Little Girls Taking Care of Mommy and Daddy's Financial Woes


I have been alone now for about 4 yrs. since my divorce and then my sons came to live with me after their mom suddenly passed away from a bout with cancer. I haven't really hooked up with anyone else, at least seriously.
Being completely alone now after my sons are grown and have their own lives I decided to do something adventurous, with my life, something that I have often thought of but never really found the courage to do, and that is to join a Nudist Camp. Now at the age of 50, I thought I had better not wait too much longer. I was still in pretty good shape, physically and financially, and to retire at age 50 was a goal and a dream I had always set for myself.
Being computer literate I searched the net and found a nice family resort, people from 0-80 not extremely expensive and I signed up for an undetermined time. I also had to make arrangements to close up my home stop paper and reroute mail, because I really didn't know how long I would stay, and wasn't sure it was what I wanted.
The resort consisted of cabins not real close together and some trailers and camping sites. I chose a cabin, not too far from the lake and distant view of the water and recreation areas, easily viewed with binoculars, which I made sure I packed.
After a long drive and several hours I arrived at the Resort about 5 pm on Sunday evening. I signed in and proceeded to my cabin, parked my SUV under an attached carport and unloaded all my supplies I had brought. The cabin was really nice and quite accommodating, one bedroom with a Queen sized bed, one bathroom, with a really nice large shower, living room and kitchen combination, all open and well stocked with appliances.   Outside in the rear of the cabin is a patio with lawn furniture, and a nice sized built in grill, which I figured I would be using a lot.
I decided to start enjoying the reason I came there, so I stripped off all my clothing and jumped into the shower, after toweling dry I decided to take a stroll, to the swimming area and beach, which turned out to be utterly amazing as I walked uninhibited through the large number of people that I encountered, everyone seemed real friendly, but I guess not being used to being naked among others was starting to take a toll on my private area, and I was glad I brought the towel, I sat in a lounge chair close to the pool and within view of the beach. The thing that I noticed was the women my age and most of the women probably over 30 didn’t affect me the way the younger girls did and I mean younger, like under 18 or 16, the ones with small or no breast and little or no pubic hair.

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   This didn’t really surprise me I know when I set in front of my computer to masturbate I always searched for the younger girls, and fantasize about them.  
Laying back in the lounge chair I decided to try and subdue my hard on, raised my legs enough to try and hide the obvious, and closed my eyes to think about anything but these young naked girls, when all of sudden I felt cold water being splashed on my hot body and it startled me so I jumped forward and opened my eyes only to see two of the most beautiful little girls I had ever seen, as I had plunged forward the towel that was covering me, fell to the ground exposing my problem, but the girls, both with long blonde hair, tanned bodies, but with lines like they had sun bathed with their bathing suits on prior to coming to the resort, one with lemon sized breast and a small amount of blonde fuzz above her little crotch and the other completely bald and very small breast almost nipples only, they just giggled and said hi, I introduced myself, and they told me their names, Jessie and Haley. I then retrieved the towel from the ground and they turned around exposing the nicest asses on two girls I have ever seen, made me even harder, and I realized I was close to the line to go down the pool slide, I watched attentively until they both reached the top of the slide and down into the water below. I decided I had better go relieve myself before I exploded right there.
I jumped up from the chair and headed for the cabin where I relieved myself, thinking of the girls standing there and what I really wanted them to do, but back to reality, probably never happen.   After cleaning myself up, and taking a cold shower, I jumped into bed naked, for a good nights sleep.
The next morning I got up around 8 am and decided to get some breakfast since I hadn’t yet visited the local store I didn’t have nay food to fix, and breakfast is my favorite meal, so I put on some swimming trunks and ventured down to the resort restaurant, where clothing is optional, which made me feel better since I had a problem controlling my penis, kind of developed a mind of it’s own. I had a very nice breakfast and then headed to the local grocery, to pick up some grub to cook-out later; I really wanted to try out the patio grill.
I have always had breakfast and then around 4-5 I would have dinner and never had lunch. So about 3pm I decided to go for a swim, so I grabbed my towel and headed for the beach. I got there and there was a considerable amount of people but I was able to contain myself, mainly I guess because I didn’t see those little girls. After swimming and sunning for about an hour I headed back to the cabin, to start the grill. On the way back, actually right in front of my cabin, I met up with a family and recognized the two girls, I guess with their mom and dad, as being Jessie and Haley. We spoke and of course the girls recognized me and we all started talking, I now see where the girls get their looks, their mother was very sexy and beautiful, dark hair shoulder length, breast about 36C (just a guess) and were solid looking and nipples straight out, shaved pubic area, almost causing another hard on, but I quickly averted my view to her husband, which brought me back to reality, he was the reason for the girls blonde hair I guess. I then invited them to my cookout and hoping that they, would accept and I could contain myself with those little girls.

