Janeymakes some money


Janey makes some money


I had been writing and posting stories on a web site where I could tell of my adventures in life. I got my start with sex by fucking my dog. It turned out to be a great time in my life. To this day, I still would rather have sex with a big cocked dog that any man.

I had a few wonderful years living with a great bi-sexual named Teri. I have written about her. She loves to dog fuck also. The years with her was a non stop fuck fest. The most enjoyable thing we did was for us to be in the 69 position, with her on top, and have her dog fuck the hell out of her with me licking and sucking her slit. This always made her cum quickly. The best part was when the dog would unload into Teri, I would be there to catch the drippings. She could hold it in and let it come out slowly. That way I could savor all of it, and take more time sucking on her cunt to make her cum more. Aw those were great times, but her job forced her to move a very far off place.

As I spent more time on the stories, my readers became aware that I was a cum slut, dog fuckin, horny old bitch that would do and enjoy, anything that would make me or anyone cum. I always leave my e-mail address at the end of my stories to get people to reply and give me feed back.

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   Well, I received feed back from a reader by the name of Patrick. I will not give you his user name and I’m not sure his name is Patrick, but this is his story.

It seems that Patrick had a frigid wife named June. He said that he wished he had a wife like I was. Up for anything sexual. I told him that it was his fault. He should make her do for him the things he wants. Women were put on this earth to satisfy their man. He balked, and said he couldn’t do that.

I thought about it a little, and asked him how much money he had. It seems that Patrick had all the money he needed. I thought about it, and knew of a few men that would help me. I made the offer to Patrick. To pay expenses, and the men, I would need $30,000. This would cover the 3 months that I figured it would take.

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   Patrick jumped right on without any hesitation.

It took a few weeks to put together. He e-mailed a photo of his wife, told me about her car, and where she shopped. We had everything ready when he called. He called to say she was going shopping.

3 men were in a windowless van waiting in the parking lot. They saw her drive in, and to our luck, she parked where they could park beside her. As she opened her door, the door on their van opened. Two of the man grabbed her and drug her into the van.

I was very surprised. She was a young, good looking woman. Nice figure, big boobs, and a great ass.

So this is the story of how Patrick got his wife to become a cum sucking whore like I am.

After pulling her into the van, placing tape over her mouth and holding her arms behind her, they traveled for about 2 hours, with me following. when they opened the door June saw they were in the woods and there was a cabin.


   They took her downstairs to the basement where there was a cell like room with a bed, a shower, and a commode. It also had a chain on the wall by the bed. They shoved her in, and chained her to the wall. They left without saying a word.


June was getting thirsty but couldn’t get to the water in the shower or the commode.

Because her chained hand wouldn’t allow her to reach it. She began to yell and after an hour a man came down to check on her. She said she was thirsty and needed a drink. He told her it would cost her and she said she would pay. She thought this kidnapping was about money. He walked over to her and pulled out his dick and said, “ suck it. ” She screamed at him and told him he was crazy. He turned around and walked away. She screamed again and said she needed water. He said, “ when I get a blow job.

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It was almost 2 hours later that she called again. Again he came into the cell and took out his dick. He said “suck. ” She was very thirsty and she thought that if she did this just once and Patrick paid the money, she would be free. She eased her hand up to his dick and touching it, she brought it to her mouth. She had never in her life sucked a cock. She put it in and held it there. He told her to suck it bitch and make it good. As she sucked, he grabbed her head and shoved his dick down to her throat. She gagged and almost threw up. As she coughed he stuck it back in and said suck bitch. If she wasn’t so thirsty she would have nothing to do with this but she was so thirsty. She tried to suck and not gag and she thought she was doing ok, but then he grabbed her head again and started to fill her mouth with cum.

She was gagging and coughing and some cum squirted out of her nose. He turned her loose and gave her a cup of water.

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   He said you better learn to suck cock you bitch or you will die of thirst. A cup of water was not very much. She needed more water, but she knew that bastard would want to stick that awful dick in her mouth again After a while she couldn’t wait any longer. She yelled again. This time another man came down to find out what she needed. She thought she might get lucky and get the water without sucking that dick.

