Little Amy


Annoyed I had been woken up I clambered to my window to see what was going on. My eyes reluctantly adjusted to the intense light and slowly began to make out the outline of a vehicle on the road below. A van. Slowly as my eyes further adjusted, I began to make out figures standing around the van, one was carrying a box and a couple of bags, another a pedal bike. They were both moving toward the neighbouring house. A removal van. "Someone must be moving in" I thought to myself. As I spied further It became clear that one of these figures below was obviously the removal guy, helping out with the offloading. I also noticed the another was a girl. From what I could make out in my bleary eyed state. . . . she was stunning. She had long flowing brown coloured hair and a beautiful sun kissed face. I could even make out her big blue eyes and inviting pink lips from my bedroom.

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   She looked to be about 18 or 19 and around 5'8 just like my ex girlfriend. I shared for a while out of my window, taking in this extremely attractive women's features as she spoke to the removal guy. I looked at her body. Slim, attractive, a great ass. The tight sky blue skirt she wore more than showed off its various inviting contours. The skirt stopped about 3 inches above her knee and gave me a great view off a pair of long, toned and tanned legs. Her equally toned top half was covered by a matching bikini top which concealed a pair of supple, firm young tits. A soft young voice came from inside the neighbours house "Amber, what should I do now""Nothing, just hold on" replied the girl. With that she jogged towards the doorway. Her skirt rode up her thighs slightly, for a split second revealing the beginnings of a pair of blue tinted panties. Her firm bikini clad tits wobbled slightly as she ran. She disappeared out of my view toward the house. I glanced toward the removal guy, his eyes were fixed in Amber's direction. I allowed myself little snigger. He obviously shared my opinions on this girl.

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  By this time I was feeling pretty horny. I couldn't resist it and began to play with myself. I lay back down on my bed and began stroking my hardening cock. My mind was full off thoughts off Amber. I imagined ripping off that bikini and biting and sucking on her little nipples. I imagined forcing those legs apart and shoving my fingers in her tight pussy, tearing her slutty, tight skirt off and fucking her tiny asshole. I came pretty quickly, and went back to sleep. I woke a couple of hours later, I hopped in the shower and cleaned myself off, I had a shave and made my self presentable, my pals were coming over again as usual for a drink and a game of cards and probably to take the piss out off how lazy I was. I didn't care. That night, as expected they arrived with some drinks and the usual rowdiness and we all got drunk again, as usual. They all left around 2 in the morning totally smashed. Somewhere in my drunken mind I began to think of all this behaviour as a little unfurfilling. I needed a job and I needed a girlfriend, just a point to life would be a good start. . I fell asleep on the couch.

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  "BANG! BANG!" I woke up with my body half in the air, by the time I'd released what I was doing I was already perched on the couch sitting bolt upright. My head hurt like hell. "BANG! BANG!" The door sounded. I gave a little whimper and stumbled to my feet. "BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!""OK! I'm coming, I'm here!""BANG! BANG! BAN. . . . "I flung open the door. , half expecting either a postman, or a lost drunken friend from last night. "Jesus I said I was coming didn. . . . .

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  "I stopped mid sentence. It was neither. "Oh, I'm sorry, hello"I focused my eyes on what appeared to be a little girl, standing at my front door. "I'm from next door, I moved in yesterday, hello"She was a cute little thing, about 4'3, a pale, milky complexion, she had wide blue eyes and a little button nose. Her hair was strawberry blonde and tied in a little pony tail behind her head. She was wearing a little tight yellow dress that ended around 5 inches from her knee, pretty short for a little girl. The dress was complemented by matching shoes that had a small heel, they buckled loosely over her small feet. Her weight was average for her age, about 8 or 9 years old. "My sister said to get sugar from here. " said the little girl. "Oh, your sister?" I said. This was obviously Amber's little sister. As far as looks went she was a smaller, younger copy of Amber. "Whets your name. ""My names Amy.

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  ""Please to meet you Amy, please come in and get some sugar" I remained polite, even though she woke me up. Maybe a good word from little Amy about me to Amber could get me introduced. Before I knew it she'd rushed past me into my home. She was a little forward. I turned around and walked back into the house. "Where is it?""I've a spare pack in the bottom draw. " I said, before slouching back on the couch. I relaxed and turned on the TV "I was up now. " I thought. "I can't find it anywhere mister. " said little Amy. I turned, instinctively, towards the direction of the voice. I almost had to double take. Amy was on the floor, on all fours, peering into the depths of the draw, Her knees bent and legs spread wide, her ass was sticking up at a 45 degree angle to her face. Her yellow dress had ridden up way over her waistline revealing the small of her milky white back and a pair of tight white panties that were mostly wedged into the crack of her ass, her two butt cheeks were clearly visible because of this and every curve and sinew that was covered including the lips and slit of her young pussy could be made out under the tight fabric of her panties.

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   I remained frozen, and Amy looked over her shoulder. "I cant find it anywhere. " She said calmly. "Ddddoo you want me to get that. " I stuttered. Somehow I didn't want her to move. My Dick was now throbbing and hurting in my pants. This was really turning me on. I stood and moved toward her, her eyes locked with mine. I positioned myself very slowly on all fours my face directly behind her luscious young ass and thrust a hand into the draw as if helping her to look for the sugar. I wanted to touch, I needed to touch, I needed to touch her creamy ass cheeks and pull her panties off and tickle her little anus with my finger while she purred with pleasure. She turned back towards the cupboard. I was losing it, my free hand moved towards her panties, I couldn't resist, It was almost there almost touching her sweet innocent little ass. . .

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  . "I found it, here it is!" She said. I jumped up immediately to my feet. "Oh, well done, good, good, em, its OK take the packet, go home now. " I stammered. "Thank you mister, bye bye"She was still in the same lewd position, I stared. She gave a little grin and quickly jumped up to her feet, pulled her dress down so it looked nice, and before I could say bye myself, she shot straight out the door. I slammed shut the door behind her, It was as if i was in a trance. I dropped my pants, and vigorously jerked off where I stood. I came within seconds. Cum everywhere. I collapsed onto my couch, I was very confused at this point, I couldn't be this attracted to a little girl so young could I. I didn't know what to think except I needed more, I needed another fix of Amy, I didn't care about Amber any longer. It was Amy I needed and amy I was going to get. I fell asleep.

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  To be continued.