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   They accepted politely and said they were on their way to eat at the restaurant, but they would much rather have grilled food, and company.  So we all walked to my cabin and I proceeded to get ready to cook-out, one of the preparations was to put my trunks on, hopefully to help, and I got looks from them so I told them, I don’t like to cook with out some protection from the splattering grease. What a lie!
We finished up the evening, drinking beer and talking, I had set up my laptop, so the girls could play games, and talked to their parents, they both seemed a little nervous or like they couldn’t wait to leave, and I find out later it wasn’t me but they both had a drug problem.   So they soon excused themselves thanked me and left with the girls towards their cabin which was the next one north of me not real close but not too far either. I cleaned up the mess and retired to my cabin watched the news, on my portable TV, took a shower and went to bed, and started thinking about those girls and their beautiful naked bodies, thinking what it would be like to have sex with them, and maybe mom too.   Just the thought of them made me hard, and I got up from bed and went out on the patio, and lay down on a lounge chair fantasizing about the girls and their mom as I masturbated to a fabulous orgasm, I was so relaxed that I fell asleep there, under the light of the moon.
Next morning I could feel someone tugging at my arm and little voices, saying wake-up, are you dead, I opened my eyes and thought I was dreaming, two beautiful little girls, standing there naked and on their way to the pool, when they noticed me laying on my patio and they wanted to stop and say hello. Haley the youngest,(I found out she was 18 months younger than her sister and Jessie is 14yrs). , said Jessie went to get a wet rag to clean you up, we know what you were doing, so it’s ok, and we hope you were thinking about us, when you had your orgasm, I think it really must be a dream, but the application of the warm rag to clean up my explosion from the night before, brought it all to reality, real quick! Jessie bending over me and wiping vigorously, and even lifting my penis to clean around it was the most exciting thing that had happened to me for a real long time. They had obviously done this sort of thing before. After she was finished, they excused themselves and ran away to the pool. I needed a cold shower this time!
A couple days had passed since that incident and I had a knock at my door about 5pm, upon opening the door I found Jessie and Haley standing there, I asked them in and offered them a coke and then we all sat down in the living room, both girls sat across from me and sat with their legs spread, so I could see their little mounds, what a beautiful site. I couldn’t help myself, I instantly got a huge erection, and grabbed a pillow to cover it up, but the girls saw what was going on and said, you don’t have to cover up we know about, sex doing it and everything, as a matter of fact that is why we are here. Our mom and dad sent us here to ask you if we can spend the night, you see mom and dad, need money so when they need money, they send us to get it for them.
I was appalled yet flattered all at the same time, it was like a dream come true, and a decision I would never regret.

