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 My sister had become enthrolled in our sexual activities,but even more about my wad of money.  I hadn't used the first £100 on sex with her yet,but it was going down with our sexual prowess and it occured to me,at this rate it wouldn't last that long. Especially if my aunt came across with the fuck my sister and mum had put into my this point I played a long shot. Running my mind over my good fortune when I originally found the bucks (Money) I went back to search again, - after all,in the excitement of my first find and with devious thoughts about it,I didn't look further but on further reflection I recalled more than one roll being missed. I looked, Nothing! I looked some more,still nothing. Then I thought more seriously and concluded,perhaps,just perhaps I'd seen them fly up before going down.
 I tumbled down a bank a bit,this part being littered with dumped rubble. Bricks and stuff. - Nothing! Drat,now about to leave feeling rather pissy,I kicked at a half brick and as it flew away further down the small slope,I spotted something. It was paper and sure enough,not one but two rolls were looking up at me. Straight away I knew what had happened,the brick I had kicked was the very one that had tripped the old guy and these note rolls had beaten it down the slope only to get hidden beneath it.
 Looking furtively around I pocketed my loot and fox like headed away from the scene. Christ I had a grand plus,enough to fuck every pussy in the district if I fancied too. My sister latched on to me as I appeared, "Giss a fiver in lieu" - "I'll give you it if you get your mate to come over with hers" - "What Jenny,you want her as well as me? She reckons she's never had it. How much would you offer her anyway?" - "How much do you reckon it would take?" - "Dunno! About my fiver,do I get it even if she says no?" - "Yeah,because you'll be in tonight to deliver your own one I assume" - "Course,thing is I'm not sure I want to share you with her" - "Why?" - "The money: That would mean less for me" - "Look I promise you,each time we get me another pussy,I'll give you a bonus to cover your share of the input" 
 You're really worrying me now,where's all this money coming from,wont it run out soon?" - "No,no chance of that happening now, - Oops,I shouldn't have said that!" - She said no more about where but shot off at a tangent now.

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   "Aunt was round our house while you've been gone,I heard 'em moaning about how short money is and things they joked to each other about what they'd do to get some" - "Like?" - "Like we were on about" - "What sex on the side?" - "Yeah,even mum,they said it in front of me, - I 'spose they see me as grown up; and guess what our aunt said directly to me,Beth,Beth,you remember,that thing between your legs is worth a fortune used right. I nearly shit myself,I thought for a mo' something had been twigged about what we do. I wish she'd call me Betty,I hate Beth,don't you?"
 My sister started my hormones off again,I wonder what fucking an older woman will be like? "Here" I passed a fiver to her. "Ta! I'll be cunning about what you want,where would you do her if she comes over with her,You know,PUSSY?" - "Get her too and let me know when and where,I know you know some places" - "She wont stay on her own waiting for you,what about then? Where do I go while you're having her?" - "You could always ask her if she minded you staying to watch us doing it"- "Filthy pig,she'd never agree to me watching,anyway,I'm not sure I wouldn't I'd be jealous" - Well she could watch me fuck you after" - "That's sick,we can't let her or anybody know you're screwing me,I'm still your sister" - "Hark at her,the one whose getting wet knickers at the thought of getting me to fuck our aunt, - and mum,given a chance" - "Don't be stupid,I've never said that" - "Hold on,who said just now they're both short of money,you wouldn't have told me if you didn't want them fucked by me. You've got a real slutty mind since I took your cherry" - "Shut up you shit"
 "How much do you think it would take, to get our aunt say?" - "Dunno,she'd probably freak out at the suggestion anyway" - "Ask her when you see her again" - "Don't be stupid,how could I do that idiot, - Oh I just say,my brother wants a shag,how much would you charge him" - "No you donut,ask her about her comment to you,like - How she would use your pussy to get money if she was you,something of that nature" - She blushed, "I'd die saying that too her" - "Why,unlike mum,she cusses like a trooper in front of us and never seems embarrassed about anything. Remember when she told everybody when I burst into the toilet and I seen her pussy,I could have shivelled up when she said I stood looking at her hairy pubes. Not very ladylike was it,not even for a little toad like me"
 "Did you see it like she told it?" - "Yeah and more,she never attempted to hide it with any embarrassment,female flasher,she is. 'Well you'll have to see one sometime I suppose' was what she really said but she missed that bit out and she kept her clothes up as I oggled her before shooting out of there like a rocket. Lots of brown fur all over her belly there was. - Sister giggled, "not like mine then? Blondish" We left it at that. . .
 Jenny flatly refused and asked my sister why I offered money to do her. Betty blagged her way out of that by saying,because she was that much older she'd never drop 'em for a kid. They both laughed at this and Jenny commented, "You never know I might do" I was gutted especially when she added, "Now if that Denzil had wanted to,I'd gush all over him" Gutted I was,that little shit was even younger than I - Bastard.

