Investigators Chapter One


The dingy room that the lad lived in left a lot to be desired and he made it clear he didn’t want to talk. For an hour the officers tried and feeling it was time to give up the senior man rose to leave then had one last idea. Taking the woman officer to one side he spoke to her. “You may as well have a go – he isn’t going to talk but it gives you the chance to get some experience talking to these people. They’re scared and wary of anyone official and sometimes it comes out in violent behaviour. Usually when they clam up that’s it – no use trying to force things. Have a little chat with him though and see how you do. ”The woman welcomed the idea and was grateful now to be included by her male co-workers so she quietly moved to sit opposite the boy. Remembering the importance of being casual and unthreatening she introduced herself without rank. “Hi – My name is Mandy – before we go – I’ve just got a couple of things you could help me with. ”The male officers sat quietly and watched as the girl tried her best to get the guy to open up. For a while she didn’t have much luck and the boy stayed silent then, suddenly he lost his cool and an outburst of verbal insults came forth from his mouth. Mandy, startled a little moved her leg wide to shoot up out of his way – then she noticed how he had gone quiet again. She realised why – his gaze drifted between her legs when she had spread her thighs and he was trying to look up her skirt. Why not use this for my advantage she thought – keep his attention?It worked, slowly he began to respond to her questions – he knew that if he didn’t answer her she would get up and go and he wanted to see up her skirt. Every few seconds when he failed to respond Mandy would move to rise then when he spoke she would reward him with just a hint of seeing her underwear as she crossed and uncrossed her legs.

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  Her questions became more searching and she wished she had more background and knowledge of the finer detail of the case. “Can you tell me if anyone ever tried to get you to do things you didn’t want to?”At first the boy clammed up again but Mandy’s technique won him over – he put together a story. He began to name carers and tell of events he had witnessed or been told about. “And some of them made you touch their cocks and other things!” he said nervously. “Did you have to do other things Peter?” asked Mandy. “What sort of things did you have to do?”When he didn’t answer Mandy moved to uncross her leg then knowing that the questioning was at a crucial stage she decided to keep his attention by showing just a little more of her thighs. Leaving her knee raised up slightly she knew he probably had the smallest glimpse of her panties. She hoped the men behind her hadn’t grown wise to her little trick and were busy just making notes. “Tell me Peter – what did they make you do?”She was painfully aware that she was trying to get evidence that this boy had been taken advantage of sexually – by she herself taking sexual advantage of him! The word hypocrite sprung to mind. “We had to suck them – sometimes they would make us do it to their friends. ”This was the lead they had been waiting for – now they wanted names. Mandy and the team listened as Peter related stories that shocked them. Still, every few minutes he needed prompting and Mandy would covertly move her legs. She decided it was easier if she let her skirt ride up as the movements must by now be a little noticeable. With her skirt half way up her thighs but facing away from the other men she discretely flashed for the boy and kept him talking.

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  As the interview was drawing to a natural end and the boy began to repeat himself the senior officer indicated they had gone far enough for now. Suddenly the boy uttered a statement that stopped them all in their tracks. “Some had to do things for the woman. ”This was new – no one had ever mentioned a woman before. The officers were stunned – what woman? Taking Mandy to one side the officer whispered to her. “We have to get more on this quickly – look – we’ll go outside but stay in shouting distance – you stay a minute and try and get something on this woman. ”“I don’t think he’ll talk anymore he’s starting to ramble and drift away!” exclaimed Mandy. “Listen,” said her senior officer, “Your method’s worked fine – we noticed – unusual but effective – try using it just a little more – without us being present – get my drift?”Mandy was shocked and ashamed that little trick had been discovered and dreaded the expected comments from her fellow officers. Now all of the unit would know about it. However she could hardly refuse her boss – he would purposely make things worse for her. She went back into the room wondering just how far this could go. Playing for time she asked the boy for a drink of water and took her time drinking it. “So, Peter – it must have been upsetting having to do things for all these people?” she said, pretending her inner thigh needed a little scratch. The boy didn’t answer and though he glanced at her legs he was obviously still quite scared about having to talk through his experience. “Well, I’d better go now,” Mandy said giving up, then, looking at Peter she waited while his eyes drifted down to her lower body and let her leg swing wide.

