Deena and I finished humping and she flopped over on her back, breathing hard. She snuggled close to me, throwing a slim leg over my thighs and tucking her head under my chin. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and enjoyed the feel of her warm, moist crotch pressed against my hip. Time for a breather. The two of us went to school together, both in our freshman year of college, but we only met after my buddy Dave tried to score with her. As usual for Dave, Deena decided that he was too good a ‘friend’ to be a boyfriend and dumped him, even though she ‘loved him’.

Now, as far as Deena was concerned, she was free to divide and conquer our little group of friends.

Little tart.

She came to our groups last New Years bash and picked me to start her trail of destruction with, then made her move. Several beers and a glass or two of bubbly later, Deena asked me to give her a ride home. Normally in a situation like this I would’ve steered clear, but Dave gave me the greenlight to screw her, so I didn’t argue. We left as the confetti began to fall. I drove her home and walked her up to her apartment; she jumped me, and we spent most of the next few days between classes playing dirty little games in her bed or my car. Even once in the bathroom at the student lounge at school.

It was exactly a week to the day that we first slept together before Deena asked me The Question.



"When did you lose it?"

Je- Sus.

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   Ten times worse than the ‘ Love ’ question. There’s absolutely no right answer for this one, and it leads right into the ‘ how many have you had ’ question. I could already feel myself pulling my pants on and searching for my keys.

"Um. I was pretty young, I guess. "

Deena stroked my chest and wiggled. "How young?"

The first time a girl asked me this, I told her the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Basically. I’m not entirely stupid. But our relationship still lasted a grand total of three minutes afterwards. And so, in the series of relationships that have followed, I’ve modified my answer. Now it just rolls off my tongue; I don’t even think about what I’m saying. I’m not exactly lying my ass off, because everything I was about to tell Deena really did happen. It just wasn’t my first time. And besides, it’s a cool story, at least among my buddies.

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I closed my eyes and went for it. "Fourteen. "

"Wow. Really?"

I nodded. "Yep. "

"Were’d you do it?"

No big deal , I thought. You knew this was just a fling. Devin and Deena. No chance for any kind of relationship with names like that.

"You don’t really want to know this, do you?"

She grinned and climbed back on top of me, wiggling her pussy around on my crotch. I glanced from her face to her tits, which were gently rubbing back and forth on my chest, and I smiled at how perky they were. For such a skinny girl, they were a nice, big mouthful, too. I was gonna miss those babies.

"Yeah. I do.

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God . Let it go already . I felt my cock getting happy again. So did she. I sighed as she slipped me slowly back into her pussy.

"I’ll tell you if you tell me," she teased.

"Huh. " I grunted. "Sure you will. "

"I will!"

"It was in a graveyard. "

She giggled. "Seriously?"

I sighed again. "Yeah. I went to a Halloween party my freshman year. We all got really drunk and played spin the bottle.

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   This older girl got dared to take me and go mess around in the graveyard down the block from where the party was. "

"What was her name?"

"Susie. She was a punk-rock wannabee, so I think she had to do it, just to save face. She didn’t want to be known as the wanker-girl who couldn’t take a dare. " I was beginning to have a hard time concentrating on our conversation. Deena nipped at my chin with her little, white teeth, teasing me more.

"And you did it? On Halloween?"

"Yep. And I lived to tell the tale. "

"Did you like it?"

"Well, yeah. Except she bit me. "

That got a laugh. "What?"

"She was going down on me, and there were all these bats flying around. It was kinda creepy. Anyway, she freaked out, and. .

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  . well. She bit me. "

"No way. "

I rolled Deena off and showed her my cock.

"You can still see the scar. "

"Omigod! Those are teeth marks!"

"Yep. "

" Wait-a-minute . She bit you hard enough to leave a mark, and. . . "

Deena looked up at me, her eyes wide and my dick clenched in her hand.

"You still had sex?"

"Hell, yes. " I grinned. "Hurt like somebody dunked it in acid when we started, but I was drunk enough that I didn’t really care.

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   And no way was I gonna stop. "

"Wow. Well after all that, I should be glad it still works. Here, let me kiss it and make it all better. "

And she bent over and did just that.


The rest of that night went pretty well.

Fortunately for me, Deena’s mouth was full of cockmeat, so she never seguewayed into other relationship topics, and I’ve learned the hard way never to ask when and how many guys a chick’s had. Fucks with your head way too much if they tell you. But still, we were together just about the time it takes to watch an average baseball game before Deena broke up with me. Maybe she, too, realized that our name combination sounded absolutely stupid, because she swam a bit further downstream and found fresh pickings - our buddy Brian.

I didn’t get too broken up about it. Their names sounded better together anyway. I don’t know if Deena asked Brian the same crap she asked me. Probably did. But her question got me thinking about my first sex experiences; the raunchy sexual foundation that allowed me to deal with all the weird stuff that’s happened to me over the last few years, from double-teaming one of my best friends’ mom, to getting kidnapped and raped by one of my old high school teachers and her kinky friends.

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The first honest-to-God, I-want-to-fuck-the-hell-out-of-somebody erection that I can remember happened when I was really little; maybe only three or four years old. Both of my folks were at work, and I was staying with my grandparents for the day. My grandma had a bunch of her ladyfriends over for lunch, and they were all passing me around, taking turns hugging my cute-as-a-button self in-between bites of tiny little sandwiches and sips of iced tea.

I was happily feeling each old lady up as I was transferred from lap to plump, matronly lap. They all grinned and mashed me into their big, old lady tits. Most kids I’ve know freak out when the blue hair brigade attacks, but for me, it was like heaven. After making the rounds I ended up sitting with a woman named Peggy, who lived just across the street and up the hill from my grandparents.

Peggy hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek, and let me sit on her lap for most of the lunch.

I spent the next hour enjoying her arm around my waist and rubbing my back up against her tits, feeling light-headed and horny. I was sporting some serious wood for a four-year-old kid. My grandma must’ve noticed how flushed I was, because after all the ladies left for home, she took my temperature and made me lie down in her bed for the rest of the afternoon.

That was okay with me. Gave me plenty of time to discover the joys of masturbation.




By the time I was five, I was a huge fan of the Batman television show.

Let me rephrase that: I was a huge fan of Batgirl from the Batman show.

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   That damn costume was so sexy. Every day at noon I’d be lying on the living room floor in front of the TV set, grinding my little dick into the carpet while I fantasized about Batgirl getting caught by any one of the crazy arch-criminals. On television, the fantasy only got halfway: the bad guy would catch her in some fiendish trap, but then she’d get away.

