Miss Longly


Miss Longly
     I had to have her. She was the most striking woman I had ever seen. Even as my teacher, she was meant for me. I knew this, yet it still seemed improbable. I was 18 years old, and a senior in high school. She was a student teacher from a nearby university and was a 23-year-old knockout. I wasn’t the only one who noticed her however. My friends also talked extensively about her tanned skin and her beautiful green eyes, not to mention her lovely figure. She was athletically built, but filled out nicely. Her breasts were full and firm and her legs were gorgeous. If she was in high school with us, there would have been a line of young cock pointing her way. But none of us dared to approach her with our sediments. She was also a bitch. She barked and demanded so much out of us, she was intimidating. Still, I drooled more than not at her. She was it for me.

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   One day I recognized my shot.
I have to admit I wasn’t bad looking for my age. I was no Adonis, but I had some attributes that mattered. I had a good body and a nice face which didn’t hurt me in my pursuit of pussy. But it was my cock that attracted the most attention. I was so horny that I kept a little chubby most of the day. And my cock was large. I once measured it at 18 inches and still wasn’t as hard as could be. And so I decided to flaunt it like the girls flaunt their assets. I wore the tightest pants and shorts that I could find and my cock made a large bulge at the crotch. It would bulk out and snake down my leg to present its presence nicely. On this particular day, I know she noticed.
I went to class more horny than usual. My on-and-off girlfriend had just finished sucked my cock in my car in the school parking lot, but refused to let me cum in her mouth. After an argument, she had left me with a powerful pair of blue balls.

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   I reluctantly went to class without satisfaction, vowing to get my revenge. Instead I got the thrill I really longed for. I had to give a speech during class and my cock was raging to rip through my zipper. I tried to ignore it, but it was too much. A few giggles rose in the class when it was noticed. Miss Longly, my knockout teacher, told me to see her after class as I finished my speech. She seemed upset, but I was still angry about my earlier misfortune and hardly cared.
After class, I sat in my seat as everyone else left. It was Miss Longly’s conference period next, so no other students were coming in. After the tardy bell had rang for the next period, we were the only one’s in the room. She finally stood up from grading papers and looked sternly at me behind a sexy pair of glasses.
"Brian, you seemed to be very distracted during your speech. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever heard to say the least and I am very disappointed in you. " She said.
"Yes ma’am.

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  " Was all I answered.
"Well," she replied, "Come into my office and lets see if we can get to the bottom of this. "
She had a small office right behind her desk and she rose and entered, leaving the door open. After a second or two, I finally got up and walked over. I was upset over the events prior and was in no mood for a lecture. My cock was still hard.
When I entered, she was sitting behind a desk and asked me to close the door. I did, and sat in a chair across from her.
"Brian, I have noticed you are constantly distracted and I want to help. Now tell me if I’m wrong, but you are having some social troubles aren’t you. Probably with your girlfriend. " She said.
"Well, yes to tell you the truth, but I’m not sure it is good to talk to you about it. " I nervously said.
"And why not.

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   I am a teacher which means I help students in their lives. All aspects if necessary. " She replied. "Now tell me exactly what is troubling you. "
I noticed her quickly unbutton the top of her blouse as she leaned back.
"It’s too embarrassing to tell. " I said.
"Nonsense!" she sternly replied. "If I am to help, I must know EXACTLY what the problem is. "
For some reason, I decided to tell her EXACTLY what it was. I’m still not sure why I went into great detail, but she almost insisted so I decided to see how she might handle it. I told her how my girlfriend left me unsatisfied and how I was distracted by my horniness. To my surprise, she accepted everything I laid out for her and seemed very interested. I also noticed one hand was between her legs as the other popped another button on her blouse. When I finished there was a slight pause before she spoke.

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"So Brian, I want to help. Would it be possible to meet me here before school and maybe we can tackle the problem together?" She asked.
When I asked her how she meant, she let out a deep sigh.
"Well, this isn’t business as usual I suppose, but I think I can relieve you of your problem. " She added.
Then she rose up and pushed her skirt to her ankles before kicking them aside. She was wearing no panties, and her bald pussy was exposed to my astonishment.
"I have an off period right now, so I can help you if you have the time. Starting tomorrow, we can meet right here for further counseling. "
I was still stunned when she walked over and took her blouse and bra off right in front of me. Next thing I knew she was completely naked and dropping to her knees. She reached for my zipper and pulled it down. She then reached in and grabbed my straining cock and pulled it to freedom. It instantaneously entered her parting lips as she wasted no time in sucking my cock. I came within seconds and she swallowed every bit like a pro.