She said she needed water. He came in the cell and pulled out his dick and said to suck. She was so thirsty, but she knew what she had to do. She placed it in her mouth. She started to suck and he was moving it in and out of her mouth. He also grabbed her head as he shot his load of cum in her mouth. She gagged again but not as bad. He gave her a cup of water and left. She said, “Are you going to feed me?” He asked what food she wanted and to take her clothes off.

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   She wanted to know why she had to strip. He said that is the only way you eat. When you strip I will start your meal.

She thought she was in for a world of shit and she better try to get along. She slowly took her clothes off. He said all of them. No panties. She was completely nude when they brought her food. As they brought in the food she saw he was naked.

“Lay on the bed,” he said. She was very scared so she did as told. He went to her and said to suck his dick. She did as told. As soon as it was hard he got between her legs and was going to fuck her. She yelled no, no, no.

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   He put his hand between her legs and started to rub her slit. He slowly went up to her little man in the boat. It had been a long time since June had her pussy touched like this. She was not yelling to stop as loud as she had been. The man found that is was getting a little wet where he was rubbing. He started to run a finger up her slit and inside her as his thumb rubbed her clit. She started to moan just a little and then he put his cock where his finger was and shoved as hard as he could. She screamed but it was from pleasure, not pain. As he kept ramming into her, she put her arms around him and pulled him tight. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back. She started yelling “faster, faster, and faster!" She could feel that feeling coming on that she had not felt for many years. She was about to cum. She screamed and fell back as she felt here pussy get filled with cum. As he got up he said “here is your sandwich” and left. She lay there and did not know what to think.

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   What were they going to do with her? Is she going to get out of this alive? She didn’t know.

The next time she was thirsty the first man brought the water. As he walked up he pulled out his cock. She immediately put it in her mouth and started to suck. When he was ready to cum, she knew it was happening so she was ready for it. It hadn’t tasted bad before so she was ready to swallow it. As she swallowed he backed off with a grin and gave her a cup.

She was ready to go to bed but she had to pee. She yelled again and one came down to check on her. She said she had to pee. He gave her a bucket and told her to go. She said there is a commode over there, why can’t I use it? He said she had not earned the right to use it. She squatted over the bucket and it was hard to pee with him watching her, but she finally cut loose. When she was finished, he gave her a cup and said to fill it with the pee. Not knowing what was happening she did as told.

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   Then he said, “drink it. ” She said nooo! He said “no food or water for 2 days” if she didn’t. She knew again that these men meant what they said. The thoughts of drinking piss almost made her gag, but two days were two days. She didn’t want to think about that. So she raised the cup and took a sip. It was not to bad and started to drink. He smiled and said to get a good night’s rest. She would need it tomorrow.

Day two

When she woke in the morning she was about to pee again and she yelled. The man came down and asked if she was ready for food and drink. She said yes, but she had to pee. She was hoping she would not have to drink her piss again. The man came over and unlocked her chain and said she could use the shower and the commode. I’ll go get your food.

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   She peed and got in the shower and it felt good. She drank all the water she wanted.

The food was brought to her and they didn’t even want to fuck. She ate like one happy bitch. When she was through, two men came to get the tray. Then both stripped naked. She was scared. She didn’t know what was going to happen. One came to her and said “suck. ” She grabbed his cock and started to give him a really good blow job. As she was sucking the other man was between her legs playing with her pussy. Damn, it did feel good. He was rubbing her clit and running fingers in and out of her cunt. She was feeling great with that dick in her mouth and him playing with her pussy. She was getting close to cumming again when the dick in her mouth exploded.


   That was all it took for her to cum. She sucked and swallowed and her pussy was clamping down on the fingers that were making her feel so good. She fell back on the bed to regain her breath. As she had been sucking these cocks, she noticed they were all about the size of her husbands, about 6 inches. As she lay there she saw another man walk in.

