More of My 14th Summer


Once in the dim room, he removed his sunglasses. His hazel eyes regarded me seriously.   He placed a hand on each of my bare shoulders, sliding his fingers under the spaghetti straps of my bikini top and gently slid them down my arms, baring my breasts. All the while his eyes help mine in a direct, calm gaze.   As we looked at one another, I felt his thumbs slide over my nipples, which were already erect, and tiny electric bolts shivered through my body jolting into my female locus; my cunt.
I somehow felt my lips part somewhat as he bent over, and placing his lips on mine, kissed me gently. His lips were soft and moist.   My hands drifted, as if with minds of their own, and rested on his hips; on his belt, and his thumbs continued to flick my nipples.
As his tongue slipped easily into my mouth, I could taste him. His mouth was cool and slick, while his tongue slid over mine and around inside my mouth. I opened wider for him as he probed my mouth.   One of his hands reached behind me and, gripping my ass through my bottoms, pulled my hips tightly against him, while his other hand slid over my bare breast and gently began to knead it, my hardened nipple against his palm.   I could feel his semi-erect cock against my lower tummy, just about where my belly button is.
My hands drifted back and cupped his muscled ass through his khaki shorts. I could feel the muscles flex under my hand, seemingly more tense that the rest of him as he felt my ass in return, massaged my one tit and frenched me with a calm purpose that nearly made me swoon as his breath mingled with mine.
Without even straining, Holly's dad bent over, releasing our kiss, and picked me up in his arms.

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    With one arm around his neck and the other resting against his chest, he easily carried me into his bedroom, my breasts bare to his view. I could feel them jiggling slightly with each step. The room was painted a creamy white, and, while small, was large enough to hold a double bed and an old scarred wooden dresser with a mirror attached on the top. The mirror was old, and the reflective part was speckled with age. Nevertheless, I could see our image, ghost-like, in it as he stood by the bed.
Ever so gently he lowered me to the mattress. I lay on my back as he deposited me there, my legs up slightly, heels resting on the wooden frame that ran from the headboard of to the foot. I glanced down at myself, seeing my tits lying on my chest, spreading to the left and right, slightly depressed by gravity. My nipples were erect and stood up like pencil erasers, and the surround areola were swollen with anticipation.   My stomach was gently curved, as are most girls, and my thighs, spread a bit apart, were girlishly thin, but tan. My legs framed Holly’s dad.
Smiling, he bent over me and hooked my bikini bottoms with his fingers and began to tug. I lifted my hips as he pulled.   I felt my vagina begin to contract as he pulled my suit down. I straightened my legs so he could remove my bottoms.

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    Soon I was naked, laying in front of him, the thin hair covering my pussy curling a red-golden brown in the light that came through the blinds on the window in front of him, framed by the whiteness of my skin where my suit had been. He stood above, regarding me, still wearing his Hawaiian shirt and shorts.
With a small scuffing sound he slipped out of his sandals and pulled his shirt over his head. His chest was strong and was covered with a nice nest of dark brown, curly hair that narrowed over his stomach and ran in a trail down his middle, disappearing into his shorts. He undid his belt, opened the button and undid the fly on them, and hooking his thumbs into the waistband he let them drop. He was not wearing any underwear.
There he stood, a mature male, hands on hips, smiling at me. His cock was still only semi-hard, and was easily the largest, fattest I had seen. I could see his large balls hanging loose in their sack dangling like twin oval eggs behind his circumcised penis. They moved slightly, flexing in their hair-covered bag, and his penis flexed like a slow-moving snake.
He bent over me, resting his hands on either side of me and kissed me. I loved the taste of him as his tongue probed by tender mouth.   I reached up and cupped his face in my hands. I could feel his hips and the tip of his monster cock just brushing the cleft between my open thighs as we kissed. My stomach did flip-flops.

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    Holly’s dad gently broke our kiss, and ran one hand over my torso, mashing one tit against my ribcage. His fingertips dripped down my stomach, causing involuntary flexing and cupped by by-now red-hot cunt.   His hand felt very large over my pussy, covering it completely.
His lips began to follow the trail of his hand, his mouth covering first one nipple, then the other, sucking gently. I felt his finger probing my slit as he sucked me, nipping at the nipple from time-to-time.   I felt my breathing quicken as he licked his way down my stomach, bending, then kneeling on the floor between my legs.   Using his forearms, he spread my legs wider apart, and using his fingertips, he spread my labia. I looked down across my stomach and watched him regarding my open cunt.   “You are lovely,” he said, smiling, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “Yes, Elaine, your pussy is just so sweet…” He bent over, his nose close to my sex. He drew in a deep breath, and closing his eyes he held his breath. “Ahhhhhh,” he said exhaling, his hot breath brushed across my open cunt, filling my pussy with expectation. “You smell so. . , sweet.