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   I said sure, how much do they need and she said about $200 that’s $100 each, I thought, cheap for such beauty and my satisfaction. They went on to explain and said their parents have a drug problem and when they don’t have enough money we get it for them. The only thing is we have to have it in advance, so we can take it to them now, so I went to my wallet and was glad I had brought plenty of money, always like to help people in trouble. I gave them the money and they ran off down the road and within 30 minutes they were back. We ate dinner together and all the time I had a hard on that needed attending to and I am sure it will be tonight, after cleaning up the mess, Jessie said, “now what do you want to do” I thought for a moment and said, “let’s go take a shower together” and they were all for it, so we went to the bathroom and all three got into the shower, their naked bodies so beautiful Glistening with the water, I soaped up my hands and started with Jessie the oldest and washed her all over and then washed her hair, and did the same with Haley, touching that bald little pussy almost made me cum in the shower.   We toweled each other off and then I bent down and picked them both up and they wrapped their legs around me and I could feel those wet little pussies, next to my skin, and I said are you ready for bed now, and they said yes so I carried them both to my bed and lay them down, what a vision of beauty, I crawled between them, and with each hand I started exploring their little bodies, and they both reached over and wrapped their hands around my 7” hard on and started moving their hands and rubbing my balls it was a most wonderful feeling. I reached down and touched their little wet pussies, so tight and wet; they both spread their legs out to make room for my hand and fingers. After rubbing them both almost to an orgasm, I rolled towards, Jessie and looked into her dark eyes and kissed her passionately, as my hand explored her body, I released my kiss and started kissing down her neck to her small rounded breast and lingered there as I sucked her hard nipples. Following on down her little body kissing her and licking all the way to her, beautiful, blonde fuzz covering the top of her pussy, I repositioned myself, between her legs and spread them out as far as I could to lie down and lick that little teen pussy. I raised her up and spread the cheeks of her hard little ass and licked her little ass hole and tasting her sweetness, and then trailed upwards to her little tight pussy opening, at that time she reached down and held it open and I tongued her pussy, she grabbed my head and pushed my tongue deeper into her pussy, I reached over and Haley was fingering her pussy, and I joined her with mine and all of a sudden, Jessie arched her back and her little body started shaking and she screamed out with the most incredible orgasm I have ever seen, squirting her cum into my mouth and to the back of my throat, as I licked and swallowed, all her juices, she became to sensitive, so I stopped, she rolled over in ecstasy as I climbed between Haley legs and started on her already wet completely hairless pussy, she had a big smile on her face and said oh yea Jim suck my pussy too.   I continued the same way as I had with Jessie, I had to look into her beautiful eyes and kiss her and follow down her body to her sweet little pussy, and continued to a similar orgasm, licking and swallowing all her cum after her orgasm.  
I then wanted to fuck them both at the same time, so the best I could think of was to put one on top of the other, I got Haley to lie on top of Jessie, which put both of their pussies in position for my 7” cock. I positioned myself over the back of  Haley and Jessie put her hands between both their legs and guided my dick from Haley to herself, they were both so tight I had trouble getting my dick into their tiny slits, but as I worked back and forth, it got easier, and I fucked them both  and leaving my dick in long enough to feel both of them have another orgasm, and by then I was about to explode, I lay on my back and Jessie and Haley started taking turns sucking my dick with their little mouths and, I exploded into a fabulous orgasm, shooting my cum all over both their faces as they licked and swallowed, my cum licking it from one another’s faces, they lay down as I held them both close and savored the moments.
After a short time we got up and cleaned ourselves up and got some refreshments, and went to the Patio, I needed a smoke after that. We sat there for a while talking and enjoying each others company, when we noticed someone walking around the side of the cabin, it was their mother, surprised we all asked, why she was here and she said well, I don’t want you girls to have all the fun, your dad passed out so, I decided to join you.

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   I couldn’t believe this was happening, it was like a dream come true, Patty Jean, ( girl’s mom) came around and sat down next to me in the swing I was sitting in and took my arm and put it around her, my hand landing right on one of those luscious breast, which I didn’t hesitate to feel completely, a big smile came on her face as she noticed my erection she had caused, and she wrapped her hand around it and gave it a squeeze, and moved up and down, I thought I was going to cum right then, but I held back.
We all got up and went into the cabin, to the bedroom and the girls must have known  what was going to happen first because they both lay down on the opposite side of the bed and started kissing and playing with each others pussies. Patty laid and I lay beside her, looking into her dark eyes as I kissed her passionately feeling the warmth of her hard body and exploring her wet pussy, with my hand and fingers, I moved down kissing and sucking her beautiful breast and following on down between her legs, to her hairless pussy, she smelled so sweet and different from her girls, just the smell turned me on as I raised her up and licked her ass and put my wet tongue in her ass she moaned and I slid up to her open wet pussy and licked her, I found her clitoris and concentrated on it and soon brought her to a massive orgasm, squirting her cum in my open mouth, and I licked and swallowed her cum. Letting her legs fall to the bed I started kissing her, with the taste of her own pussy on my lips, and our tongues passionately meeting each others. I then kissed down her body and kissed her pussy and raised her ass up and put a pillow under her, so I could get in as deep as I could, I inserted my dick and she felt so warm wet and soft as I rammed my hard dick in as far as I could, she instantly had another orgasm, shaking and screaming as I fucked he and her girls laying beside us rubbing their pussies frantically, I was so turned on it didn’t take long for me to explode inside Patty, it was a wonderful feeling as I rammed her and she kept having orgasms, even as I lay there spent, and still moving my dick inside her hot pussy. I fell beside Patty and between her and the girls and we all soon fell asleep.   The next morning I awoke to find out that sometime during the night Patty had left, but my two little girls were still there next to me sleeping, and I rolled over and started caressing their bodies, they woke up and wanted more, I didn’t object I fucked each one of them after I ate their pussies first and had a complete orgasm inside both of them before noon. I think next time I will see if I can enter them from behind, one thing is for sure if they don’t want to it won’t happen, I love all three of them and want more, I can afford it, even if I couldn’t I would borrow the money!
My experiences at the Nudist Camp far exceeded my expectations; I may just sell my house and move here.