Heretics (Chapter Two)


"Celia is my name" she replied. A noise down the hall frightened them both. Celia quickly ran into the darkness and disappeared. Sofie sat there trying to figure out what would become of her. Thoughts of her family quickly filled her mind. She knew they had to be worried sick about her by now. Little did she know what was really happening with them. Once again, Mary Agnes entered the room. She was accompanied this time by two women who appeared to be no more than 20 years old, and a very muscular man that she had seen in the congregation. The three were all scantily dressed and Mary Agnes was clad in her typical churchish clothing. She always had that cruel school marm persona about her. They spoke in quiet whispers, not letting her hear what was being planned. The man approached, holding a key in his hand. He unlocked the shackles and scooped the poor girl up in his arms. She was carried to a new table this time. It was oddly shaped with two holes about 18 inches in diameter and was completely padded on top with heavy brown leather.

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   Two adjustable restraints were bolted to the tabletop, and two were welded to the sides of the table legs. A terribly uneasy feeling spread over her as she was sat on her feet in front of the table. The older looking one of the two girls quickly grabbed her wrists and locked them into place. She was positioned so her breasts dangled through the holes in the table. She knew better than make a sound or the dreadful gag would be returned to her mouth. She closed her eyes, hoping that this would be brief. She felt the steel encircle her ankles as they were lifted, spreading her legs wide as she was forced to rest her weight upon the padded surface. A thick strip of black velvet was used to cover her eyes, tied tightly into place. She became even more frightened now that she could not see what was about to happen. Moments later, she felt something covered in a warm gooey substance pushing into her puckered little opening. Sofie bit down hard on her lower lip as she felt the tip of it spreading the tight ring of muscles. She tried to force back a loud groan but it still slipped free. The others delighted in this. The object pushed deeper until it was lodged deep inside her. Mary Agnes held the hollow metal shaft as she turned the dial methodically slow.

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   Sofie's entire body stiffened as she felt dozens of little pin pricks into the sensitive lining of that cavity. A thin liquid began to flow from the tiny hollow needles and into her flesh. She screamed in agony as a burning pain began to spread through her as the liquid flowed. Her body jerked and twisted in the restraints. The others laughed cruelly as they watched the girl's condition worsen as more of the saline solution was pumped into her. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she sobbed. The knob was turned again, retracting the needles so the shaft could be removed. It was then inserted into her pussy. She struggled against her restraints as she felt the steel slip inside. The procedure was then repeated. Her screams filled the room as the needles dug into the tender flesh and began to pump the wicked liquid into her. Once the solution was emptied into her the device was removed and the put away. The lining inside both of her orifices began to painfully swell as a deep burning pain riddled her body. Mary Agnes then was handed a speculum. The duck bills gleamed as she smeared the thick substance over them before putting them to the opening of Sofie's abused little fuck hole.

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   They spread her painfully with each click. A new pain surged through her as the mineral ice began to irritate the fleshy interior. With her vagina held open now, Mary Agnes turned her attentions to the rubber tubing that also had been coated with the same substance. Carefully she positioned it at the opening of her urethra. The tube was a tiny bit larger than the opening but it did not matter. Very slowly, Mary Agnes began to push it into position. A small amount of blood seeped from inside as the walls were scraped raw. The ointment instantly began to burn. She thrashed wildly in pain but the man placed his hand on the center of her lower back and pinned her into position. The tube was secured into place and they moved on to new preparations. The speculum was removed slowly and laid aside to be cleaned. One of the women then crouched down next to the table as the other prepared a syringe. Sofie was unaware of what was to happen next. Her nipple was then yanked hard. Suddenly, she felt the tip of the needle pricking the center of her nipple and being pushed in.

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   As it inserted into the little pink nub, the fluid began to be injected at varied depths. She screamed in pain as her nipples began to swell and ache as the rest of her. Then the other nipple received the same treatment. It was only moments later that she felt the needle penetrate her clit, injecting it with the same saline solution. Her body was on fire and nothing offered any relief from the torment. Her body twitched and jerked. The agonizing pain was pushing her to her wits end. With a nod from Mary Agnes, the man wheeled the cart back over. Both holes were swollen almost shut from the saline injections, making easy penetration nearly impossible. The scent of mineral ice again wafted on the air as a thick glob was spread over both of the shafts. Each was placed at one of her openings. The original shafts had been replaced with larger ones today. The vaginal insert had been changed from the smooth steel to one with small raised bumps along the shaft. The anal intruder was about half an inch thicker than the one from yesterday's assault. She felt the smooth tips against her flesh.

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   The dreaded click was heard and the machine was switched on. Sofie cried out loudly as the large steel rods embedded themselves in her two swollen cavities. Her body was jolted back and forth with each thrust of them. The pain was so unbearable her head began to swim. She was quickly losing her voice, which now sounded faint and raspy. Her body was too weak to even try to struggle against the torture. The man then moved in front of her. His semi erect cock dangled in front of her face as he pulled the thin material that covered it down. She had never before seen such a large one. Her eyes drifted upward to his face. She wanted to plead with him not to make her do this but the words just came out an injured groan. He took a step back as he reached down. A metal frame with small padded area and three straps hanging from it swung up and locked into place. One of the girls, Shelly, grabbed Sofie's hair and lifted her head. Her head was secured with the straps so she could not move.