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   She pulled my cock away with a pop and swallowed the remaining cum from her lips.
"Now Brian, can you make it tomorrow morning?" She asked.
"Yes ma’am. " I answered, still reeling from my orgasm.
The next morning I was very early. I had not slept a wink thinking about the possibilities of our "conference. " I parked my car and practically sprinted to Miss Longly’s office. To my surprise she was already there. She was grading papers behind her desk as I knocked. She looked up over the frame of her glasses and then motioned for me to enter. I was shaking as I turned the doorknob and walked into the room.
"Pull the shade down please. " She said.
My cock was already raging to escape its restraint as I quickly pulled the shade down over the window of the door. I turned and watched Miss Longly finish up her grading.

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   Then she quietly stacked the papers and took her glasses off as she looked my way without expression.
"Take your clothes off and I’ll be with you in a minute. " She said calmly.
I quickly did as she instructed. She watched me still without expression, examining my body as I undressed. As I finished kicking my shorts to the floor, she rose from her seat and walked around the desk toward me. She was dressed in her usual fashion, a white blouse with a short skirt and high-heel pumps. She walked slowly to the front of her desk and leaned onto it, never taking her eyes off me.
"I can see by you huge erection that there is still some frustrations we need to work out of you. Now, I want you to understand this is nothing more than a form of therapy for you. Don’t get any more ideas in your head than that. No emotion or attachment. I will help you any way I can but that’s all it is; a teacher helping her student. " She explained.
I nodded and waited for her to take control.

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   Instead she began to ask me questions that both surprised and delighted me.
"Seeing that this is to help you, I need to know what you want. You need to be very specific in how I can help you. I am confident it will bring about the quickest and most satisfying results. In short, I need to know what your fantasies are and how I can relate them and use them in our session. What do you want me to do first?"
"I’m not sure what you mean . . . " I started.
She quickly and sternly interrupted me before I could finish. "NO YOUNG MAN!" she screamed. "You know exactly what I mean! It’s a simple question. Now be very specific and give me a scenario, or otherwise some instruction.
I was uneasy about it but knew what she wanted. She was my puppet and I could get her to do anything I needed, but I had to pull the strings.

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"Ok Miss Longly, first I need you to take off your panties. " I said in a cracking voice.
"I’m not wearing any panties Brian," she said softly, "if figured you knew by now that I do not enjoy wearing them. "
"Right," I said, "Then turn around and bend over until your stomach is on the desk. "
She slowly leaned forward and then turned, finally breaking eye contact with me. Then she seductively began to lean forward as she slightly spread her legs. I walked over toward her as she spread her arms above her head and grabbed the edge of the desk. Her ass was perfect, covered by her skirt. I reached out and slowly began to pull her skirt up toward her lower back until her bare ass was fully exposed. I could see the slit of her cunt and felt a little precum ooze from my cock. Without a word, I dropped to my knees and pushed my face gently into her pussy mound. I began to lick her slit slowly up and down until she was becoming wet. She hadn’t made a sound other than her increased breathing, but her body was definitely responding. I ate her pussy for several minutes until I could no longer stand it. My cock was now iron hard and I had to feel her vagina surround my shaft.

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   I rose up and took my cock in my hands to guide it toward her slit. She gasped in anticipation but still said nothing.
"I am going to push my dick inside you now. " I warned. She spoke again now, asking an unusually hot question.
"Are you going to put it in my pussy or my ass?" she asked blankly.
I hadn’t even thought of it before, but I now had more options that I thought was possible. I still had to feel her pussy first though.
"Your pussy first, then maybe your ass. " I said excitedly.
"Ok, it’s up to you. Whatever pleases you. " She said.
I was shaking in excitement as I pressed my cock’s head at her entrance. Once I felt her folds, instincts took over.


