Janey visits a nudist camp


Janey visit’s a nudist camp


After my lesbian girl friend of 2 years had to leave because of her job, I became very depressed and lonely. I keep in touch with Teri by email and it was some consolation, but I was still lonely.

Teri knew a friend of mine who I have know for about all my life. He is about the same age as myself and is bi-sexual, but mostly gay. That was not my cup of tea, but Teri suggested I go out with him and see where it would take me.

I did, and it turned out that he was an old horn dog like myself. All he wanted to do was suck cock, eat pussy, and fuck anything that would hold still.

After going out to dinner a few times, I became closer to him. John was the first man that I thought I could get to be close friends with.

As it turned out, he put the make on me and we ended up in the sack. His dick wasn’t very big, but he sure could eat out a pussy.

My dog could make me cum in record time by licking my crack, but I found out that a man can suck as well as lick. A dog cant suck. That old fucker made me cum as good, by eating out my pussy as Teri could. After he licked and sucked my cunt until it would get tender, he would throw the cock to me. He loved my asshole.


   I suppose he pretended it was one of his male friends. He also said that I could give a better blow job than any of his friends. So I figured we would work out OK.

It did all worked out well and we moved in together. We have been together for about 2 years now. We are not exclusive, but we don’t hide our affairs with other people. He still goes to his parties with his men friends, and now I go with him. As it turns out most of the men he meets with are bi-sexual also. As I said, John can really suck my cunt, but at the parties, I can pick out the monster cocks. John loves me to get a large load from a large cock and then he gets to lick me clean.

This is a ritual with us. I get fucked, John gets a mouth full of cum. We are both happy

That was my life until a few weeks ago. John came home happy and excited. He told me to get dressed and come with him.

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   I did as he said, and we ended up at a medical lab. Each of us had some blood drawn, and he was as happy as a pig in shit. After the blood was taken, and we left I made him spill the beans.

It seems he received an invite to a great party. To get in this party, you had to be tested for STD’s. That was what the blood test were all about. He said that the test results would be sent to the person in charge of the party. We would know if we were OK in about a week. We received the word. It was a go.

When it was decided that we were going, I told him I needed something new to wear. He laughed and told me we wouldn’t need anything to wear. We were going to a nudist camp.

“You mean where you go naked?” “Hell yes. You go naked along with everyone else.

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   It will be a fuckin blast”. Since we were tested for STDs, I assumed everyone else at the party would be. If we needed to be checked, that could only mean the there was going to be a whole lot of fuckin going on. Whoopee.

Stay tuned for part 2 ……Janey