What she saw scared her. He was black and his cock was twice the size of anything she had ever seen. He walked over and said to spread them. God, she didn’t know what to do. She had never had anything like that near her, let alone inside her. She was so scared. As he came closer he didn’t put a finger in her box. He did not play with her tits. He showed no affection in the least. She spread her legs and he leaned over and started to kiss it.

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   He ran his tongue all over her pussy. She had never felt something so good. He ran his tongue from her clit all the way to her asshole. She had never felt anything as different as a tongue in her ass. When he would go from her clit to her ass she thought she would die.

Just as she was ready to cum, he quit. She screamed to go on. The next thing she knew he was between her legs and wanted to know if she wanted it. She was so far gone she would have fucked a horse right then. “Give it to me,” she barked and then felt like she was going to be split open. The cock was so big around it stretched her pussy wide but then it hit bottom. She never had anything so big. It hurt so badly but yet it was starting to be a good pain. Again she grabbed hold and put her leg around him as he plunged into her expanding hole. ” Oh yea, give it to me.

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   Hurt me some more. I want your cock. ” She was leaking so much cum that you could hear the sloshing in her box. She was getting ready to cum with that monster in her when the monster began to cum. She could feel his cum hitting her cervix and it was so hot it made her tremble as she came. She thought it would go on, and on, and on. She got so light headed she thought she passed out.

When she realized she was alive and breathing, she looked around and saw 3 men with big grins on their face. They said to take a shower and get some rest.

The next time she saw them they were all together. One of them said, “June you are becoming a little fuck whore. ” She just smiled. As they came to the bed, big dick laid down. As he did, she got a good look at his dick. He said, “Do you think if you suck this you could run it down your throat?” It excited her but she was not sure.


   It really was a monster. Without answering, she bent over and put it in her mouth. She caressed it. She ran her hands over it ever so slowly. She rubbed it against her cheeks and gave a little sigh. She had to open very wide to get it in but then it hit the back of her mouth quickly. She tried to force it down but gagged. She was sucking as hard as she could and it was running in and out of her mouth and he had so much cock she could also run her hand up and down it. He was leaking so much cum that she was having a hard time swallowing all of it. She tried but it was running down her chin. The next thing she knew “big dick” grabbed the back of her head and pulled down. His monster was going down her throat. Her lips were touching his balls. She couldn’t breathe. He held her there so long she was about to pass out.

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   He pulled her up and she took a big breath and he shoved her back down. Again she couldn’t breathe. He let her up again and she coughed because her throat was getting full of cum. He was leaking while his cock was all the way down. He looked at her and told her to do it herself. She thought if she did she could come up for air. She jammed her head back down until she could feel his balls and came back up. He liked this and she was beginning to like it too!

She was going to do this until he would fill her throat with cum, but he grabbed her head and made her stop. He said to come up here and sit on it. She didn’t waste a moment. She slowly lowered myself on that black monster. It wasn’t as bad as the first time, but it did stretch her out. When she hit bottom, she looked down and there was still about 2 inches to go. She slowly started going up and down. Each stroke she would get a little more cock inside.

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   It wasn’t long before she was taking it all and enjoying it immensely. She was cumming but it didn’t slow her down. She wanted as much of that cock as she could get. It was on her third cum when “big dick” started to jerk and moan. It felt like a quart. She came with him and it was wonderful. Cum was running down his dick and going all over his balls. She pulled out and started to lick up all the cum. She couldn’t tell the difference between her own cum and his but there was a lot. She licked all of it off his dick and licked his balls. They had been hard but now they were soft as a baby’s behind. She found more running past his balls. Next thing she knew she was licking his asshole. That did make him squirm but she got all of his cum. He got up, “said get some rest and we’ll be back.

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  ” Do you have to go?” June asked He tossed her an enema bag and told her to clean herself out real good. Then he just walked out.

She thought, what have I been doing with my life? This sex is good. She didn’t know cum could taste so good. As she would be sucking that cock and look up unto his eyes and see them rolling back in his head, it was a wonderful feeling that she could do that to someone. She wondered if she sucked hard enough if his eyes would sink into his skull and make him brain dead!

