Meeting Amanda For The First Time Part 5


Topic: Meeting Amanda Part 5
Meeting Amanda for the first time Part 5

Tommy and Amanda laid in bed for almost half an hour before they decided to get up.   Tommy couldn’t believe how he was starting to feel about this girl, who was pretty much a woman now.   He kept telling himself he needs to end this, but the thought of not being able to be with her scared him.   He couldn’t believe he was thinking like this.
“What the hell am I doing? I think I’ve totally lost my mind worrying about something like that.   Hell this never should have happened in the first place. ”  He thought to himself.
But just then Amanda looked him in the eyes and gave him such a deep and loving kiss that he totally forgot about everything that was going through his mind.   He held her close, totally loving the feeling of her skin against his.   He has never felt like this about any other girl before.
 “Shit, I think I’m falling in love with her?”  Tommy wondered to himself.
“So Tommy, what are we going to do today?”  Amanda gave him one of those looks that would just melt your heart.
“Well, we should get cleaned up, again, and then go and actually have a real breakfast. ”  Tommy suggested.
Amanda kind of blushed at knowing what Tommy was talking about.   She just couldn’t help herself this morning.

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    When she woke up the only thing that was on her mind was to taste of his sweet cock, and she wasn’t going to wait till he woke up.   She was going to wake him in a way that she was sure every man in the world wanted to be woke up, and that was what she did.
“The one thing I need to do is get something to protect this bed if you’re going to keep soaking it the way you do. ”
“I’m sorry Tommy.   I really didn’t know I could do that. ”  Amanda was afraid Tommy was upset about it but then she saw the grin on his face and knew he was only joking around.
“Sweetie there is nothing to be sorry about.   You wouldn’t believe how many girls can’t cum like that.   Don’t worry about it.   We can go to the store and get some mattress covers to protect it.   But first, we better pull the sheets off, again, and open the windows so a breeze will blow through and that should be enough to dry it out pretty good. ”
Amanda went and gave Tommy another kiss, then slid down, and gave him one very long and hard suck on his soft cock, that by the time she went from the base to the tip of his cock, it was fully erect when it popped out of her mouth.   Tommy thought he was going to blow another load right there.
Amanda jumped up from the bed and ran for the bathroom.   She had just got the water for the shower going and then leaned back out and looked at Tommy who was still in awe to that one long single suck she had just gave him.

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“Yes beautiful.   Is there something you need?”  Tommy asked
“No.   I’ve just realized something. ”
“And what would that be?”
“I have realized that I am falling in love with you.   I love you Tommy. ”
Tommy almost thought he was hearing things just now.   “Did she just say she loved me? No way.   I have to be hearing things. ” 
“Did I just hear you correctly Amanda?”  Tommy asked.
Amanda was starting to get scared.   She was starting to worry that she had just made a mistake by saying that.   She almost started to cry.
Tommy got out of bed and walked over to her and lifted her chin up so he could look at her eye to eye.
“Amanda.   I love you too sweetie.

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  ”  Tommy leaned down and kissed the tears away that were starting to run down her cheeks.   “Don’t cry Amanda.   I don’t want to be without you. ”
Amanda started crying harder now.   But this time she wasn’t scared.   She was happy.   Those were the words that she wanted to hear.   She held onto Tommy for several more minutes before letting go so she could go and get her shower while Tommy went and pulled the sheets off the bed and opened the windows.   After that Tommy joined her in the shower.
Tommy and Amanda finished there shower without crawling all over each other.   That was a miracle all in itself.    Tommy was the first one dressed and went into the kitchen to make them some eggs, bacon and some toast.   He about dropped the plates of food, that he was carrying to the table, when Amanda walked around the corner from the stairs.  
Her beautiful strawberry blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tale which made her look a little younger.  But that’s not why Tommy about dropped the plates.

