Little Sui In America (Part 2)


"Okay class, it's Friday, no homework!" Dan said. The class cheered and many ran out the door. Sui was gathering her things as other students lined up to leave. "Uh, Sui, I need to speak with you," Dan said sternly. "Yes, Mr. Hanning," Sui replied. "Hi, Sui, can I walk you home?" a young boy said to her from behind. She turned to see Jon standing shyly beside her. Her lips parted to smile, but she just blurted, "I have to stay for extra credit. "As they stood awkwardly the door was shut and locked and Dan walked to the windows to close the blinds. "Mr. Hanning, could I stay and wait for Sui?" Jon asked. "Sure, Jon. You can stay. You can participate if you want extra credit too. ""Okay, what do I have to do?" Jon muttered in a dumb voice.

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   They both walked up to Dan waiting for direction. "Have you ever been with another girl, Jon?""Well, my Dad keeps magazines in his closet. . . no I've never been with another girl. . . "he stares at the floor. "How old are you?""Ten. . . ""Well, little Sui here is very experienced. She wants to show you everything there is to fucking. If you and her do this you can get extra credit while I watch. Now, Sui, why don't you see what Jonny's got in his pants and suck on it a while," Dan walked to his desk and pulled out a camera.

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  "Yes. . . mister. . . . " mumbling under her breath it sounded almost like "master. " She walked over to Jon and pulled his pants down. His small cock was already rock hard. She got down on her knees and immediately took his dick into her mouth. With all of the cock she's ever taken into her mouth she's never been able to keep from getting wet and excited. Sui could hear Jon moan as he looked down at her. He felt his body shudder a little and naturally pump forward into her tiny mouth. As she sucked harder and bobbed her head up and down, she spread her legs a little and started to rub her wet little pussy.

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   They both started to hear clicks from the camera and see flashes from the light. Dan took pictures of Sui sucking Jon's penis and stroked his cock as Jon finally blasted a load into Sui's mouth. Dan reached over to Jon and gave him the camera. "Now it's my turn. You take pictures of us and you'll get a chance to fuck her after. "Jon smiled and held the camera as he struggled his pants completely off of him. He started to rub his cock as he watched Sui lie down on the desk with her legs spread open. "Mr. Hanning, I'm ready for you," Sui managed to speak in her tiny accented voice as she tried undressing herself. "OH, here baby. " Dan undid her shirt and left it open to reveal her beautifully small budded tits. He pulled her body down towards him on the desk. His cock was hard and dripping with pre-cum. Sui's pussy looked so delicious. It was pink and dripping wet.

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   Her hairless slit was open and waiting for his dick. He slowly rubbed his cockhead on her lips, tracing over her cunt, her rosebud clit, and hearing her heaving breathing, he finally plunged it into her. She yelped again as he forced his thick cock in and out of her slick pussy. As he pulled out he could see her cunt juices soak his cock all over. Jon was busy snapping picture after picture, watching and waiting as his teacher fucked this small Asian slut on the desk. Sui moaned and groaned as this old man humped hungrily on top of her. Jon placed the camera down and walked over to Sui on the other side. He could see Dan's big cock shove in and out of her. His gray curly pubic hair was now soaked in her cunt juice. Jon watched as Dan growled and slammed his cock into her one last time and his dick pumped wildly into her pussy. Shooting jets of cum into her tight little fuckhole, he felt the walls of her pussy contract around his cock. She whined and humped against him. Her tiny tits heaving up and down. Dan pulled out and motioned to Jon. "Come down here and fucked her.

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  " Dan pulled Sui over onto her belly and pushed her forward so that her head draped over the other side of the desk as her pussy hung open on the other side. Jon walked over eagerly holding his hard cock. "Jon, fuck her pussy hard, and I want to see you cum in it. Your grade is counting on it. "Jon nodded dumbly as he fumbled to get his cock into her. Her round little ass was distracting, but finally he his cock nudge forward into her opening. It was still slick with her pussy juices and Dan's cum. He could feel the resistance, her tightness pushing against his small hard cock. "Oh, God, she's so tight. " He couldn't believe how tight, warm, velvety her cunt felt on his dick. He saw how hard and fast Mr. Hanning fucked her pussy. He was sure it was stretched out. But it was still the insatiable, tiny, wet cunthole that it was when he first saw it when she bent over in her little skirt. Now she was on her stomach naked in front of him.

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   Spreading her small self to let him fuck her. He fucked that little hole hard, as his hard young body humped against hers, he watched as Dan shoved his cock into Sui's mouth. The sight was unbearable to Jon. This beautiful innocent looking Asian girl naked on this desk, getting fucked on both ends, getting cum pumped into her, and swallowing cum, while her tiny tits and hard nipples got pushed hard up against the desk. He couldn't stand it any longer and he started cumming hard inside her pussy. Jon rammed it deep inside of Sui's little cunt as it jerked streams of cum inside. Dan was holding himself until the boy came inside of Sui. He smiled triumphantly as he took pictures of Sui getting both ends fucked. It was going to be some really hot pictures he could keep for himself. But it wasn't enough, he wanted more. He wanted Sui all for himself. As they both pulled out of Sui and dressed, Dan looked sternly over at Jon. "Now I want you to go home and we can do this again on Monday. But I need to have some time alone with Sui. She really needs to work on some things.

