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She was a new girl in the office, and the day I met her, I knew things were going to get hot. She was younger then me, about 23, with a nice body hidden under some rather frumpy clothes. She was Indian, with nice dark skin, a thicker accent, and hair past her shoulders. A nice firm pair of breasts stuck under her sweater, just begging to be let out. I immediately put on the charm, introducing myself and giving her a look that told her just what I thought of her. She shook my hand firmly, and throughout the day, we got to know each other. Right off the start, personal space was not an issue, she let me close, closer than most people would. I would crouch down at her level so she could look right into my eyes, and where I could get a nice view between her denim-laden legs. It was day number two that we got really talking, helping her get Yahoo Messenger running so we could converse privately. I asked her if she had family here, and slipped in a question about a husband or boyfriend. When she said “Oh no!” I went for the through, returning back with a “How does a girl like you stay single in this city?” If she didn’t think I wanted to fuck her before, she knew now. After much back and forthing, we called it a day and went home. I was out of town, away from my wife for a business trip, and discovered I had wireless access. Hard and horny, I logged onto Yahoo, and sure enough, there she was, with “View my webcam” enabled. I messaged her and wished her a good eve, and she immediately messaged back. After a few minutes of casual banter, I decided to ask if she did in fact have a cam.

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   A minute later her pretty young face was smiling at me on screen. The first thing I noticed was that the frumpy clothing was not in attendance, and was replaced by a cute, reveling spaghetti strap top. I could clearing see her very firm cleavage, sitting, so invitingly in the middle of her exposed chest. I typed to her that I did in fact now see a young, hip girl, and not that stoic office drone. She giggled and wrote back to me how she keeps her professional life just that, but she does like to enjoy herself in the evening. All I could think of was how much I could enjoy those tits. After a little bit, her phone rang, she got up, and I was pleased to see that not much of her lower half was covered by a very short pleated short skirt. Her legs were great, nice and toned, and long, much longer than they really are. When she cam back, I had waiting for her a message that read, “whoa, look at those legs!”. She looked and smiled, and dropped her mouth open in mock shock. Once she typed back, “What about them?”, I knew it was play time. Playing bashful, I simply told her that I didn’t realize she had any under those slacks she wore at the office. She said she did in fact have legs, and thanked me for the compliment I had paid her. After than, she playfully leaned back in her chair, crossed her legs, and placed them on the desk. The view was spectacular, the camera at one end, her hot legs looked a mile long, finally dipping to heaven below the desk.

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   She told me that if I liked her legs, I was welcome to enjoy them, and I certainly did, my chubby was already trying to burst out of my pants. It really did get hard when after fumbling with the keyboard, she uncrossed her legs and placed it on the desk between her knees. Just below the line of the desk was a spread, hot, Indian pussy. Her phone rang again, and she was off again, walking a little slower so that I could see every inch of her legs. She paced in front of the cam, letting me take in the view of her ass, and finally sat down again. Once I had complimented her on her legs again, she grimaced and informed me how dry this country was. She came back to the cam with a body lotion in one had, and flirtatiously put her leg up on the chair, and begun moisturizing her beautiful Carmel skin. Though I desperately wanted to tell her, that was the time I decided I had to start jerking off. I rubbed off hard as I started at her ass, not covered by more than half an inch of her pulled up skirt. I was begging to have her band down a bit, so as to get a peek at her panties. She put down her leg and started the other, the fabric of her skirt ever so briefly providing a glimpse of what appeared to be white panties. I typed quickly that she had better be careful, if she bent that leg any more, she would be showing off something she probably wasn’t intending to. She laughed, and typed that she didn’t think my wife would be to happy if that had happened. I had to agree, but damn…all I could think off while I waked to her legs was how bad I wanted to see that pussy. I decided to let her know that I in fact knew something about her already, and she when enquired back, I informed her that I believe her panties were a bright shade of white.

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   Her faced beamed and her mouth dropped, and she typed back that she was sorry for “accident”. She explained to me that she didn’t want to upset my wife, but when I told her I wasn’t home in fact, she leaned back in her chair and smiled. She asked me how I knew the color of her panties if I wasn’t looking at that area…and I told her forthright that in fact, I had been looking at her buttocks, and that they were covered by so little fabric when she was moisturizing her legs. She said, “Well, I think you in fact were hoping to have a look there, I’ve seen the way you look at me in the office. I’ve looked back, and seen you staring at my ass as I walk by. ” Caught red handed, I informed her I was in fact an “ass man”, and that I did in fact pay particular attention to that particular area a few moments ago. Her smile was sly and mischievous, and when she slowly got up, she typed, “Well, since you enjoyed the view so much, my legs could use a little more cream. ” . She placed her foot on her chair again, and leaned over, the skirt coming up, and revealing a extremely firm buttock, and eclipsing but a fraction of a very thin t-bar of her white panties. She was very clearing trying to let me have a look, and I told her just how much I did enjoy it. Her next step sent my cock into a rage, she lifted her leg up on the table; the eclipse of her button disappeared, and a full view of her panties was reveled. She was wearing perfectly white, thin lace panties. The lace stopped just below where her clit would be, and the rest was nearly translucent cotton. Their brightness stuck out very much against her dark skin, and the dark shadow of a landing strip pussy shave was clearly visible under the lace. The folds of her labia pressed against the cotton, and revealed their delicate shape in shadows.

