hot goth chick PART 1


Topic: hot goth chick PART 1 It was the summer of 2007 i was out visiting a friend on the other side of town we have been mates for years i guess you could say i was part of his family.
While i was at his house his little sister had her friends come and go from time to time and i never paid much attention to them because for the most part they were not that good looking to me and secondly i felt like i was part of there family and looking at my friends little sis and her friends felt wrong.
But that was too change even though i didnt intend it to.
One particular day while i was at my frinds house we me and my friend were kicking back with a couple of beers watching motor sport and there came a knock at the door and as i said already i was like a member of the family so i got up and went to the door when i opened it the was the sweetes looken hunny ive ever seen a goth chick with long black hair green eyes pale skin and a nice shade of black and red make up .
she looked up and asked if Sam was home ? [ my friends little sis ]
i said yeah come on in
I could not belive a goth would ever turn me on but this girl was a very slim [ un like most of Sam's friends ] and she had a perfect body shape for her height around 4 and a half maybe five foot tall a pair of breasts that could just fit in my hand.
After i let her in and closed the door behind her i went back to sit on the couch and my friend asked me
So who was at the door ?
i replied i dont know just some little goth chick .
trying to hide the fact i thought she was a little hottie . and my friend asked me
So do you think she is hot or what ?
i replied yeah i guess so for a youngster
And he said yeah your not wrong
After a couple more hours went by i decided that it was time for me to leave and as i was saying good bye Sam  came out of her room and asked me if i could drive her friend home i replied yeah but im leaving now so if she is read to leave then ill do it then i went to my car to wait for her.
I couldnt belive my luck i was about to get time alone to talk to this hot goth chick after a couple of minute she came out side to where i was sitting in my car and hoped in .
So what is your name any way and in a very girly typ voice she intoduced her self and said her name is Victoria and i replyed well my mane is Paul
So Victoria where do you live and she replied the top end of your street and a asked so how do you know where i live and Victoria replyed Sam told me. Oh ok that how so off we went
As we where traveling along i wanted to get to know Victoria as much as i could by asking a lot of questions includeing her age a has she got a boyfriend as most of Sam's friends dont .
It turns out she is a 18 years old and single but she has dated boy before and she was looking for a guy a little older than her self i thought to my self well im single and im older than you how about it but of couse didnt say it out loud .

Just as i pulled up my street Victoia asked if i was single and if i was looking for a girlfriend and of couse i said yeah im looking for a girlfriend and with that she told me well im a virgin and i want to find a guy that can show me what its like to make love some one with a big dick not like these boys ive been with in the past.
Hearing this i just about shot my load and crashed my car i couldnt belive what i was hearing it was a whole lot of a turn on listenig to this 18 yo talk tis way .
Then she put her hand on my leg and asked do you tink im sexy and i blurted out hell yeah [ smooth hey ] i do think your sexy and just i parked my car up her drive she asked for a mobile number so i thought yeah why not so i gave her my number and with that she pecked me on the cheek and said thanks as she giggled and jumped out of my car .
Couple of days later i got a text msg on my phone and it read im at home and every one is out and if i could come see Victoria so i picked up my stuff and headed of on foot when i got to her house there was a message on the front door of her house and i read take myself around the back of the house with the piece of paper and wait in the back yard so i did that .

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When i got around the back of the house there was a big window on the back of the house then some not so heavy goth metal started to play and all of a sudden Victoria appeared in the winow wearing a short black dress and she started to dance around intune with the music and did strip show in front of me in the window .
first the top of her dress fell of her sholders and with her arms crossed she stoped it from falling down to far and then she preceeded to slowly slid it down her 18 yo body to revieal a nice pare of soft breasts with dark little nipples and all of a sudden she droped the reast of it to the floor and was standing before me totally naked .
My jaw droped and my cock rose at the site of this hot goth chick totally naked then with one finger she directed me to come closer to the window and she stood back droped onto a bed behind her and started to rub her tittys with one hand and play with her hairless pussy with the other.
I was totally shocked at what i was seeing and i was so tirned on that i could have droped my cock out and started to pull my self off watching this beautiful sight .
After a couple of minute Victoria jumped off the bed and droped the blind closed . and seconds later she sent me a text message to go home and wait for her to make contact with me again .



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