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  ”  He smiled up at me.
He then licked my inner thighs and nipped with just his lips on the very soft skin near my cleft.   He then lowered his lips to my clit, encircling it and he began to suck gently. I think I must have bucked when he first sucked on me. It is hard to remember exactly, as I think I had a sort of “white out”.   After a moment catching my breath, I leaned up on my elbows and bending forward some looked down between my engorged breasts, my tightly curved belly and watched him between my open thighs.
He glanced up at me and, smiling with his eyes, fashioned his tongue into a wide, flat instrument, licked me from the bottom of my pussy, all the way up to my clit. The electricity just began to flow through me as I fell back flat onto the mattress. I felt him release my labia and taking his hands under me, he cupped my ass cheeks and lifted me slightly.   I felt his breath on me, then his wet tongue as he began to lap at my cunt. Every now and then he would pay special attention to my clit, which had now become very hard and very sensitive, and I would writhe and moan each time he flicked his tongue over it.   After a bit my entire being began to be focused at my cunt. Then, then he did something that I have loved ever since.   He tongued my anus.
At first he ran his tongue in tiny circles around the rim.

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   I felt a warming flood in my cunt as he his tongue began to probe my asshole.   I snatched a quick look between my legs, but all I could see of him was his eyes, shut tight, as he licked my ass. I quickly grabbed my legs behind my knees as he then began to slide his tongue up into my cunt hole. I know I must have been making noises because it felt so, so damn good!  His fat tongue probed my cunt and his hands squeezed by ass cheeks.   He lowered my ass back to the mattress and he then began to suck my engorged clit as he slipped a finger into me.  
I was quickly moving toward sensory overload as his fat finger slid deeper and deeper into my hot wetness until I could feel his fist against my sex and anus and his tongue dancing over my hard little clit.   Suddenly, he began to hum. The vibrations began something I don’t think I had ever felt before. I felt a detonation that began as a swelling deep within me that rose and rose. Then. . , it sort of popped and flooded out in rapidly expanding concentric circles, numbing my body, my tits, my toes, and my lips. I heard somewhere off in the distance as loud, long exhaling “Ohhhhhhhhhhh…”
I know that I must have compressed my thighs together, gripping his head, because I do that whenever someone eats me to orgasm, but I have no memory of it. The feelings were so wild and so chaotic that first time, that many of the memories of the orgasm itself flutter just out of range of my memory. But I also know I learned that I loved being eaten, which was something I had known nothing of before Holly's dad introduced me to it.

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After a bit, I could feel his fat finger sliding in and out of my pussy, very s  l  o  w  l  y.
I felt so tender down there, and my cunt felt so, so. . , “large” is the only way I can describe it.   I had released my legs and they now rested on Holly’s dad’s broad shoulders, my heels just over them.
His face was wet with my dew, and he was smiling as he fingered me.   “Did you like that?” he asked.
“Umph, “ was all I could croak.   I began to massage my breasts, mashing them into my chest as he stroked me.
“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” he said.   He pulled his finger from my pussy, leaving a sudden void.   I felt him stand, my heels know resting on his chest, his hands holding my calves.   Bending over he compressed my legs until my thighs were pushing against my tits, and his hands snaked beneath my back. He kissed my closed eyelids, then the tip of my nose, then my lips. I could smell my pungent woman smell on him, and then I could taste myself on his lips and tongue as he kissed me.

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Effortlessly, he picked me up and laid me farther up on the bed.   I felt him kneeling between my now reopened thighs.   “Look,” he commanded.
I opened my eyes and looked at his chest. His neck and ears were red. I looked at his penis, now fully erect, and it was easily the largest cock I had ever seen. It was pulsing, and was covered with angry looking veins. The large blue vein along the top, snaked its way from his pubic bush all the way down his long cock until it submerged just behind the flaring crown. The slit was large, and I could see some pre-cum sliding wetly from it. He rubbed his thumb over it, spreading the shiny stuff over the massive organ. His large balls hung in a hair-covered sack and hung down between his slightly open thighs. I felt my mouth open as he gripped his cock and began to stroke it.   “Do you want this in you?” he asked. “Do you want me to fuck you now?” There was something beastile in his look. His face was hard and determined looking.

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I nodded and he bent over me, holding his body up with one hand, and guiding his immense organ toward my open cunt with the other.   I felt the large, purplish spongy head press against my clit. I know I cried out in pleasure and pain as he began to rub his penis head up and down my slit, getting it wet with my copious juices.   I rotated my hips up some to give him an inviting angle and rested my hands on his shoulders.   He kept rubbing the head up and down my cleft, and I began to tug on his shoulders, urging him on.
    . , urging him into me.
    Then. . , then he began to slide it into me. First I could feel the head slip into me, the crown now gripped by my cunt. Pushing with his hips, he began to force his cock into me. It was so wide. So… fat that I could feel him spreading my vagina as he pushed deeper, and deeper, and deeper into my wetness. Even before he bottomed out into my pussy, I could feel his balls touching my ass.

