Hitch Hiker 3


Topic: Hitch Hiker 3     My boyfriend and I had been going at it hot and heavy for accouple of months. every weekend I would spend my time with him as his neice, We would go out to places every week, He never seemed to worry that someone might recognize me a preteen boy. He always dressed me in short skirt and dresses. Making sure I either wore stockings and garters or pantyhose with ankle or knees socks. He taught me how to tape my dick and balls between my thighs  just in case someone got a look up my dress. They wouldn't see the shape of cock and balls but a mound of what was suppose to be my pussy. It was alittle strange at first, but he would love to put his hand under my dress and feel my mound. Sometime it would start to get hard and it would hurt because of the restraints. But I was his girl and I could take it.
     This weekend I was with him in his home and he reminded me that he had invited some of his buddies over to play cards and would I mind being the hostess. You know serving snacks and getting them drinks and just doing what ever they ask, I told no I didn't mind being the hostess. Anything to make you happy. He told me I was such a good girl to do this for him. He picked me up and french kissed me carring me to the bed room. He laid me down on our bed and told me I deserve a reward for being so good. I snuggled up nest to him when he laid next to me in the bed.

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     He leaned over and started kissing me and running his hands all over my body. I loved it when he did this, it made me feel femmenin. He started to unbutton my blouse and reached in to play with my nipples,He opened my blouse so he could suckle my little nipples and making me horny as hell. As he suckled me I reach down between his legs and run his monster. He was as hard as a rock. I loved it everytime I knew I was able to make his monster hard. It made me feel like I had a power over his monster. To be able to make it stay hard. As I played with his monster he reach under my dress and started playing with my mound making me hard. I was wiggling as he rubbed me thru my silk panties. He was turning me on I wanted him to remove the tape so my dick was free. But he told me no, he wanted me taped when he fucked me. He did that alot, so I continued rubbing his dick as he rubbed and suckled me. He pulled my panties off of me and threw then to the floor. I reached into his and pulled his monster out.

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   I played just with his dick head. I could feel it pulse the more I teased it.
     My boyfriend then got up on his kneels and reached into the night stand and brought out the KY Jelly. When he did that I brought my knees up to my chest and pulled them under my arm forcing my ass into the air. I then waited for him to pour the jell in my ass.  He started to pour the jell and insert two of his finger in me to make sure i'm well lubed. Then he coated his dick jacking it off to make sure it slid smoothly. He didn't want it sticking causing me pain. He always worried about hurting me seriously with his 10" monster. So far the only time he ever hurt me was the very first time when he raped me. Since then he was as gentle as he could be with his monster entering my tight openings.
      As I am laying there waiting patiently for him to mount me. I insert my finger into my boy pussy. It feels so nice with two of my fingers pumping in and out of my hole. He watches me play with my up turned ass as he jacks his dick.

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   He moans "MMMMMMMMM" your one hot lady. I dearly love making love to you. I tell him he is my only love and for him to mount me NOW I'm ready. I take my fingers from my boy pussy as he leans over me.  
      He positions his dick over my boy pussy and aligns it to the opening. He applys his weight to me as he slowly starts to enter me. It is hurting again as he starts to enter me. I bite my lip and moan. He takes it slow til he has his head inserted into me then he slides it all the way in til he bottoms out on me with 3 inches still out of my pussy. When he hits bottom I let out a little grunt. He rests for a minute or two to let my open adjust to massive monster. then he slowly draws his dick out of my opening til just the head is in me. He pushed it deep into me again getting faster and faster. He is now pounding my opening for all its worth. I am doing everything it takes to hold on to him in his frantic thrust of desire.

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   He is pounding me into the bed springs with every thrust. I am enjoying every bit of it. The more he pounds me with his monster the closer I come to my orgasum. He can usually tell when I'm about to go off. He pickes up his thrusting even more so he could go with me. Just as I'm start to orgazum. I feel my tummy getting warm as he deposits his sweet load into my boy pussy. He then burys as much of his monster in me and lays on top of me til he is spent. We lay together for a short time til  he rises off me kisses my lips.  He gets off the bed leaving me panting from the thrashuing my poor little boy pussy took. As he walks away he tells me to take a shower and get my shortest party dress on with all the frills. His guest would be here within an hour. Hearing that I jump off the bed and fall to my knees as my legs ae week from our session. I pick myself off the floor and stumble to bathroom to get ready. With my boyfriend laughing at my antics. 

     The door bell rings I run to the door to be next to by my lover when he greets his friends. He opens the door and his four friends are standing there poking and joking each other. My boyfiend greets the all with hand shakes and the he turns his attention to me. He tells them this is my neice Lisamaria. She will be our hostess tonight. Anything you you want just tell her she will take care of you. They look at me giving me compliments on my short dress and how lovely I look. I thank them and they enter the house and head for the game room. I have already set the table with sandwiches and snack. I ask them all what they want to drink and they all tell me beer. So I scury to get to serve them. When I am not waiting on them I stand next to my boyfriend and watch him play.
     As the night gets long, everyone is getting drunk. I have been getting them what they wanted. When I deliver I feel hands going under my dress as I stand next to them.

