John's Memories


Hello everyone, my name is John and I am now 16, but I want to tell you about a guy who I met when I was 18 that became a very special part of my life.
I was in bed earlier with my new friend Rob, a 36 y/o black man that I met via the net when I decided to write this. As Rob steadily pumped his large black tool in and out of my tight white ass, I began to miss someone, a kid named Ty that I met three years ago. The funny thing about me is, I am only bisexual in the sense that I have sex with men, what I mean is, I have never looked at a guy the way I do girls and think to myself, "damn he's cute. " I think that it is because I am such a nympho by nature that I do what I do with men. Anyway, when I met Ty I was already experienced with men, which you may find as odd as he did when I first told him. Long story short, me and the older cousin of a neighbor used to meet after dark inside an old RV on their property and "play. " It started out as just rubbing and touching, then it progressed into me giving him blow jobs, and then finally into him bending me over the couch and having his way with me lol. I always liked it though, especially the sex part because I have always had an odd fetish for wearing panties and having things in my butt lol.
Back to Ty, although he was almost four years older than me at the time, we had mutual friends and met one day at a pond where we all used to fish. I was warned by our mutual friend as we walked towards him that he was gay and to be careful lol. So the first time I saw him, he was sitting on the seat of his ATV fishing and he greeted us as we walked up. We all sat around and talked for the biggest part of the afternoon, with Ty and myself doing most of the talking since we had a lot in common. Needless to say, we really hit it off in more ways than one that day. As it was getting dark, we decided to call it a day and go home, and as we walked off, Ty yelled to us and asked if we wanted a ride home. My friend said no since he only lived like a fourth of a mile from the fishing hole, but I agreed since I lived almost three miles away.

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   I got on the back of his ATV and we road off into the woods to save ourselves some time. We had gone really deep into the woods, when Ty stopped and ATV and jumped off saying "damn i gotta piss," as he scurried into the brush. I had to pee as well, so I too got off and headed for a nearby tree. I heard him walking up behind me and turned my head just in time to hear him ask, "so what did ****** (not mentioning the name of our friend) say about me? did he tell you that I was gay like he does everyone else?" I laughed and shook my head yes, but added, "well it doesn't bother me if you are anyway. " He laughed a little and said, "so, you ever been with a guy?" now done peeing, I turned to him and said, "actually yeah I have. " He got a "well damn," look on his face and said, "were you the girl or the boy?" and I honestly replied that I was the lady. Talking about it brought back memories which made me instantly horny and my cock instantly stiffened, oh and when I get horny around guys, I switch into slut mode quick.  As I walked back towards him, he said, "I don't think that I believe you, why don't ya prove it?" being 18 and dumb, I wasn't sure what he meant so I asked, "prove it how?" No sooner had I said the word how, Ty dropped his sweatpants to the ground and lustfully said, "come give me a blow job. " I wasted no time in walking to him, hitting my knees and gobbling up his erect penis. I wrapped my little lips around his 6 inch member and began sucking it like a porn star. I sucked him furiously, taking it out of my mouth occasionally and holding it in my small hand while I ran my flattened out tounge up and down the shaft slowly. I did that for a good 18 mins. before he shot his hot load of sperm into the back of my mouth, which by the way was the first time anyone had done that and since him, no one has been allowed to lol.
We became close after that needless to say, he would come to my house and pick me up and we would go hang out places and do random shit, but each time ended the same way, with me giving him head, usually in his car. Our relationship progressed when his parents went on a two week cruise to Jamaica and left him home alone.

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   The first day we experimented with new things, such as him cumming on my face as opposed to in my mouth or me talking dirty while sucking, saying things to the effect of, "mmmm I love to suck cock. . " and silly shit like that. The second day things grew more intense when he came and got me and we went back to his house and he showed me his mom's vibrator that he had found. He smiled childishly as he held it up and said, "ever use one of these?" and I said no of course and then he asked, "can I use it on you?" See this as an opportunity to have something big that vibrates in my butt, I agreed without any hesitation. The lube he squirted on my hot little hole as I lay naked on his bed, legs spread, felt cold and made me flinch a little. Seconds later, I felt the toy ease inside me little by little, until it was in fully, which is when he turned it on.  I moaned with pleasure and immediately started jacking off and he slowly eased the vibrator in and out. After a few minutes he asked me if I liked it and I said, "yeah but I'd like it better if it was your dick. " The toy was quickly withdrawn and replaced almost instantly by Ty's erect penis, which easily gained entry inside my 18 year old bottom having followed the semi-large vibrator.  He pumped me like a boy dog for almost an hour before he came and every second of it was nice. That went on until right after I turned 14, I mean we did it all the time, not everyday, but close to it. We did it in so many places, I pretty much lost count, but we were adventurous. After the first couple of months, I didn't even bother to wear underwear when he would call and wanna hang out, because there was no point in it lol. The places ranged from the woods, the mall parking lot after hours, an abandoned building, under his back deck at night, etc.

