Hot Little Neighbor Girls 2: Tiffany joins the action!


Stephanie had gone home, and I spent the rest of the night replaying how I'd fucked her in the garage clubhouse earlier. As was my ritual, I jacked off to some of my collection of "special porn" before going to sleep, and as I had the next day off again, had planned on doing some more work outside.   I woke the next morning, ate breakfast and went outside to see Stephanie and her sister Tiffany sitting on my front porch.  "Good morning, girls!" I said. "Would you like something to drink?" "Sure" they replied. "Can we come inside?" Who was I to turn down such cuties- especially since I'd just fucked one of them the day before.  "Come on in!" I said as they stood and followed me inside.  I poured 2 glasses of orange juice and gave one to each of the girls.  "So, what brings you here so early today?" I asked, cheerfully. "Well," Tiffany started, a glimmer starting in her eyes, "Steph told me all about yesterday. ""Really?" I said. "What did she say?" Steph smiled at me.  "Well," Said Tiffany with a naughty grin, "She said you screwed her. And that she let you put your dick in her mouth and it was fun! I told her I wanted to do it too, and she said you'd be ok with it!" "Really? Is that what she said?" I winked at Steph, who smiled again. "Well, what makes you think you're ready for that?" I asked Tiffany as I eyed her up and down.  "ohhhh- I came ready.

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  " She replied, pulling the leg of her shorts to one side, giving me a perfect view of her smooth little pussy. I instantly felt my cock hardening. "I didn't wear any panties!" She giggled a little, touching herself before letting her shorts leg fall back into place. I drew the blinds on the kitchen window and took my cock out of my jeans. Approaching Tiffany, I said "have you ever sucked a dick before?" Touching it, she said, "No. But I saw ladies sucking before. on a porn we snuck!" "Hmmm. Steph, why don't you show your sister how to do it?" I asked, scooting her chair next to Tiffany's.  "Ok. " She said, smiling. she went down on me, taking as much of the shaft in her mouth as she could, bobbing her head up and down, and working her tongue and lips on my cock like a pro! I was enjoying it so much, but I had a second little girl to play with now, so I said. "Now you try, Tiff!" She was a quick learner, I'll say that! She licked up and down both sides of the shaft before taking it in her mouth. She imitated the rhythm her sister had been doing, and I'll say that she caught on quick! Her mouth felt so good on my cock that I thought I might explode! I held off with a shot of willpower though, and kept from cumming for the time being. I had to fuck her now. .

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  . I took my cock out of her mouth, took her hands and stood her up.  "Ok, Tiff. Now I think it's time! Come with me, girls!" I took them to the living room, where I sat on the floor. Stephanie stripped while I took her sisters clothes off. Tiffany immediately lay down on the floor with her legs spread, her knees bent, ready to be taken missionary style.  "I'm ready!" She giggled. "Are we gonna screw now?" She wiggled her hips playfully, and her pussy looked so delicious, I had to lick her. I took off my jeans and t shirt, and knelt down to lick her pussy.  "As you wish, Ms. Tiffany!" I said, running my tongue along her slit. "But first, we have to make sure your pussy is nice and wet! Have you been screwing the hairbrush too?" "Yes! And Steph says your cock is better!" She responded, working her hips in time with my tongue. I made sure she was good and wet, slipped a finger in her pussy then crawled on top of her with my cock ready to slide into her.  "Are you ready, Tiff?" I asked, rubbing my head on the opening of her pussy. "YES! Fuck me! Fuck me! Screw me now!!" She said, thrusting toward me.

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   I obliged, and slid my cock in her as far as it would go with one stroke! "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" She moaned as I started to fuck her nice and hard and slow. "MMMMMMMMMMMM!!! GOD!! IT's SO BIG!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! YES, FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME!!!" By some miracle, I didn't cum instantly. I kept my hardon for about a half hour, and fucked her missionary style, from the side, and finally pulled her tiny ass up in the air and slid into her from behind.  "I'm going to cum in you now, Tiff! Steph, should I cum in your sister's pussy now?" I looked over and noticed that Stephanie had her panties around her knees and she was playing with her pussy as she watched, and as she did, she panted, "Yes! Cum inside her!! Tiff!! It's going to feel so good! All hot and kind of sticky and slippery!!" My cock started to throb, and I pulled Tiffany's hips back as I thrust into her, and it only took 5 more strokes to start cumming in her. I filled her tight little smooth pussy all the way up, and even felt my cum coating my own cock and running out onto my balls and on Tiffany's thighs. I pulled out of Tiffany and wasting no time, stood in front of Stephanie. She wasted no time and started to lick my cum off my shaft, and then sucked me, milking me for every last drop I had! What a great way to start a day! Off and on, I spent the rest of the day with the girls. Between lunch, video games and a movie, I had sex with them both 2 more times each, and was so drained by that night that I hardly had the energy to jack off- except that before they left, Stephanie kissed me and handed me her panties. "For later. . . " she said, smiling. "See you tomorrow!" And they turned and walked toward home.   It had been 2 amazingly hot days in a row, and I wondered if it could be any better! I had no idea. .

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  . >:) Until next time. . .  .