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    She was wearing a light pink spaghetti strap top that looked like it was a size to small.  Tommy noticed that it showed perfectly the shape of her breasts, plus, showed just how hard her nipple were getting since she didn’t like to wear a bra. Amanda was also wearing white shorts that came only about an inch below her ass cheeks.   He was certain that if she bent over she would probably give an elderly man a heart attack.
“So Tommy, how do I look?” Amanda turned around so he could get an all around view.
“You are hot, beautiful, and sexy and you are going to make every guy take a long hard look. ”
“Cool.   But I bet I could make them about fall over drooling with there tongue’s dragging the ground. ”  Right then Amanda turned around and bent over.
Tommy’s dick went completely hard.   He was glad that the shorts he was wearing weren’t tight.   That would have hurt.   He stood there staring at that beautiful ass that had so smoothly slid out the bottom of her shorts.   Then Tommy noticed something.   You could completely see her completely shaved pussy lips sticking out.

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“Your not wearing any panties you bad girl. ”
Amanda looked back at him from between her legs.   The top of her head was completely touching the floor.   “I was hoping you would notice.   But actually I am wearing some.   There’s just not a lot to them.   Amanda stood back up and pulled down her shorts revealing  a thin string of material that ran down the crack of her ass and around her waist to a piece of material that had to be no more than inch and a half wide straight down.   It was almost totally see through, to the point that she might as well of not worn any at all.   Tommy’s jaw hit the floor.
“Now that’s the look I wanted to see from you.   You’re a naughty boy aren’t you?” Amanda seductively said to Tommy.  
Amanda had pulled her shorts back up and walked over to Tommy who was still awe struck by what she had just done.  
Tommy started to wonder.   “What other surprises did she have for him?”  He couldn’t wait to find out.   The one thing he did know was that he was going to have to control himself out in public around her.

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    Damn she looked hot.
They finally sat down and ate the breakfast that Tommy had made for them.   Once they were done they went to one of the stores a few blocks away.   First place Tommy headed was for something to protect the mattress.  
When they reached the isle that the mattress protectors were on Tommy started to feel kind of weird about buying one of these.   He looked over at Amanda who had that evil grin again.   “She is up to something.   I know she is. ”  Tommy thought to himself.
Amanda took it out of Tommy’s hands then stood there looking at it for a second.   She started shaking her head and through it in the cart.
Tommy noticed that look was gone.   Then he heard her say something that was completely unexpected.
“Don’t look at me.   It’s not my fault you pee the bed. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  ”  Amanda stated to Tommy with a totally straight face.   That got looks from several customers that were standing near by.
Tommy’s eyes went wide when she said that.   Tommy wanted to comeback with a smartass remark, but right then he couldn’t because Amanda turned around away from him, and bent straight over.   Right then a man of about 50 walked around the corner behind Tommy and ran straight into one of the displays causing several boxes to fall.   Tommy grabbed her hand and headed off that isle as quick as possible while trying to push the cart.
Amanda started giggling.   She knew what caused that man to forget to watch were he was going because she was watching him the whole time from between her legs.
While there they picked up some more food, because Tommy was sure they where going to need it, he also grabbed up some juice and popcorn.
By the time they were about ready to leave Amanda spotted the swim suit section and drug Tommy over to it.   Amanda walked around all of the racks checking out every single one of the bikini’s that where there.   Finally she found one.   It was solid white but with a lot less material to it.
Tommy saw the one she was looking at and knew she was going to want him to buy it for her.   He also had the feeling her mom was going to kill him for getting it.

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    Not because he bought it but because of the style.   The top was mostly string except for two pieces of material that were barely 3” around.   The bottom looked more like the panties that she was wearing.   Tommy started to get an immediate erection at the thought her wearing this.
Amanda gave Tommy that evil grin.   “I’m going to try it on and see how it fits. ”
“Why not wait till we get home then you can try it on. ”
“Don’t you know a girl never waits till she gets home to try on a swim suit?”  Right then she took off towards the dressing room where she disappeared into one the changing area.
Tommy stood outside there and waited for her to come back out.   When she did he thought his cock was going to go between the bars on the shopping cart.   She looked sexier than she did in her other bikini.  
She stood there and asked Tommy.    “Well how does it look?” Amanda turned around just like she did that first day she met Tommy so he would get a complete view of her.
The woman behind the counter that took care of the dressing rooms had a look of shock on her face.   “There is no way I would ever let my daughter wear something like that.