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   But the most fun was the bath house at the local camp grounds, however it was the bath house that proved to be our undoing.
Now when I say bath house, I literally mean a bath house, not one for gay and bi men, it was for the people who were actually camping there, but over the years it took a turn and became somewhat of a tearoom. Anyway, the cool thing about the bath house was that they had these huge ass showers you could go into and do whatever you wanted without being disturbed. The layout was simple, you walked into this huge bathing area that had two shower heads and several benches, you got undressed inside the thing and did whatever, maybe even take an actual bath lol, and then you dried off and left.  The first several times we went there it was great, we had progressed to the point to where we were into the whole talking dirty thing and once we were undressed and had turned the shower on, I would say something like, "I want you to fuck me now," or "I'm going to suck you dry. " Anyway, we would always end up doing it either standing or doggy with the hot water running all over us, which made it that much better. But the bliss was short lived, because on the sixth time we went, is when Ty totally sketched out on me and shit between us got ruined. He had told me in the weeks prior that he was into these gay chat rooms and whatnot and was making friends, which was cool with me, but what wasn't cool with me was when we walked into our shower stall to find an already naked twenty something year old guy there waiting on us. Before I could say anything Ty interjected and said, "John, this is Chris, we met in chat and he's going to play with us today, starting out by watching. " I was not comfortable with this Chris asshole at all, but I didn't say anything and tried to ignore it and did a pretty good job at first. So this Chris douche sat on the bench jacking off while watching Ty fuck me from behind. He stayed there and didn't say much, so everything was cool with me, until one point when I was sucking Ty's dick while he sat on one of the benches. That Chris kid had been under the shower head when I started and all of a sudden, I felt him behind me and he was rubbing all on my ass and stuff. I let it go until her started moving my legs further apart and that was when I stopped what I was doing and said, "dude, what the fuck are you doing?" but before he could answer, Ty spoke up and said, "it's cool baby, I told him he could. .

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  . " and literally as he finished saying could, this Chris kick had stuck his dick in me. I hated every second that he had his little bitty weiner inside my body, but I took it until the little shit was done and then I was through for the day.
To make matters worse, after a guy that I have had a thing with for a while fucks me while someone else watches, and then tells them it's ok to fuck me as well, they literally left me there, with Ty saying that "he'd call me later on. " I was pissed and upset and wanted revenge and all sorts of shit and I soon got it. In addition to the revenge aspect, it also started a short cycle of fucked up behavior on my part. Anyway, before I could get dressed, this large man, clad only in a towel, who had to have been my dads age, came in and stood in front of me and said, "aren't you a little young to be in here?" I didn't know what to say, so I went with the textbook "I don't know. " Then he informed me that he had been peeping in and saw some of what was going on and he liked it. Then he said, "tell me the truth, how old are you?" I broke down and told him that I was 18 He then said, "mmm I like em young and tender, I tell ya what, if you'll bend over and let me do what they were doing, I'll pay you $100. " I was hesitant at first, but then agreed and walked over to the wall of the shower and used it for balance as I bent over and let a middle aged man whom I have never met stick his dick in me. This man absolutely wore me out, he was going 90 to nothing the entire time and I swear he fucked me for a solid hour. After it was over, as promised, he handed me $100 and so I called a cab to take me home.
That was the end of me and Ty, but I did eventually forgive him and got on with my life, and because I forgave him is why I still feel for him. But I doubt that even ol' Ty could satisfy me anymore lol. I am into black boys now, I met a black guy at a party one night and after a few drinks and a little insisting by his cousin, he and I retired to the back room.


   I spent the better part of the rest of the party with a 18 inch black snake up my butt or in my mouth. The next day I met his little gay inner circle which consisted of him and four others, and they were all nice guys. So nice that when they sat me down one night and asked if I would have sex with all of them I said yes as long as it was one at a time. By nights end, I had been fucked by big black dicks ranging from 8 to 18 inches long and I was sore. I am such a black cock craver that I'll fuck or suck it as long as it's big and black. Guess that is why to date I have fucked over two dozen black men and counting!!