Topic: ITS NOT TABOO TO ME 2 Its not taboo to me 2
 This is my next episode at getting what I wanted sexually for money. My sister had took the bait I'd offered - Money - so why not offer her enough to let me have her cherry,after all she'd be getting mine as well as some it was; Early the next day she caught me before I'd got up. "Bob - B-o-o-b-b-i-e!! How did you get it? How much is there?" - By now she was perched at my side on the bed and was squeezing my cock through the bed clothes. I took the opportunity offered by lifting the side of my bed clothes and without hesitation she took my cock skin to skin into her warm palm. Intensely now, - "How much have you got?" - Playing my tormenting card, - "Over six inches" - "No you little toad, - she squeezed my knob so hard, - you know what I'm on about,that money,come on how much is it? Much?? Is it enough to let me have some more or did you use all you had for - You know!! Last night?"
 I needed to play hardball, - "If I don't tell you where or how much,you wont be able to blackmail me for more" - "And?" - Her eyes were wide and intense. - "A-n-d??" - "And what? I queried" - "You know what. If there's any more,what would I have to do?" - I dry fucked her hand. - "You horrible little shit,just because of what I said last night don't mean I meant it! How much would you pay me? I'm not saying I would but I think you're bluffing,I bet you used all you had for that feel" - I grinned devilishly making her really grip my cock as though she was trying to strangle it. "God don't not so hard you'll make me cum off"
 She relinquished her grip and started wanking me. "Come on,tell me and I'll make you cum" - "You're offering me a shag? For how much?" - "I don't know,how can I know? I've never done it,I might be no good at doing it. How much you got?" - I'm nearing my goal,she's tempted. - "If I only got another tenner,what would you say,can we for that much?" - She eyed me suspiciously, "Another tenner? you can't have all that! Can you?"
 If I have,would you? You know shag me,a proper shag,not just make out. I get to put it right up inside past your virginity" - She was thinking. . . "I would for a real tenner,that's two weeks pay for dad" - "When and how? can we risk doing it here?" - "We did last night,the time we done it would be long enough to fuck for real.

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   Okay,I'll let you,but I need the money now" - "Fuck off,no way and anyway don't let anybody know you've got it you silly cat. "I'm not a silly cat, - she made a purring noise, "I'd have made you cum if you'd said I could have had it now" Ha! Ha!" - Bitch,I'm nearly there" - "Tough,you should have thought before you said NO" - "I ain't got it here" - "You're not going off and pinch it are you?" - "NO! Don't be stupid,yeah I got it hid" - "I'll give you a wink then" - She said then she was gone,leaving me with a wet aching cock that had to be given my full attention. . .
 I'd decided I'd show her more than just a tenner to keep her grubby little paws interested,who knows what my cash could get from her body. So before I got the wink I rolled a small bundle of notes leaving one loose for my first fuck. "I'll come into your room,its farther away from their's in case you make me make a noise" The evening routine finished we went our separate ways. I'd just fell asleep when I felt a body slide under my bedclothes, "Its me,got that tenner?" - So mercenary I thought. - Saying nothing I clicked the table lamp on, - dim with only a 15watt bulb - but enough to let her see what I was at and let me see what I was getting. I looked back at her body in the space between us and my cock throbbed as her erect nipples poked from her naked pert firm breasts while her pubes looked all perky in the shadowy area between us.
 As I rolled back towards her with two fivers in my hand I rolled on a bit more and felt her pubes with my other hand. She grinned but let me continue to feel her. "You had even more in that drawer,go on let me see it" - I lifted the bedclothes and showed her my rampant hardon. - "No you clown you know what I meant,all that money I saw rolled up,how much is it you've got there?" - "Enough" - "Go on show me" Her hand caught hold of my cock and balls. "I'll squeeze those if you don't show me" - Alright! Alright! You're in here to shag me not squeeze my balls" I rolled back towards the money and her hand held tightly on to my cock but let my balls slide through her fingers.

