erect nipples, sending wild zings of pleasure racing to my creaming pussy, bringing moans of pleasure, kissing his way down my body. He raised up, his cock hard and throbbing, seeing that stiff 8 inches of pleasure made me growl with need!

"I was going to lick your sweet pussy, but I can't wait, I feel like I'm about to explode!" Mr Jenkins grunted.

"I can't wait either, we can do oral sex later, I need your stiff cock, buried deep in my pussy, right now!" I gasped back.

I spread my thighs wide for him, his eyes gazing at my triangle, the thin downy covering of blonde pubic hair, my pussy lips slicked up, parted and ready for him, like a bull's-eye for his cock! Terry got between my legs, and I gently took his cock and led it up to my entrance. I felt him nudge against my opening. Terry pushed, ever so slowly, and I moaned with pleasure as he entered me slowly and carefully. I brought my stocking covered legsaround his waist as he penetrated me, so he could get every last bit of his cock into me!

I flinched and gasped at the small twinge of pain as Terry buried his cock balls deep, opening the 3 inches of my hot tunnel that was still virgin, touching my cervix, but as he paused, I whispered, "I'm OK, just never had a real man's big cock before, don't stop!"

The feeling of his stiff, hard cock filling me completely, stretching the walls of my pussy apart was out of this world! He pulled back, and buried it in deep again, drawing a grunt of pleasure from me! After the first few thrusts, my pussy adjusted to the big stretch of his cock, and I was in heaven as he established a rhythm, fucking me with long, sure strokes!

"Oh fuck, yeah" Terry gasped "Your hot sweet cunt is so tight, I love the tight cling! I'm gonna love filling your hot fuck-hole with my sizzling spunk!"

That just made me even hotter, hearing Terry call my pussy a cunt and a fuck-hole!

Encouraged and excited, I quickly replied, "Fuck me Terry, shove your hard cock up my burning pussy and fuck me until you squirt your hot load up me, splatter my cervix and fill up my womb with all the cum you can pump into me!"

I could feel my tight pussy stretched wide around his thick, hard shaft as he rode me, and with me urging him on, he was soon giving my pussy a real man's power fucking, really reaming out my steamy pussy!

"You like the way my hard cock is fucking your sweet cunt, baby?", Terry grunted as he slammed his hard cock in and out of me.

    I gasped, "Oh my God, Yes! Fuck me Terry, let me have what you got, fill up my horny pussy!"

    Terry growled, "I'm gonna fuck you baby, and squirt my load into your burning pussy! Your cunt is squeezing me like wild, and it's gonna suck everything right out of me!"

    I could feel the fire of orgasm racing at me, and I growled, "Yes, shoot it all into me! Fill my womb! Oh Fuck, I'm cumming, Oh my God, YES!!"

    My pussy exploded, I let out a howl of sheer pleasure, my legs locking tightly around Terry's waist, my inner pussy wrenching and spasming wildly as my orgasm slammed into me, my body was shuddering wildly as I shook from the force of my climax!

    I could feel his cock jerk, and swell up even longer, steel hard! Terry buried his cock deep, his cock head wedging in, splitting open the top of my cervix, opening up a clear path to my very core, ready to flood my womb, and his cock exploded! I could feel his hard prick, squirting wildly, pumping a flood of sizzling hot spunk deep, splattering my cervix and filling my eager womb, the tight spasms of my pussy greedily milking every drop out of his swollen shaft!

    After the last spasms had died away, he withdrew, and flopped down next to me.

    I rolled in against him, and with a grin, I said, "So how was I, Teach? Better then some bit titted bottle blonde?"

    He saw my grin, and with a laugh, replied, "Only about 110 percent better! Actually, Miss Fusaro is at a D minus in my class, and she offered to suck my cock to get up to a B.

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       Then, she was ready to give me everything else, for an A. Call it a moment of weakness, but I agreed, and I am so glad you busted up that scene. Making sweet love to someone as beautiful as you, just for the pleasure and desire of it, is so much better. "

    I snickered as I said, "You should have seen the look on her face Friday! Absolute terror that I was going to blab it all over the school! What the hell, if she hadn't been going down on you at that exact time, I would have missed your moans, and this would not have happened. Give her a C. "

    I snuggled in against him, feeling very secure in his arms as I drifted off. .