Janey goes to the noodle canp 3


Janey visit’s the noodle camp 3


As me and John came out of the ‘undressing room’ all I could see were naked bodies. Every where I looked they were naked. Large dicks, little dicks, large tits, small tits, fat ass people, damn fine looking people. And little children, and teenagers.

If I were here when I was that age, all I would be doing with the boys and girls would be fucking around in the weeds where no one could see us. The young people acted like nothing was any different being naked, than they would be with their clothes on. It was remarkable.

I could see teenage boys walking with teenage girls with a patch of hair between their legs that made me want to grab them, lick them, and suck up all the juices that I could get out. I figured the boys should have a hard on at all times, but no. I saw one young boy about 18 who had a monster of a cock. He had 4 girls walking with him, making all google eyes with him and making him the center of attention, so I would guess that there is a lot of fucking going on with the teenagers. If the boy with that beautiful cock didn’t tap each and everyone of the teenage cunts, he had to be gay.

As we drove down by the beach, I noticed the little girls squatting in the sand as they played. I could see the sand between their hairless little cunts. They didn’t seem to mind.

Nowhere I looked did I see a hard on.

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   As I set on the towel, I figured it wouldn’t be long before I would need a new one. One that was a bit dryer.

One person we drove up to was a friend of John’s. I didn’t know if he was here for the fuck fest or if he was just a member and up here for the weekend. As I glanced at his cock, I hoped he was here for the fuck fest and I could get a little of it. As I noticed the lovely woman with him, I figured she was new. Her towel was noticeably wet. Like mine. If this was her first time here and all the nude men, women, and children were turning her on like they were me, this would give her a wet cunt. All I knew was her cunt was dripping as much as mine. Maybe before this day is over, I can have a taste of her cunt. As we drove off, John said he was going to get some of both of them before we left for home. I guess he like that dripping cunt also. John squirmed a little in the seat like he was already feeling that magnificent cock in his asshole. I was trying to imagine it in my asshole also or in my wet, drippy cunt.

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   Maybe the cock in my cunt with her cunt setting on my face.

Seeing all the naked people was making me so horny, I wanted to suck and fuck everyone I saw. I just couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to cum. “John, find somewhere private. I have to cum”. John could see what was happening to me and knew if I was to cum in my state, it would be noisy. He knew we had to be away from the crowd. He said that the party tonight was going to be at the west pavilion. He would try to fine it.

After driving around, seeing more and more naked asses, cocks, and pusses, we found the west pavilion. It didn’t look like anyone was around, so John tried the door and it was unlocked. We stepped inside. There were no windows in the building, so this made it pitch black. John found a light switch, and when he hit it, I almost fainted from shear excitement.

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There in the middle of the room as a raised bed. It had spotlights aimed at it and the rest of the room was dark. As John turned on more lights, we could see mattresses all over the floors. At one end of the room there was a bar. It appeared to be well stocked. On one side there was a long empty salad bar. It looked like it could hold quite a feast.

When I saw the bed in the middle of the room with all the lights pointed to it, I asked John if he thought that sometime tonight I would be on that bed with someone making me cum, with the whole crowd watching me? He didn’t know about tonight with the whole crowd, but he could get me on the bed now and make me cum.

He grabbed me hard and slammed me down on the bed. As I looked up, all I could see were bright lights.

Every part of my body was illuminated. As I was thrown on the mattress, my knees automatically opened wide. John was on the bed beside me and started pinching my nipples. He knew that drove me crazy. I was shoving my breast high in the air to get closer to his pinching.

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He stopped with one hand and lowered his head to the nipple. Immediately his teeth were biting on my hard, engorged, red, and long swollen nipple. One breast being pinched, the other being bitten. It was great.

His free hand went to my sopping wet, hot, aching cunt. I did a deep intake of fresh air as his hand found my big sensitive clit. Into my wet cunt went 2 fingers. They slid in so easy, he added the third. With him biting a nipple, squeezing the other hard, I was so hot and so far gone, I screamed “more fingers”. I don’t know what he did, but I was beginning to feel a little stretched. It felt like when I had a big dog cock rammed up my cunt. I was stretch, and he was hitting bottom. John was ramming in and out as fast as he could and I knew I was getting so close to cumin. I was just about to scream. I knew if John was stretching me and hitting bottom, he had his whole hand in me.

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   It was wonderful. He had only shoved his fist into my cunt once before. We were both very drunk, and being drunk, I didn’t even feel it go in. John was just fuckin with me. Yes he took a picture.

My pussy is not usually this loose. All those naked people with all those swing dicks and all those hairy pussies has me so hot, horny, and frustrated that I welcomed his fist. As he was ramming it in and out, I could feel the cum running out of my cunt and running down to my asshole. Knowing that fuckin John, I figured he would try to slide that fist up my pooper, but he didn’t. I grabbed his wrist and helped him go faster. I was cumin. Oh shit it felt good. In and out and in as deep as he could go as fast as he could go. I was wanting to feel his hot cum in me so I told him to slam the cock to be, but he wouldn’t. He said he was saving all he had left for tonight.

