Meghan and Jack


[This is my first attempt, so I thought I'd try and make it good. It's definitely a story, not just wank-material. So if you're impatient, maybe you want to come back to this later. Love feedback etc, so hit me up with that shiz. Enjoy!]
It was November and the wind storm that had picked up was typical Northwest weather. It began pouring rain just as Jack pulled into his building’s parking garage. Lightning flashed and moments later the ground shook with the rolling thunder. He slung his computer bag over his shoulder and clambered out of his Saab. With what he’d been earning the past three years Jack could afford to buy just about any vehicle he could possibly want, but the Saab was all he’d ever owned. He didn’t really care about cars all that much anyway. His friends gave him some crap over it, but Jack was never one to be swayed by the crowd.

He was still a little bemused by the fact that he even had a crowd. None of his friends were in the R&D department at Binatek, but they seemed to genuinely like him. Jack wasn’t unfriendly or weird or anything, but he’d always had to go out of his way to make friends – close or otherwise. Mike B, Sean and Hayward had found him and they had all hung out together on Saturdays ever since.

Maybe it was their personalities that pulled them together; Jack, like his three friends, was obsessive about his job.

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  He’d always been like that to an extent, but he’d never been able to just sit down and do what he loved all day long – there had always been other obligations like school or clubs or homework or research projects or papers….

Three years ago Jack walked off the graduation podium after receiving his degree and was almost immediately offered his dream job by Binatek’s current CEO. He’d said yes just as quickly and two weeks later moved back to Seattle at about the same time his mom and her new husband and step-daughter moved out of the city to live in Woodinville.

So for fourteen hours a day for five days Jack was locked in an incredible high-tech laboratory in a secret basement somewhere, where he was practically given free rein to invent or alter whatever he thought should be invented or altered, and discovered that he was really really good at it. His salary had been raised by half after the first year, and now Jack was raking in about 150 thousand dollars a year after taxes.
Not too shabby for a twenty-four year old.

This week had been especially busy, and Jack was exhausted. It was Sunday so he shouldn’t have been in the lab, but he’d made an important step forward with his prosthetic leg designs and he’d wanted to keep working while it was all still fresh in his mind. He’d finished up only an hour ago. Jack rarely worked the entire weekend and would probably get chewed out about overtime, but he didn’t really care.
The elevator deposited him on the fourteenth floor and Jack trudged wearily down the hall to the door at the very end. This apartment was about the only thing Jack had spent actual money on, but he liked having a nice place to come back to at night. It was a sort of loft – huge windows set into a two-story wall, light parquet floors and an elevated master bedroom portion that hung over the kitchen area and could be reached via a metal spiral staircase, made of a heavy black iron. The whole room was filled with natural light, which was why it had appealed to Jack in the first place - It reminded him a little bit of California. He missed that about his college days – the sun.

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Jack stuck the key in the lock and turned it, blinking in surprise as he met no resistance. Had he left the door unlocked?Jack honestly couldn’t remember. He wondered if he should call his landlord or maybe the police but then he heard someone laughing from inside and his worry morphed into a mixture of irritation and amusement. He’d know that laugh anywhere.

He opened the door and sure enough there was Meghan, sprawled out on the large sofa, eating a frozen burrito and watching Mexican soaps.

It was one of her weird traditions. Whenever she did something particularly good, Meghan would force herself to eat cheap Mexican food and watch television in a different language.

“It helps keep my grounded,” She’d said once, wincing as she burned her tongue on a two-week-old, re-heated quesadilla. "

“No matter how many successes I may have, there’s always something out there that I don’t understand yet. I think it’s healthy to keep that in perspective. Hand me the milk. ”

He’d started laughing. Sometimes she was so odd.

Jack shut the front door.

“Hey,” Meghan called without looking at him.

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“Hey,” Jack replied. “Good grades?”

Meghan turned to grin at him around a huge mouthful of beans and cheese.

“Ooh,” He said, giving her a thumbs-up. “Very attractive. ”

“Mmm…’Fanks. ”

She swallowed with some difficulty and then sat up a little.

“We got report cards today and I got all A’s. ”

“Nicely done… want a beer?”

Meghan nodded. “Might as well. I took the bus anyway. ”

Jack handed her a beer and joined her on the couch.

“You took a bus from Woodinville?That must have taken forever. ”

“Pretty much. I didn’t really want to be home tonight though. If my dad or Michelle calls, I approved this with you beforehand ok?”

“You’re crashing here? That’s ok.

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  Why didn’t you want to be home?”

“Your mom’s throwing some kind of thing again – the church people this time I think?I don’t understand Lutherans. ” She added after a moment’s pause.

“Aren’t you Lutheran?”

She shrugged and sipped her beer, “I’m about as much of a Lutheran as I am a boy. What about you?You still tell your mom that you go to church, don’t you?”

He sighed, “That’s what I say. ”

She cocked an eyebrow, “So… Do you still go?”

“Not really. I tell my mom what makes her happy. It just… makes things easier. I’m sure you don’t tell your dad everything. ”

Meghan laughed.

“Ok. Fair enough. I think if I was actually honest with my dad about what I do with my free time, he’d lock me in the attic. ”

Jack smiled.

“You know,” Meghan continued, finishing off her snack, “I don’t think it’s even possible for parents and their kids to be honest with each other, you know?I think there’s just too much working against it. Parents feel like they need to act a certain way, and kids feel like they need to act a certain way, and even though no one actually acts that way, they still have to pretend that that’s what they’re actually like… and everyone loses.

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“Very profound,” Jack nodded appreciatively.

“I think it’s always been that way to some extent,” Meghan continued, tapping her finger against her chin thoughtfully, “Kids do things that their parents don’t really want them to do, and they work so hard to keep it all hidden because their folks told them that those things are bad – most likely because the parents did all these crazy-ass things when they were growing up and regret it, but they never actually tell their kids about it, they just say ‘don’t do that’ and all the kids are like ‘whatever man’, you know?”

“Mm. ”

“It’s just weird. I look at my dad, and I know he still thinks of me as a five-year-old. I mean, if I were to straight up say ‘hey dad, occasionally I smoke pot and fool around with guys,’ he’d have an aneurysm. ”

Jack nodded again, “It’s the same way with my mom. I mean, you know her…” Jack said, and they rolled their eyes at each other and then grinned. “I know that she loves me, but…”

“Yeah,” Meghan nodded seriously, “BUT. ”

They changed the channel to the news and watched until they saw the weather report.

Meghan groaned.

“Of course it’s going to rain all week, we have cross country every day. ”

“You’re still doing that?” Jack asked.