I always wanted to see one of the supervillians rip that tight Batgirl leotard off and screw her silly. Never happened.

At least she got tied up a lot. Gotta take your thrills were you can get ‘em, even when you’re five. Actually, on the show, the heroes always got caught and tied up. The shit the villains cooked up never worked (see the Batgirl note above), but I think that’s probably where I first developed my bondage fetish. I remember running around in our basement wearing nothing but my mom’s panties and a sheet tied around my shoulders, pretending I was Batman.

That show had so much homo-erotic bullshit going on, it’s a wonder I’m not more screwed up than I am.

Granted, I really didn’t have any idea what sex was then, just that my pee-pee felt dang good when I played with it. And just the sight of Batgirls’ ass in that costume did shit to me that even smacking my dick into the wall couldn’t accomplish.

But I was soon to get a major lesson.



Everybody I know has a ‘cool’ aunt or uncle, and I was no different.

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   When my little sister was born, I went to stay with my dad’s sister Rachel for a few days, which was great. She bought me Batman comic books and read them with me, both of us snuggled up together on her brown vinyl (she called it ‘ pleather ’) couch. Aunt Rachel took me rollerskating and out to movies (King Kong with Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange comes to mind), and she made sure we ate at all the places I liked.

And best of all, she looked just like the television Batgirl did in her secret identity as Barbara Gordon. What kid could ask for more?

Her apartment was a cramped one bedroom with a tiny kitchen and a smaller bathroom. I think the plan was for me to sleep on her couch while I was there, so I’m not sure how I ended up sleeping in her bed with her. Maybe I ate too much ice cream and Mexican food that first night and had a bad dream; I really don’t remember. But I do know that at some point in the middle of the night, I woke up out of a sound sleep. I found myself pressed tightly against my aunt with my legs tangled in hers and my face pillowed on her chest. She was breathing hard and I could feel her arm - the arm that wasn’t pinned underneath me - moving up and down, slowly and rythmically.

Eventually she sighed softly and I felt her relax next to me.

I stayed quiet, pretending to be asleep. A few minutes ticked by and I tried to stay still, but my pee-pee (that’s what my grandma called it, anyway) was pressing against my aunt’s hip, and it was getting big and hard. I twitched, and my aunt mumbled something to herself that I couldn’t hear. Then she gently pulled away from me and rolled over onto her side.

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Her body shook like she was crying and I wanted to ask if she was okay, but I didn’t. I just scooted closer to her, wrapped myself against the curve of her back and hugged her. Eventually she rolled over and kissed my forehead, hugging me back. I stayed awake a long time after that, slowly running my hand over the soft silk of her nightgown and enjoying the feel of her warmth next to me.

The next morning we didn’t talk about what had happened, but I was bound and determined to sleep in the bed with her again; not on the couch. Lady luck was with me again that night.

When it was my bedtime, my aunt helped me get in my pajamas and brush my teeth. When I was ready she tucked me into her bed with a goodnight kiss. I got a little boner as soon as her lips touched my forehead. I tried to stay awake, listening to the voices from the TV in the other room, but I guess I dozed off. I woke up again when she came in for bed and turned on the lights.

She glanced at me to see if I was awake. But I was ready for her, lying flat on my back with my eyes squished shut and snoring, pretending to be dead asleep.

"Sleep tight, Dev," she whispered, and gave me another kiss.

When she was satisfied that I was still sleeping, she quickly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off, then folded it and put it away.


   I peeked as she kicked off her shoes and unzipped her skirt. She let the skirt fall to the floor, took a hairbrush from her dresser and started to brush her curly brown hair.

My aunt couldn’t see me from her mirror, but from where I was lying, it gave me a great view of her whole body. I opened my eyes and took her all in: her tiny waist and round ass, her long, slim legs still clad in her black nylons, her small, firm breasts cupped in her lacy black bra, everything. Right at that moment, she was the living fulfillment of all the little boy fantasies I’d ever had.

And I knew then and there that no superheroine on any TV show could ever live up to this real woman standing right in front of me, close enough for me to reach out and touch. So I flipped my mental Two-Face coin and made up my five-year-old mind. I decided to discover what I’d missed out on the night before.

She finished brushing out her hair, and I was surprised at how long it was. It fell in lush, foamy brown curls down to her shoulder blades. When she set the brush down, I clenched my eyes shut while she stepped into the bathroom. I heard her pee, and then the toilet flushed and water was running in the sink. I listened to her wash her hands and brush her teeth, then the room got a little darker when she turned off the bathroom light.

The only other woman I’d ever seen naked before was my mom. I didn’t know what to expect from my aunt, but here she was, right in front of me, just dressed in her underwear and stockings.

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   It was all I could do to keep still, but I knew if I moved a muscle before she climbed into bed, my scheme was all over.

After what seemed like a long time she sighed and turned out the bedroom light. The room went dark behind my eyelids, so I figured it was safe to open my eyes and peek. I watched her pad over to the bed, the soft glow from a streetlight outside the window highlighting the curves of her body. She pulled the bedcovers back, giving me a little chill. Springs squeaked as she sat on the edge of the mattress and took off her stockings.

Finally, she slipped under the covers and sighed. It’s funny, but I remember her soft skin to be freezing cold, but warm and cozy at the same time. She snuggled up to me and we both lay still, listening to the quiet.

This time, I didn’t doze off.

I was just learning to tell time at home on a real clock with numbers and hands. My aunt had a digital clock on her nightstand, which made it easier for me. When she crawled into bed the clock told me it was eleven-thirty five, and I watched it for a long time. When the clock said it was almost midnight, I rolled over on my side and snuggled closer against her.

I heard her breath catch in her throat and her body tensed when I threw my right arm over her belly.

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My aunt wasn’t wearing a nightgown tonight, just her bra and a pair of panties. Her belly was warm and smooth, and the muscles in her stomach twitched at my touch. I wiggled even closer to her, until she lifted her right arm and let me burrow into the side of her body. I gently slipped my leg over hers, and then we were back in the same position we were in the night before.

She smelled good to me, like flowers. I took a deep breath and relaxed, and let my hand rest on her belly, just above her panties. She waited for me to settle in, still tense. After a of couple minutes she gently touched my shoulder.

"Devin? Are you awake?"

"Mghmpfh," I mumbled into her neck. I tucked my chin into my chest, bringing my face down closer to the swell of her breast. I mumbled again and rubbed myself against her. My face brushed over her bra, the lace pressing into my cheek.

