Lacy my angel


Hello, My name is Mick

I am bar owner who runs the only bar in my small town. . Half of my town is deeply religious and spends time at the local church, the other half are hard working folks who like to drink and party at my bar. . There is even a few cross overs. . This story is about one of my regulars and how I helped her pay her bills. . .

Karen is a 30 sum year old woman who recently lost her husband to the war in Iraq. . Her husband left her a healthy life insurance policy so sh should not really need for anything. . The problem is that she gets a check at the end of he month and by the last week or two never has any money. . I am not sure when she has any time to spend it though because she spends most f her day at my bar.

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  . She was devastated at the loss of her husband and drinks her sorrows away each and every day. . This unfortunately is an issue because she also has a daughter to take care of. . From the moment her daughter , who is named Lacy, goes to school Karen is either drinking her life away or screwing every male customer my bar has. . Lacy often comes into my bar where her mom buys her food for dinner. . I have a special room in the back with a pinball machine, a TV, a desk and a cot so Lacy can do her home work or relax with out being bothered by the drunks or the noise. . Then when it is closing time I help walk Karen home (She only lives 3 houses away from my bar) and Lacy and I put her to bed. . .

Now Lacy is an absolutely beautiful girl.

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  . She is about 5'3, 105 lbs, dirty blond hair, blue eyes, an amazing candy apple ass and a small 32 A cup chest. . She also goes to a private all girls school and wears the hottest school girl uniform. . The shirt is white and see though, the skirt is a blue and green plaid and very short and the white stockings they wear are something a stripper would love. . Even though every good looking woman in town frequent my establishment that little minx is the only one who peaks my interest. . Alas I am older then her parents so it is nothing but a fantasy. . Or so I thought

It is the middle of March and even though the insurance payments that Karen receives is more then most people in this town make in three months Karen again is all out of money. . She asks me if she could borrow some money, again, until she gets her next months check but this time I tell her no because she already owes me money from the last three months. .

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   She then offers her body as payment. . I politely turn her down (She has been with almost every guy in town since her husband died and I like being one of the few who has not been with her). . She then said something I never expected. . She said "How about then I offer you Lacy to do what ever you want with to pay you back the money I owe you, then you can have her again for the money you lend me?". . I was shocked and pretended that I was not considering it. . She then replied "I see the way you look at her, I know you would love to fuck her virgin pussy, well I will make it happen if we have a deal". . . I was trying to say no but before I can Karen replied "Well it is settled, tomorrow is Sunday, come over when every one else is at church and fuck my daughter, just bring the money and the key to the bar so I can get an early start on my Sunday drinking while you fuck Lacy". .

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  . I know that is was wrong but how could I refuse?. . Any guy in the world would love to be with this beautiful angel. .

Si I show up at Karen's house scared out of my wits. . Part of me wanted to back out but I just could not make my self refuse a chance to be with Lacy. . I knock on the door and Karen answers the Door. . She goes "You're Late, now where are the keys to the bar"I had her the keys and ask where Lacy is?. . Karen then yells out Lacy's name. .

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   Then standing in front of me, in a tiny white bra and a white cotton thong was Lacy. . Her skin was tan and she looked amazing. . Karen then said to her "Now remember Mick is helping me out so do what ever he wants and I will get you that new IPhone you wanted when my next check comes in". . I then give Karen the money she requested and the keys to the bar. . As I turned around Lacy already had her white bra off exposing her perky little titties and her hard nipples. .

I could tell she was very nervous. . I asked her "Are you sure you want to do this?" She replied "Mommy has asked me to do this with a whole lot of guys but I always refused, when she asked me about you though I said yes. . I always wanted you to be my first because I know how much you care about me and you would never do anything to hurt me".

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  . I really felt guilty and was about to call it off but right then and there Lacy jumped into my arms and started to kiss me. . She took my shirt off and started to suck on my nipples. . I asked her how experienced she was and she replied "i am a virgin but my mom is always having sex, sometimes with me in the room so I think I know what to do". . . I then picked her up and brought her to her bed room. . I laid her down on her bed and looked at her for a minute. . I then told her that she is the most beautiful woman i have ever gazed on and that made her blush. .

Right away I started sucking onto her pointy nipples.

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  . Lacy started to moan with pleasure right away. . I then took turns sucking on them as I twisted the other in between my fingers gently then took my pants off so I was only in my boxers. . I started to take Lacy's white cotton panties off when she told me "I want to see your thingy first". . I took my boxers off exposing my rock solid shaft. . "May I touch it?" Lacy asked. . I told her I would enjoy it very much if she did. . She then grabbed it and instinctively started to jerk me off. .

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   "It is so hard and hot" Lacy commented. . The she muttered "I hope I d this right" and started to put the head of my cock into her mouth. . Even though I found out later it was her first time giving head she knew just how to use her tongue and how to jerk me off the same time. . I later found out that her mother was giving her instructions on how to do it because "That is how you make a man do what ever you want". . She then started to suck on it harder and faster and in no time I was shooting my load into her mouth. . With out a second of hesitation she swallowed it all down. . I asked her what she thought and she replied "It is a little salty but I like it". .

I figure it was about time that I returned the favor so I went back to taking her panties off.

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  . Her aroma was mesmerizing. . I first started teasing her with just a little bit of my tongue on her clit. . instantly she quivered and had an orgasm right then and there. . She then asked me "What was that?" I told her she just had an orgasm and that is what makes sex so amazing". . She then replied "Please do it again". . .

I then went to town on her virgin cunny. . I tongued her clit, I tongued her pussy and I even fingered her and Lacy just kept having one orgasm after another.

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  . As I fingered her I released there was no resistance. . I asked her why and she replied "Mommy said I should pop my cherry before I have sex because no man wants to heard a girl cry while he is fucking her". .

I was now hard as a rock again and wanted to feel Lacy's pussy more then anything. . I asked Lacy if she was ready and she replied "Yes Mick, I want to feel you inside of me more then anything in the world". . I then stuck my cock at the base of her pussy opening and slowly put my dick all the way inside of her. . I could feel her tightness grip me. . She was so tight and it felt amazing. .


   In no time I was slowly thrusting in and out of her. . She was enjoying her self and thrusting in rhythm with me. . in no time I was pumping in her like a piston. . Lacy was moaning and quivering once again from orgasm after orgasm. . It did not take long before I could feel that familiar feeling in my balls and with out even thinking I was shooting my seed deep into Lacy's lolita womb. .

After catching her breath Lacy asked me "Can we do that again before school tomorrow?". . I said "If you want we can do that before and after school tomorrow and every day". . Lacy then said to me "I love you Mick".

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  . I replied"I Love you Lacy"

Lacy and I fucked every day from that point forward (Often with her school girl uniform on). . Karen even turned custody of Lacy over to me and then left town with her drug dealer (That must be where all her money went). . Now Lacy lives with me as my foster daughter and my lover. . I just found out last week she is pregnant with my baby. . She is so happy and so am I. . She never did get that IPhone though. . . .

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