“Might as well,” Meghan dug in her shallow jeans pocket until she found a hair-tie. “I’m already accepted at UW but it doesn’t hurt to have my extra-curriculars remain my listed extra-curriculars until I actually graduate in June. ”

“I just… Why didn’t you keep doing soccer?Jack asked, “You’d played forever, right?And no offense or anything,” Jack held up his hands, “But you…well you look more like a soccer player than a cross-country runner.

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Meghan glared at him and Jack laughed.

“Did you just call me FAT?” She punched him in the chest.

He rolled his eyes.

“No you little idiot,” He said, “It’s just that I’ve been to a few of your meets you know, and the rest of that team is either anorexic or infested with tape worms, I swear. ”

“Ew. ”

“You’re the only one who looks like she actually has some… strength is what I meant. ”

“Oh, so I’m not fat, I’m strooong?” She flexed.

“No, you’re not fat, and you aren’t weak, and you aren’t shaped like a dude, so I’d say you’ve got a lot going for you. ”

“Aw, thanks Jack that’s like, so sweet. ”

“How late are you staying?” He asked, kicking off his shoes and socks.

“Hey! Don’t do that here!” Meghan shouted in panic, kicking one of his shoes across the room into a plant.
Jack laughed as Meghan shoved at him.

“Take a shower and then you can walk around barefoot. I don’t know what you do in that creepy lab all day. ”

“Fair enough.

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  But get my shoes out of the plant and order us some Chinese food or I’m going to walk all over your face with my stinky stinky feet. ”

“Ok. ” Meghan leapt over the back of the couch towards the phone. “Are you paying?”

“Do you have any money?”

“Not even a single penny. ”

“Then yeah, I’m paying. Unless you want to blow the delivery guy. ”

“Oooh, so temping. ”

The shower had been a great idea on Meghan’s part. Usually Jack hit the gym immediately after work, so he always arrived home showered and clean. But it was the weekend, and he hadn’t been in the mood.
He washed his short hair and considered shaving off his five-o’clock shadow but decided it was way too much effort. He stood under the water for a long time until his thoughts started to wander back towards Hayward. Her long tan legs smooth and silky like satin… how he’d spent minutes tracing pattern all over her skin, up and up….

And then he pulled himself reluctantly back to reality.

Jack and Hayward had slept together a few times over the past month.

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  She wasn’t exactly the most normal woman Jack had ever met. For starters her name was Hayward – Hayward Smith – and secondly she’d slept with both Mike B and Sean. She thought nothing of it, and neither did any of them. Just sex. Jack had absolutely no attachment to her and no attraction to her other than physical. It had been a week or so since they’d last spent a night together, so now she was simply providing some pleasant mental images whenever Jack was seeking some instant sexual release. But Meghan was downstairs and the door wasn’t all that sound-proof, and honestly Jack just felt weird having an erection with a high-school girl running around his apartment.

He sighed and turned off the water. Later, he told himself, once Meghan’s gone.
He pulled on some boxers and an undershirt before slipping into an ancient pair of holey jeans and a ragged sweatshirt from college. He adjusted his already softening cock so it lay flat against his stomach and then leaned over the railing.


“Yeah?”Meghan appeared out of the kitchen, her arms wrapped around herself.

“Is my wallet down there?”

“Um, yeah, I already paid with your Visa, that ok?”

“Oh. Yeah, that’s fine. Are you cold?”

“A little.

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“Want a sweatshirt?”

“Yeah ok?” She smiled crookedly before heading back into the kitchen. “The big red one. ” She called up.

“Sure thing. ”

Jack grabbed the massive dark red sweatshirt from his closet, silently cursing himself for leaving his wallet in his jacket pocket. Meghan had used his Visa card, which was the card that Jack always, always kept a condom behind. So of course she’d seen it, and so now of course there was bound to be some awkward silences tonight.
Oh well, not much you can do now, you idiot.

He trotted lightly down the stairs, handing Meghan the sweatshirt and grabbing another beer as she pulled it on over her ponytail. It dropped straight to her knees, and Jack couldn’t help but crack a smile as she pulled up the sleeves so that her hands would stick out enough to be usable.

The sweatshirt had belonged to his friend Neil – a huge ex-football guy that everyone had called Sea-Wall. You couldn’t walk past him in a hallway without getting smashed into one side or the other. Nicest guy ever. He’d past away about a year ago from Leukemia. It had been so fast – so unexpected.

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  The sweatshirt had been in a box of things labeled “To Jack, because you aren’t getting my stereo, but you still should probably get something. ”Neil would have liked that his stuff was getting put to get use, and even more because it was getting used by an exceptionally pretty girl. Meghan might have been his step-sister, but Jack had seen the way that the guys at her track meets had watched her – he’d heard the things they’d said about her. And he completely agreed. She was stunningly attractive – heartbreakingly beautiful.

She was only five-six, but she’d always seemed taller. The way she carried herself – her attitude made her seem seven feet tall. Meghan really did have the body of a soccer player – fit and quick, but more slight now from all the running she’d been doing the past few years.

And… The guys weren’t the only ones making comments, Jack remembered, grinning into his beer bottle as he took another sip, watching Meghan even out the sweatshirt’s drawstrings. Girls watched Meghan too. They watched as she dashed out from the starting line and jogged to a walk at the finish, and Jack could see the envy in their eyes… The way that Meghan’s figure and physical grace stepped unknowingly all over those girl’s self-esteem. . . It wasn’t her fault. She was just that way.



Meghan and Jack had always gotten along well, and Jack wondered if that would have still been the case if he’d been ugly. He knew he was attractive and it gave him a lot of confidence. Even Meghan’s dad sometimes looked at her and shook his head, worry creasing his forehead. Jack understood. If Jack had a daughter that looked like that he’d never sleep properly, knowing what every single teenage guy at her school must be thinking about when they looked at her.

Meghan pulled the large hood up over her head, her beer still clutched in one of her hands.
“I saw that rubber in your wallet… Sorry, I don’t know if I was supposed to. ”
Jack sighed, but chuckled.

“No harm done. I kept it there and I told you I’d pay… It’s my own fault. ” Then he shrugged, “Not like it’s a big deal anyway, I guess I’m a little embarrassed, but I don’t really know why. ”

Meghan’s face was hidden, but Jack could hear the grin in her response.

“Because that condom is brand new, which means that you just bought a new box of ‘em, which means you’ve been bizaay!” She started laughing.

“Right,” Jack said, his face getting a little warm, “That’s why. ”

“Anyone serious?” The doorbell rang.

