Mom's Evening Part 1


"Wow Mom you look hot. Where are you off to?" I asked one Saturday night in late October. I was standing in the kitchen in a pair of cut off sweat shorts. I was not wearing a top or any under wear.
"Donna and I are going out to dinner and then maybe have a couple of drinks at the club," Mom answered pressing herself up against me. "Are you going out with Karin tonight or am I going to get to take care of your big cock?" She asked whispering as her hand slid inside my waist band and caressed my flaccid cock.
"Mmmmmm  yea Mom.  Karin has a cold so I guess I'll go hangout and then study. You want a little appetizer before dinner?"  I asked softly as my cock began to harden. My hands found her breasts. "Jesus Mom no bra," I said rolling her fat nipples through the material making her gasp.

"Come here Sweetie," Mom said taking my hand and pulling me over to the kitchen table. She sat down on a chair and pulled my shorts down. I kicked them off standing in front of her. "Feed my that big piece of meat Honey. I want a hot cream appetizer," Mom grinned softly licking her lips as I straddled her.

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   My thick 8 plus inch cock was sticking straight out from my groin at her face. She held my cock while her red lips kissed the tip before licking the crown with her tongue. "I love the taste of my sons hot meat," She said looking up at me with sparkling brown eyes just before the cockhead disappeared in her warm succulent mouth.
"Aaaaaahhh Jesus Mom yea, suck that puppy," I groaned as my hips began to jerk fucking her mouth. My cock was sliding in and out of her throat. She reached around and grabbed my ass pulling me forward until her lips were right down at the base of my cock deep throating me. "Mom, Mom no, not my ass, ooohhh shit," I cried when her finger rubbed my ass and slid inside.
    Between the finger fucking my ass and her hot mouth and throat sucking my swelling cock I lasted maybe 2 minutes. "I'm going to, ahhhh shit, I'm cumming," I cried as the first stream shot out of my cock down into her throat. Her head began to bobb milking every drop from my balls. Mom sealed her lips around the crown a as the last of my jizz drained out of my balls. Mom pulled off looking up at me with sparkling eyes and opening her mouth showing me it was full of sperm and then swallowed it while I watched.
    "Mmmmmmmmm I love my boys hot cream," Mom said grinning at me. There was a knock at the door. "That'll be Donna Honey," She said as I grabbed my shorts and pulled them on.

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       "Get the door while I redo my lips. " PART 1 LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT E mail: s. mecklin@hotmail. com