Moms Best Friend


I thought it was gonna be another regular weekend until my mother told me that I would have to stay at her best friend annetes house with my brother because she had to go out of town. I didnt really care and said alright. Let me give you some background, Im 5'8'' 135 with short brown hair and a 8 inch thick dick, Annette is 5'6'' 120 with blond hair and the nicest ass for a 40 year old white lady. So we went over there at about 5 in the evening and it was mid june just starting to get hot. Im 18 at the time and my brother is 18 and annetes son is 18 so they get along.
About an hour after we got there my brother and her son left to go to a sleep over and i was left alone with the gorgeous sexually frustrated single mom.   So she says shes gonna go layout for a while and get a tan and i say i think ill join her because i didnt get a tan  yet that year.   So she walks outside in a bikini and i get instant wood, Im in my shorts without a shirt and she says why do u have them long shorts youll never tan your legs.
Then I tell her I have no other pants so she says go in my room and I have a pair of shorts you can use in my drawer so i go up there and put them on, but  i opened her pantie drawer by accident and got  so horny i put them on and started  jacking off, it mustve been awhile because i heard her coming up the stairs, so  I took the gstring off shoved it in her drawer and pulled the shorts on which by the way went barely past my upper thigh, but she opened the door as i was pulling the shorts up  with my bare ass in her face.
Oh sorry she said, i pulled them up embarresed, its ok i said, then we went back outside and layed out and we started talking and annette said" I work so much and my feet are always so tired it feels nice to relax".   I dont know how but i mustered up the courage to ask her if she wanted a foot massage and she said yes to my delight, so i got some oil and started to rub her feet and i busted but luckily she didnt know because she was moaning from the massage. I finally told her that i like feet and had a foot fetish and surprisingly she was fine with it and said i could do whatever i wanted to them, so i started to kiss her feet and suck her toes, and she was lovin it.

When i was done she got up and gave me a big kiss and said i could massage her feet whenever i wanted towhich i still do.
Later I asked if i could take a shower and she said well i just got a new jacuzzi bath installed and i havent try it yet so do you mind if I join you, I almost busted again when she said that but i calmy said yes,we went upstairs and got undressed and i went into the bathroom with a towel, but she already had the water running and was naked, she said dont be silly ive seen everything, and pulled my towel off.   Then my wood popped out and she added, but not like that. finally the water was ready and the jets were on she hopped in and told me to, we were facing eachother with our legs going toward the middle and i was trying my hardestt to take a normal bath but that was made harder by the fact that annettes foot was rubbing on my penis while i acted like i wasnt paying attention, then her toe made itw way to the crack  of my ass and i moaned and she said oh thats u.

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   well you must really like feet.
All I could say was uh yea, then she picked my foot up and moved my toes to her firm tits and moaned herself, have u ever had sex before young man, she asked,  and i replied no, "well i havent for 6 years so u ready to learn I know your cock is", Then I said fuck yea ive been tryin to fuck u since i started jackin off, ok then, and she began to crawl over meand pulled my ass up in the air til my dick was  out of  the water and stared suckin while I instictivelyy placed my hand on the back of her head.
When she was done we got out of the tub and moved to the bed she layed on her back as I crawled on top of her She guided my dick in her pussy and we started to fuck, about 20 minutes later the doorbell rang I busted in her mouth really quick and she said, That my friends from volleyball, You know they could use a big cock to, maybe you can join us downstairs in alittle while. . . .

Send me comments and tell me i=f u wanna know the rest of that night and the next day



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