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   She realised that now he would have a very good view indeed of her panties. Hoping he liked the sight enough to keep her there she waited a second before asking him a question. “Did you know who the lady was Peter?” she asked slowly swinging her knees open then together. “Yes,” he answered, “She was a social worker – she came to visit us – see that we were OK and check on us. ”“Tell me about her – there’s only us here now – you can talk. ”“She made some boy’s do sex things with her – to her – you know!”“Tell me – what sort of things Peter,” coaxed Mandy. The boy clammed up and his eyes glazed over. Mandy had to capture his attention and ran her hand up her thigh pulling her skirt with her. Having got this far she had to keep him talking and get something more substantial. Pulling her skirt up further Mandy regained the boy’s attention. “I have an itch on my leg – look, it’s going all red. ” She saw the excitement on the boy’s face and she felt guilty at her behaviour. “Tell me more about the lady Peter,” she said. “When she came to visit she took the boy’s back to their rooms. Some told me that she liked to touch them – their cocks.

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   Some said she did more but she didn’t like me so she didn’t touch me. ”Peter went into another trance like state and Mandy knew she was loosing him again. “Please keep talking Peter,” said Mandy softly as she opened her legs even more. “Did she do anything else – did the staff know what she was doing?”“Yes – they knew – some of them – she liked to suck their dicks – the boy’s that is – members of staff sometimes watched. They made some lads fuck her – she loved it they said. ”“She got boys to fuck her – while others watched?” asked Mandy surprised at her blatant use of adjectives. “Yes, she liked to show her knickers too – like you are – and the lads had to wank over her while she played with her cunt. ”The directness of this simple soul didn’t embarrass her but she felt a little strange when she realised just how much she was showing - holding her skirt up with her hands on her thighs. “That’s all I’m telling!” said the youth. “No – please – can you give me the names of some of the boy’s who know more – so we can talk to them?” Mandy was becoming desperate and hitched her skirt a little higher. “I know you enjoy looking at me Peter – will you give me more?” said the officer. Peter, with no social graces muttered some obscenities and to Mandy’s astonishment pulled out his cock and started to wank. It fascinated the woman detective that here was a person who had no hang-ups about satisfying his base instincts – who could, without preliminaries show a woman what he wanted sexually. A simple boy who saw no difference in masturbating if he needed to, to needing a coffee or a sandwich. An unacceptable and dangerous innocence that got people like him sent to prison.

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   Could Mandy pretend to empathise with him?“I won’t tell over you Peter – if you don’t tell over me. If I do this will you make a list for me?”Mandy raised her hips and exposed her panties fully by hitching her skirt up to her belly. Pulling her panties to one side she showed Peter her cunt and ran her fingers over the slit. “Is this what the lady did Peter – shall I let you look until you come – give me names Peter?”It worked – Peter spouted several names while he frantically masturbated. Mandy, knowing she had better keep her promise silently found her self applying friction to her clit and reaching orgasm. The boy’s large dick took her interest and she began to imagine what it would feel like inside her. She could see now how these boys would be easily persuaded to do almost anything. Yet if he walked outside and told everyone he probably wouldn’t be believed Mandy was now so turned on she had to go for it – stifling a moan she watched spellbound as Peter’s sperm shot over the carpet and licked her lips – her orgasm followed. Back with her colleagues Mandy had much to report and her boss congratulated her on her efforts. She blushed slightly at the thought of how she had got the information but she was now treated like one of the team. Most of the names Peter had given her were on record and it would be the team’s next task to go and talk to them. The social worker mentioned was known as during that time only one had been female. What they needed now was people to testify and hard evidence. Mandy didn’t give Peter another thought – who would believe his story that a police officer let him wank over her?In due course the investigators built up a picture of the social workers antics. After talking to some of the men that Peter mentioned they gained much incriminating knowledge.

