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This story never happened. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.
My first attempt here. I'll try to be as graphic as possible. . . . . . . . :)
I was at home, trying to relax, another day at work was almost unbearable. The door bell rang. It was my landlord, coming to collect the rent. I invited her in, she had company with her. Hi Larry she said in her usual upbeat tone, how are you? I'm fine, just a little tired I replied.

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   She said this is my friends daughter Mindy.
I smiled a tired smile and said hi. Have a seat; I directed both of them to the empty couch.   I had already noticed that this girl had on a sort of blouse, that was almost completely open in the front, and when she bent to sit down, her tit came out to say hi. I stared for a moment, thinking. . . . . . ok that was unexpected.
 She couldn't have been older than 14, but nice breasts, from what I had already seen. I grabbed my wallet to get the rent money, as I  counted it out, Mindy saw my cat; Oh I love cats she said, as she grabbed it up into her lap. Her firm breast was showing quite a bit, and I found myself, staring as she played with the cat.   I handed the landlord the money, she counted it and put it away.

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   We chit chatted for a bit, all the while I kept looking to see that wonderful breast I had been shown.
 Many thoughts raced thru my mind. Then it hit me, I'd love to fuck this cute girl. I couldn't believe I was thinking this, But I accredit it to her beautiful breasts. Mindy was maybe 5'4, brown hair, just a wee little bit chunky. Pale skin,
They weren't the perky kind, but more like an older girls that would hang slightly, and round. Sharon, my land lord asked if she could use the bathroom, I pointed the way. Mindy was still holding the cat, and I was still staring at her more than ample cleavage. From the bathroom I heard a cell phone ring, and Sharon talking to someone. She came out still talking on the phone. She sounded very concerned. She put her phone away and said That was my sister, she's very ill, I need to get to the hospital. Lets go Mindy. . she said, then she said oh my I cant take you in the hospital, they aren't allowing anyone under 18 in due to some odd reason.

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   I sat there not knowing what to say.
Mindy yelped Can I stay here? Sharon looked at her and said. . now Mindy thats just rude, you cant just invite yourself to stay like that. She stood pondering what to do, then she looked at me and said Larry would you mind watching her? Her Mother is out of town and she's staying with me for a week. I kind of stuttered. . . umm umm, sure I guess it would be OK. Mindy said yaaa, I don't like hospitals.  Sharon said . . . Ohhh thank you Larry, she gave me her cell number, and asked are you sure this is OK? I told her it was fine, go ahead and go. She said she had no idea how long she would be.


  . . I said don't worry, Mindy will be fine.
 With that being said, she thanked me and rushed out the door. I closed the door, and sat back on my short couch. I asked Mindy . . . . . So, what school do you go to? She mumbled something middle school. Damn I thought, how old is she, I'm in 8th grade, and I'll be 18 tomorrow she said. WOW was all I could think. I've been staring at a 18 yr olds tits. But they didn't look that young ( her tits).

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   We talked about the cat for a bit, I asked if she was thirsty, she said hell yes I'm dying of thirst. I looked at her, and thought. . . . . . okay. I grabbed a soda from the fridge. She drank her soda, as I looked her over. Finally I kinda blurted out, . . . . ya know your tit is trying to come out, she looked down, at her cleavage, and pulled her blouse closed and said I'm sorry I didn't know they were showing.

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   I told her it was OK.
She replied my boyfriend likes to look at them, thats why I wear this blouse. Boyfriend. . I thought. Hmmm. She said I guess you older guys don't want to see a girl my age tits', I said no no its OK, she said, do they look OK? I had to think . . . . . . OK how do I answer that, I said, no they're fine. I just saw a part of em, but they look ok I guess. I added I dunno, lemme have a look at em, just to be sure.

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   I held my breath waiting to see what she would say. OK, she slipped her blouse up over her head, and leaned over towards me. They were beautiful thats all I could say,
 Without realizing it I had cupped each one in my hands, I gently squeezed them, fully hypnotized by the softness. She moaned. My cock sprang to life. I moved closer, my face near her sweet hard nipples. I looked up at her. . . . . May I? mmmm hmmm she murmured. I took her nipple into my mouth, and gently sucked on it, licking around the arreola. She moaned and said. .

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  . . that feels good, your mouth is hot. I wish my boy friend could do it like that. She smiled. . . . I continued licking and fondling these 2 young breasts from heaven. I stood up to move onto the couch next to her.
She saw the bulge in my pants.  Then she grabbed my belt and slid my zipper down, What are you doing I said. . . .