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“Oh, I got it,” Meghan bounced out of the kitchen space, and Jack took the opportunity to grab a few plates from the cabinet before joining his step-sister by the table next to one of the massive windows.

They dished everything out and started eating, watching the news with barely any interest.

“This is good,” Meghan said after a few minutes.

“Mmm… Yeah. I order from these guys a lot. ”

“So,” Meghan looked away and drained the rest of her beer. “Back to my other question. ”

Jack looked at her, “What question?”

“I asked if you had anyone serious. ”

“Oh. No, not really. ”He shook his head as he chewed down half an egg roll. “I haven’t really had much time for anything like that. I don’t know, I guess I haven’t really been looking. My mom’s on my case about that,” he said, smiling wryly.

Meghan laughed, “Yeah, I hear her end of those conversations sometimes.

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   She almost sounds desperate. I’m like ‘he’s only twenty-four! Cut him some slack!’ and then she rants about how when she was twenty four she already had a child and a husband and a house and was already planning on a second and third child and then… Well… I usually zone out around then so I’m not sure what she usually says next. ”

“Poor mom,” Jack said, chuckling. “I think she’s terrified that I’m not going to find anyone; that I’ll just be a bachelor for my entire life. ”

“Eh, worse things have happened to people. ” But then Meghan laughed again, “No, you’re right… Try telling that to Michelle. ”

“Exactly. She’s all about the babies and marriage and all of that… I’m too busy. I’d be a terrible husband right now. ”

“So you compromise with some casual sex and waaaay too many hours in your creep-lap. ”
Jack rolled his eyes again but agreed, “Yeah, I guess I do. ”

“Can’t say I blame you,” Meghan muttered quietly. Jack wasn’t sure if he was supposed to hear that so he didn’t say anything. But he wondered what she had meant.

A few hours later Meghan dug her violin out of her backpack and began to play while Jack listened on the couch.

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  It wasn’t meant to be a performance. Jack just happened to be where Meghan was playing, because Meghan seemed to be completely lost to the whole world. Her eyes were closed, and she stood facing nothing in particular.

But Meghan wasn’t as zoned-out as she looked. She was thinking, and her thoughts disturbed her. The more she thought, the more unruly the melody she was inventing became until the bow was ripping across the strings in a blur, and her fingers were like a hundred spiders dancing across a dozen tiny tight-ropes.

Jack listened and watched with his mouth open as the improvised song progressed. He’d never heard Meghan play like that. Her brow was furrowed but not from exertion – the playing was effortless. But the music was pouring out of her subconscious, racing faster and wilder. Her body was suddenly part of the song, and she was on her tip-toes one second, then tense like a bowstring the next – all the while her mind was racing - racing and racing towards the finish line she knew she would inevitably reach.

For this song and this train of thought there were a million possible conclusions and endings that Meghan could have come to, but she knew which ending she wanted. Because the raging jealousy that ripped through her when she opened Jack’s wallet, the feeling of the smooth plastic of the condom wrapper beneath her fingers – exactly what Jack would feel in his hand just before he made love – these things tore at her insides like rusty metal spikes. The envy she felt for those women who had been in Jack’s bed…

And until a moment ago, she hadn’t even known. She hadn’t understood that she even could feel this way.

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   And then the cruel reality of her situation set in like an ice age. He was her step-brother. It was impossible. She would never be someone he’d need to buy a condom for. She’d never wake up with him beside her. She would never kiss him or touch him or have him. Not even for an instant.
It was impossible.

Oh God! She couldn’t play anymore!The song screeched to a halt and Meghan lurched towards the bathroom, tears streaming down her face.


Jack moved to intercept her, his face shocked with worry, but she cringed away from him and he froze.
She barely managed to get the door closed before she lurched for the toilet and vomited, clutching the violin to her chest like it could keep her heart together.

In the living room Jack was still as a statue. He couldn’t move an inch. He had never heard anything more haunting or tortured in his entire life. Meghan’s intricate melody, which had started out so beautifully had become so twisted and dark by the end that Jack had been about to stop her from playing anymore.

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But then she’d stopped on her own and Jack had looked from her fingers to her face and the pain splashed across her features knocked him breathless.

He could hear her sobbing in the bathroom as he tried to make sense of what had happened, but couldn’t. He went to the door and sank to his knees before knocking.

“Megs…? Are you ok?”But all he heard was more crying.

The door didn’t lock so he opened it. Meghan was curled up on the floor in front of the toilet, clutching at her violin and shivering like she’d been dumped in ice water.

Jack didn’t say anything; he just picked her up and carried her upstairs to his bed. He managed to pull the violin and bow from her fingers with some coaxing and then tucked her in beneath his feather-quilt, turning the lights low and lighting the fireplace in the corner of the loft.

He ran his fingers gently through her hair until her breathing became even and finally she drifted off to sleep.
Jack waited ten minutes and then crept downstairs to call his mom.

“Hello?” The noise in the background made it obvious that his mom’s social function was in full swing.

“Mom?” Jack stepped out into the hallway.

“Oh hi Jack, is that you? Everything ok?”

“Actually, I think…” He scrambled, “I think Meghan has the stomach flu. ”

“Oh no! Mark! Mark, pick up the other phone!” Michelle shouted away from the phone for a moment.

Jack sighed and waited for his step-dad to pick up the line.

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“Alright, I’m here, what is it?”

“Hey. Mark, I was just telling my mom that Meghan has the stomach flu. She’s thrown up a few times but she’s sleeping now. I think with the storm and her not feeling so well that she should probably stay here until tomorrow morning. I can just drive her back first thing. ”

“Dang it, she never says anything,” Mark groaned, “She was probably feeling terrible all day. ”

“That explains why she didn’t want to stay for the party!” Michelle exclaimed.

Jack cleared his throat to cover up a laugh.

“Yes, well… thank you Jack,” Mark continued after a second, “Make sure Meghan doesn’t get dehydrated, and you know, if you want to leave a key under the mat I can just pick her up, that’s not a problem. I don’t want you to miss work or anything. ”

“No, that’s ok. I actually think I’m going to use some of that vacation time I’ve accrued. ”

“Really!?” His mom actually gasped.

“Yes,” He sighed, “I work too much, I know. They don’t need me all the time.

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  And they won’t miss me for a couple of days. ”

“Oh, well then why don’t you just keep your sister with you?” His mom suggested, and Jack was shocked when Mark didn’t immediately object.

“Actually,” Mark paused, “Michelle, we may as well just ask him about next year. . . ”

“We weren’t going to do this over the phone!” Jack’s mom hissed.