"Oh God," she whispered. "Devin? Sweetie? Are you awake?"

I pretended to snore. My aunt shifted a little bit, and I felt cold air on my arm as she pulled the sheets back.

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   I settled down quickly after that, with her breast mashed into my face. She didn’t get up, but she felt so tense, I wondered if I’d pushed my little plan too far already. The sheets rustled as she moved her leg and I almost panicked, thinking she was going to get up, maybe go in the other room and try to sleep on the couch.

But she didn’t.

Instead, her hand brushed mine as she slipped it under the waistband of her panties, and after a moment I felt the slow, up and down movement from her arm as she quietly played with herself. The glow from the window gave me enough light to see her legs, spread loosely open, and her fingers working under her panties.

She tried to be quiet, but occasionally she’d whimper or make little happy sounds deep in her throat. Once, her body jerked hard, shoving her leg into my crotch, and my little fella decided he wanted to play, too. I tried to make a sleepy-head sound and pushed back against her leg with my hips, rubbing my swollen little dick up her thigh. I thought she might try to wake me up and tell me to stop, but all she did was grind her hips in a slow circle. I smashed my crotch against her leg as hard as I could.

It felt so good. I made another sleepy sound and rubbed my face on her breast, trying to push the material of her bra down with my chin so that I could see her nipple. After a minute or two it worked; her hard little nipple popped out, almost right into my mouth.

I was trying to get the courage up to kiss it when she let out a long, shaky moan and her hips shot straight up, quivering in the air.

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   Something smelled funny then, sort of like the tuna fish sandwiches my dad liked. I slid my hand down over her panties. They were warm and wet, like she didn’t get to the toilet fast enough and tinkled a little in them.

She moaned again while I was trying to process that information, her body jerking harder this time.

Her whole body twitched, and she whispered something that sounded like old cheesus . I heard a wet whoosh come from her crotch, just like the sound my pee makes when I’ve had to hold it for a long time and really have to go bad, and finally get to use the bathroom. Warm water soaked her panties, covering my hand and the inside of her legs, and then the room smelled really bad. She quickly moved my hand; then she rolled off the bed, ran into the bathroom and shut the door, leaving me lying in my first wet spot.

By the time she came out, I’d fallen asleep. I barely registered her moving me around when she changed the bed sheets. I do remember her pulling off my pajama shirt, because it was soaking wet. Then she crawled back into bed, and this time she snuggled up next to me . Her whole body felt damp and sweaty, and now, looking back on it, I don’t think she was wearing any clothes. But that could just be my memory playing tricks on me.

"Devin, hey.

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  " She said, nudging me. "Dev?"

I kept quiet.

"Don’t be scared, Dev. Okay?" I held my breath as her hand rested on my chest. "I’m. . . going to try to make you feel really nice. "

I opened my eyes, and my aunt was smiling down at me. She kissed me softly, on the lips, and then she eased her body over mine, under the covers. Her kisses trailed down my tummy and further, and I gasped as something warm and wet wrapped around my little pee-pee. I felt her soft arms wrap around my bottom, and for a second I watched her head bob slowly under the sheets. Then I closed my eyes, and I don’t remember much more after that.



The next morning she woke me up bright and early, and we went out for a huge pancake breakfast. She barely spoke two words to me the whole meal.

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   When we got back to her apartment, the telephone was ringing off the hook. She answered it and jumped up and down, laughing and talking a mile-a-minute. It was my dad, calling to tell us that I had a bouncing baby sister, and that he’d be by to pick me up the next day. I was just happy she was finally smiling again.

That night, my aunt got me ready for bed early. It was really warm in her apartment, so she let me sleep in just my underpants. I didn’t even try to stay awake after she tucked me in, but I woke up again as soon as she pulled back the covers. I waited until she was quiet and scooted over to her, and she wrapped her arm around me and kissed my forehead, like she always did.

"I know you’re awake, Dev. " She whispered in my ear, stroking my hair. "Don’t pretend tonight, okay?"

I took a big breath, and whispered back, "Okay, Auntie Rachel. "

"I know you were awake last night, too. Weren’t you?" she asked.

"Uh-huh. "

She let out a deep breath.

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   I waited quietly.

"Oh, boy. That’s not good. "

"Why?" I shifted so I could look up at her. She looked so pretty there in the dark, staring up at the ceiling, I just had to tell her. "Auntie Rachel, I think you’re the prettiest lady in the whole world. "

She rolled onto her side, facing me.

"Devin, I. . . I don’t think. . . " She shook her head. "Really? You do?"

I was falling asleep again, but nodded solemly.

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"When I grow up, I want to marry you. "

She laughted softly and stroked my hair, then wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close.


My dad was ringing the speaker-bell at noon the next day. I was already packed, and my aunt helped me carry my little red suitcase while we took the elevator down to the lobby of her building. My dad gave me a big, manly-man hug, and the three of us walked to the car together.

"Hey pard’ner," he said to me, looking at his sister. "How’d it go?"

"Good. " I said.

Rachel smiled and ruffled my hair. "Really good. Dev was great. "

"Really? No problems?"

She shook her head. "Nope. We had a great time. He even let me keep some of his comics.

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"You’re kidding. " He looked down at me. "How’d she bribe you for those? Ice cream at bedtime?"

"Daaad!" I laughed at him. "You can’t eat ice cream before bed. Sheesh. "

"I asked him if he’d like to spend the next couple weekends with me. I thought maybe. . . maybe you and Carol might need some quiet time for a while, and Dev and I had so much fun. . . " She shrugged. "It seemed like a good idea to both of us if he kept some stuff here with me for when he comes back. "

My dad stared at his sister like she’d grown another head.

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"You’re serious, aren’t you?" She nodded, smiling, and he looked back down at me. "And that sounds good to you, too, Dev?"

For just a second, I thought about my aunt when I woke up that morning, curled up naked with me in her bed. "You bet, dad!"

"Well. Then if you both want to hang out on the weekends, it’s okay with me. Let’s go ask your mom, first. She’s in the car with a little surprise for you. "

And we all went to share my first look at my baby sister.



Not too long after that, my aunt met her soon-to-be first husband, an alchoholic cop named Tim. That pretty much ended our sleepovers, but they were fun while they lasted. My time as a ladies man came to a screeching halt for a couple years as well. Unless you count holidays.

But I’ll get back to that in a minute.