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   I want to see your dick she replied, as she pulled my cock out. Oh wow its big, she wrapped her hand around the shaft, and slowly pumped it. Then she took it in her mouth, that blew my mind and I almost blew my wad. She sucked it into her warm mouth, I said . . . . . wait slow down, or I'm gonna cummmmm, I exploded in her mouth, she stopped sucking and kept it in her mouth while I shot my hot cum, pulse after pulse squirted out, Oh god that feels good I murmured.
My cum filled her willing mouth, her cheeks looked like a squirrels cheeks filled with nuts. I stood motionless, as the last stream of cum pumped into her mouth. She pumped my shaft and slowly withdrew her mouth, I started to head to the kitchen to get a towel, Mindy held my arm as she slowly swallowed my whole load of cum.
I couldn't believe it. I said. .


  . did you swallow all of that?. . . she smiled and wiping her mouth. . . said yes. I like the way it tastes. A drop of cum started to drip from my cock, she licked it up. I couldn't really fathom what had just happened. But I knew that was the best cock sucking I'd ever had. I picked her up and lay her down on the couch. With out saying anything else, I quickly unbuttoned her pants, pulled them  off and dove down into her wet pussy. I stabbed my tongue as far inside her as I could.


       She tensed up, and moaned. I licked her clit, like a man possessed,
    I took her whole pussy into my mouth, sucking, licking, as if to get my face inside her. Her moans got louder, she arched her back, fingers gripping the cushions on the couch, I plunged my tongue deep inside, she screamed loudly, I thought for a second I had hurt her, She wimpered. . . . . dont stop. Thats all I needed to hear, I rammed my tongue back inside her as she exploded into orgasm. . . . her sweet cum ran from her pussy,
    I greedily lapped at her hole, drinking in the sweetest cum I had ever tasted. I dove in again, forcing her into a mind boggling multiple orgasm, my face was soaked, my mouth was a vacuum, sucking her cum out, she began trembling, as the orgasms rolled thru her body. 3.

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      . . 4. . . 5. . 6 she collapsed, I sucked her juices as fast as I could. My cock was rock hard again, I moved my self between her legs, in a weak voice she said. . . . . . are you going to fuck me?.

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       I parted her sweet pussy lips with the head of my cock. . . . what do you think I said. . .
    I gently slid my cock inside her. dam she was tight. But I entered with relative ease. Her pussy was silky wet, and I pushed until my cock was completely buried inside her. I stopped for a few seconds, the feeling was intense, she moaned loudly, and pushed against me sinking my cock in deeper. I could feel her muscles gripping my cock, the taste of her cum in my mouth, filling my senses.
     I slowly began grinding into her pussy, deeper and deeper, not once did I withdraw, only thrusting into her. I lay down upon her, grinding and pushing into her.

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       She buried her face into my shoulder, moaning, screaming, my pubic bone against her clit. I held her tight, as I continued grinding into her. Never have I felt anything like this. Suddenly she screamed, as her body convulsed into orgasm, my cock deep inside her, my arms wrapped tightly around her. I felt her cum explode from within, nowhere to go. I pumped deeper I began to tremble, my heart raced,
     My body tensed. What was happening?. . . . I pushed harder into her tight pussy. I began to see stars, I was cumming, Hard pulses ran thru my body into hers, I moaned oh my god. . . .


      . My hot cum forced its way into her in almost violent jolts. Again and again I shot cum, still grinding her soaked pussy, she screamed again into my shoulder, we were as one, lost in a mindless darkness. I came for almost 5 minutes. I lay on her. . . sapped of everything. She lay there under me, breathing heavily. . . . both of us unable to move.
    After about 18 minutes I was able to pull my cock out of her, it was as if I had pulled a plug from a bath tub, cum gushed out, the couch was soaked under her. My cum mixed with hers.

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       I slid my cock back into her wet messy hole, I have never felt a pussy so wet as hers. I pulled out of her and moved up and lay my sticky cock on her lips, she opened and slowly licked me clean. She said. . . Your turn, pointing to her pussy. This. . . I've never done before. But down I went, I licked at her swollen clit, soon I was lapping up OUR cum from between her legs. It wasnt long before I was hard again, I slid my cock back in her pussy and banged her as hard as I could, my cock sliding in and out was a sight I wont soon forget. We spent the next 6 hrs fucking and sucking up each others cum.
    THE END   let me know if you like this story. .

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      . . . . . . . . . .