“Yo, still listening,” Jack said.

“Oh alright. Jack honey?” His mom’s voice was suddenly pleading. “We haven’t spoken to your sister yet, but Mark got a job offer in DC. ”

Jack did a mental double-take.


“Yeah, that’s right,” Mark said, “It’s basically my dream job… I’d be working on the hill again as a consultant. ”
“Wow… that’s fantastic Mark. ”

“Thanks Jack, I’m glad you think so. The thing is, I have to go January first, to be there on the second, and your mom’s coming with me, and… this is a permanent move, Jack.

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Jack suddenly understood.

“Meghan. ”

“Exactly. This is her senior year and I’m not entirely fond of uprooting her to DC when she’ll just be heading back to UW in the fall. And also, I don’t want to just leave her at the Woodinville house because she’s a teenager and teenagers do stupid things when they’re left by themselves. ”

The background noise had faded and Jack had a sudden mental image of Mark and his mother standing next to each other in the study on different phones and he almost laughed.

“So I’m going to ask you to totally inconvenience yourself for the next six months. ” Mark said.

“Oh!” Jack got it at once, “No, of course she can stay with me,” He said, laughing. “As long as Meghan’s comfortable with it, I’ve got no qualms with being home by five everyday so she has someone here for her. ”
“Oh my goodness, thank you so much son,” Mark gushed and Jack’s face reddened a little.
“No, it’s… it’s totally ok. ”

“Alright, well we’ll talk to Meghan tomorrow and get back to you sweetheart,” His mom sounded so relieved, “This lifts a huge weight off of our shoulders. We’ll talk to you tomorrow. Call us as soon as Meghan’s feeling better ok? And tell her we love her.

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“I will. Goodnight. ”

The morning was freezing. Jack clambered off the couch to turn up the heat a little and then went over to gaze out over the city. Lake Washington sparkled like diamonds in the rare sunlight and Jack couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of where he lived.

He’d grown up on the East side – Kirkland mostly but also in Bellevue where he went to High School. It had been a wealthy area, and Jack had never felt particularly comfortable there in his Saab. Maybe it was because everyone else had been driving porches and BMW's. Then again, it may have been the fact that most of the other kids had been assholes.

He climbed the stairs to check on Meghan again. She was still asleep. Sometime during the night, after he’d helped his barely conscious step-sister out of the massive sweatshirt, Meghan had burrowed into the blankets until just the top of her head was visible. He made sure she was still breathing and then headed into the bathroom to shower.

Meghan woke up with a jolt when he started the water. She felt disgusting.

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  Her mouth tasted awful and she grabbed a glass of water on the nightstand and gulped it down.
Ugh. What happened?

She yawned widely and then sat up fully, feeling a little dizzy as she looked around. She was in Jack’s bed?Meghan tried to remember how she got there, but couldn’t. She did remember why she felt so terrible though. Her ridiculous realization.

She looked towards the bathroom and her face felt hot. What and idiotic way to behave. Jack probably thought she was possessed. Meghan never acted like that… like a teenager. The memory of the previous night made her wince. She’d completely lost control.

Then again, she reasoned as she jumped out of the bed and headed downstairs to find something to get the stale taste out of her mouth, it wasn’t everyday that you realized that were in love with your step-brother. She felt ridiculous. She could tell that her hair was a mess, so she searched around until she found a rubber band and pulled it all back into a ponytail again; her default.



The shower cut off and a few seconds later Jack came out of the bathroom in boxers and a t-shirt.

“Oh… Megs?” He leaned over the railing and saw her sitting on the couch watching the news again.

“Hey,” He called as he hopped into some jeans. “You feel alright?”

“Um… yeah, sorry. ” Her face was bright red and she didn’t look at him.

He went down the stairs and then crossed the room to sit next to her.

“Are you ok?”

Meghan looked at him, her expression enigmatic.

“Yeah, I’m… fine. Sorry,” She said with a little more animation, “I just… didn’t feel very good last night. ”

“Yeah, the vomiting tipped me off,” His mouth twitched. He touched her shoulder lightly, and the contact made her heart pound.

“Meghan…” He said, but then stopped talking. He waited for her to make eye contact and then smiled at her, “I spoke to your dad last night. I told them you have the stomach flu. ” She looked away again and it confirmed what he’d already suspected.

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Something was wrong, but it wasn’t her health that was the issue.

“Ok. Hungry?” He asked.

“Yes, but I need a shower first,” she skipped off the couch towards the stairs.

“Do you have any clothes to change into?”

Meghan stopped halfway up the spiral staircase.


“I have some things – just athletic shorts and some under-armor that might fit you. ”

“Ok… where?”

“My workout stuff is in the bottom drawer. There should be some new stuff on the right side. ”

“’Kay. ”

As she listened to Jack rummaging around the kitchen for a pan and pancake mix, Meghan dropped to her knees and pulled open his dresser. His workout clothes he’d called them… Meghan reached out and ran her fingers across the front of some black briefs. That was where his thing would be… right there… Something banged loudly in the kitchen and she jumped, suddenly feeling like a perv.

She snatched up the briefs along with a tight-fitting undershirt and some old basketball shorts that didn’t look too huge, and then dashed towards the bathroom.

Meghan looked into the mirror, and immediately regretted it. Her hair was a disaster.

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  It looked like a handful of it hadn’t even made it into the ponytail all the way. She looked ridiculous.

Grumbling a little, she turned on the water in the massive glass-door shower and began to strip. She pulled her shirt off over her head and then yanked the rubber band out before unhooking her bra and unbuttoning her jeans.
Before pulling them down though, she looked at herself in the mirror again.

There she was – familiar shapes and curves, standing before herself. Meghan was always surprised that she still looked like this every morning. She’d never thought of herself as pretty until high school, when suddenly she’d hit puberty and within a year had barely been able to recognized herself.

She’d bloomed late, apparently. That’s what her doctor had said when her father had started to get a little worried. He’d married Michelle while Meghan was still in Junior High, and his new wife had urged him to take his daughter to see someone because she just hadn’t grown anything yet.

It had been an unpleasant and awkward few months around their house. Jack had barely graduated and had been offered a job in the city, so he was living with them, and Meghan knew that he’d overheard her father and his mother talking about her “development” and still it made her face burn to think about it. He’d never said anything though… of course he wouldn't.

But now she was stunning, and it terrified her.

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  Meghan didn’t know how to react when she saw a guy staring at her body – which happened all the time now. At first it had excited her to be an object of admiration, but now it just annoyed the hell out of her. Meghan couldn’t walk down the hall without seeing a ton of heads turn in her direction, and hearing a bunch of the guys start to whisper to each other.