When they had gone she could feel more cum leaking out of her snatch. So she put a hand down there and played with herself. It felt a little swollen but she could handle that. She would get it on her fingers and lick it off. It tasted as good now as it did right out of the end of a cock. Now, she couldn’t wait for them to come back. She got in the shower and cleaned up. The hot water felt great. She wondered what they were going to do when they came back. She would love to suck their cocks and swallow their cum and was getting to really like cum.

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   She could get it in her mouth and just swish it around and get all the taste out of it. She never got to taste all 3 of the men at the same time to see if they all tasted the same. Maybe all 3 of them may want to fuck her. She was not even used to saying fuck, but it sounds so good now. FUCK-FUCK-FUCK! Yes I like it, she thought to herself. She had the enema bag but had never had used one in her life. She thought fuck it and tossed it in the shower.

As she got out of the shower, she thought of clothes. To hell with them. She just laid down naked as a jay-bird. She had not had any clothes on since her first meal and didn’t care now. She could stay naked the rest of her life and not care. It would be easier to get to patty cakes (her name for her pussy) to play with. She wanted some vibrators and wondered if they had any and would they use them on her!

“Big dick came in and sat on the bed and asked how she was. “Just great, pussy a little swollen but otherwise doing great,” she replied.

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   He wanted to know if she washed her puss or if it was still slick. She said clean. He asked if she had used the enema bag to clean out her asshole She didn’t, but didn’t want to tell him she had not done what he said for her to do. She said “yes”.

“Well, we have some lube for you so I can get in you. Lay back and spread them” he said. She did as was told and wondered if the men liked their pussy shaved or hairy like hers. “Big dick” squeezed a big glob of lube on her cunt and started to rub it in. He went from the hair line above the slit to down below her ass. As he would go by patty cakes he would run a finger or two in. He would also run a finger in her ass as he went by. It wasn’t long before she was really enjoying the finger in her ass. He was getting her close to cumming again when he stopped.

He said, “Alright, up here and ride it. ” She jumped up and slid down the old monster.

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   A lot easier this time. She could almost go all the way down. She knew in a few strokes she would be down there. It felt so good. Then one of the other guys stuck his finger in her ass. He really surprised her but it felt good too. June and “big dick” were getting along great when it felt like more fingers in her ass. It was a little uncomfortable but the cock in her cunt was taking her mind off of it.

The next thing she knew one of the guys had a hold around her waist. Something was going in her ass. Oh shit. That hurts. “Big dick” started to fuck the hell out of her and tried to take her mind off of it. It did stop hurting after a while. She thought one of the guys stuck a vibrator up her ass.

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   He started to move it in and out. It was starting to feel pretty good. After a few strokes the thing in her ass was going stroke for stroke with the monster. Mother fuck, that felt good. “I’m cumming!” she screamed. As she was cumming, her cunt and asshole were contracting. Anything in there was getting squeezed. As she came, she didn’t miss a stroke. It was going faster and faster. The guys could hardly keep up with her. When she yelled the next time she knew everyone was cumming because they were all screaming and were going 100 miles an hour. “Big dick" splashed her cunt and by now she knew there was a cock in her ass. It felt so good she almost passed out. As she lay there, she looked up and saw the other man who had been in her ass, just standing there. With his dick in his hand, He told her to suck it and finish him off.


   I like sucking dick, so I started to put it in my mouth when I saw all the brown on the side of it.

“Suck it bitch. You were told to clean out your asshole. Now suck it or face the consequences. ” Oh shit. She didn’t know what would happen, but she knew she wouldn’t like it. She eased his dick into my mouth and she tasted her own shit. It was nasty. She started gagging but the man grabbed her head and shoved his cock all the way down. “Suck on it bitch and lick the shit off”. As he filled her throat and mouth with cum, she used it to wash away the shit. All in all, it wasn’t that bad.

The next time they came down the odd man out the last time laid on the bed. He said it was his turn. His cock was about normal.