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   "Now Sofie, Be a good girl and drink every drop of this down. We don't want you to get dehydrated," Mary Agnes said with a sadistic glee as she watched Henry insert the head of his cock into her mouth. Seconds later a warm stream of urine flowed into Sofie's mouth, causing her to gag and sputter. She received a sharp slap across the back with a thin leather whip as some of it escaped her mouth. "You heard me Sofie. DRINK IT" she demanded. Sofie felt as if she would throw up from the vile liquid but she did as she was told, hoping it would lesson the punishment somehow. As she swallowed down the last of it, she felt his cock starting to swell even more. He began to work it in and out of her mouth slowly as he moaned lightly. It did not take long for him to become fully aroused. Henry began to fuck her mouth faster. The machine was clicked off and the two poles finally removed form her battered openings. Henry withdrew from her mouth and walked behind her. She was positioned at the perfect height for him to enter her. With a brutally hard push, he had lodged himself in her ass.

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   She let out a sharp cry as he began to thrust deep inside her. He was like a lust-possessed animal. Mary Agnes pulled a small wooden chair in front of Sofie and sat down. She stared into the girl's eyes as she watched the painful expressions on her face. "You are a sinner Sofie. You have to repent for your life of sin. Once you do that, you can find salvation.
    You want to find salvation don't you?" she asked. "Yes" she groaned. "I want to be saved. " "Part of finding your salvation is to learn humility girl. It is a slow and painful process but you must do it if you want to be saved. " Mary Agnes spoke again. "You are just beginning your journey to righteousness. "The other girl, Cadence, knelt beside the table as Shelly retrieved something from the table in the distance.

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       The first of the two surgical clamps was applied to her distended nipple. Pain shot through the poor girl as it was locked into place. Then the other nipple was also attacked. To the handle of each clamp, a small weight was hooked. Her nipples stretched further as the weights dangled, swinging with each jolt from Henry. The painfulness of the saline injections still had not subsided after the first two hours of torture. Its affects had lessened slightly but still racked her body with pain. Henry deposited his thick load into her bowels and she was instructed to lick him clean. Mary Agnes's words stuck in her head as she sucked him clean. Salvation was the only way out of this torture. To be saved she must be obedient. Deep in her heart, Sofie knew all of this was wrong but there was nothing she could do. She was in their possession now and there was no escaping it. Once they had finished with the session Shelly was instructed to give the girl a shower and another enema until the liquid flowed clear. The others left her to her work.

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       She was to leave the liquid in for 45 minutes each time after it had emptied into Sofie. So much liquid was used this time that Sofie got sick. The girl took turns slapping her, and smearing the vomit on her face and in her hair before she cleaned it up. She was let free of the wrist restraints and allowed to expel what was left before starting again. Once she had finished she was returned to the previous position. This time while the liquid was sloshing into Sofie's bloated belly once again, Shelly decided to have a little fun. She walked behind the prone girl and gave her right cheek a hard slap. Her fingertips then glided downward along the crease between her thigh and her pussy. Sofie moaned despondently. The anger that bubbled inside Shelly began to surface as she dug her nails deep into the tender flesh, causing it to bleed. The bound victim spasmed from the pain. Her fingers then traced toward the swollen lips of her tormented cunt. Sofie was terrified at what wicked actions this girl would take. Without any hesitation, Shelly forced three of her slender fingers into the girl's fuck hole. She began to stab them in harder and faster before forcing in the fourth.

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       Sofie pulled with what little strength she had left, against the restraints. She could not escape Shelly's deeply probing fingers. The liquid in her stomach churned as it was held in place. Shelly then began to spread her fingers. Her nails digging into the swollen lining of the girl's cunt. Her fingers, stained with the blood, pushed in harder as she brutally forced the last one in. Sofie screamed as the fingers inside her twisted slowly. The pain was so intense when the final finger entered. Shelly thrust in brutally hard several times before withdrawing and balling her fist. She then forced it inside the girl's swollen, abused cunt. She began to punch as deep as she could into Sofie. The girl’s cries were ignored as each thrust landed deep inside her. The screams got more intense as the hand inside her started to twist with each withdrawal. Finally deciding she had enough she pulled her hand completely out. She walked around to the front of the table and looked coldly into Sofie's eyes.


       With her clean hand she grabbed the girl's hair, giving it a hard yank. Sofie let out a loud cry, giving Shelly the perfect shot. She quickly inserted three fingers into the open orifice. "Now suck them clean or I will make sure the next time I do that I take both holes at once," she commanded. Sofie gagged as she sucked the bloody vaginal secretions from the fingers in her mouth. Once she had done a satisfactory job and the time was up, she was released and allowed to expel the liquids that filled her bloated stomach before the final enema was given. She was then given a frigid shower and scrubbed raw with the lye soap. After she was dried off, Sofie was returned to the table. Shelly left to inform Mary Agnes that the job had been finished, leaving the girl alone and frightened once again. .