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   Several male members of staff were involved with the female social worker and by threat or blackmail indulged in little orgies with some of the boys’. Photographs were taken of boys made to suck each other or have anal sex and members of staff performed with them too. On occasion other people from outside were introduced to the games and the boys made to give favours. The social worker would take interest in a boy and getting him alone would make a pass at him or tempt him by showing her body – or even sometimes dirty pictures. She would suggest that for their own sake it would be better to play the games – otherwise all manner of threats would be issued from taking the roof over head and throwing them out on the street to stopping their money. The threat of violence was also used making fear their greatest weapon. The police would always believe the staff if they decided to make up stories against an unwilling boy. After initiating a young boy others would join in and the youth would be assaulted by anything from two to at least half a dozen people. Sometimes the group was mainly just there to watch and masturbate but others would want their turn and an orgy would take place. Many times the social worker and a boy, or even boys’ would perform for a group. It worked the other way round to – if a staff member found a resident was vulnerable he would arrange to use a small sitting room or bedroom and the social worker would turn up apparently to have a routine but informal chat about their case. By the time they left the room the boy would have been made, either by coercion or force to give sexual favours. All these stories had begun to interest Mandy in an unhealthy way as now she found it was her main masturbation fantasy. She would imagine having two obedient boys obeying her every request no matter how kinky - she loved to be in on the interviews to listen to even more perverted tales. It was under these circumstances that she was chosen to join a team of three in a safe house where a boy had been persuaded to tell all.

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   It was decided to take him off the street for his protection and in the comfort of a well furnished and relaxed house he would be more likely to give more detail. Importantly it would give the team time to check out his story and clarify any anomalies. Mandy wondered why this boy was treated as special but the reason soon became clear. He was more articulate than the previous boys, more worldly – Mandy wondered why he had been in such a place. She read his notes then heard the boy tell his own tale. “I didn’t really have learning difficulties in the same way as most others. My problems were psychological – but academically I would have done well given the chance. By the time I grew up and went to the adult half-way house it was just habit to keep your head down, a low profile. It was a while before I realised I was a free agent but being institutionalised if wasn’t easy to get rid of old habits. I’m the original whistle-blower on this case – the threats no longer scare me. ”This was deep stuff and Mandy hoped this guy never talked to Peter in the near future – he might just be the one to believe him!The boss detective and Mandy sat with the boy while their more junior co-worker sat in a corner making notes. It wasn’t a good idea yet to make this a formal interview but a recording device had been set up to aid their memories. The notes were just for more immediate use like checking names and numbers which could be done while the chatting was still going on. If something didn’t tally then the witness could be confronted then to clarify the facts rather than waste time going over the same ground another day. “We are interested in knowing more about the female social worker – could you tell us about your contact with her?” asked the senior detective.

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  “Yes – she was crafty and dangerous,” began the boy whose name was Michael. “She knew how to lead boys on until they were trapped in her web. ”“So were you one of her victims?” asked the boss. “Yes – at first she used to visit me for a chat to make sure I was on the right track and help me sort out any problems - the things a social worker like that would do. I knew some of the other residents seemed scared of her but couldn’t understand why. I was new so no one talked to me about it – they had been warned. We had a case conference as she called it sometimes just the two of us other times with a member of staff. One day she came and said we should go to my room and sit on the bed to get away from the noise. It was all normal until she dropped her papers and hard back folder on the floor. Some pictures fell out – and a small magazine – it was pornography. She joked about it and told me she had confiscated it from the home she had previously visited that day. I know now it was all a set up – she wanted to see my reaction and have an excuse to talk about sex. She took her time picking them up and left them so I got a good look. Then she started talking about them, saying the boy who had them was too young but she would have let me keep them because I was older and that’s what boys liked. She asked if I had seen much of that stuff before and she started to thumb through the magazine.