She’d heard some of their comments, and it hadn’t made life easier.

“Man, look at her! God I’d fuck her so hard. ”

“Yeah man, I bet she’s so tight. You know she’s still a virgin??”

“Seriously? What, no one good enough for her or something? Stuck-up, huh?”

“Even if she is a bitch, I’d still do her. ”

“Well, yeah…”

And on and on and on… But Meghan wasn’t a virgin; she just wasn’t stupid enough to sleep with anyone from her stupid high school. She wasn’t particularly fond of anyone there.

It made her feel sick to her stomach. She’d even started dressing different. When she’d been skinny and shapeless she’d never thought twice about wearing spaghetti straps and short-shorts, but now she didn’t even own more than one pair of each of those things. Even so, Meghan’s sudden interest in modest clothing seemed to have the opposite effect than the one she desired. Like somehow “the increased wrapping made the present even more exciting” as she heard another senior put it once behind her back.

Did guys assume that attractive girls were also deaf?She shook her head at her reflection, but still admired her form.

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  She could do that – she could appreciate what she had even though it made living around a bunch of teenage guys nearly impossible.

Meghan pulled off her jeans and thong. Her dad would probably freak out if he knew that she had those, but she always did her own laundry and there was no reason why he’d need to see them. And really, they were just more comfortable. She liked the way they felt.

Naked now, she examined herself again.

Pretty much perfect. She knew that. She could model anywhere. Her legs, so silky and toned that ran up to her perfectly shaped ass – so flawless as it curved up to her back… her hips joining her legs so smoothly to her stomach and midsection. She couldn’t help running a hand gently across her pubic bone – shaved smooth. Her pussy lips were so sensitive sometimes that it drove her crazy. Meghan ran a finger between her legs and shivered.

That felt good.

She spread her legs slightly and began to massage her slit gently, reaching up to rub her breasts with the other hand.

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  Her chest amazed her. So sensitive.

She was getting worked up fast.

Meghan began to pinch at her nipples as she slipped a finger between her pussy lips, rubbing her palm against her clit as she pushed her middle finger deep inside herself.

She arched up on to her toes and stifled a moan at the penetration. She began to masturbate fervently now, dropping to her knees on the tile, she began to massage her clit as she slid her finger into herself over and over again. She was suddenly very, very wet, and her building girlcum was beginning to cover her hand, and it made her masturbation almost embarrassingly loud.

Feeling more turned on than she could ever remember, she began to push another finger into herself – something she’d never done - and gasped as it stretched her open, making her body jerk.

“Oh…. Shit…. ”

She pushed her two fingers deeper into her canal and moaned softly as her pussy began to tingle. She fingered herself desperately, craving orgasm as she pinched at her clit over and over, until she felt a sudden rush of moisture over her hand and her pussy spasmed violently around her fingers. The wave of pleasure that tore through her made Meghan gasp loudly and she slapped her legs together around her fingers and bit her lip to keep from crying out.

Her entire body convulsed a few more times and Meghan did her best to be quiet, succeeding for the most part. A second later she climbed shakily into the shower and cleaned herself up, breathing heavily and swallowing hard against the urge to moan out in satisfaction.

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She used Jack’s shampoo on her body and hair, and it made her smell a little like him, and she liked that. As always, her orgasm left her wanting more, not less. She was worked up and very in the mood for some action, and that was a problem.

She dressed in Jack’s clothing, laughing a little at how much her nipples stood out against the white elastic fabric of the undershirt. She exited the bathroom, meaning to put on another shirt over the top but bumped straight into her step-brother, who caught her, looking surprised.

“Oh, you alright? I thought you might be throwing up again. ” His eyes were twinkling and Meghan suddenly felt like killing herself.

“Oh, um… no… sorry. ”

“I’m just glad you’re… uh… You’re okay. “ She saw his expression freeze as he glanced down towards her shirt and she followed his gaze. Of course… her nipples with dark and hard against the thin fabric, and strained against the shirt obscenely. The way the form-fitting material clung to her chest, Meghan probably would have been better off just going nude from the waist up.

She wrapped her arms across herself, her face bright red.

“I… was going to put on something over it. ” Meghan said lamely, her voice cracking with embarrassment.

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Jack started laughing, and Meghan blush deepened as he tore his eyes away from her breasts – she could tell it took a little effort.

“I sure hope so,” He said, “Otherwise we could have a problem. ”

She watched him walk back downstairs, praying that God would smite her out of existence and wondering what the hell he’d meant about “having a problem”.

Meghan pulled a baggy t-shirt over her head grumpily and ran her hands through her wet hair again, undoing some tangles.

“Hey, Megs?” Jack said from the kitchen.

“What?” She grumbled.

“I need to talk to you about something ok?” She could hear the humor in his voice. At least he was enjoying her pain.

She trudged downstairs. “What?” She asked again.

“Your dad is going to talk to you about this later today, but I figured I might as well mention it to you now. ”

He handed her a cup of coffee.

“Alright… what is it?”

“Your dad was offered a job in DC – on the hill. ”

That wasn’t what Meghan had suspected.

“Oh… Again?Well that kind of sucks, they keep doing that and he keeps turning them down….

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  ” Her voice trailed off suddenly.

“Wait… he turned it down right?” Meghan stared at her step-brother, “Jack? He turned it down. ”

“No,” Jack shook his head slowly, “But he hasn’t said yes either. ”

“But he’s going to isn’t he?”

Jack nodded.

“WHAT?!?” Meghan slammed the coffee mug onto the counter, “This is bullshit! He already dragged me all the way here from Maryland four years ago!This is fucking stupid!”

Jack laughed, and Meghan stared at him furiously, “There’s more, and it’s not quite as shitty. ”

“W…What?” She was confused.

“Look - yes my mom and your dad are moving to DC, but they don’t want to uproot you if they don’t have to so I said you could live with me until you start school in the fall. I’d get you ready for college and everything and help you move into your dorm in September, and I’ll be around if you need me whenever. And until then, I thought you could have the Saab and commute from here to school until you graduate… But this is all up to you. You can go if you want to. ”

Meghan was staring at him like he’d been speaking in Japanese.

“I’m… Wait,” She shook her head a few times, “I’m going to live with you?”

He shrugged, “Only if you want to. ”

Meghan didn’t say anything for a while and Jack started to look a little uncomfortable, obviously thinking that she wasn’t thrilled by the prospect. How ridiculous, She thought, almost bursting into laughter.