   I pushed into her tight pussy slowly and gradually, but to my surprise it all fit!. Eleven inches were inside her in only seconds, and she had done little more than sigh. I knew she was whore now, as if I hadn’t pieced it together before. Any woman who could take eleven inches with only a sigh must be more than experienced.
I began to fuck her with increasing rigor. She began to moan softly as I hit a fevered pace. I was practically slamming my pelvis into her ass as the desk began to creak. My balls were slapping loudly against her pussy as I felt them begin to tighten. I decided to stop for a few seconds as I was not ready to blow my load just yet. My mind could not relinquish what she had said. I could ask anything of her and my mind was swimming with possibilities. While I stopped, she seemed to catch her breath as well. I decided to lube up her ass just a little as I rested. I knew what I wanted next. I spit a generous amount of saliva onto her asshole and rubbed it around a little.

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"I guess you want to try my other steaming hole now. " She said calmly. "I figured as much you dirty fucking bastard. "
I was stunned by her filthy words. "I won’t do it if you don’t want me too. " I weakly replied.
"You fucking pussy!" she screamed. "I told you to take charge and now your trying to be a gentleman? If you are to achieve satisfaction, you have to do what you want to do, and not what you think I want you to do. I told you I am here to help you in any way I can. Now stick that big fucking cock of yours in my ass you sorry motherfucking wimp. "
Her words were so intimidating that I scrambled to get my cock into her ass as fast as I could. She was terrifying and intimidating and sexy at the same time. I pushed hard into her ass and again she took my entire shaft. This time however she gave out a scream as I pushed hard into her. I wasn’t about to let up though, and again I only stopped when my pelvis slammed into her ass.

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   The desk gave a loud creak as I began to pump even harder than before. She was a gyrating, screaming mess now and it was very erotic. She was getting very turned on now, maybe even more than me, and I had to cum. I was much more confident now as I began to bark instructions.
"Alright Miss Longly, I am almost ready to cum now, but before I do I want you to get up and drop to your knees in front of me and taste your ass on my cock before I spew my cum all over your face. " I demanded.
No sooner than I had pulled my pulsating cock from her gaping ass, she was on her knees in a flash and sucking my cock into her mouth. Little more than the head of my cock would fit in her beautiful little mouth, but she was taking all she could. I was about to burst as I pulled away from her and pointed my cock toward her face as I began to jerk off. She opened her mouth and looked into my eyes as the first thick spirt hit hard on her cheek, glancing off onto her shoulder. The sight of it was more erotic than I could imagine. My cum was practically rushing out of my balls as I blasted her face with shot after shot of cum. It was more than I had ever cum before and before it was over, her face was a gooey mess of cum. She took as much as she could into her mouth, but my aim was not good and I hit almost every part of her face and forehead. My knees weakened, and I stumbled backward a little as the last bit of cum oozed out of my cock.

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   She proceeded to scoop most into her mouth and seemed to really enjoy the taste. Never had a girl allowed me to cum on their face before, and now I was wondering if I could cum any other way again. It was amazing. She was still dressed, and her blouse was stained and wet from the overflow of cum. She finally stood up and pushed her skirt back down over her ass and tried unsuccessfully to look professional once again. Her cum covered face would not allow me to see her as anything close to a professional again, and I loved her for it. She walked back to her desk and pulled a towel from one of the drawers. She wiped her face clean and futilely tried to dry her blouse.
"Now are you satisfied young man?" she asked, regaining her earlier composure.
"That was the most satisfying thing I have ever experienced in my life. " I answered with a smile. "Only problem is my cock is still hard. "
She glanced down and then back up with a slight smile.
"Well, I have to change clothes for class now, but I guess we will have to continue our sessions again tomorrow. " She said.

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"Not tomorrow. After school right here again. It’s my decision right? I mean you said I was in control. " I said with a smile.
I saw her actually laugh for the first time since I had met her. "Ok Brian, you naughty boy, right after school then. Only I think there may need to be some extensive therapy this weekend at my house, that is if you want. "
"No not this weekend Miss Longly. I say right now. "
I played hooky that day and Miss Longly told her mentor that she was ill. But satisfaction was attained many more times and I have a feeling the tables are turning. The sessions have been going on for weeks and it is no longer only I needing the satisfaction. Miss Longly has become very needy. She can only attain her own pleasures from my eleven-inch cock. Poor girl.

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