Lost & Found, Part 12


“That’s ok. ” she reassured me. “It happens all of the time. If you get down to the front desk by one, they won’t charge you for another day. Besides, this room isn’t reserved for tonight anyway. I can clean it later. ”“OK, great. I’m sorry I overslept. I’ll get right out. ” I closed the door and turned on the light. Brandy had just started to stir. “Honey, we need to get up. We need to check out. ”She didn’t say anything. She just rolled out of bed and put her dress from yesterday back on and flopped back onto the bed. I was in a rush and I knew that we’d be in the car most of the day, so I didn’t care if she didn’t have panties on.

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  I jumped into the shower and froze myself into waking up. We hadn’t unpacked our suitcases, so I didn’t have much to pack. I just grabbed a t-shirt, some socks and shorts for myself, and threw everything into one of the suitcases. I zipped everything up, scanned the room to make sure nothing was left behind and swatted Brandy’s tight ass to wake her up again and get her moving. I could certainly afford to pay for a day that I didn’t use, but I hated throwing money away like that. Brandy sluggishly grabbed her suitcase and dragged it outside. We went down to the lobby to check out. Since we had over-slept we missed the morning checkout, and it was too early for the afternoon check-ins, so it wasn’t very busy. As the clerk was totaling up my bill, I looked over at Brandy. She was still half-asleep. I knew that she wouldn’t care (as I didn’t care) that anyone, including the clerk, could see Brandy’s nipples down her dress. What did concern me, however, was the dried cum in Brandy’s strawberry-blonde hair and on the freckles on her cheek and nose. “Did you have a good time?” the clerk asked Brandy. “Mmmm-hmmm. ” was all the response she got.

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  The clerk leaned across the counter and said “You’ve got something in your cheek. ” OH SHIT. She tried to flick it off gently, but as everyone knows, cum sticks to everything. The clerk then licked her thumb and tried to wipe it off of her cheek. It still wouldn’t come off, so she licked her thumb again, then smeared the cum off of Brandy’s cheek. I pondered the possibility that the clerk would recognize the taste of cum and say something. She was definitely cute enough that I’m sure more than one guy had wanted to feed her his cum. The computer spit out my bill, I paid it and headed out of the door. I tried not to look suspicious, but the idea that a stranger had just tasted my cum off of a nine-year-old’s cheek flustered me a bit. We got to the car and got in. One of the resort employees happened to be walking by and opened the door for Brandy. As she got in, her dress blew up a bit and he got a clear look at Brandy’s pussy. “Well,” I thought. “The old saying, ‘every good deed should be it’s own reward. ’ is true.

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  ”We headed home and Brandy slept most of the way. I couldn’t blame her; I was exhausted myself. She woke up about hour away from our home. “I see you are still alive. ” I joked. “Yeah, but I’m still tired. And sore. ” she said as she rubbed her hips. “We don’t have to do anything, you know. ”“I know. But I like it so much. And I like making you happy. ”“Brandy, my love. We don’t have to have sex for you to make me happy. You make me happy just by being here.

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  ” I told her. “We can get supper when we get home and just go to sleep early. ”Stretching, Brandy told me that sounded good. We chatted some more and soon arrived at home. Brandy thanked me for taking her on a vacation. She hadn’t been on one since the summer before her parents died. They were supposed to go on vacation for her birthday, but the accident had denied her of that. That’s when it hit me. HER BIRTHDAY! It was a week from this coming Saturday and I had forgotten to order the bike for her. I figured that I still had time, but I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I tried to act cool. “So, what would you like to do for your birthday next Saturday. I can make something special, or we can go out to eat. Anything you’d like. ” I also felt bad because she didn’t have any friends to invite over.

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  “Can I invite someone to go out to eat with us?” she asked. “Who does she want to invite?” I wondered. “Of course you may. ”“Can I invite Becky? She was so nice to give me all of those clothes. I really like her. ”“OK, I’ll call her tomorrow and see if she’s free. ” It would also give me a chance to have her pick-up the bike for me. We ate a small meal and Brandy went off to sleep in our room. I took care of a few things around the farm and headed back to the house to get some sleep. Brandy was snoring loudly as I came to bed. I wasn’t going to wake her up and was sort of glad she was asleep. I needed the rest too. I know the old saying that a vacation isn’t any good if you don’t come home more tired than you were when you left, but I was exhausted. The next morning was back to normal. I went out to do the chores, and Brandy stayed in to take care of the house.