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    Not over my dead body. ”  The woman stated both at Tommy and at Amanda.
“I agree with you. ”  Tommy said to the woman.   “But see this isn’t my daughter.   I’m just watching her till her mom gets back from a work trip.   I really don’t want my head bashed in by your mom Amanda so there is no way I am getting that for you. ”  Tommy gave her a wink that only Amanda could see.
Amanda played along.   I was only joking about getting it.   It was just fun to see the look on everyone’s face when I walked out.   I’ll go back and change then we can get out of here.  
Right then the poor guy from earlier walked around the corner again and ran straight into the counter the woman worked behind.  
Amanda noticed he was there and then turned away from him, then, just like last time, bent straight over and put her head on the floor.   She was staring straight at the poor guy who had an even better view then before.

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    This time when she bent over while wearing this bikini, the string went completely between her pussy lips.
The poor guy was completely glued.   He already had a hand rubbing his growing cock through his pants.   The site of this beautiful girl exposing herself to him was more excitement in one day then he has had in the last year.
The employee behind the counter noticed what he was doing and started shouting at him.   “You old pervert!  What the hell are you looking at?!  Do you always go around staring at young girls in bikinis?!”
Startled back to reality the man realized he was rubbing himself and stopped.   Then he saw the woman staring at him.   The poor guy couldn’t get away from there quick enough.   He must have run into several displays and other customers who were trying to get out of his way.
Amanda stood back up, smiled, then went back and changed into her other clothes. When she came back out, she handed the swim suit to the woman.   “Sorry if I upset you. ”  Amanda told her.
“It’s ok.   Maybe when you are older you can wear that.


    That just isn’t something a 18 yr old should be wearing.   Well, especially with dirty old men like that around. ”  The woman started glaring in the direction the man had run off in.
Amanda started to laugh.   “I’m 16.   My birthday was yesterday. ”
The woman looked at Tommy with a surprised look.
“It’s true.   She is 16. ” 
“I’m sorry sweetie.   But even 18 is still too young. ”
“Well let’s get out of here.   We still have one more thing to pick up. ”
After walking away from the dressing rooms they headed straight for the swim suits again.   Amanda went and picked up the same style and color.

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    The only difference was that it was a size smaller.  
They checked out and started heading back to the apartments.   They were barely into the street when Amanda leaned over and gave Tommy a kiss on the cheek and said thank you.  
“Thank you for what?”
“The swim suit you silly man you. ”
“I just hope your mom doesn’t kill me. ”
“Just tell her I begged and you gave in. ”
“That poor man is going to probably go home and fuck his wife like he hasn’t done since their honeymoon.   I’m surprised you didn’t give the poor man a heart attack. ”
“He was happy in more ways than one.   I just hope his erection goes down before he goes up front the check out. ” 
“You are such a naughty girl. ”  Tommy said to Amanda.
“Yes I am and you know you like me like this. ”
Amanda then leaned her down in the seat and proceeded to untie Tommy’s shorts.   “I have to thank you really good before we get to your apartment.

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  ”  Amanda didn’t have to fight to get to his cock since it was already hard and was almost standing past the waste band.
Tommy couldn’t believe she was getting ready to suck his cock in the car while driving down the street.   Damn she was full of surprises.   Tommy probably would have stopped her but he knew nobody could see what was happening since the windows were tinted really dark.   It was all he could do to keep his mind on the road.   Tommy knew that she had never sucked a cock till last night, but the way she was going at it you would have thought this was the 1,000th cock she had sucked.   He knew he wasn’t going to last very long at this rate.   Right then Tommy thought he would go through the roof.   The last time when she slid back up to the head she scraped her teeth along the full length and sucked as hard as she could when she reached the top.   The whole time she swirled her tongue around the tip making sure to lick up every bit of pre-cum that dribbled out.  
That was all Tommy could stand.   He immediately exploded into her mouth and down her throat.   Like the title of a song buy the group “Loverboy” Tommy was “Loving Every Minute Of It. ” 
Amanda didn’t loose a drop of his cum.   She was going to make sure about that.

