Jason - Chapter 2


Jason - Chapter 2a"Oh my god" she moaned as she felt his fingers sliding in and out of her tight pussy. Jason smiled to himself as Samantha ran her hands over his back and then rested them on the back of his head. He increased the sunction on her budding breast and swirled his tongue clockwise around her erect nipple. With his free hand Jason traced from her nubile hips, cupping a firm round ass check in the process, up her smooth stomach to the slight swell of her still developing breast. Jason continued the assault on Samantha's pussy with his right hand. He could feel the warm walls of her vagina, wet with her own juices, squeezing his fingers as he slowly finger-fucked her. He pulled back from her chest into a kneeling position and admired Samantha's petite 18 year old body. She had soft, shoulder length, black hair that framed her pretty face. Jason watched as she gently bit her lower lip, trying to stifle the moans of pleasure from escaping her. Jason lowered his gaze to her developing breasts. Just large enough for a training bra, he admired the way her small breasts would rise and fall with every gasping breath. Jason thought back to a couple minutes before, when they first began, to how her erect nipples pushed against the fabric of her tight t-shirt. Jason felt his cock jump as Samantha began grinding her pussy against his fingers. Her upper body remaines stationary while her hips continuously girated seeking to push his fingers deeper into her warm well. He admired her still bald pussy lips and they way they would expand and contract around his probing digits. Samantha reached one hand down to her pussy and began slowly rubbing her clit.

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   Her other hand would cup her tiny breast and gently tweak her hard nipples. Jason slowly withdrew his fingers as he felt Samantha nearing climax. Jason once again remembered their first time together and how he had to reassure Samantha every step of the way and how he had to go slow when he took her virginity. That was almost 3 months ago and Samantha now eagerly spread her legs wide and pulled Jason into her loving embrace. Jason lined up his cock, dripping with precum, with Samanthas glistening slit and he slowly dragged the head of his penis up and down from the very top, above her clit, down to her ass cheeks. He continued stroking his penis up and down until Samantha wrapped her legs around his waist and began pulling him in. "Please. . . " Samantha moaned, "please I want you in me. " Jason, willing to oblige her, aimed his cock at her pink opening. His cock slid in slowly, inch by inch. Lubricated by her pussy juices and his precum the head and shaft easily petrated her tight pussy until all 7 inches of his cock were resting snugly in her tight well. Jason waited for a moment. He loved the way the walls of her vagina gripped his cock and pulled him in.

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   Samantha, so near her climax, became impatient and started grinding her hips against his pelvis. Jason smiled and pulled his hips back until only the tip of his cock was still in her.
    With one quick thrust he buried his cock deep inside Samantha's fuckhole. Samantha's breath exploded from her as Jason began to pound his cock in and out of her small body. Jason was a good 2 feet taller than the young girl and he had to place his hands on her hips to keep her from sliding away. Samantha's started panting as she neared her climax. Jason felt sweat bead on his forward and his breathing became ragged. Jason's now glistening cock pumped in and out of her with such force that the desk they were using for their impromptu liaison was beginning to rock back and forth. Jason calmed down a little but kept up his pace, quickly heightening his arousal. As Samantha's orgasm rocked her tiny body she grabbed onto Jason's arms, which in turn were locked firmly in position on her slender hips. Jason continued with one, two, three, four more thrusts of his hips against Samantha's pussy. Each thrust resulting in a jet of hot cum to splash deep inside her dripping vagina. Jason collapsed forward on top of Samantha's sweaty body, her tiny hips still gyrating against his now sofenting cock. Jason lifted his head up and planted his lips firmly against Samantha's for a long, passionate kiss. They untangled their limbs from each other after a short break and slowly got dressed.

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       Jason loved the way her tiny thong disappeared between her ass cheeks and how her skin tight jeans followed not far behind. He loved how Samantha's cheeks were still a rosy red from their earlier excitement and the way her erect nipple pushed against the fabric of her tight t-shirt. Between her legs he could see a slight dampness, probably from their combined fluids leaking from her pussy. Jason looked up as the wall clock just as the buzzer went off signifying the end of their lunch break. He walked over and unlocked the door and watched his class slowly filter in. There were some other girls in his class that had talents similar to Samantha but that's another story entirely. "Alright," Jason said calmly, "welcome back from you lunch everyone. If you could open your history book to page 237 we can continue on with this week's lesson. . . ".