I managed to stumble onto my next erotic experience when I was seven or eight, on a hot summer day. The neighborhood kids had been playing war games - basically a modified version of capture the flag - for a long time, and we had a complex set of rules. We chose teams, divvied up our equipment, picked our base camps and then spread out through the neighborhood.


   Each team left a couple guys to guard their home base.

The guards had to watch after any kids from the opposing team that were ‘captured’, and protect all the commandeered guns and other stuff that was taken from the prisoners. In battle, to shoot somebody you had to yell their name first and then shoot ‘em three times for a capture, or five times for a kill - before they did the same to you . Then you could scavenge all their stuff. To win, a team had to either capture all the guys on the other team or kill ‘em. You could raid their home base to liberate prisoners and gear, and anybody you killed, either in battle or on raids, automatically became part of your team, making it even tougher to win the game.

We packed sandwiches for lunch, and each of us had a canteen for water that we could refill from a sprinkler hose. Once we were set, we’d play until it either got too dark to see or our parents started yelling for us to come in for dinner.

It was summer, so we had two pretty good teams, with about twenty kids running around packing toy guns and sweating in old WWII army fatigues. Even my friend John and his little brother Steve were playing, which was rare because their mom didn’t approve of us playing war. John said that was because she was from Germany and guns scared her. So they were picked last, because they didn’t have any stuff of their own to play with; and because most of us couldn’t stand Steve. He was too whiny.

In a rare case of consideration, the two team captains - a couple of older kids named Dean and Dave - set the game boundaries a good block away from Johns house to keep him from getting in trouble.

Then they flipped a coin and Dean picked me first, probably because I had a bunch of cool old army gear my grandpa had given me: helmets, canteens, ammo belts, backpacks and a lot of other stuff.

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   Which was great because it gave me some serious bragging rights, considering I was a year younger than he was. Then the captains took turns making their picks. John ended up on my team, and we high-fived when he walked over to our little group. His little cry-baby brother was picked last, by Dave. That was cool, too. The captains decided to start the game in fifteen minutes, so we could head to our bases and sort out our gear and assign positions.

Our base was Dean’s backyard, because it was surrounded by a thick hedge with spots that you could crawl through if you needed a quick escape from an attack, and it had a picnic table and an old garage that we could use as a stockade for any prisoners. The other group trudged up the hill to Dave’s house. When we got to Dean’s, I made sure John was equipped with some good stuff, and then I pulled out a surprise from my faded green canvas backpack.

There was suddenly a lot of excitement when the guys saw what I had. A whole new era of warplay had begun. We were about to go high-tech.

"Hey, Dean!" I had to yell over the noise the guys were making.


"Check it out. "

For my birthday present, my dad bought me a couple sets of cheap walkie-talkies.

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   They were big, black plastic things with long, telescoping antennas. Each unit had big orange button to push when you wanted to talk, and another plastic switch for volume and to turn the units on and off. I had six of ‘em, and I figured they’d give us an edge over the other team.

Suddenly, I was the man .

"Oh, cool !"


"Wow! Can I have one?"

"Hey, hey! Let’s see if they work. " Dean grabbed the unit I offered him and turned it on. The speaker crackled for a second, and then Dean raised it up to his ear. "Ten-four, good buddy! You copy?"

His voice came in loud and clear on my receiver. He grinned, smacked me in the shoulder and clipped the walkie-talkie to his belt.

"That’s awesome. What kinda range to they have?"

I shrugged. "I dunno. But my dad and I played around with ‘em on my birthday. He walked down to the park, and I could still hear him from our backyard. So at least a few blocks.

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He smacked my shoulder again and gave me a battlefield promotion. "Cool. So here’s what we’re gonna do. Why don’t you be our reconnaisance man?"

"Huh? What’s that?"

"You take your walkie-talkie and hide out by Dave’s house, someplace nobody can find you, so you can see his whole yard. The rest of us’ll split up into little teams, and each team’ll have another walkie-talkie. If anybody gets captured, you call the rest of us and we’ll all come in for a prison break. Everybody cool?"

There was a chorus of tough-kid ‘yeah’s’. Then we all hefted our gear and slung plastic rifles and machine guns over our shoulders.

"Let’s move out!"



The game boundaries were split over four blocks: the street by my house was the west edge and from there the line crossed all the way over to the neighborhood park on the east. The end of Dean’s block marked the farthest south we could go, and then we could head north past Dave’s house, up into a hill overgrown with shrubs and trees that hid a series of trails running through a group of backyards, all the way down to and through the park. Most of the folks around ignored us, and we utilized the whole space. Except for old Mrs. Kearn’s house, unless we absolutely had to. She lived just behind Dean, and she’d smack you with a broom if she caught you on her property.

I decided to cheat a little, running up my street to the top of the hill from my house.

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   At the top I turned west and ran along the sidewalk (which was technically out of bounds) until I could cut through the big back yard at the top of Dave’s hill. This was risky because if I was seen running out of bounds I’d get thrown out of the game - walkie-talkies or no walkie-talkies. I knew most of the guys cheated like that; you just couldn’t get caught. Another small point of concern: the yard I was running through had a big dog house, which occasionaly contained a mean, Army-guy hating bulldog.

I guess his owner was more of a Navy man.

Luckily enough, no dog today. I managed to slip through the yard without attracting any undue attention, then hopped over a little white picket fence and slid a few feet down a small hill into the trees below. I brushed myself off and made my way through the tangle of brush and blackberry bushes until I came to the edge of the woods where the trees thinned out. I knelt down behind a big old walnut tree and pulled out a pair of plastic binoculars. The street that ran in front of Dave’s house zig-zagged up the hill, right past my position. Sometimes late at night during the summer, drunk teenagers would drag race up the hill, but all was quiet now. The only car I could see was parked in the driveway across the street. From where I was hiding, I could just make out Dave’s driveway and front door with my binoculars.

Not good enough , I thought to myself. I have to get closer.

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I was sipping metallic tasting, lukewarm water from my canteen and debating on my best course of action when my walkie-talkie crackled to life. I jumped, spilling water and soaking one leg of my jeans from my knee down. I twisted the top back on the canteen when Deans voice came over the speaker.

Squark went the walkie-talkie. "Hey Dev! Come in! Report your status!"

"I’m in the woods at the top of the hill. Over. "

Squark . "See anything? Over?"

"Nah. " I was searching the houses for a way to sneak closer, but all the front yards were too open. I needed to try something else. "I’ll call you back in a few minutes. Okay?"

Squark . "Ten-four. "

I listened as everybody reported in. We were pretty spread out over four square blocks, with no enemy contact so far.