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  "Jon looked confused and disappointed. But he didn't speak a word of protest and was thankful for all the fucking and sucking he received. He left the school to hurry home. "Little Sui, baby, I wanted to have a special moment together. Let's go to my house and I'll show you what I've wanted to share with you. ""But-I have to go home. My Daddy will worry about me!" little Sui said in a panic. "It's okay. I talked to Jimmy last night. He's fine with it. He'll be joining us later on tonight. Come on, let's go. " he said sternly. She followed him out to his car. They drove away to his house.

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   On the ride there, he asked her to stroke his cock. He smiled to himself as he felt her tiny hands grasp his big throbbing cock. Every chance he got he reached down and fingered her wet pussy. Her juices dripped down and soaked the seat of his car. He pulled up to his house and into the garage. They got out of the car and Sui greet by an enthusiastic dog. It was a medium sized black doberman, and it was excited by her scent. He shoved his nose into her crotch and force his way up her skirt. Dan laughed, "It's okay, meet Max. He's my friend I wanted you to meet. Come inside. "The open door led into the lower level of the house. She could see a staircase leading up to what was probably the upper level. But the door at the top of the stairs was shut and probably locked. The front door was nowhere in sight.

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   Dan walked over to a door at the wall beneath the staircase. He opened it and led Sui inside the little room. There was a twin size mattress on the floor with a bed sheet on it and a pillow. Opposite to the mattress was a camera on a tripod. In front of the bed was an old worn recliner. Sui walked hesitantly further inside the room. Wihout warning Max comes running into the room and knocks her over onto the mattress licking her all over. Dan laughs loudly, "Looks like he's ready for you. It's all right honey. Nothing bad's going to happen. I just want to watch him take you. You'll really like it. Trust me, they always do. "With a smile he turned the video camera on as he settled down on a recliner and took off his pants. He took the remote and started to record the scene.

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   Sui sat there with her legs open and her skirt pushed up. The dog sniffed her and started to lick her cunt. She could see the dog cock growing thicker and longer. "Take off your clothes now. It's okay to touch his cock, little baby. I want you to suck it for me. "She obediently undresses and reaches for Max's cock. Dan strokes his cock at this lovely sight! A young little Asian slut, naked, letting his dog lick her. Soon she will suck its cock and let it fuck her. And he has it all on tape. Sui lightly touches Max's dick and he whines. He lays down and whines some more as his purple engorged cock sticks out at her. She takes it into her mouth and licks it up and down. The taste of the dog's pre-cum is salty as it drips into her. She can feel his thick dick stir inside her mouth as she hungrily sucks it.


   Her pussy is getting extremely wet again. While she bobs her heads on Max's cock, she starts to finger herself. The dog's hard dick feels so good inside her mouth. She wants to feel it rammed inside of her, her tight cunt aches to be fucked again and again. "Oh, yeah, little Sui, that's right. Now get on your hands and knees baby. Let him fuck you like a dog. Be a good girl for me. ""Yes Master Hanning. " She obediently gets on her hands and knees. Her slender legs tremble as they await for the dog. Max moves forward over her little body. She can feel the heat from the dog on her asscheeks. His cock easily finds her cunt and quickly forces its way into her. Parting her sweet lips the dog's dick plunges deep into her and as animal instincts take over him, he ritually thrusts in and out of her hard and fast.

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   Dan strokes his cock harder and faster as he watches his doberman fuck this nine-year-old girl. Her tight pussy envelopes the dog's dick with every thrust, her moans and screams are muffled by the pillow. He can tell she wants more and more. She pushes her butt up to get the dog deeper inside of her. Sui's tight and firm little body is in ecstasy as she feels the dog ram its hard cock in and out of her glistening wet cunthole. Dan knew that Max loved fucking little girls for a long time and he relished every chance he could to get it on videotape. His cock was throbbing so much now from all the excitement. Seeing her little body fucked and ravaged by his dog was too much for him. Dan got up and walked over to Sui. He sat in front of her and spread his legs so he could move closer to her face. She looked up at him with a glazed look of pure pleasure. She knew that her next task was to please her master for all that he's done for her. Without saying a word she begins to suck on Dan's hard aching cock. The sight is unbelieveable to him. Looking down at this little girl sucking on his huge member, watching as she's bent over his dick letting his dog ram her pussy.

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   Her moans and screams become louder, but are muffled now by his big dick fucking her mouth. He shoves it deeper and harder as his dog comes to the end of his fuck. He releases his seed into her mouth once again as he is sure his dog is cumming inside of her at the same time. Max pumps deep and heavily into Sui's tiny slit. His thick hard knob enlargens and he shoves it deeply inside of her pussy. As loads and loads of cum empty into Sui's velvety cunt, he stiffens and humps his body into her beneath him. She feels the dog cumming inside her and pushes back against him. She love the feeling of a cock cumming inside of her. Her tiny cunt couldn't hold all of the sperm pumped into it today and the dog's cum spills out of her and down her legs. She slumps over with the dog laying tired and next to her. Dan gets his camera while the videocamera still records. Sui is exhausted and lies still next to Max. Dan returns and takes pictures of her naked lying with the dog. Moving her around and spreading her legs apart to show her swollen red pussy with cum dripping out and all around her. He fingered her sore cunt and rubbed the juices and cum onto her tiny perky titties.

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   He took more pictures of her tits, pussy, and asshole. He shut the videocamera off and put the other camera aside. Dan laid down next to Sui and closed his eyes. As she lay there napping next to him, he traced his fingers over her small sweet young body. Her innocence was his. He slowly drifted off to sleep as his finger rubbed her wet clit and slit to another orgasm in her sleep. To be continued. . . .