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        Then, with a wiggle, he was all the way in. It felt as if his flared cock head was up by my bellybutton, and the root of his cock pressed wonderfully against my still hot clitoris.
    “God, you are tight,” he muttered. I moved my hands down to his hips and began to rub his hair-covered ass cheeks.   He spread his legs some and pressed his thighs up against the back of mine and I could just touch with my finger tips the tube that ran from his anus, through his ball sack to his become his cock.   Quickly, and I gasped when he did, he pulled his cock all the way out.   I felt it swinging as the tip touched my cunt lips and, probing for my opening, slid deliciously over my asshole. Then, he pushed into me again, filling me so wonderfully.
    And. And then he fucked me. “Fucked me” is the only way to describe it. He began to slide in and out, in and out of me. In and out. I felt his ass cheeks clinch and release, clinch and release as he began to pound into me. With each stroke his cock mashed my clit.


       In and out. I and out. Inandoutinandout. Our stomachs smacked with each downstroke. My hips rose and fell in a wonderfully wet rhythm to his push-pull.   I felt his balls slapping my ass as my juices flooded us, lubricated us and dribbled down covering my asshole.
    Soon, he rested his chest against mine, his large hands grabbing my ass as he really began his assault on my cunt.   Animal-like fucked me faster and faster and faster, his hot rod pistoning in and out of me. I could feel him withdraw until just the crown of his cock was still in me, and then shove his entire manhood home. Smack!  My nipples rubbed his chest as he drove into me again and again. His hands cupped my ass cheeks, squeezing them, and his fingers began to touch my anus, now covered with my slime. I felt one large finger begin to penetrate my anus as he continued his massive assault on my womb. As he pounded into me with his cock, his finger pushed deeper and deeper into my hot ass.   I don’t know how far he was able to get then, at least up to his second knuckle, and the burning in my anus just added more fire to the conflagration that was now my body.  
    I felt myself begin to tense up as an orgasm began to spread from the tip of his swollen cock into my womb, my cunt, and outward down my thighs and calves, causing them to clench tightly.


        My stomach felt full, fuller than ever before as he continued to hump me, pushing my clit ever more, again and again.   My nipples hardened even more, if that was possible, and my breasts felt huge. My neck tightened into a rictus that pulled my mouth open and down in an explosive orgasm.   I heard myself saying, uh, uh, uh, over and over again each time he shoved his fat, hard, wonderfully full cock into me!
    “Where to do you want it?” he asked. At first I could comprehend what he has asking. “Where to do you want me to cum?” he grunted.
    “In me,” I croaked, “IN MY CUNT!!” I yelled grabbing his ass as he pounded.   I felt him swell and swell as his ejaculation neared.   I pushed a finger against his asshole as he shoved and shoved his cock into me, and then. . , shoved deeper as if he was trying to climb inside my hot hole. He shivered as I touched his anus, all slick with sweat, and I pushed a finger into him as he had me, as far as I could.   Then, he spurted. And spurted and came and came, flooding my cunt with his maleness. I could actually feel his cock flexing and spurting his hot juice into me, and it was.

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      . , lovely.
    Then, Holly’s dad slumped against me, his wide hips between my now out-spread thighs, my finger still in his anus, and his cock, slowly deflating, still in my pussy.   I wiggled my pussy against him in pleasure, and breathed little breaths into the nape of his neck. I could feel the slick sweat on our bodies, and the tears of pleasure that tracked out of the corners of my eyes down into my ears.
    I used my cunt muscles to milk his shaft, which caused him to grunt and say, his voice muffled by my shoulder and neck, “That feels nice. ”  I fingered his ass a bit more and he responded by making little fucking motions.   That was the first time I had ever done that before, and it felt sort of fine and weird at the same time.   But, I was just 18 years old then, and I had a lot to learn, and a lot more to experience.   But, Holly’s dad was easily the best fuck I had ever had.
    Suddenly, he rose up, his cock slipping from my desperately gripping pussy, and kneeled before me. His cock was all shiny with my honey, and I could see that it had spread to his thick pubic thatch.   He was smiling broadly, and gripping his penis, he asked, “Well, how was that?”
    “Wonderful,” was all I could say as I gazed at the stallion kneeling on the bed between my legs.   I touched my pussy, and she was sore.   I looked at my legs, and they were red between my thighs where they had rubbed against his hips.

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        I was covered in a thin sheen of cooling sweat.
    “Great!” he yelled, jumping from the bed with an energy and enthusiasm that was hard for me to feel. He reached down an snatched me up, holding me by the behind my knees and back like I was a kid, and marched into the small, black and white tiled bathroom.   Resting my bottom against his thigh, I heard the squeak, squeak as he turned on the water in the combination tub and shower.   After a bit, he stepped in, and dropped my feet to the floor of the tub. My hands were on his biceps, and I looked up at him. He seemed so large. The top of my head came must to his chin, as he began to rub the sweat from by back, the warm water cascading against.   I leaned forwards, my breasts against his upper stomach, and, resting my cheek against his chest, just sighed as he rubbed me. I felt like rubber.
    He turned me around and rubbed my breasts and stomach and cunt with his large hands, soaping me up.   I opened my thighs as he soaped me there and over my thighs. He was leaning heavily against me, and, as I bent forward under his weight, I could feel this hardening penis against my ass crack.
    “Do me now,” he whispered into my ear, his breath hot against my neck.
    And, I did, but that is the topic for another day.

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    You were sweet to visit with me. I enjoy telling you of my memories, and I hope they bring you pleasure.





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