Laura was tapping her shoe on the floor and staring at the ceiling when Dr. Hughes swept into the room. The mid fifties physician picked up Laura's chart and said in a soft voice, "Well, Laura, are we still having our usual problem?" Laura shifted in her chair and with her head hung down and her eyes on the floor replied, "I'm ashamed to admit it, but it's actually gotten worse, and believe me I've tried not to think about it!!!" Dr. Hughes reached out and patted her on the shoulder and offered soothingly, "Dear it's the 1920's, and we have ways of treating your problem, there's nothing to be ashamed of, a lot of women are in the same boat as you are!!!" Laura felt a little better after hearing Dr. Hughes placating remarks, and she dried her eyes and waited for further instructions, while the doctor went to the door and called his nurse in for assistance. Helen Ames, RN, entered the examining room and set up the necessary equipment for Laura's treatment while Dr. Hughes motioned to Laura to go behind the screen and remove her skirt, stockings, and panties. When she was naked from the waist down, Laura hopped up on the examining table and laid down with her legs slightly spread, and the doctor turned on and over head light and adjusted it so that it was pointing directly at Laura's vagina. Dr. Hughes leaned over and gave her crotch a cursory optical exam, and then with his fingers he began probing the young woman's opening, feeling up and down the length of her crack, taking extra time to check out her clitoris!!!When ever the doctor performed this exam, Laura couldn't help but push her vagina hard into his hand, she knew it was wrong, but she couldn't help herself! "It's worse than usual Miss Ames, her clitoris is definitely distended and erect, a classic case of hysteria, here feel for yourself," he ordered! Nurse Ames let her fingers slide into Laura's vagina where upon she let them roam all over her crack until she finally settled on her clitoris! Laura clenched her teeth, trying not to make a sound, but as Nurse Ames fingered and probed her vagina, she couldn't help but let out a long low moan! Both the doctor and nurse looked at each other, shook their heads, and decided on a course of treatment.

"Laura," the doctor intoned, "it is going to be a fairly long session, so I'll start it, and Nurse Ames will finish it up, okay!?!" Laura smiled weakly, and simply nodded her head "yes", almost unable to speak after having her vagina fingered by the two care givers. Laura watched as Nurse Ames set up the hysteria machine and added a long thick attachment to the end of the handle, and she involuntarily moaned again at the thought of what was about to happen! Nurse Ames handed the instrument to the doctor and he began by saying, "This is a new and larger attachment, I think that you will find that it will relieve your hysteria much more efficiently than our usual model!!!" By now Laura's vagina was dripping and gaping open in anticipation of her "treatment"! Dr. Hughes turned on the machine, and the eight inch ivory pacifier started to vibrate while he order his nurse, "Hold her open, Nurse Ames, let's get started!!!" As was true in most cases, Laura almost instantly had the first of several shattering orgasms in her helpless vagina from the initial plunge of the pacifier! As each orgasm tore through her crotch, Nurse Ames recorded everyone of them in her notebook, even going so far as to indicate the depth and severity of each individual climax! After simulating sexual intercourse for the better part of fifteen minutes, Dr. Hughes removed the appliance and let Laura relax for a bit. "That was very good," commented the doctor, "I have to see several other patients, but Miss Ames here will finish off the session for me, when you're done, get dressed and make another appointment with Miss Perkins!" A second later he was out the door and gone, leaving only the two women in the small examining room.
Nurse Ames picked up Laura's chart, wrote in a few entries, and then went over to the box of attachments and pulled out a small round ball, about the size of a large marble.

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   She removed the long ivory attachment and replaced it with the small ball and said, "Now that we've taken care of your vagina we can concentrate on your clitoris, I really feel that is where most of your trouble lies, your clitoris seems to be over engorged with blood, and the only way to relieve the pressure is by manipulation!!!" Again Laura just nodded and waited for phase two of the treatment to begin. A flip of the switch and Laura heard the vibrator begin to hum, and at the same time Nurse Ames used her free hand to open Laura's vaginal lips, exposing her hard clit to the nurse's gaze. "My oh my," she said softly, "you have an absolutely huge clitoris, no wonder you need so many treatments!!!" The first touch of the little ball caused Laura's whole body to tense up, and she involuntarily cupped her breasts through her blouse. Nurse Ames expertly worked the machine over and around Laura's bulging clit, inducing at least three more orgasms from the young woman's vagina! When they were all through, Nurse Ames filled in the rest of Laura's chart and remarked, "Seven orgasms today, dear, I hope that will keep you for another two weeks!!!"
After dressing, Laura stopped at Miss Perkins desk to make another appointment. "Is two weeks from today okay, Miss Edgar," asked Miss Perkins? "Uh no," replied Laura, "let's make it one week!!!"

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