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   The pictures were hard core but nothing kinky just couples having sex. I could sense that she was watching me for a reaction and checking to see if I was getting a bulge in my pants. “Were you?” asked Mandy. She nearly died when she realised what she had asked – why the fuck did she say that? Her cheeks flushed and her boss shot her a dirty look. It was a subconscious question and she wanted to crawl under the table in shame! The boy never answered but looked at her puzzled – her boss hoped he didn’t think they were taking the piss and ridiculing him! Fortunately he carried on with his story. “Anyway – the social worker mumbled about how filthy the book was and when she had made me curious enough she asked me if I wanted a quick look at it. Naturally I said yes, OK, but was a little hesitant and bashful. She smiled and handed me the book open at a certain page – it was really hard core. A woman was being fucked by two men – she was straddling one who was sat on a chair with her bum sticking up and another had his penis in her bottom. Behind the chair was a third guy and she had his dick in her mouth – it was the first time I had seen anything as hard-core as that. ”She let me look for a few seconds and then she turned over the page for me and said how naughty some of the pictures were. She sat close and looked at the picture on the page with me – it was of a woman with her skirt raised and a man licking her between her legs. She laughed and said, “She’s a lucky woman!”I was embarrassed and after she looked at a few more pictures she rose to go and collected her stuff. Telling me she would see me next week she started walking out of the room and I told she had forgotten her magazine. She turned and asked me if I wanted to hang on to it to have a proper look – I blushed and said yeah – she smiled and said I would probably make good use of it – she would take it back next time she came.

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  So – I kept the book until she came round the following Wednesday evening. I wondered why she wanted to come so late – eight o’ clock – I knew from my past that they don’t do overtime for routine matters - not unless they have to. A member of staff told me she was on her way and when she arrived they both ushered me to my room. The member of staff left but he seemed to check that no one else was in the same area or next room. I sat on the bed and waited for the usual pep talk and questions from her report forms but this time it was different. She took her coat off and I saw she was dressed in sexy stuff – a really short mini skirt and silky top – low-cut. “I’m going out later so I got ready first – I’m so behind this week that I have to work late. ” She sounded as though she had to really convince me but I didn’t believe her. She sat on the bed next to me and I found it difficult not to look at her legs – her skirt only just covered her panties up and I could see her nipples a bit through her top and most of her breast down her cleavage. When I answered her usual questions she suddenly asked me for the magazine and put down her file. I gave it to her and said thanks then she told me I could start to call her by her first name – Shirley. I blushed because she asked if I had made good use of it – I knew what she meant. “I expected the pages to be stuck together by now!” she said. “I know what you young boys do under the covers when you have a book like this. ”She waited and laughed at me a little then she said, “Don’t be so shy – it’s OK – I know you all masturbate – I bet some of the boys I meet masturbate thinking of me – especially if they saw me dressed like this – do you like my clothes?”Well, I nodded and tried to stay cool but having a social worker talk to you that way was unsettling – like she was coming on to me – of course I know now – she was!“You know,” Shirley said, “I acquired another book the other day – shall I show it to you?”Before I could answer she had crossed the room to her briefcase and she purposely bent down to open it.


   I knew she was intentionally flashing – I could see her panties – what little there was of them and most of her bum. She came back to the bed and sat opening the book then she passed it to me. It was mainly pictures of older women - with younger boy’s – very hard core like the other but, well worse. This had more kinky stuff in it. While I leafed through it she kept talking to me. “This is very naughty – boys your age – with women old enough to be their mothers. Sometimes I get boys wanting to touch me – sometimes I meet one that I like too – I’m not supposed to touch them though because of being their social worker – even though they are old enough legally. ”Shirley’s voice had changed, almost become a whisper and she moved nearer to me. “Do you think those boys are lucky having an older woman show them what to do? Or are they too old – would you prefer someone a little younger – about my age - someone that knows how to enjoy sex?”Shirley was about thirty five and she was modern enough to talk to the guys on their own level and gain their confidence. She kept up the questions and made me nervous with her fishing and delving. “If I dressed like this for work all the time I’m sure lots of boys would get carried away and want to touch me. I might get tempted to let them – even social workers like to do naughty things every now and again – does that shock you?”I shook my head and she carried on – I was still looking at the book and the pictures had aroused me – she knew that though. “I bet my boyfriend would be mad if had seen me bend over just then – showing my panties. You got a good view didn’t you – did you enjoy it Michael?”This was doing my head in and I felt like I’d lost my voice, just a croak came out. The bitch knew I was hard as hell and if she had left then I would have wanked right away! I still kept my head down looking at the book and trying to stay calm but when I turned the page and saw a boy with his dick up a woman arse I must have made a noise because it made Shirley take it a step further.