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   It wasn’t messy, but I think she just wanted to put her personal touch on it. I called Becky while I was outside. “Becky’s Boutique. ” I recognized her voice. “Hi Beck-beck. ”“OH MY GOD! I was just talking to Kristen about you last night!” Becky yelled into the phone. “We have to get together sometime. ”“Well, that’s why I’m calling. Brandy’s birthday is the Saturday after next, and she’d like you to go out for dinner with us. ” I explained. “Could you be at my place at 4?”“Of course I can. And I’ve got the perfect gift for her too. I forgot it when you two were here. ”“What’s that, a bra?” I said snidely. “How would you know I didn’t give her any bras?”“Ummm, well, I do the laundry and haven’t seen any to wash.

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  ” I was a horrible liar when it came to Becky. “Yeah, you are so full of it that your eyes are brown. ” she laughed. “Not true. My eyes are blue as you well know. ”“That just means you’re a quart low!” Tagged again. “Could you also do a favor for me? I’ve ordered a bike for her. Would you mind picking it up?”“I’ve told you before, there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you. ” cooed Becky. I gave her the pick-up number and said goodbye and went back to my chores. Brandy brought lunch out to me, and then she and HER dog went for a walk. The rest of the day went quickly, and the next thing I knew, Brandy and I were in bed, making love before going to sleep. The next several days, Brandy helped me around the farm. The house could only get so clean, and she seemed very happy to learn how to do things. We naturally took sex breaks while working, and made love most every night.

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  The Friday before her birthday rolled around, and I could tell that she was getting a little giddy with excitement. I was up to my arms in grease most of the day and didn’t get much time to spend with her, or even take a sex break. I cleaned up a bit out in the barn, and went back to the house for supper. Brandy had been distracted all day, so I really didn’t expect her to have supper ready for me. I remembered how pumped I would be for days before my birthday, and, since this was probably the first time in 3 years that Brandy was excited about hers, I tried to let her be. I tossed a couple of frozen pizzas in the oven and got into the shower to wash the rest of dirt and grease off. I was just getting out of the shower when the timer when off. I called Brandy in from the living room where she’d been watching TV. She couldn’t sit still as she inhaled her food. We finished eating and put the dishes in the sink. Brandy was like a moth on caffeine as she bounced around the rooms rambling on and on about her birthday tomorrow. I wasn’t mad, but I decided to give her a little grief. “You know, you keep acting like this and Becky won’t want to come over. ”“Yes she will!”“I don’t know. ” I said while smiling and rubbing my chin as if pondering something.

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   “She’s not used to little girls. Maybe you should just calm down and go to bed now. ”“Oh, I’ll go to bed now, but I won’t calm down. ” She sprinted to the bedroom and leaped onto the bed. “And, I’m not a little girl!” As she said that, she lifted her legs straight up into the air. Par for the course, she wasn’t wearing any panties and her smooth pussy was inviting me in once more. She laughed and sat up to take off her t-shirt. I let my robe fall. My cock was already pointing at her. “No,” I said, “You are not a little girl, but I’ll bet you laugh like one. ” I lunged at her and dig my fingers into her ribs and started tickling. She instantly went into a belly laugh and started flopping back and forth on the bed. I ran my fingers up and down her sides and under her arms. I was sure that she didn’t have a non-ticklish spot on her, but I was still going to try to find one. “Stop!” she squealed.

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   I didn’t. I loved hearing her laugh. I grabbed the top of her knee and sent her into spasms. The back of her knee did the same. I reached up into her inner thigh and seized her where her leg meets her pubic area. She squealed again and clamped her legs together. I could feel her wetness between her legs. I finally relented and Brandy flopped over onto her tummy and was panting loudly. “Awww, is the poor thing out of breath?” I snickered. Her whole body was flushed. I was sitting at the foot of the bed watching her body heave. She had flopped down with pillow underneath her tummy, and this was making her ass stick up a bit. I gently rubbed my hand across it to show her a little tenderness. I continued to rub as Brandy slowly got her breath back. As I rubbed, her cheeks would part slightly and I had a clear view of her pink ass-hole and even pinker pussy.