“That’s a great idea!” Meghan yelped, laughing at Jack’s surprised expression, “When do I move in?!?”

She downed the rest of her coffee in three gulps and started pacing the kitchen floor.

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“I mean, it’ll suck for you because you won’t be able to bring any ladies home,” she poked at him, “and we’ll have to share a bathroom, but you don’t have much stuff in there anyways, so that shouldn’t be a problem but what did you mean about the Saab?? What are you going to drive? Oh! Are you getting a new car? About damn time, I thought you’d drive that thing until it exploded. Wait! I’m getting a CAR!? That’s excellent!”

She reached for the coffee pot to refill her mug but Jack’s hand shot out of nowhere and latched onto her wrist.

“Megs, I think you’re probably good for a while. ”

“What?? Oh… What?”

He grinned at her.

They were standing very close. Jack’s fingers warm fingers were wrapped around her wrist, more gently now. She looked at him for a moment and then stood on her toes and kissed him. It wasn’t hard – just a gentle peck on his mouth that sent an electric shiver up her spine and left her lips tingling. She peeked at Jack’s expression and then leaned against his chest with a small sigh.

“Sorry. ”

Jack looked surprised but not upset. He lifted Meghan’s face from his shirt so he could study her face.

“Sorry? Why?”

“You’re okay?”

“Okay?More than okay…” He smiled down at her, “Why did you do that?”

She grinned. Meghan couldn’t help it, her insides were glowing!She wrapped her arms around Jack’s neck and kissed him again, this time using all her strength to hold herself against him. His arms slowly wrapped around her waist and pulled their hips together firmly, and Meghan moaned into Jack’s mouth as his lips parted.

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After a minute Meghan broke off the kiss. They were both breathing harder than normal. And she stared into Jack’s eyes until her breathing slowed to a steady pace again.

“I’m a little pissed at my dad though,” She whispered.


“I think I’m mad because he hadn’t talked to me about it yet. ” She looked at Jack with an odd expression on her face. “Jack, I know I’ve done a pretty good job of acting like I’m cool with my dad marrying Michelle… Marrying your mom… but it hasn’t been the easiest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I’m still… resentful. ”

Jack stepped back a little without letting go of Meghan completely. He’d never heard this before.

Meghan looked down at his chest. “My mom was everything to me. She was my best friend and she got sick so fast, and then barely a year later my dad meets Michelle at some random conference and then we’re moving across the entire country – away from everything familiar to me… away from everything that could remind me of her. Which, of course, was why I think my dad did it all so quickly. Not that he doesn’t love your mom, because he does.


  More than he loved my mom. They didn’t get along… I found divorce papers and some other custody stuff in my mom’s briefcase while we were packing everything up for the move. In a year I lost my mom, found out she’d wanted to get away from my dad so badly that she was planning to divorce him and seek sole custody of me, and I learned that my dad and mom practically hated each other… He only stayed with her because she was going to die. Not that he’s an evil guy or anything; he did what any guy in his situation would do. ”

Meghan ran her hand over Jack’s pecs and momentarily lost her train of thought.

“Um… So… Here I am,” she said quietly, “a constant reminder of the dead wife my dad couldn’t stand. This girl he can’t get away from. And on top of all that, I can’t get the image of what my life could have been like had my mom not died of cancer. We’d be travelling all over the world during the summers and working our asses off during the rest of the year for school and work and I’d go to Dartmouth like she did… and she’d visit me there… Shit. I want that so badly. ”

Jack pulled her to him again, hugging her tightly against his chest as tears ran down her face. Crying twice in two days definitely wasn’t like his little step-sister, but then again… it sounded like she’d been bottling up a lot of these thoughts.

Meghan could hear his heart beat, and feel the warmth of his body flowing into her own. He smells so good, she thought. She buried her face into his chest and sighed, forcing herself to calm down and stop the tears.

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“I’m sorry,” He said quietly. “I didn’t know. ”

She snorted lightly.

“It’s not like I said anything. ” She looked up at him. “I make an effort not to be an open book in that particular department. For my dad’s sake. ” She closed her eyes wearily. “He’d feel terrible if he knew how I felt, and he doesn’t deserve that. It’s not his fault. ”

“It isn’t yours either, you know. ”

“What do you mean?”

“This situation. You know what you know, and you want what you want. It isn’t wrong to dream about your mom; about the future you would have had with her. That’s healthy Meghan.

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  You lost your mom; I can’t even imagine what that was like. ”

“You lost your dad though. ”

“I was seven Megs. I only remember his aftershave… I use the same stuff actually. My little daily tribute. It’s been the only thing I could find to connect myself to him. My mom hates talking about him at all. He was killed so long ago… I remember the funeral – the gun salute and the jets, but I only remember his face from pictures. I envy you a little for knowing your mom. Everything I’ve learned about my dad has been from strangers. ”

“Really?” Meghan watched his face. “What have you learned?”

He shrugged but wrapped his arms around Meghan a little more tightly. “All the people I’ve talked to who knew him loved him. They said he was one of the best men they knew. In California I tracked down his best friend from Kuwait, he gave me some videos they shot together when they were overseas.

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  They were all just sitting around talking. I knew my dad was in the navy, but until right then I hadn’t known he was a SEAL… He was fiddling around with a gun and he was talking about me – I guess I’d just been born. He was killed on some operation that his friend couldn’t tell me about… The helicopter either malfunctioned or got shot down, no one could tell me which. So I know about him, but I never got to really meet him. So yeah Megs, I envy you. ”

They were both quiet for a minute.

“I was lucky that way, huh?I never thought about it like that… It was easier to be mad. ”

“I know. I’ve felt that way a lot during my life. Whenever a friend introduces me to his parents, or when someone shows me a picture of their son, there’s this twinge in the back of my mind. I’ll never introduce my dad to anyone. And how many people did he get to show my picture to?You know, I think our parents got married so quickly, and have been so successful with it is because they understand each other’s pain… the loss, you know?”
Meghan nodded.

“They talk about it a lot at night when they think I’m asleep. ” She closed her eyes and breathed in Jack’s smell for a second. “They love each other, but it’s more like my dad and my mom’s memory are married to your mom and your dad’s memory, instead of just two people being married… Does that make sense?”


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  Though… it’s probably more difficult for Mark, just with how it all ended. ”

“Yes. You’re probably right. ”

It was still pouring rain. It had been for two days, and if the weather report held true it would stay like that the rest of the week. Lighting flashed and thunder boomed.

They moved to the couch and Jack pulled his step-sister down with him, sliding her up against him.