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   About 6 inches. She bent over and started to suck on it. She was getting good at sucking dicks. His really got hard and he was moaning and raising his ass in the air trying to get more dick in her mouth. With only 6 inches he just barely got down her throat, but she still liked it. That shit ass did the same thing “big dick” had been doing. He said stop and get on my dick. She did but she wanted to taste some cum. His dick felt good but it didn’t fill her up like “big dick”. Someone started to play with her ass again and again it felt good. Then she could feel that dick pushing into my ass. It was different this time. She tried to relax but her ass must have something wrong with it. She looked back and “big dick” was trying to shove the monster in her. No, no, no!” she said but about that time she felt him go in.

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   She screamed bloody murder. ” Get that damn thing out of me. ” The guy in her pussy kept on fucking. At least the monster in her ass was not moving but her pussy was still getting fucked.

She looked up and there was a cock in front of her face. “Happy day!” she said. Some good will come from this. She needed a good taste of cum so she started sucking for all it was worth. The next thing “big dick” is moving. It felt like the biggest turd that she had ever passed. She was trying to scream but the dick in her mouth was being rammed down her throat. “Big dick” was starting to go faster. He was killing her. She couldn’t scream and was getting fucked and her asshole was being split open. What to do??? She thought she would die from the pain in her ass but the pain was going away.


   As the dick in her mouth was not going so deep, she could breath and her cunt was getting fucked good and the pain in her ass was starting to feel good. She was getting light headed again.

She could not move. A dick in her mouth, a dick in her ass and a dick in her cunt. She just tried to hold on and let them do it all. It was on her 3rd cum when she knew others were about to cum. The one in her ass gave one final push and thought it was in her belly. The one in her mouth started to shake and then she got a mouth full. She tried to swallow it all and just about did. Very little was leaking out so she bent over and gave the one fucking her a big kiss. He got the cum dripping on her chin and had a little saved in her mouth that she gave him. That was enough to put him over the edge. She could feel his cum running out so she went down and started licking his dick, balls, and ass. She could feel cum leaking from her ass. But unfortunately, no one would lick it out.

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She didn’t know what was next. She had a monster in her ass, fucked by 3 different cocks and couldn’t get enough cum to swallow. What was next? She made it to the commode after they left. A hot shower and wondered about the enema bag. No, the idea of the brown stuff was exciting her and she was ready for bed.

Day 3

The next morning they served a nice hot breakfast. She asked, “What for today boys?” They all laughed. “More of the same, and this time we hope you washed out your asshole” they said. “Ok fellows, I’m ready!”

About an hour later they came back down. She had not used the enema bag and her asshole was dirty.

. She was ready. “Big dick” wanted to know which dick she wanted in her ass. She thought a little and said could you go a little slower going in? He said he could do better than that. “Get on your knees and suck my dick and when you think it is ready, get up and sit on it.

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  ” She thought, why not. She was on her knees and started to suck.

Next thing she knew there was a 6 inch dick lubed up and going in her ass. Shit, that felt good. She sucked until she had gotten a lot of cum in her mouth so she thought it was time to switch dicks. She got up, the 6 incher came out and she got in position to sit on the monster. It went in pretty easy. The head was in and it felt OK. “Fuck it,” she said and just fell down and took that monster all the way in! Dimmit, it felt wonderful. Was my ass hole opened up that much that quickly? She thought. She started jumping up and down, feeling real good and then there was a dick in front of her. It was the one that came out of her ass. She looked at it and it had a brown slime on it, but she thought “what the hell”, it felt good. It tasted ok and she started to suck it down and tried to keep it in her mouth as she bounced up and down on the monster. This was a new taste that she thought she may want to try many times.

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   Right as she got a mouth full of cum, mixed with shit, she had her own first cum. She would not have believed that she could cum with just a dick in her mouth and one in her ass! Not one dick in her cunt and no one playing with her clit. It wasn’t long before she was on her 3rd cum when “big dick” began shooting up her ass. She was sitting on his dick and could feel his cum running out. He said go for it! So she said “fuck it. ” His dick came out with a plop and she started to lick up all the drippings. His cock being black didn’t show the shit as much as the white boys, but it was still there. She savored it. Damn she was worked up. She was so horny she could slide down a flag pole.