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   Dave’s little brother, Jimmy, had been left behind to guard our camp. Everything was quiet there, too, and I didn’t have anybody in my line of sight.

It was time to make my move. I needed to get across the street to the cover of the house on the corner. I made sure I had all my gear, then I clipped the walkie-talkie back onto my backpack. I picked up my machine gun and ran like hell over to the other curb, with all my gear clanking around in my pack. I made it across the street, then dove over the sidewalk onto the lawn, rolling as best as I could with my backpack, canteen, pistol, walkie-talkie, and everything else I was carrying bumping around.

When I reached the line of bushes that ran from the sidewalk to the porch of the house, I crawled on my belly using the bushes as cover, until I’d inched my way around to the backyard. Once there, I unlatched a little wooden gate and slipped into enemy territory.

Keeping in the shadows of rose bushes and birdbaths, I quickly made my way down the entire hill. None of the houses I passed made good surveillance points. The backyards were great, with lots of places to hide out, but the houses blocked any view. And, like Dave’s house across the street, all the front yards were way too open with no cover.

My grandma’s friend Peggy lived with her husband Neil right across the street from my grandparents. Their house was the first one at the bottom of the hill; a big, creepy old three story house set on a huge yard with plenty of trees and bushes.

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   The front of their house faced south. I was coming downhill from the north, so I reached their garage first. The garage was almost perfect for my needs: it faced the right direction and had good sight lines. I thought I could probably climb it and hunker down on the roof, but anyone standing across the street could see me if they bothered to look over this way. And besides, it looked hot. With the morning sun moving overhead, there wasn’t much shade up there.

I was already sweating like a pig, and it wasn’t even lunchtime, so I quickly discarded that plan and bolted across the driveway to Peggy’s nice, private yard. I was pretty bummed out, thinking that I’d failed in my first big solo mission. I was going to grab my walkie-talkie and break the bad news to Dean when I saw the perfect spot for me to set up shop for the afternoon.

A sturdy rose trellis ran from the ground up the side of the house, all the way to the roof. There were two sliding glass doors leading out to a deck that wrapped around the third floor, and the house and deck were well shaded by three tall pine trees.

I wiped a little bit of the grime off the garage window with my sleeve and peeked through. I didn’t see Peggy’s old yellow Chevy parked inside, so I shouldered my weapon and climbed the trellis. Somehow I managed to avoid snagging myself on the rosebushes and I flopped over the lip of the deck with a grunt. I picked myself up and blew past the sliding doors, ducking under a pair of open bedroom windows.

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   I paused to catch my breath, then peered carefully over the railing at the street below.

"Yes!" I congratulated myself, pumping my fist in the air.

From my position I could see most of the street, both up and down the hill. I could move further around the corner and view anyone approaching from the park or from my house, and I had a great view of Dave’s entire house, front and back. I broke out my binoculars again and watched Dave’s older brother Rick, seated at a card table with Steve, eating sandwiches in the back yard. The sound of kids yelling somewhere out on the battlefield floated by with the breeze.

I pulled my walkie-talkie out and reported in. "Dean! Can you hear me?"

Squawk ! "Dev? That you? Over. "

"Yeah. Over. "

Squawk ! "Where are you?"

"Watching the camp. I found a really good hiding place. Nobody’ll ever see me. Over. "

Squawk ! "Cool.

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   Anything goin’ on? Over. "

"Nope. Their guards are eating lunch. Rick’s got a Kool-Aid mustache. That’s it. Over. "

Squawk ! "Okay. Stay put. Call in if anything happens. Okay?"

"Okay. "

Squawk ! "Over and out. "

I put my wakie-talkie away and settled in for the duration, thinking that it was about time for my own lunch. And that’s when Peggy’s Chevy came roaring around the curve at the top of the hill.

The door on the passenger side of the car popped open and I could see her husband holding onto the ‘oh shit’ handle for dear life. The car squealed to a stop and turned into the driveway, spraying loose gravel out from under the tires.

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   I heard the garage door opening and Peggy’s voice rose up over all that, shouting for Neil to hang on. I listened to the garage door bump closed, and a minute later Peggy and her husband stepped out of the garage through a side door.

Neil was wearing bright orange plaid slacks and a yellow polo shirt. His thin, puffy fringe of hair was white as snow and stuck up all over his freckled head. As they walked, he smoothed his hair and adjusted his hearing aid as Peggy crabbed at him. Peggy was dressed in a dressy blue jacket, with a lacy white blouse tucked into a light blue skirt. She had a thick rope of pearls wrapped around her neck and pearl earrings in her ears, and wore her iron grey hair wrapped up in a bun, pinned high at the back of her head with a pearl-white comb. She looked hot and sweaty in her suit, and she was carrying a small, brown paper bag clenched tightly in her hand.

Neil must’ve turned his hearing aid off, because she kept up a running conversation as they walked into the house, and he completely ignored her.

They banged around inside for a few minutes, somewhere downstairs, then I heard footsteps coming my way. I was crouched down underneath a window and I peeked as Peggy came through the bedroom door. Now she had a large mug in her hand instead of the bag. She took a sip from the mug, then shouted down the stairs.

"Neil! I’m going to take a quick nap, so don’t you go making any noise!"

I heard a non-commital mumble that sounded like it came from somewhere far away. Peggy slammed the door shut and flipped the lock.


   Then she turned, sipping her drink, and pulled the sliding doors open. I had a terrifying vision of her stepping out onto the deck and finding me there, so I ducked and hid around the corner, trying to stay out of sight. I was sure she could hear my heart pounding in my chest; so I covered my ears with my hands and waited to be discovered.

Time slowed to a creepy-crawl, but nothing happened; no yelling or screaming, nobody grabbed me; nothing.

It took a minute, but I figured out that she probably just opened the doors to let the air circulate in her room and I might actually be safe. So I carefully crawled back to my window. Peggy set the cup down on a nightstand, took off her jacket, and folded it neatly over a chair. She pulled the comb out of the bun and ran her hands through her hair, letting it fall in waves past her shoulders. She turned on a floor fan that whirred and twisted, blowing her hair around her face, then she used the comb to brush her hair until it shone, watching herself work in a large round mirror that was mounted on the wall, just above an ornate old dresser.

In all the years I’ve lived in the neighborhood, I’d never seen Peggy with her hair down before. It was so long. I was amazed enough that I barely noticed her take off the necklace and her earrings. She gently put those in a carved wooden box on the dresser top, and then she was kicking off her pumps. She paused for just a second and stared into the mirror, looking slightly surprised. My heart skipped a beat as I realized she was looking over in my direction.