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   As he was giving me all he had, As I was approaching my blissful cum of all times, I picked this time to be a squirter. Bam. Everywhere. It looked like I had the largest piss of all times. He leaned over and collected a mouth full of my gushing cum. He wouldn’t give me a mouth full of his cum, but he did place his mouth on mine and give me a mouth full of my cum and he even offered me his hand, for me to suck and lick dry. I did.

After a brief rest, we got up to go. I wondered what the people would think when they saw the big wet spot on the sheets. I did find a new towel to lay on the seat of the golf cart.

We drove the cart through the camp for a couple of hours waiting for the party to begin. When we weren’t close to someone, I dipped my fingers between my leg and keep myself on the verge of a cum. I was needing a new towel again. My dripping pus had soaked up the fresh one. I don’t know how John kept his cool.

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   All the dicks, which he loved up his asshole and in his mouth, and all the pussy he dearly loved to fuck and suck, they were everywhere, and he didn’t even get a hard on.

It was time to go to the party. We parked the cart and started to the door. They checked our tickets, and we went in. There was a crowd already. I was so excited.

    I think my cum was dribbling down my legs.

    I saw one georguse lady that really stood our. She had her head shaven, and as I looked closer, she had no hair anywhere on her body. No eyebrows, no cunt hair, and no hair on her head. I moved a little closer and I had another shock. I could see striped welts on her body. There were old scars, and some not so old scars and some strips that were so fresh they was just starting to scab over. They were on her breast, her thighs, her ass cheeks, and they even went up and down on her pubic mound.

    She had a beautiful smile and a mouth full of very white teeth.

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       She also had on a studded dog collar. The man she was with was 18 to 18 years older. He was tall, graying hair, muscular, and had about a 7 inch hanging cock.

    I looked around some more. It appeared that the people there were couples. Usually a man and a woman, but I did see two men that were together.

    The bar was open and the drinks were flowing freely. The food bar had all sorts of salads, and cold cuts. There was a line of people chatting, drinking, and getting their food. I think I saw a couple of hands patting someone else’s women’s ass.

    As John and I were in line getting food, my eyes almost popped out. I saw the most humongous cock I had ever seen. I have been with many black men, but this fellow had them all beat. I grabbed John to steady myself, and motioned for him to look. “Am I going to get that tonight”? John just laughed and shrugged his shoulders.

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       I placed my food tray back on the bar and headed to the booze bar. I ordered up a bourbon and coke. “Make it a double”. I was not leaving this place without getting some of that monster.

    As people we finishing eating, the lights went lower. A spot light came on in the corner, by the rest rooms. An elderly man had a microphone and was announcing tonight’s line up. In came 18 young girls and 18 young men. All were accompanied by at least one adult.

    The announcer went on to say the all the children were at least 18 years of age, and none were over 18 and one half. “After they are older, they go into the next age group that meets in another building“.

    Some of the girls that were 10, had no hair on their cunnys. The 18 year olds had a full tuff of hair on theirs Their were some with just a few sparse wisps’ of hairs on their cracks, that looked so innocent. I hopped I would get some time with one of them. The boys were the same.

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       The 18 year old had no hair and usually a 2 to 3 inch pecker. The 18 year old had hair and most had 5 to 6 inch cocks. I saw one with about an 8 inch cock and I knew he would drive the girls crazy in a few years. Hell, he will now.

    The announcer went on to talk about the girls. “Of the 18 girls, 2 are on their periods. One has bathed an hour ago, one hasn’t bathed in two day. Of the boys, this one here has his ass well stretched,” as he pointed to the boy.

    He went on to talk of the rules. “Each child has a parent with them. You have to get permission from the parent before you stick anything in their holes bigger than a finger or tongue. ” There were some laughter. “These kids are young and small. If you have a large cock, you are not going to get to put it in a child. The parent will see the size of your cock and will have the finial say so.


       As always, you are free to make your own deals with the other attendees. ”

    “As you all know, the money that you have paid here tonight (John told me it was thousands) will cover the cost of the bar and food. All the rest of the money will go to the parents of the children for anything they wish. We hope it will be for their children’s education, but hell, who knows. We need to pay the money to get the parents to keep donating these lovely young kids. ”

    “Before we get started tonight, I have the main attraction. Would you bring out little Suzie“. As they brought out what appeared to be about a 18 year old girl the announcer said. “Our own resident doctor has certified that Susie’s hymen is intact. She is a full fledged virgin. ”

    “Her parents have talked with Susie about what is about to happen, and Susie has agreed to go through with this with no pain medication. As you know, sometimes the girl has a little sedation. This one is not going to be medicated. We will be able to see the pain, hopefully going to pleasure”.

    “Shall we begin the auction? I have ten thousand, do I have 18 I have 15, do I have 20,” and on and on.

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    Give me 18 votes and you will get part 4. . . Janey





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