   I leaned forward and placed a light kiss on her one cheek, and then the other. I reached with my other hand and rubbed the other cheek and pulled them apart a little more.
    Her pussy lips parted slightly as did her ass-hole. I kissed right on the crack and lightly stuck my tongue out. Brandy’s cheeks twitched slightly. I repositioned myself so I was now lying on my stomach behind Brandy with my face above her ass and she parted her legs for me. I kissed around her smooth, little ass. It, like her pussy, was completely bare. Her ass was tight and strong and was a pleasure to hold. I ran my tongue around her cheeks and down her crack. I placed light kisses on the bottom of cheeks on the line where her cheeks meet her legs. I moved in and placed a kiss right on her ass-hole. Brandy moaned and I saw goose-pimples form on her cheeks. I kissed her little bud again, only harder. I stuck my tongue out and let the tip of it flick across her ass-hole.

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       Brandy moaned and her breathing picked-up again. I forced my tongue against her puckered hole and Brandy arched her back and ass to meet my probing tongue. Spreading her cheeks wide, I stiffened my tongue and slid it into her hole. I felt the ring of her hole open up as my tongue slid in deeper. I curled my tongue and rotated inside of her. Her ass tasted almost as good as her pussy. I couldn’t smell her ass, just the fragrance from her pussy. Her ass wasn’t bitter at all, just a slice of heaven. I could feel Brandy’s fingers against my chin as she reached up under herself and started to rub her clit. I started bobbing my head back and forth as I was fucking her ass-hole with my tongue. Every few moments I dove deep and thrust my tongue all the way in. I was tongue-fucking her ass good and she was fingering her pussy hard when all of a sudden she stopped and looked at me over her shoulder. “Can you stick it in there?”“Do you want me to have sex with you in your ass?” I asked. I knew I wanted to. “Yes.

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       Can that be done?”“Yes, it’s called ‘anal-sex. ’ Are you sure? It might hurt. ”“Yes. I trust you to make it feel good. Your tongue feels good back there, so I’ll bet your cock would feel great. ”How could I turn down such a compliment? “If it hurts, just say so and I’ll stop. ”“OK. ”I reached down and rubbed the palm of my hand on her pussy to get some juices and rubbed them on my cock. I crawled forward and lifted Brandy’s hips up a bit. Grabbing my cock, I rubbed it against her pink, virgin ass-hole. I pressed against her. Brandy bit her bottom lip and sucked in air as the head of my cock popped her ass cherry. The head of my cock had disappeared inside of her ass. I held still for a moment to allow Brandy’s ass muscles to get used to the intruder. Up until this time, they were used to this being a ‘One-Way Street.

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      ’I pushed farther in and Brandy moaned louder. I pulled back and could see the ring of her ass-hole gripping onto my cock, not wanting to let it go. I slowly slid back in. I could feel her muscles loosen up as I gradually pushed deeper and deeper with each stroke. Brandy put her hand back between her legs and started playing with her clit again. She would frequently stick two fingers up her pussy while I fucked her ass. I could feel her knuckles on the bottom of my cock even through her ass and pussy walls. I pumped harder. Brandy was fingering her pussy faster and faster and grunting. “Oh fuck! God fuck my ass! You fuck so good! I can feel you deep inside of me! Ugghhh! Ohhhh! Mmmm!”Both of Brandy’s cherries were mine now, and I wanted this to last for a while. Brandy’s orgasm changed that. As the blast of her orgasm hit her, she went stiff on the bed and jammed all four of her fingers up her pussy. I could feel all of her knuckles on my cock. What caused me to shoot my cum up her ass was the incredible feeling of the ring of her now red ass-hole constricting around my cock. It was squeezing me so hard it felt as though her ass was trying to crush my cock.

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       I started to cum, but because her ass-hole was gripping my cock so hard I didn’t start to shoot right away. Instead, my cock throbbed until it had enough pressure built up to push through the ring of her ass-hole and I started shooting gob after gob of cum up her ass as I slammed deep inside of her. I collapsed on top of Brandy, my cock still buried inside of her ass-hole and pulsing. We lay like that, panting and gasping until my cock got limp and shrank out of her ass. I rolled over and gave her a tender kiss on her ass and I saw my cum running out of her gaping ass-hole. “This is going to be a great birthday. I can already tell it. ” Brandy said as she drifted off to sleep. **end part 12**.