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   I hit the deck again and held my breath, then counted slowly to ten. When nothing happened, I raised myself back to the window in time to see Peggy unzip her skirt and let it drop to the floor. I licked my dry lips and watched, stunned speechless as she unbuttoned her blouse.

Suddenly, I was a lot warmer than I had been a just minute ago. I swallowed around a hard knot in my throat and wiped sweat out of my eyes.

Fear and fascination battled each other, and my penis - the good soldier that it was - snapped to attention, making me tremble. I knew I shouldn’t be watching, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I drank in every little detail of Peggy’s body as she folded the blouse in half and set it with her jacket. She was getting old and plump around the edges, but right now that was fine with me. Thanks to the mirror, I had a great view of her front as well as her back side.

    I was busy staring at her heavy breasts, trapped in her bra - a great big, plain white satin thing - when she bent over and wiggled out of her slip. Her hips were wide and round, and underneath her slip she was wearing large white panties over a girdle-like garter belt.

    Peggy pulled down her panties, then she unclipped and rolled down her white stockings and followed those with the girdle. All of it went on top of the pile of clothes on the chair, and then she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She tossed that with the rest of her things and paused to massage her breasts.

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       Completely naked now, Peggy sighed and turned towards the bed.

    My eyes bugged out when I caught a glimpse of the soft, white downy puff of hair between her legs. And what happened next made all my fears of being discovered completely vanish.

    Peggy crawled onto the bed with her feet facing straight towards me. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs, bending them at the knees so her feet were braced on the brass footboard. She closed her eyes and her left hand trailed down her belly until she was tickling her pubic hair, and then her fingers kind of walked down between her legs. She began playing with her breasts with her right hand, toying with her nipples. Her left hand disappeared down her crotch. I had to stand up to get a better view.

    And what a view. Peggy was poking her fingers into a pink hole in her crotch and her hips were grinding into the bed sheets. I was mesmerized by her fingers, slipping in and out of that pink place. It looked wet. Suddenly, visions of my aunt flooded into my head, of us lying together in her bed, her hands buried in her panties, and I realized that I was finally seeing Peggy do to herself now what my aunt had been doing then, in the dark.

    Unconsciously, I started rubbing my crotch as I watched Peggy masturbate.

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       She eased a few of her fingers all the way inside herself and buried her head back in her pillows. Through the open window I heard her start moaning loudly and saw her toes clenching against the brass rail of her bed. She was shoving her fingers into her little pink hole over and over, as fast as she could.

    Vaguely, as if in a dream, I heard myself moan with her. I was so dizzy, to keep from tipping over I had to steady myself by bracing a hand on the wall.

    I needed some relief, consequences be damned. Almost without thinking, I unbuckled my utility belt and unbuttoned my jeans, which promply fell down around my ankles. I pulled my hard little dick out of my underwear and started jacking off, trying to imagine myself in Peggy’s bedroom, lying with her, touching her.

    Peggy’s body jerked up and down a few times as I watched, and she slowed to a stop, panting. Things were just getting good on my end too. I was on the verge of a whole new revelation happening down in my underpants, and that’s when my walkie-talkie squawked back to life.

    My platoon was in a firefight. Dean was calling in a panic, and after the loud crackle of static he started yelling through the speaker.

    Squawk! "Dev! Dev! Come in! They raided our camp and got everything ! I need. .

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      . "

    Oh shit! I heard myself blurt out a curse, and then I was tripping over my pants trying to get to the walkie-talkie and shut it off. I fell onto the deck, crawled to my pack, rolled onto my butt and sat up with the walkie-talkie in my hand. I hit the talk button, hoping against hope that Peggy hadn’t heard.

    "Dean! Don’t. . . I’m not. . . " It was a valiant effort, but I was way too late.

    "What. . . Devin?" said a voice.

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    I knew it didn’t come from my walkie-talkie, and I kicked myself mentally, knowing that if I didn’t want to be discovered, I should’ve turned the thing off right when Peggy and Neil pulled into the driveway.

    Too late. Now, the jig was up.

    I looked up to find Peggy glaring down at me, fumbling with a silky looking white robe she’d pulled over her naked body. The robe didn’t help hide anything, if that’s why she put it on; it was so sheer I could see every thick curve, her big, hard nipples, even the color of her skin through the thin material.

    I felt awful. I’d failed my mission. I hit the talk button one last time. "Dean. I’m caught. "

    " Devin !" Peggy shouted. "What are you. . . doing.

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      . . here. . . ?"

    Peggy’s voice trailed off and her cheeks quickly turned a rosy shade of red as she took me in. I had the walkie-talkie pressed against my ear, my jeans were tangled around my tennis shoes and my boner was fading fast, but it was still pointing right at her.

    "Oh-my-God," she whispered, and grabbed me by the ear.


    She twisted hard and yanked me to my feet, and twisted again. "Just what do you think you’re doing here, young man?"

    The words came out of me in a rush.

    "My friends and I were playing army, Mrs. Jones, and I thought this would be a good place to hide while they. . . "

    She gasped and shook me.

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       "More? Where! Where did they hide?"

    "N. . . no. . . Mrs Jones! It was just me! Everybody else is still playing. . . see, I was pretending to be a spy, and I needed someplace to hide so I could see over there and give my team the scoop on all I could see about what the other guys were doing, and. . . "

    Peggy seemed to take that entirely the wrong way. "You were spying on me! Oh, what would Mary say? Her grandson a peeping tom! What did you see?"

    "Nothing! I mean. .

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      . "

    She backed me up into the deck rail and shook me again, harder, making me drop my walkie-talkie. It hit the rail and bounced over the edge. I never heard it hit the ground.

    "Don’t you lie to me Devin Smith! Look at you, with your privates hanging out! I know exactly what you were doing!" She waggled a finger at me as she scolded me. "Well, we’re going to have to call your grandmother about this!"

    Oh no , I thought. Not that. I’ll get a spanking for sure . "No, please Mrs Jones, don’t call my grandma, please. I didn’t mean to look, really, I just. . . "

    "Then we’ll just go downstairs and call the police! You might think you just got yourself a nice peepshow, but you just wait, you little. . .

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    She dragged me into her bedroom by my ear, pulling me towards her door. I pictured her husband, seeing us coming downstairs like this, and what he might do. I got so sick so fast I almost barfed, and started pleading with her for my life.