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   They run their hands up and down my legs. I blush as they play with my legs. My boyfriend sees me turning red. He askes whats he doing to you sweety. I not know I was suppose to be getting that and more, I just nothing. He asks me are you serveing him like I ask you to do. I tell him I think I am serving him ok. But his friend says no she isn't. My ,mouth drops open and i try to speak. when my boyfriend askes what hasn't she done for you Willy. He blurts out "She hasn't given me head yet". I just stand there dumb founded. My boyfrind askes me"why haven't you given him head yet. I stumble getting the words out I didn't know you mean that. He then tellme he ment that and more.

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   He says if anyone of these gentlemen want to take you to bed you go with them. DO you understand? I tell him know. I thought I was your girl only. He then tells me that I am, but I am the hostess of the party and it was my job to amke sure everyone left happy. I felt dejected I hung my head down. I crawed under the table and found Willys lap. I reached up and unzipped his pants. I reached in and took his soft dick out of his pants. I started to stroke it trying to get it hard. it started to grown a little bit. I then leaned in and took his dick into my mouth. As soon as my mouth went around his tool it got bigger. it wasn't as big as my boyfriends. I was able to take it all the way down my thraot. I sat there deep throating for about two minutes when I was swallowing his cream down my throat.

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   I sucked him til I drained him. Then I put his dick away and crawled out from under the table. My boyfriend asked Willy how was she? He told him I was excellent. My boyfriend smiled and says I could of told you that.
      I servesed his other buddies under the table taking them all down my throat. I was now heading for my bed room with Willy. He wanted to fuck me. So I grabbed his hand and lead him to the bed. He was standing next to the bed where I undid his cloths and let them fall to the floor. He had me bend over the edge of the bed. He then lift my dress and dropped my panties down my legs and on to the floor were I stepped out of them. I opened my legs wide. I told Willy where then lube was, but he just spit in his hand and rubbed it on the head of his cock. He then put his cock to opening and shoved his cock Deep, into me with such pain it buckled my legs.  I screamed bloody murder as he got all his cock inside me.

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   He didn't stop for me to get accustome to it. He just went to pounding my ass. I was crying and whimpering as he had his way with me. He would reach around and pinch me hard on my nipple making me cry out more. Every time I cried out he would chuckle to himself. I was not enjoying this at all. As he kept pounding me another one of the player came into to see wht all the yelling was about. He seen what fun his friend was having and took off his close and got on the bed in front of me waving his dick in front of my face. He took me by my hair and told me to open my mouth. When I opened my mouth he immediately shoved his cock all the way into my mouth that he made me choke with surprise. I was being pumped from both ends at the same time. Thrusting deep into my opening. I was choking from the blow job I was getting and bleeding from the ass beating Willy was giving my por boy pussy. The guy in my mouth took me by my hair as he got close to cumming. When I felt his first spurt of cum he jammed his cock all the way down my throat and held me there choking and gaggling.

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   I got it all down my throat but this time it kind of burned as it went down from the rough treatment it had been getting. When the guy in my mouth finished he went out and told the rest of the players what had had done to me. All I hurt was loud laghter. Willy was pounding my ass just as he was about to shoot his load. He pulled out of my ass and told me to turn around and suck his cock. I turned and he shoved his cock into my throat then let me have all of his spunk. I drank it down then I clean his cock of my shit and blood. When he finished  he turned me around again. he lifted my dress then he spanked me very hard I started to cry. He beat me for about 5 minutes making me to cry hard and turning my ass cheeks into firng red heated.  He pushed me on the bed and left me there.
    I laid there for a few minute when the other two men came into the room. They dropped their clothes and crawled into bed with me. The taller of the two started to kiss my lips. He told me that I was going to take both of their dicks into my ass at the same time.


   I pleaded with them not to do this to me. He just laughed and said sorry it has to be this way. I started to cry again as I laid there waiting for this undeserved punishment I was going to get. He rolled me to the edge of the bed and shoved my legs off. He then went to the night stand and got the lube out. The two ment oiled each other up then the first man entered my sore bleeding ass. I let out a moan. Then the other man entered my ass, I screamed from the pain of having two big dicks up my ass. Even my boyfriends wasn't that thick. They were splitting me open. Once both were inside me. They both started to thrust all of their meat into me. I was crying and whimpering as they laid into me. One of the men grabbed my hair forcing me to meet their thrust as they drove themselfs into me. It didn't take long for the tall man to start to unloading his spunk into me.

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   This caused the other man to start his off. They loaded my ass with so much cum. It was running out of me like a faucet. The tall man pulled out of my ass and came around to my face and pushed his cock into my mouth so I could clean him. I sucked him clean and waited for the secand man to pull out so I could clean his too. While I was cleaning the second man he told me I did real good. He said he could hardly wait for the next card night so he could be with me again. With hios cock in my mouth all I could do was whimper at the thought of another card night.
     I cleaned myself up and went and stood by my boyfriend til the night was over. When the men left my boyfriend took me to the bedroom. Where I broke down crying in the middle of the bed. All I could say was "WHY? WHY? WHY?
      Hope you like this. This is the end of the Hitch Hiker. I might come out with more in alittle bit. Let me know if you want more and different stories.

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