A fresh cock was staring at her. She said, “what you going to do with that”? He said, “Any damn thing you want!” So she flopped on her back on the bed and shouted “give it to me. ” Damn and did he. He slid in 6 inches (and there is nothing wrong with 6 inches) and started sucking her little tits. “Bite them damn tits.

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  ” She declared. He bit so hard she thought the nipple would come off but it really made her cum. He kept fucking her and then he stuck a finger in her ass. He did but it felt like three or four. She was in seventh heaven. He was banging her, had at least 4 fingers in her ass and was biting her nipples. She could tell he was ready to cum as he started going very fast. His fingers were doing a number on her ass and she was about to cum with him. “Oh fuck, I am cumming so good!” She felt his cum running down her ass and wondered if anyone was going to lick it off. No, but as he got up she felt him trying to get out of her ass. The son-of-a-bitch had his whole hand in her ass! It hurt coming out, but it was good going in. There she was – a stretched out ass hole, a swollen pussy, cum stuck in her throat and 3 soft dicks. She wondered, “What’s next?”

They told her to get some sleep. With all the cumming she did and all the stretched holes she had, after a hot shower and no enema June slept like a baby.

Day 4

They woke her the next morning with coffee and great eggs and bacon.

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   After eating she said, “What now?” “What do you want?” they said.
    “I want all the fucking and sucking you can give me. I don’t know why I am so horny. It must be something in that piss you made me drink. ” He laughed and said, “if that is what you want to believe. ”

    A little later they came back with 3 hard dicks. June just smiled! “Big dick” laid on his back and said to get it ready and have at it. She was so excited. ‘Was I going to get all the cock I could stand. ’ she wondered to herself. She wasted no time and sucked that monster, running it all the way down her throat and being able to hold it a little longer this time, without coming up for air. He shot a little cum but now it was time for that monster to be in June.

    She crawled up and started to slide down it. It felt like nothing she had ever felt before. She slide straight down until it was all the way home.

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       Slowly she started pumping and then felt another dick rubbing against her ass. Then the other walked in front of her with a hard on and she put it in her mouth. This was great, a monster in her cunt, a dick in her ass and a dick in her mouth. What more could a woman want! It seemed like June had cum 4 times when the men were getting ready to blow. They must have had lots of practice for them to cum at the same time. Everyone started screaming and shaking and trying to hold on but cum squirted everywhere. There was almost too much cum to lick up! June could defiantly taste the difference in the one that came from her asshole. She loved them all. She was about fucked out and the men dragged their asses up the stairs. She thought maybe she’d catch a little nap now.

    But soon afterwards, they came back down and they had a dog with them. A pretty dog, one she thought could be a friend. June was told to lie on her back. The next thing she knew the dog was between her legs licking all the cum out of her cunt! June thought, “ What the hell is happening? Get this dog off me. ” But that tongue was feeling sooo good! It was a lot rougher that a man’s and a whole lot wider.

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       It could cover her whole cunt with one swipe. He was going from her clit to her asshole. “Big dick” said he was licking all the cum that was coming out of her cunt and ass. The dog had the ability to run that tongue up her ass and inside her puss. June was having her first cum with a doggy. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, it was good! It seemed the more she would cum, the more there was for him to lick up. By now, she must’ve cum at least 3 times. Then the dog stopped and started to walk away. She looked down and saw his dick was out. It was a monster too! “Big dick” told June to roll over and get on her hands and knees. As soon as she did the dog jumped up on the bed right behind her, put his paws on her back and then she felt his dick hit its target.

    The mother fucker went all the way in the first shove! June was glad “big dick” had stretched her out because the doggy dick hit bottom on the first try. Not only did he hit it but he put his dick in overdrive. She have never been fucked so fast!

    June couldn’t tell if he was shoving it in or pulling out but it didn’t matter, she came in about 18 seconds! But the doggie kept pounding. In less than a minute she was cumming again.