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  “My – you like that one don’t you - its fine – don’t be shy – it turns me on too?”Her hand started to stoke my thigh and she had slipped the other round my back and was feeling the upper part of my arse.
    Her voice had become more of a whisper and she sounded sexier – I noticed her breathing was heavier too. “His penis is nice and thick Michael, turn the page and show me some more. ”I froze then because her hand had crept to my bulge and she was touching my cock over my trousers. When I turned the page it showed him shooting off in the woman’s mouth and that got Shirley going. “Oh my! I bet this makes you play with your cock tonight Michael. Do you mind if I call it that - the social workers at your other homes wouldn’t have done this for you would they?”She kissed my cheek and then my neck all the time squeezing my bulge. “Can I see yours Michael – can I take it out and play with it?”I could tell she was really carried away, her voice was breaking up and just about audible and she kept kissing my ear and licking me. I was dumbstruck and my heart was pounding but I was actually enjoying it. I was really a lucky guy – all this wasn’t exactly assault – more seduction – I know that you probably think I’m an ungrateful bastard – but the bad thing came after. Shall I cut this short now?“No – no!” said the officer, “Just take your time – its fine – gives us a full picture. ”Mandy saw that her boss was sporting an erection that he was trying to hide. When she glanced at the other officer she saw that he too was covering up his crotch with his notebook. She didn’t need to hide anything – but she was just as aroused as they were – but the dampness between her legs couldn’t be seen. “OK – you don’t mind if I use plain language do you – it makes telling it easier?” inquired Michael.

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      “Don’t mind me – please!” said Mandy. In her head she added to herself that it would make the story sexier so give us the dirty talk. She squeezed her thighs together and then released them several times to stimulate the feelings of sexual desire. How she wished she could do what Peter did and just go ahead and masturbate!The witness continued, “Well, like I say – my problems were different from the others but even so she began to talk to me like I was still a child and very naïve. I didn’t enlighten her and I noticed it seemed she was turned on by the control she thought she had over me. As she rubbed and massaged the bulge in my pants she whispered to me not to be scared and promised it would make me feel nice. Her breathing increased and she kept kissing my ear and neck and asking me if it tickled. Then as she talked away I felt her slowly unzip my pants and she slipped her hand inside to hold my cock. It was hard – of course it was – and I heard her make a little moan when she felt it. I was just sat silent and still then she asked if I would like to unfasten her blouse and touch her. Before I did she warned me not ever to tell anyone about our naughty little game and she made sure I knew I would suffer if I did – but she also made it clear that I would get lots of pleasure if I went along with the her. She whispered, “This is better than just wanking off to pictures isn’t it?”She told me how she wanted me to touch her breasts then she took my dick out and began to move her hand faster. Well – I couldn’t hold back for long and when she knew I was starting to loose control she sat a little way back and told me to look at her panties – her short skirt had been pulled up to her hips and I could see the gusset of her pants. She pointed my cock at her upper thigh and she wanted me to spurt over her legs and vagina. She wanted to watch it and told me to watch it too, she said, “Let it come – do you like that?”When I was about to ejaculate she told me to stand and she stood me in front of her so I could feel my cock was just touching her panties between her legs.