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   I typed to her, “Now THAT is a view…. . thanks. ”. She smiled at me broadly, and typed back, “Would your wife approve?”. I told her that she’d probably kick me in the head if she knew I was seeing an office associate in this manner, and she laughed more. She stopped creaming her legs, and swung the one on the desk to the left, giving me a view of her front. She held up her leg high so that I had the best view of her goods that I could. The she asked, “Do you play with yourself?” I admitted to her that in fact, I had been playing with myself for some time, and her mouth fell open. She told me how much of a bad boy I was, jerking off to girls without their permission. I told her that she had know way to know if I was or not, and that being honest was what I thought to be the best course of action. She got up and grabbed her phone and a few seconds later, I heard mine ring. The first thing she told me was just how bad I was. When I told her that she didn’t seem to mind, she simply remarked, “No, I don’t”. She asked me if I was really masturbating, and I told her I could prove it.

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   When she asked how, I slobbered up my hand, placed the receiver near my cock, and stroked it nice and sloppy. The look on her face was of sheer shocked pleasure, she knew if was defiantly jerking off for her now. She gathered herself, looked into the camera, and asked if I’d like something to look at while I wanked. She got up on her knees on the chair, turned it around slowly so I could see her from behind, she slowly pulled up her skirt as she asked me if that’s what I wanted to see. I groaned as a positive response, and all I heard was a pleasurable graon back. She had her skirt pulled up over her back, and as she started to bend over, the t-bar of her panties came into view and pulled tight against her clit. I started letting her know how much I appreciated her kind offer by groaning loudly and grunting as I wanked to her spectacular upskirt on the screen. She let out a erotic sigh, and spread her legs a bit. I whispered in hush tones, “Oh God. . that is so nice…I’d give anything to be there. . ”. She responded with a nice “ummm” sound, and asked why I so desperately wanted to be there.
    “So I could fuck you.

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      ”, is all I said. The sound that came over the phone was of sheer pleasure, an absolute confirmation that she would have given anything for me and my stiff cock to be there. She responded back in her thick but refined accent, the words every man wants to hear from a hot woman. “Do you want to see what you’d get to fuck?” My confirmation had religious over tones laced with pure eroticism. She looked back on the phone, nothing but pleasure all over her face…and I saw her free hand begin its journey back. Her hand covered and pulled her ass check aside, then moving up to her back and under her panties. My cock was screaming as her finger wrapped around the cotton t-bar of her panties, and began to pull to the side and down. It was all in slow motion as she pulled her panties aside to reveal her amazing snatch. As the fabric was pulling over and rubbing against her finger on the way down, her tight little asshole became visible. Clean and perfectly inviting, I promised my cock it would get to feel that right Indian anus slip down its shaft. Then, the real goods came out; A bump of flesh after her asshole quickly gave way to a clearly moist arch of pussy. Right there was the only placed my cock wanted to be at the moment, pushing in, feeling that moistness, and disappearing deep inside. The hem of her panties were taught against her labia, and they were pulled aver with the fabric until they broke free. Absolutely perfectly shaped pussy lips framed a a wet slit that was just newly shaved, giving the pre-teen pussy look that made every man horny beyond belief. The top of her fleshy clit was crowned by a line of close cropped, thick, black pubic hair.

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       That hair was just begging for a nose to be buried in it, and I told her so. She said back, “The next time I see you, you can bury your nose anywhere on my body you wish to. ” What she did next was next greatly assisted in the arrival of one of the biggest orgasms I’ve ever had; Once her hand had finished pulling her panties over, they disappeared behind her leg, only to reappear between them. Her middle finger was stretching and found it mark, the arch of her pussy just below her asshole. The second she applied pressure, her lips separated to allow access, and the tip of her finger disappeared in the folks of glory. Keeping her finger where it was, she reached down further, and placed her hands perpendicular to her pussy, her middle finger still just inside. With an audible groan, she pushed her finger deep into her pussy. She held it there, clearly fidgeting about deep inside her hole. She let out a grunt as she pushed hard and deeper. When she pulled it out, her finger was glistening with what was sure to be the sweetest pussy juice I would ever taste. She started pumping her pussy hole nice and deep, graining and grunting into the phone while she fucked herself. After a while of absolute enjoyment, she got up and spread her legs out in front of the cam, sitting on the desk and giving me a view that only God himself could have engineered; her full, dark, dripping wet Indian pussy. She went to work on her clitoris, going for gold, working toward her own orgasm, somewhere I had been very close to for a long time. Telling her just how bad I wanted to fuck her, stick my cock in her tight ass and lick her clit all fucking night, she groaned and yelped as she got closer and closer to home plate. Her hips were gyrating against the desk, her finger moving back and forth against her clit furiously.


       She placed the phone between her air and shoulder, and sent her other hand to work to. She reached around from behind, and in one fluid motion, sent her other hands pointing finger into the tight rosebud of her asshole. He groans became primal as shot not only masturbated her clitoris, but fingered her tight ass up past her second knuckle. The site of her probing her ass sent me over the edge, and her hearing me cum sent her over. The phone went clattering down to the desk as she fingered deep and rubbed furiously, her orgasm racking her body like a massive earthquake. My hands and belly covered in cum, I watched her on cam as she shuddered to a slow down. She pushed her finger as deep up as ass as she could, before pulling it out to pick up the phone. “Holy fuck. ” Was the only thing she could say. I told her how good my orgasm was, and she shared her experience with me. She informed me in hush tones that once I got back to Calgary, she was going to hunt me down, and fuck me where she found me. I told her my cock would be ready and willing any time, any place, also letting her know that if it was in a crowd of people, she’d still get filled with cum. After a soothing discussion, a few more comments of how bad we had to fuck, we hung up and waited for the next week when I’d arrive back in the city. Little did I know how torrid, kinky, and daring out encounter would be. .

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