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 Craning her neck she hissed quietly and shocked me with her next utterance. "Fuck! for some of that I bet mum would fuck you" - I looked back in her direction. - She blushed a bit at what she had said correcting, - "Well you know what I meant,for some of that you could fuck anybody even our mum" As she worked my foreskin my cock throbbed,anybody? I thought and for a moment,my mind flitted around ladies pussy's I'd put on my list. . .
 Sister brought me back to reality as she rolled onto her back, "Come on,get me and fuck me,you're going to cum before you break me in else" I ducked down under the clothes and savoured the fresh womanly scent from her pussy, "What you doing down there?" - "I'm going to play with it,but before she could respond I kissed her cunt full on. It felt all soft and puckered. "Fuck,do that some more its marvellous" I settled down to kissing and playing until she jerked and made funny little sounds then relapsed into trembling and thrusting her hips at my mouth. "Fuck me! Please put it in and F-U-C-K M-E!" - I popped up from below, "SHHH! They'll here you" - "I don't care F-U-U-C-K M-E! NOW! NOW! GO ON PUT IT IN M-E-E"
 I clambered across her body and pressing my hardon between her thighs my cock found her pussy straight away. Now I lost control and rammed straight through her hymen and with a muffled yelp from her I pressed on up her channel until her mass of pubes met my lesser bunch of hairs. In fewer thrusts than I would have liked she came over my cock and the extra slipperyness triggered my cock to ooze sperm into my sisters vagin vagina. We jerked at each other and pressed deeply against our pubes until our orgasm's subsided. - A while later,she whispered, "You stupid fucker,you shot yours right up inside me,what if I become pregnant?" - I said nothing but as the night before I settled into sucking her nipples.
 We must have nodded off for a short time with my cock still deep inside her. I felt her tightness as I awoke and started fucking gently inside again,she also started responding.

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   I was just about to cum as she obviously went into an orgasm and as she was slightly ahead of me in cumming she pushed my cock out of her just as the first spurt shot from me and in a split second grabbed it and wanked all the rest of my cum all over her fur and belly. "Stupid sod,you'd have cum in me again if I hadn't have stopped you and let you spit it outside my pussy" - I whispered, "How much would it cost me for you to let me shoot inside your pussy everytime" - "Three shilling of course. Get some french letters (Condoms) and I'll let you,or you'll have me pregnant you idiot" 
 From that snippet I gained two points. one she'd concluded I could fuck her again and two too get a packet of french letters just in case. Problem with that was,back then you couldn't just go in a chemist and ask for them. it was always a woman behind the counter and a pound to a penny they'd know mum and blow the whistle. Then I had a break through. On one of my infrequent visits to the barber's I heard the barber say to this bloke he'd just given a hair cut, "Anything for the weekend?" On opening a drawer he popped a packet of three into his hand and that was it. So at the end of my turn,I cheekily said, "Some for the weekend" He and the other blokes present laughed but he sold me a packet with the comment, "Expensive balloons kid,was' thee goin a blow 'em up" They all laughed,with "Kids these days,what's the world coming too?"
 "Don't laugh Harry it may be one of yours he's popping it into" - "Piss off" Harry was not amused as I beat a hasty retreat. I had that thing going round in my head now,what sis' had said about mum. Surely my own mum wouldn't sneak behind dad's back for money? Would she" For ages I'd concluded mum never really listened to anything I said to her. Admittedly,she always seemed to be busy,but none the less I thought she must hear all I said to her. Then in a devilishly cheeky moment I dared try it on.
 My sister was close at hand but knew nothing of my latest plan. After a bit of grizzling about how far she had to make the housekeeping go.


   I popped in my contribution. "Well mum,you could always let me have a shag for some money I got" My sister shot out the door nearly bursting. I was ready to follow suit when mum hesitated. "Go and ask your aunty,she always seems to have more time to answer what you talk about. I'll think about it later" - I shot out the house equally nearly bursting. I knew it,she never listened and that proved it,else I'd be dead now. Outside,my sister was bubbling with laughter, "Idiot,what did she say? did she wack and threaten to wash your mouth out with soap like she usually say's" - "No,she never even heard it,told me to go and ask aunty" Sis' gurgled now, "Go and ask her sister how much she'd want to fuck you,she'd murder you if you did" - "What mum or her sister?" - "Both I expect" - " Mum said she'll think about it after she's not so busy"
 By now my sister was rolling about with her hand over her mouth. "Will you ask aunty? how much do you think would make her say yes" - "I don't know! You done it for a tenner" - "Yeah but aunty will know how to satisfy you properly" - "You did,why do you think she'd or for that matter mum would be better than you? God it was so tight in there,I can't wait to go in there again. OH! I got those things,when will you let me then?" - "Show me! I'm not letting you for free" - "That's a bit unfair,you enjoyed it as well as me" - "Yeah I know,alright,I'll set the price at a fiver providing you kiss it like last time,I loved that feeling" - So a fiver it was. I had her each day the first week but told her I'd have to ration myself or all my money would be gone.
 From then on I explored every little part of her middles and she even tried sucking me but when I shot off in her mouth she said it was to salty and was better put where it should be. Every now and again when I didn't have a joey and I'd made her as horny as a she cat she let me shoot it off inside her vagina. I really enjoyed those times the best. . .

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   About mum and aunty; AH! That's for next time.