I got my Sister in Law pregnant.


My brother was married about 2 years ago and he and his wife desperately wanted children. After many tests it was established my brother had a low sperm count and it would be highly unlikely he would be able to father a child. His wife would not go through any artificial insemination as she had heard dreadful stories about it and didn’t want some stranger’s semen impregnating her. His wife – my now sister in law- approached me secretly to see if I would be prepared to be the father – without my brother knowledge. That way the baby would be born with the blood of my brothers family. At first I said – NO WAY. She kept asking, and asking and finally after about 2 months of being harassed and all sorts of promises made I finally agreed. She wanted to fall pregnant naturally which meant I had to sleep with her. My brother and I were quite close and I was finding it hard to face what I had agreed to – to virtually sleep with his wife. I am single but have a relationship with a girl but neither of us is prepared to give each other a commitment to be serious partners or live together. It took me about a month to get my head around it and to finally agree to do it. The fact my brother had no knowledge of what I had agreed to bothered me. I don’t know but I think I would have been far happier if he was aware of what we had planned. She planned to have sex with him regularly and if I impregnated her it would appear as if he had. When we had everything planned and we understood the arrangements, Julie – my sister in law, told me she would wait until her menstrual cycle was in the right phase and then she would contact me and for about 18 days we would have sex every day in an effort to impregnate her. If it didn’t work we had to wait for another month.

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  She rang and said Tony was working his weekend and it would be a good time to start. I said what happens if he wants sex and finds my cum in her. She said he will be working all weekend and providing we don’t have sex after about mid day Sunday she would be fine by Sunday night. She had convinced him to cut back on sex for a while and only have it occasionally and see if he could build up his sperm count. She even convinced him to go onto night shift so they would not sleep together for a couple of weeks as she also worked and he would be sleeping while she worked etc. Everything was organised and planned.   She had told me when her cycle was right rang and I was prepared. She rang and said she was ready. After this weekend she would come to my place each evening while Tony was on late shift and we would do the same thing. She didn’t want her neighbours seeing me there every night. Living in an apartment I didn’t have that problem. The first time I drove over to her place. When I arrived she was as nervous as I was and we sat and talked and had a couple of drinks to settle us down. We talked about how we would do it and we finally agreed I would have sex with her once then wait for an hour and have sex again. After about an hour we both decided it was time – It was the first time I could remember I was going to have planned sex and my cock was not hard.

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   We went to the spare bedroom – she didn’t want me to fuck her in their bed. She said she would just remove her bottom parts and I would remove my pants and we would do it. We were both very nervous as we undressed – my cock was still not hard.  One thing that surprised me was she was clean shaven – I said nothing but I thought well she is into something at least. I started to masturbate it to get it up and she said whats the matter and I said it wouldn’t harden. She came to me and she took my cock in her hand and after a couple of minutes of her playing with it I got firm but not hard and I said I may be able to get it in to her like that. She said no – I will have to do the same to you as I have to for Tony when he is like this and she got down and took my cock into her mouth and sucked and stroked it. I was hard in moments – I had never had a problem before and as soon as I was hard she said see – I am not just a dumb blonde, I know my way around. Tony was shocked the first time I did it to him, but I had a bit of experience before I met him. I said Tony wasn’t your first – she said no I had a few boys before him – I think I was only his second girl. I know you have more scalps than that on your belt – Tony told me you had a nick name of shagger when you were younger.   I was hoping that would help me convince you that I was just another woman when I asked you to do this – I had no idea your morals were so strict. I said they arnt really – its just I think this is not altogether kosher to be fucking my sister in law- it may be considered incest – I don’t quite know the rules there.    She said have no fear – we are not blood relatives so its not incest. By now she was on the bed and I was preparing to enter her.

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   She was an attractive woman and it really wasn’t hard to see her as a body rather than a relative. The only thing that was missing for me was foreplay as I usually like to warm my women up before we get to the fucking stage. I went into her. As my cock slipped into her she murmured – oh shit that feels good – you are bigger than Tony – I think because this is naughty it feels nicer. I hope you don’t shoot blanks too. I said seeing we have secrets – I banged a girl up when we were 18 I know it worked once. She said holy cow what happened – I said we been having sex for a few weeks and I used condoms all the time. One day we did it a couple of times and I had run out so I took a risk and came inside her and we got burned. Her mother insisted on an abortion – I was lucky there. Then it turned out when her mother was preparing her for the abortion – she admitted she had been aborted herself at the same age. After that I was never allowed to see her again. By now I had my rhythm working and I was going through the mechanical actions of fucking Julie. It felt different also – normally when I am fucking a girl its fun and pleasure for us both – this time it was purely a fuck. Unfortunately Julie seemed to be enjoying it and not just laying there waiting for me to cum. Also she wasn’t naked and I rarely fucked a girl with clothes on – I like to include the girls tits and kissing etc while we are making love.