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 So,I left this for now and used my sisters pussy each night again now I was the riched fucker around. . . Awhile after my moments with sister,she caught me in my room all agosh. "Guess what,you'll never guess where I've just come from" - "Aunts" - "How do you know that?2 - "Hark at you,you'll bust in a minute" - "You'll never guess,I asked her" - "You didn't" - "I did" - "Never,what did she say? Did she cuss you?" - "NO,You'll never believe it, - she said 'right now,I'm so skint,a bloke,any bloke could have mine for £40. Anytime now a knock at the door will shit me out,I need £40 and I'd do anything to get It,- that is apart from murdering somebody' I said,is that what I should expect for mine" - She laughed at that, "No,you got loads of time to work out how much yours is worth before you use it. Bloody hell,if she only knew what we've been doing" 
 Excitedly she said, "I haven't finished yet,listen to this. I said to her,I know where there's that much,but you'd have to promise not to tell mum or anybody" - Aunt looked at me suspiciously. 'Nobody round here has money like that,don't be horrible to me,I'm really worried about this mind' - I said, "NO. I do but the little shit bribes people with it" - 'Bribes? How? Who bribes?' - "I better not say,I shouldn't have said anything but you seem so worried" - 'I am,I can tell you. Can't I get you to say,bribe sounds dodgy to me,what about? how can one be bribed?' - "I lied to her then,I said" - "He bribes girls to have sex with him" - 'Who? come on Beth,you know more than you're letting on,it can't be your dad,he's got no more than me and anyway I asked 'em if they could lend me some' - 'I'm really desperate,sex you say! I'm wondering now whether that's the only way I got,you know fucking some rich bastard,I didn't aught to tell you this but I'm a tigress in bed,when your uncle was around I nearly killed him,thinking about it,perhaps I did'
 "Ah! Aunty,this is too close to home for that" - She looked me straight in the eye then,as though reading my brain. 'You little cow,you're talking about the young perv' that young sodding brother of yours that crashed in the toilet that time just so he could see my pussy, It shook him when I just stood there letting him look at it,I tell you he was really shitted up,shot out like a real chicken little shit,but I love his heart out really,its a wonder he hasn't ever hit on you. I see a lot of me in him and I hit on my brother, - Promise not to tel elsie - our mum - mind,he gave in in the end and got my virginity off me.
 "She brightened then" - 'It is him 'course he's to young to hit on an old bag like me,but christ I couldn't half use £40' - "I whispered in her ear then. It is and he wants to you know,he wants to with you,he confided in me,said he reckoned you'd do him better than stupid girls do" - She - 'He said that? Christ the dirty little sod,seeing my quim must have turned his brain don't you think? anyway,what's he been up to,where would he have that sort of money  anyway?'
 He told me he'd found it,but that's all" - 'A likely story that,but I could use some bloody money quickly,he's sixteen now isn't he? - "Yeah" -  Tell him his favourite aunt wants to see him more often.

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   If I ain't his favourite now,I will be when he leaves here,but what ever happens,tell him we and he hasn't had this conversation' -
 "Don't make it too obvious,but if you turn up there I reckon you got a chance with her" - "Yeah, but £40,that would give me eight goes with you" - "Ten boy,don't forget my commission" - " A tenner,I didn't say a tenner" - No but think about that juicy old pussy I've gotten you,if you play hard with her like you do me,make her give you one for each fiver,or a tenner at most,but she really is desperate so either way you'll have to give her credit,she needs £40 like yesterday,so don't muck about boy get over there and if you do her,make sure you wash your cock after or I wont be available tonight and don't forget my I returned and my sister duly entered quietly into my bed for her helping of hardon. - "Did she let you? What was it like? Go on tell me" - I started to lick and she immediately responded, it was clear the thought of what I'd been up to had made very randy. - "Lets do it then I'll tell you how I got on,you're so wet you wont be able to concentrate till you've cum off" - "Bastard,I still want to know what you done mind, OOO G-O-D Keep doing that,what are you touching inside me,its making my legs go all stiff OO OO O-O-O-O. - Aunt had passed a lesson on that I now passed on too my sister and her orgasm followed in seconds and kept on and on till she begged to be fucked before her legs fell off. Welcome to her 'G' spot.
 Aunt?? Well you may ask? more on her next time!