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    There was just a little that she made sure stayed in her mouth.   When she sat back up Tommy was having trouble keeping control of the car and had to pull over before he wrecked.   He was surprised that he hadn’t wrecked already.   Once the car was stopped he looked over at Amanda who was now facing him with her legs spread wide giving him a view of her pussy since she had taken off her shorts.   Tommy wasn’t sure when she had done that.   Amanda opened her mouth and spit Tommy’s cum into her hand and proceeded to spread it all over her pussy and then started to shove her fingers inside.   Tommy was immediately hard again.
“It’s a shame I have never fingered myself before.   I really like this.   But not as much as when your cock is in me. ”
Tommy through the car in gear and was back at the apartment in record time.   Amanda had barely walked inside and closed the door when Tommy dropped everything he was carrying and grabbed Amanda and proceeded to almost rip her clothes off of her.   The same time he was undressing her, Amanda was doing everything to get Tommy’s clothes off of him.   Neither one of them knew who wanted the other more.
Once all there clothes were off Tommy picked her up and wrapped her legs around him.

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     He had his tongue so far in her mouth he thought that she was going to choke on it.   Both of them were already sweating like crazy so, to help him keep a good hold onto Amanda, Tommy put her back against the wall.   He slid her down a little and when he knew she was at the right height, since she was almost a foot shorter than he was, then, he thrust his hips upward, shoving his cock all the way up inside her.  
Amanda’s eyes flew open at the sensation of the sudden penetration of Tommy’s cock.   She was surprised that Tommy was this hard right after the blow job she gave him in the car and the load he shot into her belly.  She could feel the head slamming against her cervix.   Amanda wanted him to cum inside her so bad that she was squeezing her pussy as tight as she could around his cock.   She loved how she could feel his cock pulse with every shot of cum and she wanted it more than anything.
Tommy could feel his cock hitting her cervix but he didn’t want to take a chance of hurting her.   He loved her and hurting her was the one thing that he never wants to do.   He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.   With every thrust into her pussy he could feel the pressure starting to build.   He was just trying to hold out so she would cum with him.   Tommy loved it when they both would cum at the same time.  
Right then Amanda dragged her nails down his back and bit down on one of his nipples.

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Tommy exploded deep inside her, that he thought she lifted up a few inches.   Shot after shuddering shot of cum went into her.   On the third shot of cum Amanda’s body started to tremble like never before.   She started thrashing and screaming in his arms, which had Tommy thinking that he had hurt her, and that she was trying to get away.   Then the flood gates opened.  
Amanda started to cum, and cum she did.   It splashed off of Tommy and onto the wall and down onto the carpet.   Tommy didn’t care though.   He was lost in his own orgasm, plus he was totally enjoying this look of total ecstasy that was on Amanda’s face.   Just when he thought she was done she shuddered a little and started having another orgasm.   That right there caused Tommy to cum again.   Before it was over Amanda had cum 3 times in a little over a minute.
They slid down the wall and onto the floor where they just laid there in each others arms.   Nothing in the world, at that moment, mattered to Tommy.   He was holding the girl he loved and was to the point of not caring what people thought about them being together.

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When they finally had the strength to sit up, both of them looked over at the wall and carpet which was soaked so bad that the puddle on the floor was almost three feet wide and you could see Tommy’s cum mixed with it.
“I love you Tommy. ”  Amanda said while leaning against Tommy’s chest.
“I love you too Amanda. ”  Tommy leaned down and kissed the top of her head.   He could still smell the coconut shampoo that she had used.
At that moment Tommy’s cell phone started to ring.   Tommy answered it.
To be continued…
Please leave comments and maybe rate my story.   You can also e-mail me at:  dirtymind_88@yahoo. com
I am totally enjoying writing these and hope that others are pleased with my stories.  




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