       Then someone put a dick in front of her face but she was so happy with the doggy dick, she just ignored it. ‘Don’t take my mind off this fucking!’ thought June. He was bouncing around but he was hitting every stroke. The doggy was leaking from the time it went in. She could feel herself getting wetter and knew it was not all hers. About that time June felt something hitting her cunt lips. She didn’t know what it was but her cunt lips were already swollen and it was just banging against them. His dick felt like it went into her cervix so she didn’t want to move and then the doggy stopped moving also. She thought it was ok, but then she felt like a hose was spraying inside her, and it was damn hot! June could feel her belly expanding. That dog was filling her up and she tried to pull away to let the cum drip out, but the doggy wouldn’t let his mate go. The damn doggy cock was stuck in her! What the hell does he squirt, glue?

    She tried to move away but he started to growl. June got scared again and just stayed on her hands and knees with her belly about to pop. “Big dick” said not to try to move. The dog was knotted with her. He said the dog dick had swelled up inside her box and it was stuck until it went down.

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       Could be 18 or 30 minutes. Since this was one of the best fucks June ever had, she felt she could wait for him to finish. After about 20 minutes the doggy dick plopped out along with about a gallon of cum. She had never seen so much cum! “Big dick” said to get some and try it. Obediently, June scooped some up with her hand and put it in her mouth. Not bad. She reached out for more!

    ‘Big dick’ said the doggy dick was still sticking out and to see if she could get it in her mouth. It was much fatter than “big dick” but she got down on her hands and knees and reached under the doggy, grabbed his dick and put it in her mouth. Opening her mouth as far as she could, June still couldn’t get it all in. She got about 4 inches in and started to suck. As soon as she started sucking he started leaking. It wasn’t a lot but she swallowed it down. It was a lot hotter than a man’s cum. As she was giving the doggy dick hell, he started to cum. Damnit, it was more than she could swallow! It started squirting out of her mouth and went everywhere.

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       She tried to swallow but she couldn’t. June started choking and lost a lot of cum she wished she could have had. As soon as he was finished, the doggy went to the corner and started to lick his dick. Damn I could have done that, thought June!

    June had cum coming out of her cunt, her ass and some was stuck in her throat. “Big dick” asked, “What do you want to do now?" "Let's start all over!" she replied. All 3 men and the dog left to go up the stairs.

    As she was left all alone, she had time to think of all the fuckin and suckin she had been exposed to in the past few days. She had drank piss. She had licked shit off a cock, and she thought if they came back down and wanted to do some ass fuckin again, she hoped some shit would remain on the cock from her ass, so she could get another taste. She thought she may kind of like lickin shit.

    A while later “big dick” went down . the stairs and I followed. June was so surprised to see a woman. As I strutted over to her I said, “get on you stomach bitch. “

    June thought, this time they had a woman with him.


       They called her Janey. She was a good looking older woman, and it seemed they looked up to her. Kind of like she was the boss.

    I told her to roll on her stomach. I could tell she was scared, but she quickly rolled over. I had a ping-pong paddle, and I gave her a smack on her left ass cheek. She jumped and screamed. I told her to shut the fuck up. I smacked it again, but harder this time. She jumped, but didn’t say anything. Again on her left cheek. The cheek had gone from white, to pink, and was now red.

    I place my cheek on her right cheek first, then the left to see the difference in her temperature. Her left cheek was burning up. I rubbed it very smoothly and gently.

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       I asked her if she wanted her right cheek to feel this way. She answered quickly and firmly,” yes”.

    I took the paddle and quickly smacked her right cheek. Bam, bam, bam. She was no longer jumping between smacks. She was shoving her ass cheeks up toward the paddle welcoming the stings.

    As both of her ass cheeks became the same color I stopped and placed my lips on them. They were so hot. I let out a little moan, and I was aware that June heard me.

    I had been watching, and recording all that had been going on the last few days through the video cameras in June’s room. It was all so hot and me being a cum slut, got me very horny. I wished I could have been in her place. In fact, I had been in the past. That was how I meet the 3 men. But I was so horny now

    I started licking her ass.