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   This was awkward as a couple of times I bent forward and would have kissed her had I not realised it was my sister in law. It wasn’t even like a quickie – they are normally fast and furious because you have to do it - cum - and get away. The pair of you usually have your underwear etc around your ankles when you do it like that. After about five minutes of pure fucking I wasn’t anywhere near cumming and the longer I went the more Julie seemed to be enjoying it. I said don’t seem to be in the mood – If this were a quickie I would normally have cum by now. Julie said – look I am enjoying this and I shouldn’t be – lets get right undressed and see if you can. As I pulled out she said come on hurry up  - I am missing it already – I want it back in there. By the way do you like me shaven. I did it to try and stir Tony up but it didn’t work and he asked me why I did it. I said I like a bit of hair usually but it looks nice and you must have tidied it up recently – there is no stubble. She said I did it for you – I wanted it to look good for you, knowing you have other girls and I think most girls shave it now – don’t they. I said I hope Tony doesn’t think anything of it, but yes, many do now and shape it as well. We both stripped off and then got back to into it again. This time as I looked down at her tits moving as I fucked her things started to warm up for me. Then she said kiss my nipples I am almost ready to cum – I hadn’t thought she might want to cum – I was only imagining I would fuck her and cum and that would be it – for her to cum wasn’t in my thoughts.

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  Then she started to cum, she grunted softly a few times and I could tell from her face she was cumming but trying not to be too vocal. I said let it all out, enjoy it,  and this bought me on as she really got vocal and physical and began to rake my sides with her legs like she was riding a horse. She was saying Holy shit I don’t do this very often – this is a bonus – I have almost forgotten what it feels like – we are so busy getting him to cum I rarely if ever have an orgasm. She was shagging me now – she was really working her self off on my cock. I began going hard and fast and beginning to enjoy the sex for the first time with her and then I came too, and I shot four or five loads of cum inside her. Then we lay there until I got my breath back had gone completely soft and had squeezed every drop of cum out of my cock and into her. When I pulled out – she looked at me and said – that was great – I enjoyed it. Now we have to wait a while and do it again – I shouldn’t say this but I enjoyed that – it was naughty and nice – forbidden fruit is the juiciest. I went to the bathroom to wash up and when I came back Julie said lets not get dressed lets just wait for a while and we can do it again. By the time I went home that night Julie had wanted sex three times and I was exhausted as after the second time things warmed up and the sex became more like it does normally and I overlooked the fact I was fucking my sister in law. She had another two orgasms and said we should do this more often – three in a row – I havnt had one for months. She looked down at her cunt and her lips were all puffy and swollen with all the fucking we had done. She said well if nothing else I look like we have been enjoying ourselves – I know I have. She said she was taking herself back to her pre marriage days and looking at me as another boyfriend. Then she said the only think I didn’t want was to get pregnant.

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   – now that’s all I want. The only thing we were not doing was kissing – I had included her tits in my sex play, which she liked, and she had given me oral sex for a while until I was close to cumming and then shoved my cock into cunt and her and we fucked until we came again. When I ready to go home she said I want more of the same tomorrow please. I will be looking forward to it. As I drove home I thought what the hell have I got myself into – I was fucking my sister in law and the both of us were having fun – this was more than just baby making. It took me three months of fucking to get her pregnant.   She was really enjoying her affair with me and we fucked three and four times every time we met over the 18 days or so. I had put at least half a litre of cum into her each month I guessed. Some days after we had finished fucking she had cum dripping out of her she had that much up inside her.   She said I hope the sperm that is going to do the trick in not one of them coming out. Actually she fell pregnant after the second month but she wanted to be sure so we did it for the third month. I think she was enjoying it and I didn’t complain as by now the two of us were fucking and she was cumming every time – for her it was a bonus and she couldn’t believe she came every time we did it. Tony had been fucking her only once each time and she never came when he did. She occasionally said to me I wouldn’t mind us getting together once in a while as I am rather enjoying this cumming every time thing. I wasn’t keen to keep this going any longer than it was necessary.

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   I said sure I would enjoy it – but I believed that once she was pregnant it would be over. Tony rang me one day to tell me Joy was pregnant – he was over the moon. I said I was so happy for him. I hope he never finds out that his own brother got his wife pregnant – if only for all the good reasons. During one of our final sessions I asked Joy if Tony had any idea that we had been fucking together and what we were attempting to do. She said no – he was more than happy to be having sex with me and only once has he mentioned I was pretty wet when he went into me. I made some excuse that I was on heat and he accepted it. He is over the moon that he believes he got me pregnant and told me he has been taking some herbal stuff to build up his sperm count. Now he believes it has worked. I myself felt pretty lousy a couple of times thinking about me fucking my own sister in law – after all he was my brother, and I had got his wife pregnant. I just hope the baby never has to have a blood test that compares his blood with his fathers – it wont match and there will be problems I am sure. .