“You don’t mind do you?” He asked. “You made a pretty good blanket. ”

“I don’t mind,” Meghan said it a little too quickly and Jack’s mouth twitched.

She pressed herself again him, tucking her arms in against his chest and pressing her face into this shoulder before sliding her hips forward into his stomach.

Jack hugged Meghan against him and they dozed off listening to the rain against the windows.

Meghan called her dad that afternoon and then retreated into the bathroom for some privacy as they talked about his new job and her new living accommodations.

Jack took the opportunity to call into his office again. He’d sent an email telling them there had been a family emergency and he needed the day off, but he wanted to use that vacation time he had saved up to be with Meghan for the few weeks after their parents moved.

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“Jack Roe’s office, Mr. Roe is out for the day may I take a message?”

“Hi Elsa, it’s me. ”

“Hey Jack, what’s up?”

“Can you pull up my vacation time?”

Elsa laughed and then there was a moment of awkward silence.

“Oh… You’re serious. Um… Just a second. ”

Jack listened to his assistant type feverishly for a moment.

“Ah. Here we go. It looks like you have a total of six weeks saved up, and ten personal days on top of that. ”
“Whoa. ”

“I’d be jealous but it’s kind of sad that you haven’t had anywhere to go for three years. ”

“Hey, be nice. I get two weeks of vacation time every year??”

“You know, you could probably ask for three and get it because of all your OT. ”

“Well… That’s… A little ridiculous. Thank’s Elsa.

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  Can you block out the three weeks starting on the first of the new year?I’m going to be tied up with family for a while. ”

“Ok… done. Anythin’ else?”

“No. Just out of curiosity though, what exactly are you doing at the office without me?”

“Ugh, so self-centered all the time,” Elsa sounded annoyed all of a sudden. “Hayward fired another secretary so I’ve been filling in temporarily… It is temporary, right?” Her voice had a definite note of panic in it and Jack couldn’t help laughing.

“Hayward’s a pain in the ass to work with. Did she ask for you?”


“Wow. . . Then feel honored. She wouldn’t have requested you unless she liked you. You’ll be fine, she can’t fire you without my permission anyway, and I’d never do that – you’re like a magician Elsa; my entire life would fall into a chaotic mess if you weren’t around to wave your wand. I am sorry about Hayward. You can always tell her she has fat ankles or something, she’s sensitive about things like that. ”

“I’m hanging up now.

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“Alright. Thanks again Elsa. ”

He locked his phone before wandering into the kitchen to make a sandwich.

“When was the last time you took a day off to do nothing?” Meghan appeared at the bottom of the stairs, running a brush through her hair.

Jack had to think for a moment and Meghan started laughing.

“You know, if you can’t remember right away, it probably means you got a workaholic problem, you know. ”

“You’re right… I can’t remember. Never, I think. ”

“So sad. I can’t believe this though. ”

“What’s that?”

“I can’t believe I’m going to be living with you… I’ve wanted…” Meghan turned red and put her hand over her mouth.

Jack stared at her.

“What?” He asked, “What were going to say?”

Meghan just shook her head.

“Come on,” Jack grinned at her, “What is it?”

“Nothing,” Meghan said, her face burning, “Nothing. I can’t believe I almost said that.

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“Meghan come on. ”

But she just shook her head and walked over to where her step brother was standing.

“I’ll never tell. ” And she leaned up and kissed him again.

Jack kissed her back, but there was an edge to the way that Meghan’s lips moved against his and he couldn’t figure it out. Her arms wrapped around his waist and she pulled herself against him tightly, grinding her pelvis into his crotch, sucking on his tongue as they Frenched.

“Jack,” The way she said his name, it was nearly a moan and Jack’s cock twitched and began to fill. He tried to pull away so Meghan wouldn’t feel it but it was too late. She sighed, a hectic sort of red splashed across her cheeks and she pressed herself more firmly against Jack, feeling the growing length of his member pressing into her stomach.

She moved back slightly and ran her hands across her brother’s stomach and then down to his waist.
“Meghan…?” The tone of Jack’s voice made her look up curiously. He was looking down at her with a strange mixture of emotions. She stared at him as she slipped a hand into his jeans, and under the waistband of his boxers. Her fingers slid through his pubic hair and he shivered slightly. And then her fingertips touched the base of Jack’s cock, held down by his pants.

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  She gripped it with her fingers and pulled it upwards so it could grow fully without restriction, and then she wrapped her fingers around his length and squeezed. She watched any reluctance in Jack’s eyes vanish instantly.

He pulled her to him, kissing her hard, running his hands across her breasts, making her gasp. He ran a palm across the front of her borrowed basketball shorts, and then with her help, pulled off her tops, leaving her naked from the waist up. He smiled at her and kissed her lips before picking her up and setting her down on the kitchen counter. She laughed as he began to kiss her stomach, lower and lower, all the while massaging her nipples.
“Oh… shit, Jack that feels good…”

He moved down and hooked his fingers under the waistbands of the shorts and the briefs his sister was wearing. She lifted her butt off the counter slightly and he pulled them off, dropping them to the floor. Meghan was looking at him anxiously, feeling a little nervous now, but Jack pushed her legs apart and the look on his face erased her concern.

His eyes roamed up his sister’s body until their eyes met.

“My god you’re beautiful. ”

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” Her voice came out small and breathless, she hadn’t realized how hard she was breathing.

Jack leaned down to kiss her waist. He lifted her legs up to his shoulders and then kneeled down on the tile, moving his face to hover above her dripping sex. Meghan was already soaking wet, her juices flowing generously down her ass-crack.

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  Jack leaned in and kissed just above her clit, and Meghan jerked like she’d been electrocuted. Jack grinned, and then began to kiss all over his sister’s pussy, starting at the bottom and working his way up, her juices began to coat his lips and her taste was incredible, erotic and girly. Jack used his fingers to gently spread Meghan’s pussy lips, and then with the tip of his middle finger he massaged her now slightly exposed opening, making her moan and push her hips up against his hand.

“Don’t tease,” She groaned.

Jack started tonguing Meghan’s clit and then she was gripping his hair in her fingers, pressing his face down into his wet pussy as she gyrated her clit against his tongue. Jack slid out of his pants and boxers as he knelt, and once they were off he plunged a finger into his sister’s canal without warning. She cried out and a small rush of juices ran out around Jack’s finger and down his forearm.

“Oh FUCK, Jack!” Meghan covered her face with her hands as her body began to convulse slightly, her legs trapping Jack’s head between her thighs as her pussy clamped down on his finger. It was several seconds before her body relaxed again. She sat up slightly, pulling Jack up to her, she kissed him hard and then she lay back, taking him with her. Jack moved deeper between her legs and the head of his cock bumped against her pussy. She reached down between her legs and gripped his fully erect member.