    "No! I mean, I know I shouldn’t of been looking, Mrs. Jones. But you. . . you’re just so pretty, and you were having such a good ti. . . "

    That seemed to kick some of the wind out of her sails. She stopped just short of the door and turned to me in a huff.

    "What?" she asked.


    "What did you just say?"

    What did I just say? "Uh, you were having a.

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      . . "

    She shook her head. "No, no. Before that. You said I was pretty ?"

    I gulped and nodded. Shock from the realization of what I’d done was taking over, and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, blurring my vision. My bottom lip started to tremble and I stuttered a little bit when I answered.

    "Y-yeah. I think you’re really, really pretty, Mrs. Jones. Really. "

    Peggy didn’t speak or move a muscle. She just stood there, watching me carefully, the ends of her robe fluttering in the breeze from the fan. I caught another, tantalizing glimpse of her pubic hair.


       The room smelled funny, kind of wet and fishy. I remembered my aunt Rachel’s bedroom once smelling the same way.

    My mouth went dry, so I licked my lips and tried again. "I’ve always thought so, and. . . and the more I w-watched, I. . . I. . . " I shrugged helplessly, and the tears started to flow.

    "You what ?"

    "I just liked watching," I said in a small voice. "I think you’re really pretty, and I wanted to watch.

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       That’s all. "

    I hung my head and stood there quietly, my face burning with shame.

    "Well," she said. "Well. I never. "

    Peggy released my ear and took my wrist, guiding me towards her bed. She sat down, making the bedsprings squeak, and pulled me in front of her. She cupped my chin in her hand and forced me to look her in the eye, then watched me for a long time. Eventually she nodded quickly, once, like she’d made a decision.

    "All right. I believe you. How long were you out there? You tell me the truth now. "

    Scared as I was, I was having a difficult time concentrating. Her robe had flopped open down to her waist, and now I was just inches away from her. The fishy smell was a lot stronger now that we were by the bed, and I thought I could smell it on her hand, too.

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       I could feel my little penis getting happy again. I got mad at it suddenly, thinking that this mess was all its fault. I fought a losing battle with it, until the dang thing was sticking straight out of my underpants.

    "A long time, I guess. I. . . was already there when you guys got home. " I tried to keep my eyes locked on hers so she wouldn’t notice the thing rearing its ugly head below us.

    "I see. " No luck. She saw it. "My," she said. "You look like you’re having some trouble with that. "

    I nodded into her hand.

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       "Yes’m. It’s just been doin’ that all afternoon. "

    "Hm. " She looked down at me and I swear that she smiled. Then she shook her head. "Devin, do you think a good little boy would do what you did today?"

    "Um. N-no ma’am. "

    "So you agree you were a naughty boy. "

    I thought about it for a minute. I wished she’d let me go, because my pee-pee seemed to like her touching my face.

    "Yeah, I guess so. "

    "And you don’t want me to call your grandparents. "

    "No ma’am. "

    "Or the police. "

    "Oh, please, don’t Mrs.

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       Jones! I didn’t. . . "

    She let my chin go and took my wrists again, making our little friend bounce around down there. This time I was sure she smiled.

    "Well. So what do we do?"

    "Uh. . . let me go? I promise I’ll never do it again. Really. "

    "I’d like to believe that Devin, but I just can’t. I honestly think you need to be punished for being a very bad little boy. " Her grip on my wrists tightened. I remember thinking that she was pretty strong for an old lady.

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       "So I’m going to give you a spanking. And afterwards, I hope you won’t ever think about doing something like this ever again. "

    And with that, she pulled me down across her knee. I was so shocked I didn’t even fight. My pee-pee slipped along the smooth material of her robe, and a shiver of pleasure raced through my body.

    "I’ll try not to make this hurt too much," she said.

    Then she pinned my wrists together with right hand, pushing them deep into her mattress. She yanked my underpants down enough to expose my bottom, and gave me a good, hard smack that brought tears to my eyes and made me wriggle against her thighs. She smacked me again and again, and I kicked and squirmed as she hit me, until my bottom actually went numb.

    It hurt at first, but after a while the pain stopped and I started to kind of enjoy the feeling of my naked flesh rubbing against the cool silk of her robe and her warm skin. Peggy spanked me until my bottom was fiery red and swollen, and at some point I heard myself cry out and go limp in her lap. She stopped then and let me catch my breath. She let go of my wrists and I almost fell to the floor in a heap.

    "That should do it. All finished.

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      " She stood up and patted her bed. "Devin, I want you to lie down on your stomach. I know that’s going to hurt, so I want you to let me put something on your bottom for you. I promise it will make it feel better. "

    I sniffled and let her help me crawl onto her bed. She left the bedside and opened a door that led to a large bathroom, and I heard her rummage around. When she returned, she sat next to me on the side of the mattress, causing me to slide towards the edge, right into her. I let her pull my underpants down around my knees. I was hurt and embarrassed beyond caring, and kept my face buried in her pillows until I felt her soft hands rubbing something cool and slick over my bottom.

    "There. Does that feel better?" she asked.

    I nodded and sniffled into her pillow.

    "I want you to roll over now, Devin, and look at me. "

    I shook my head, no .

    "Devin, roll over right now, or I’ll spank you again.

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    I rolled. I glared at her, my face beet red and swollen with tears, willing her to drop dead. She rested her sticky hand on my belly, and try as I might to stop it, my little man perked right back up, poking inches from her hand. She looked down at it and grinned, then back at me.

    "Insistent, isn’t it?" She grinned. "Devin, I want you to know exactly what you saw today. I want to understand why I was so angry with you. Do you?"

    I managed a nod. That seemed to be all she needed.

    "Good," she said. She just smiled at me for a minute, then looked back at my penis, bobbing around next to her hand. "Well. Did you get to. . .

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    Huh? I wondered. Finish what? "I. . . don’t know. For sure, I mean. "

    "Oh," she said and then smiled. "Would you like some help?"

    "Help. . . ?"

    Still smiling, she moved her hand and stroked me. It was like fire exploded through my whole body. I suddenly felt like I was going to pop down there. Then she slid onto the bed, lying next to me, and gripped me.

    "Do you like that?"

    I couldn’t speak, so I just nodded.

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       She’d just punished me for watching and doing this, and now she wanted to help me and do it herself? I didn’t understand, but I was feeling so good suddenly - bruised butt or no bruised butt - I just knew that I didn’t want her to stop touching me. She smiled and moved her hand slowly up and down. The slick goop on her hand made a wet, slurping sound as she stroked me, and I lay there, very still, as if the smallest movement would cause her to stop.