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       She was like she was possessed and her breathing was very loud and her voice sounded strange. I couldn’t hold back any more – she just kept groaning and moaning while her hand milked every last drop from me – all the time she looked down watching it come out. ”As the youth told the detectives how the woman again made him promise to keep the secret and threatened him they all tried to gather their thoughts and subdue their arousal. The youth told how the woman made herself decent and let him watch while she held her skirt high and cleaned the sperm from her legs and panties. He told how she really enjoyed seeing him looking at her. When they stopped for a break Mandy left the room first and headed straight for the bathroom. With images in her mind she refreshed herself and giving way to temptation she stood in front of the large mirror and lifted her skirt. Her fingers teased then became busier between her legs as she put herself in the position of the social worker. Standing with legs apart she was lost in another world – a perverted world. It was several minutes later that she stifled a moan to disguise her orgasm and almost simultaneously a movement and noise from the doorway stunned her and demanded her attention. Looking toward it she saw the figure of the junior officer who had been taking notes. “The boss would like a word with you ma’am,” he said, “When you’ve a minute and not too busy. ”Rapidly removing her hand from the inside of her panties and smoothing down her clothes she flushed and struggled to speak. “Yes – fine – shouldn’t you have waited – knocked?” She knew how nervous her voice sounded. “It is a uni-sex toilet ma’am – this is a house not the police station.

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       Besides, you forgot to close the outer door. ”She detected certain sarcasm in his voice and as she walked past him he gave her a smirk that unsettled her. “I was just adjusting my skirt,” she said, feeling she had to explain then with cheeks blushing she made her way to the boss’s room. Mandy wondered just how much the young man had seen and she worried on how long he had actually been standing there. Had he seen her masturbating – did he know her secret as to how much she was aroused by listening to these stories? Not knowing the man was still behind her she was shocked to hear his voice, “Your personal needs are your business ma’am but tell me if you ever need help. ”Mandy didn’t know just what he meant by that and would have normally reprimanded him for being insolent but not wanting to cause a scene and draw attention to her self she bit her tongue and stayed silent. It was a long discussion with her boss and Mandy had warmed to him now that he had accepted her as one of the team but just one question troubled her. “Would you like someone else to sit in on the next interview – I know you might feel uncomfortable listening to the detail?”Mandy felt both insulted and disappointed, “No – sir, if I’m going to be permanently on this team I will have to get hardened to listening to that sort of thing. ”“OK – sometimes it effects people different ways listening to all that kinky sex talk – you have to learn how to handle it – release the tension – men can talk to each other about it – you’re the only woman – you know what I mean. ”The other man now entered the room and Mandy saw her chance to let them know she wanted to be one of the guys. “If you mean I will make you feel uncomfortable talking about how it effects’ you – don’t worry – I want to be treated like any other member of your squad. Forget the protocol – me being female – I couldn’t help but feel horny too! Don’t be embarrassed or restricted on my account if you want to be politically incorrect – I won’t put in a complaint. ”The men smiled and silently nodded then her boss said, “We aren’t normal cops – we have to dig deeper in the shit so we need to be able to act differently. Sometimes we have to say, “Fuck the rules!” Keeping things bottled up doesn’t do us any good so we have ways of releasing the pressure – we don’t pretend to each other that it’s all clinical and we are lily white. If being around all this sex turns us on we admit it and enjoy it – at least to each other.

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      ”“That’s fine by me boss. ” said Mandy, “As long as you all accept that if I’m one of the boys – that you treat me as such in all ways – and don’t take the piss if I do what you do! It works both ways doesn’t it – I hope I don’t hear any of you giggling like little boys if I say listening to the sexual accounts as turned me on too!“That’s fair enough,” said her boss then addressing the other man said, “Have a word with the other guys – educate them – we have another full member of our team. ”Feeling pleased with the events Mandy smiled and when her boss asked if she was ready for another chat with the witness she told him in no uncertain terms that she was actually looking forward to it. Sitting in the room Mandy felt relaxed as the man entered and made himself comfortable. “Now I’ll tell you about the nasty bits,” said the man, then looking at Mandy, “You’re not easily shocked I hope?”Mandy smiled and quietly told him, “Don’t worry – you would find it very hard to upset me. Spill it all out in any way you wish – every detail. ” The lady detective tried hard to cover up her obvious enthusiasm and once more felt her cheeks flushing – in spite of telling them she was unshakable. .



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