“You’re big!” She looked down from his face with wide-eyes. “Go… go slow ok?” She looked apprehensive again, and Jack chuckled.

“It’ll be fine,” He said, and then he kissed her again.



She peeled back his foreskin and guided him to her opening as she spread her legs further apart. Jack pushed forward and Meghan steered him perfectly. He felt his head slip between her pussy lips and then into the entrance to her canal. Meghan shivered beneath him and he pulled her closer.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, “You know what, just do it quickly ok?”

He pushed forward hard, shoving his entire eight inches deep into Meghan’s pussy until his pubic hair bumped against her clit. She practically screamed, her nails digging into his back as she wrapped her legs around his ass.


Hearing Meghan scream like that while his cock was firmly inside her tight pussy made Jack groan and he began to fuck his sister like he hadn’t fucked anyone in years. She clung to him desperately as he banged her with his thick cock, fucking her pussy with wet slapping strokes.

Meghan could feel the juices running down her ass in a steady stream, but she didn’t care. She was entirely focused on Jack’s stiff penis filling her up again and again.

He pushed her onto her side and closed her legs, pushing her kneed up towards her stomach, still fucking her pussy between them. Meghan lay back and clutched his hand in hers, massaging her breasts with the other.
“Fuck me, Jack, please please…. ” She was gasping as he pounded her harder and harder. It felt like each thrust drove him deeper inside her.

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Meghan’s midsection began to tingle and shiver spastically, and she moaned as her orgasm began to build. Jack was close too, and he could feel Meghan’s pussy beginning to clamp down onto his cock. He increased his speed, his stomach slapping against Meghan’s ass over and over, her juices coating his thick member and dripping down his balls and her ass.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck…. ” Meghan’s gaze was unfocused, and her hands were clutching at his chest blindly. “FUCK!” And her back arched violently and Jack’s knees nearly gave out as her pussy began to convulse with the rest of her body, and Jack’s orgasm hit with insane force, he fell down on top of his sister, crying out in ecstasy as he began to cum inside of her, shooting thick ropes of cum deep inside her cunt.

They hugged each other tightly, Meghan opening her legs and rolling onto her back again so Jack could lie down against her. His cock was still deep inside her, pulsating slightly with his heartbeat. Meghan wrapped her legs more tightly around Jack’s body and pulled him deeper, holding him there.

He rested his head on her shoulder as their breathing slowed and his cock began to soften slightly inside her.
They stayed that way for a few minutes until Jack began to gently kiss Meghan’s neck, running his fingertips across her skin. He propped himself up slightly, his nearly-flaccid cock still trapped in her tight canal.
“Shower?” He asked, and Meghan nodded shyly.

“You should probably get out of me first,” she said, laughing.

“What? Ooooh, right!” He stepped back and his cock slid from Meghan’s pussy wetly.

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What neither of them was expecting was the rush of fluids that poured out of Meghan’s pussy as soon as Jack’s cock left her. It splashed down on the tile floor in a rush and Meghan clamped her legs together, gasping at the sudden release.

“Ah!” Jack burst into laughter and pulled Meghan to her feet, juices still pouring down her thighs. “Look at this!” She said in amazement, “I’m soaked!”

“Yeah, just remind me not to make love to you on the carpet ok?” Before she could retort, Jack swept his sister off the floor and into his arms.

“Hey,” she said breathlessly as their faces were suddenly close again, “I love you, you know. ”

“I love you too Megs. How about that shower?”.



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Legnica is a city in Poland a comparatively not big population. The major attractions in this small and attractive city include main square, accompanied by elegant townhouses and modern-design fountains, alongside with the Gothic style buildings and monuments. In addition, once you visit Cheap Escort Legnica, do not forget to visit its parks and local architecture as well as amazing nature. No doubt, Legnica is definitely charming and interesting Polish city to visit. Nonetheless, your experience will be incomplete, unless you pay a visit to Escort Legnica.
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Although Legnica itself may seem like an innocent place, however you will unveil a totally different situation, once you check out Best Escort Legnica My word, this location is soaked with lust and can offer multiple ways for absolutely any male to implement his kinkiest desires and dirtiest plans. Fortunately, we have dirty-minded babes from all over the world to assist in turning all that lechery in reality. You are welcome to come and check out their resumes in order to pick the nastiest and most charming slut just for you. Long experience and many years of successful performance in escort market have provided Escort Girl Legnica with confidence in ability to meet clients’ standards. Hence, go ahead and enjoy amazing handjobs, fascinating oral sex, gorgeous classic escort, non-stop anal sessions, wild gang-bang action, BDSM and many more. Feel free to pick the most suitable payment method and do not worry about your privacy or security, because our team of professionals has done its best in order to guarantee total security and utmost comfort to each and every visitor of Escort In Legnica. Hence, don’t be shy to show off the dirty side of yourself and enjoy that long-awaited and truly unforgettable sexual satisfaction together with lecherous babes from Escort Poland

Egypt Escorts - Egypt's escort industry is a distinct combination of modernity and tradition, reflecting the country's sociocultural fabric

Egypt's ancient civilization, mesmerising landscapes, and rich culture attract visitors from all over the globe. However, the country's allure is not limited to its historical relics and scenic attractiveness. Egypt's flourishing escort industry, which has become an integral part of the country's tourism sector, is a perplexing aspect of the country's allure. Egypt's escort girls, with their distinct allure and sophistication, have contributed significantly to the development of this industry.
Egypt's escort industry is a distinct combination of modernity and tradition, reflecting the country's sociocultural fabric. Egypt's escort girls, renowned for their exotic attractiveness and captivating personalities, provide companionship services that accommodate to a vast array of client preferences. They are educated, multilingual, and etiquette-savvy, making them ideal companions for social events, business gatherings, or personal leisure.

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The attractiveness of Egyptian escort females reflects the country's diverse ethnic heritage. Their features are a captivating blend of African, Mediterranean, and Arab influences, resulting in an exotic and alluring appearance. The combination of their attractiveness, charisma, and intellect makes them irresistible to those in search of companionship.
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Egypt's tourism is not restricted to pyramid exploration and Nile cruises. It also involves participating in the country's thriving nightlife and entertainment scene. Numerous tourists, both domestic and foreign, desire the companionship of escort females to enhance their leisure time. These escorts provide a variety of services, from social event companionship to intimate encounters, to ensure that their clients' needs and desires are fulfilled.
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