    "Mmn. You do like that. Here," she said, and shifted until she was kneeling above me, never taking her hand off me. "Let’s try something, okay?. "

    I nodded again, and Peggy lifted her leg over my body and settled on top of me. Something warm and soft and wet pressed down onto me and she used her hands to guide me where she wanted me to go. An instant later that warmth engulfed me completely, sending a jolt of pleasure through me. Peggy sighed quietly and her eyes flickered closed for a moment, then she braced her hands on the bed at either side of my face. Her robe fell gently around us and her hair tickled my face, making me giggle.

    She laughed with me and swept her hair back over hers shoulder. "Did that tickle?"

    "Uh-huh. A little.

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    "Do you want to touch me?"

    "Um. Yeah. . . I mean, can I?"

    That made her smile again, and she leaned back, took my hands in hers and slowly ran them over her body. She let me cup her breasts and showed me how to gently tweak her nipples.

    "You like my breasts, don’t you Devin?"

    I grinned. "Uh-huh. I really do. "

    "Here," she said. "Kiss them for me. "

    That little thrill ran through me again as she bent over me. She made me cup her breasts with my hands and squeeze them around my face, and she started to squirm her bottom around on me when one of her hard nipples popped into my mouth.

    "This is how mommies and daddies make children, did you know that?"

    I nodded. Jimmie Davis told all of us - the whole gang - about sex a whole year ago, and I figured that’s what we were doing.


       His dad had told him all about it after Jimmie found a bunch of Playboy magazines hidden in a box in their basement.

    I think he got a couple things wrong, though. I’d have to remember to fill him in.

    And then I had an awful thought. I let Peggy’s breasts go, and asked: "Wh-what about M-Mr. Jones? Won’t he be angry i-if he. . . ?"

    "Don’t worry, Sweetie. He won’t notice. If I know Neil, he’s probably drunk, asleep in the basement. And he’d never hear anything, or come up here, anyway. "

    "You’re sure it’s okay?"

    Peggy shushed me with her finger to my lips.

    "Shhh. Quiet now," she said, and just moved on top me, slowly, kissing me once in a while or playing with my hair and letting me touch her wherever I wanted, until I heard her cry out softly.

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       Warm water trickled down the insides of my legs and over my hips, and Peggy shuddered and collapsed on top of me.

    I remember wishing that I was bigger down there, because for some reason I knew that I could feel even better with more of me inside of her. I wrapped my arms around her back, wanting to pull her even closer, and I held her like that for a little while. We were both breathing hard and thought I heard her crying, so I asked if I’d hurt her.

    "No Sweetheart, you didn’t. You just made me feel so happy. Sometimes. . . sometimes a person just needs to cry, even when they’re happy. "

    "Oh," I said.

    "Did you have a nice time, too?"

    "Yeah. " I said, feeling a little disappointed if we were finished.

    "Would you like to make me feel very happy, Devin?"

    I nodded my head vigorously. Maybe we weren’t done yet, after all.

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       "Yeah! Sure! How?"

    Peggy rolled over, onto her back, and spread her legs. "Would you kiss me down there?"

    Huh. I wasn’t sure about that. Even though that place felt really good, it was where all the yucky fishy smell was coming from.

    "Really? You’re sure?"

    "I’m sure. If you lay on top of me, I can kiss you too. Here," she said, and I eased myself on top of her. "Just like that. Go ahead and play with me, do whatever you want. Just be gentle. "

    "Okay. . . " I wrinkled my nose at the smell, but kissed her soft hair and she wiggled happily.

    Peggy spread her legs wider, showing me that strange, pink spot.

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       I went adventuring and scootched further down on her belly, using my fingers to poke and pry between her legs. I was suprised when one of my questing fingers slipped right inside her, and grinned like an explorer who’d just struck gold.

    "Oh, Devin, do that. . . gently, sweetheart. . . I like that. . . "

    Peggy had a big bottom and a big, soft belly. I felt like I was lying on a big pillow. To keep my balance and not roll off, I had to drop my legs and lay on her. I jumped when she grabbed my penis.

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    "Don’t be s-s-scared, D-Devin. I’m just going to s-s-suck you, l-like a l-l-lollipop. Okay?"

    I was too busy to answer, but when she slurped me into her mouth, just like my aunt Rachel had. I almost fell off the bed. She kept me from falling by grabbing my tender bottom and I jerked, shoving myself further inside her mouth. She made a yummy sound and pulled me down hard, and I felt something tickling my pooper.

    "Oww. . . " I gritted my teeth until the ache in my bottom died down, and went back to work on my end. The tickle in my bottom changed after a while, and I felt something poking me down there. And then all of a sudden I was feeling really dizzy, and a feeling I’d never had shot through me. My toes curled and I bunched the bedsheets in my fists while she sucked me and poked her fingers in my bottom, and I could barely move. All I seemed to be able to do was jerk around uncontrollably, and I heard my belly whacking her face.

    I’m not sure how long my first orgasm took to stop, but I remember collapsing on top of Peggy, feeling completely exhausted, and I remember her hands petting my bottom.

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       And then I must’ve fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew she was gently shaking me awake. We were cuddled together under a light sheet, and I could see the clock on her nightstand.

    "Time to wake up Devin. It’s getting late. You should probably go home now, Sweetie, so your folks don’t get worried. "

    "Oh wow. " I groaned and sat up in the bed. "What happened?"

    She grinned and stood up, then helped me get dressed.

    "Did you have fun?" she asked.

    "You bet, Mrs. Jones. A lot. "

    "Good. " When I was dressed, Peggy kissed me on the lips and pulled me into a tight hug. I enjoyed the feel of her soft skin for a minute, and then she wiped my lips with her thumbs and held me out at arms length.

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       "Devin, you know this is something we can’t tell anyone about, don’t you?"

    I nodded. Peggy looked me hard in the eyes, and then she smiled again. "I think, if any of your friends ask about what happened, you should tell them that I made you clean my basement today. Does that sound mean enough?"

    "Okay. " I agreed. "They’d believe that. "

    "Can you climb back down the way you came?"

    "I think so. " I picked up my stuff, and then Peggy walked me back outside. The air had cooled down a lot from that afternoon.

    "Devin. " I turned to face her, and her smile vanished. "Don’t come back here again. If you do, I will call the police. Do you understand?"

    I nodded solemnly. "I understand, Mrs.

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       Jones. "

    Peggy smiled again and gave me a last, quick peck on my forehead. The.



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