I f***** my friends family PART 1


It all started one night, I was staying at a friends house after a day out . we had done this often in the past so it was nothing unusual. We sleep in the same bed, a big queen size.
We are both 18, and had gone to school togeather since primary . We got into bed . I was feeling particularly horny for some reason, so i decided to have a little play with myself, I was rubbing myself gently as I did not want to disturb Kate, I thought she was asleep,until she rolled on to her side and said to me, "are you doing what I think your doing". I was a bit shocked that she knew what I was doing, but I just said yes no point tryig to cover it up. I said to her I was feeling really horny , she replyed me to , listening to you has made me feel really hot.
So I said to her , why dont you have a rub as well no reason for both of us to lay here feely horny and not being able to do anything about it. We kicked the blankets back and I lifted my arse and pulled my nickers off, I think kate was a bit supprised by this ,but she did the same thing. we both lay back and put our hands onto our own by now very wet pussies and started masturbating . This went on for  a while I could here kate mouningand the slosh of her wet pussy as she rubbed herself faster and faster.
I said to her , why dont we rub each other as it always feels good when someboby else does it, I had rubbed a couple of girls at school but nothing serious . Kate said Oh god I dont know I have never done this before, I said if you dont like it we can stop. So she said ok we moved next to each otherand we put our hands on each other, she was absoluly soaked. I started rubing her slidding her clit between my fingers , moving them up and down gently at first, she was rotating her hips pushing her soaking wet pussy against my hand, I then sliped a finger inside her , she gasped for breath and with her other hand pushed my finger deep inside herself.

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   Shewas pushing my finger into her and pushing here pussy back to meet every thrust with my finger.
I said to her I wanted to lick her, she screamed out OH YES  OH YES , I moved between her wide spread legs and put my mouth on to wet pussy , I was running my tounge the full leath of her pussy I then stuck another finger into her , she called out more put more in , so inserted a third then a forth pushing them in right to the knuckles,all the time useing my tounge on here hard clit. This went on for several minites then she started to breath really deeply and quickly and screamed out IM CUMMING IM CUMMING IM CUMMING. then i felt the gush of her cum onto my fingers that we still rammed all the way up her, I then pulled out my fingers and put my mouth against her pussy so I could suck out her cum.
She layed back totally out of breath with a massive smile on her face.  She looked into my eyes and said to me Im all yours I will do anything you want me to, I want to be your slut . and she said again you can do anything you want to me and i will do anything to you that you want.
 I thought wow this is going to be fun , but right at that moment there was two things I wanted one was to have my pussy eaten and to blow my load all over her face and the other was to stick as many fingers as i could up her hot little arse.
I climbed on top of her and sat on her face, then I screamed eat me slut eat me , I told her to stick her fingers into me,I ground my pussy into her face ,I am sure she was having trouble breathing,but I didnt careI had my hands on either side of her head pulling it into soaking wey pussy while I pushed down on her . All of a sudden I felt start to tingle which rushed through my whole body as  i screamed at kate to pull her fingers out and to drink my cum , I was grinding my pussy into her face and screaming drink my cum you slut do on drink me , I then collaped on to the bed exhausted.
We layed there for a while cuddling and kissing, then kate said to me I ment what I said before I want to be your slut and you can doanything you want to me and I will doanything you tell me . And I liked it when you were being rough with me IT makes me feel like I am being forced to do it ,and that really turns me on.
I said there is one more thing I want to do to you tonight. she said whats that. Im going to stick my finger up you arse, she looked a shocked, as I dont think she had cosidered anal sex.

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   I said to her dont you like the idea of something being shoved up your arse. she said I dont know IT will probably hurt wont it, I said probably I never had anything up my arse . But your my little slut so shut and roll over, kate rolled over on here tummy,I climbed between here legs and started to lick her arse ,I could tell she was enjoying it, as she was lifting her arse to meet my tounge. I then told her to get up on her hands and knees,and pull her arse cheeks apart. I said to her theres two ways we can do this, either nice and gently and slowly ,letting you get use to it so it doesnt cause you to much pain, which is the way I should do it to my good friend. Or of course I could just get two or three fingers and just ram them in , which I am sure would really hurt you and cause you heaps of pain.
Its a hard disision do i treat my wonderful friend right and do it gentally or ,go well fuck her, im just going to give it to her I dont care how much it hurts the dirty slut.
I moved around to her face and said well how are we going to do this ,one way or another your going to have my fingers up your arse so what should it be?.
    Now what did you say you were? Im your slut , well taking that into consideration and as training for other nasty painful things i am going to make you do in the future,Im going to just ram you now get on your hands and knees bitch shove the pillow on your mouth and put your hand on your cunt and start rubbing this is going to hurt.
    I put my fingers togeather and put them up against her tight virginal arse hole, I said are you ready to take it bitch ,I grabbed her thighwith the other hand to stop her pulling away. I pushed my fingers into her tight little opening ,it would go at first it was so tightbut i pushed and her arse stsrted to open up , she was trying to pull away ansd was scraming in pain , but I didnt care I screamed at her to shut up and shoved my fingers even deeper into her. She was obviously in a heap of pain but I just didnt care by this stage I was so turned on I had nothing else on my mind ecept to get every fraction of an inchof my fingers as far up her hot little arse as I could get then. I had reached my knuckes so ai slid them out a bit and I could feel her relax a bit ,so I pulled them almost all the way out  and then shoved them back up just as hard. icontiued to do this for while and i could tell she was getting use it , I told her to rub her pussy as i continued to slid my fingers into her arse hole then with the other hand I smacked her arse cheek really hard , with that she screamed and started to spasmramming arse back against my handuntil my knuckes went into her arse as welland she collaped onto the bed in a massive orgasm.
    She layed there for a while breathless.

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       she the rolled over looked at me ,and said, I AM YOUR LITTLE SLUT AND YOU CAN DO ANYTHING TO ME.