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       She shoved her butt up to meet my tongue. As soon as her cheeks were wide enough, I licked her little pucker hole. I could tell she enjoyed this by the moans coming from her. I knew she had had her asshole fucked and cummed in but I also love cum dripping from an asshole. It was not dripping out fast enough, so I started sucking. It was coming out with a slight taste of shit.

    All the time I was doing this I was disrobing. When I thought she was cuming from me sucking her asshole, I was completely nude. I rolled her over and started lickin and suckin her cunt. It was dripping of all sorts of cum. Many different men’s cum mixed with doggy cum, which I dearly love.

    She was squirming and jumping all over the bed as I was lickin her from asshole to clit. I quickly reversed into the 69 position. I jammed my cunt into her face. I didn’t have to tell what to do as she was already licking and sucking me like her life depended on it.

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       Me with my arms around her, holding on tight, and her arms around me, I was in heaven. I didn’t know how much longer I could go when I thought of “big dicked James”. “James, give me that black throbbing cock, and go in my cunt and make it come out my mouth I said. ”

    I almost immediately felt my cunt walls expand and something hit my cervix. James was in. I was getting light headed. My mouth sunk into a sweet tasting cunt, someone eating my pussy like a pro, and now this black monster in my cunt

    James has been in my cunt many times, and I know how to milk him and make him cum quickly. He knows this and he was going as fast as he could to enjoy all he could before he came. I squeezed my cunt walls as I came, and it was enough to make James cum. As I have gotten older I find I am now a gusher. As I came, my fluids came gushing out into June’s mouth. I could hear her coughing as she was not expecting me to drench her in cum.

    I could feel James’s cum spewing inside me. As he slowly softened and came out, his cum was running out of my cunt along with mine, and this seemed to put June over the edge. She was bucking and screaming, and I think she gushed a little and I licked it all.

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    As the tree of use relaxed and tired to get our breathing back to normal, I was still over June’s mouth. I told her to lick it all out. She slowly started licking my pussy but was going all the was to my asshole. She seemed to linger a little there. She seemed to like assholes. She gave me a pussy lickin like I have never had before. She was going slowly like she was savoring every lick. I had one more cum, and I told her to stop and just lay there. As I relaxed, I felt like I could pee. I wanted June to have a good mouth full of pee so I let loose. It surprised her, but it surprised me more. She tried to swallow all she could. After I stopped, she licked all she could find on my puss, on my legs, and then all she could get to from the bed.

    I think if it were possible, I could have stayed there in that cabin, with the 3 men, and the cum cuckin whore, June for the rest of my life.

    I told the men that they would no longer be needed and they could go home.

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       I had my car to get June and myself home. They left and I looked into June’s eyes. I think she had a little tear there, but I know she had a huge smile. We embraced.

    We spent that night and the next 3 months in that cabin (that’s how long I had rented it for) I thought it would take 3 months to convert June into what she became in only 4 days. It was the greatest 3 months in my life.

    When we got back to her house Patrick meet us at the door. I introduced myself to him, and he was shocked. “I think you will be pleased with the results. I have your recording here. Some how only the first 4 days were recorded. I don’t know what happened to the rest of the 3 months”

    June’s eyes went wide, her mouth fell open, and there was an intake of breath. “Do you mean this was all cooked up?” Patrick looked at me, and I shrugged my shoulders with a smile on my face. June said, “well fuck you Patrick. Tomorrow you will bring home the largest dog you can find, go to the sex shop and get a variety of dildoes and vibrators, and you give me any shit, I will go home with Janey.

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    I could tell by the rise in his paints that he was happy. He told her she could have anything she wanted. She looked at me and told him to pay Janey for another week so she can stay here and teach you a thing or two.

    He smiled. I smiled, and June smiled. After the week, Patrick gave me a $10. 000 tip.

    Readers. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it. I was naked with a towel on my computer chair, and I soaked it down many times. Writing porn turns me on. If you want to chat or tell me to fuck off and not write any more…. janey1113@att. net

    . Good-bye.

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