Henry's Adventures: Gloria and Lora


"My place," I said with a wink. "Would you take me there?" she asked as she gave my cock a test squeeze through my pants. "What about your daughter?" I looked over at the young carbon copy of the woman I was talking to. The little girl was looking up at me as she stroked a long cuke. "She's part of the deal. We both like nice ones. " I swallowed hard as I took a card from my wallet and handed it to her. "Be here in an hour," I said. "Why don't we just follow you?" "Okay. Let's go. " We checked out and quickly made our way to my house. I ushered then into my house after the short drive home. "I guess now would be a good time to ask your names," I said as I put my groceries in the kitchen. "I'm Gloria and this is Lora. " "Glad to meet you. Would either of you care for something to drink?" "No thanks Henry," Gloria answered.

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   "May we use your bathroom. " "Sure. Down the hall and to you left. " I watched their retreating bodies then finished putting my groceries away. "There, now we're ready," Gloria said a few minutes later. I turned around and smiled as I joined them in the living room. Gloria was wearing a leather bra and panty set that looked nasty as hell. The cups of the bra were slit to show her dark nipples. The panties were also slit in the crotch. Her fine pubic hair glistened in the light as she sat down on the couch and spread her legs. I couldn't tear my eyes from Gloria until she was joined by her daughter. Lora sat down beside her. She had found a T-shirt of mine and had put it on. Her long red hair fell over her shoulders. She spread her legs, revealing her tiny pussy lips.

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   "Well ladies, what are you into for excitement?" I asked. My cock was now throbbing most painfully in my pants. "We just like big things," Gloria answered. "But we're open to anything," she quickly added. "Have you ever done any taboo acts?" I croaked. "Now days, what's taboo?" Gloria replied coyly as she placed her hand on Lora's thigh and slowly moved it towards her daughter's crotch. "You have a point Gloria. How would you like to see my game room?" "It took you long enough to ask," Gloria said with a lusty smile. I stood up and led the way to the basement. I quickly stripped as Gloria and Lora checked out the furnishings of my office and dungeon. "Are you in a hurry Gloria?" I asked as I walked up to her and Lora. Both of my guests stared at my cock as I approached them. "No. My husband is out of town," she answered. "He won't be worried if he can't reach you?" "No.

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   If we aren't at home he'll know what we are up to," she smiled. I nodded my head as I reached between her legs and ran my finger over her crotch. A shudder went through her body as she reached for my hard cock. We hugged each other and kissed as our passion rose. "Do you fuck assholes?" Gloria whispered into my ear as she bent my cock down and rubbed it over her cunt. "Every chance I get. How about you and Lora?" "We both love it. Want to try something that we do when my husband is home?" "Sure. What is it?" I asked. "A chain. We need a big dildo though. " "Coming right up," I said as I guided her over to the wall cabinet and opened it up. "Take your pick Gloria. " She reached for the huge dildo I had bought as a novelty a few months earlier. "Last time I seen something this big it was hanging under one of my dad's ponies," Gloria chuckled as she ran her hand over the fake cock.

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   It was about 16" long and as thick as my wrist. "Did you like that one too?" I teased. "Have you got a harness for this?" she asked as she moved the huge dildo to her lips and gave it a lick. "Yes. " I opened a drawer under the cabinet and handed her a harness. "We'll be right back," Gloria said as she took Lora around the corner. I stroked my throbbing cock as I waited for their return. They came back a short time later. Now they were both naked and Lora sported the harness and huge dildo. The dildo now glistened with a thick coating of lube. The dildo looked to be nearly as long as Lora's thin legs. She looked at me and smiled as she stroked the dildo with both hands, coating the fake cock fully. I took in the sight of her naked body as I stroked my cock. "Just how old are you Lora?" I asked the nasty looking preteen. "Seven.


  " "Enough talk," Gloria said as she dropped to her hands and knees in the center of the floor. She pushed her ass into the air as she spread her legs. I could now see that during her stop in the bathroom she had taken the time to lube her ass as well as the dildo. She looked over her shoulder at Lora and me as she wriggled her ass. "Come on Lora. Shove it in my ass. Fuck me with that monster. " "Okay Mommy," Lora said as she walked to her mother. I watched from the side as Lora guided the dildo to Gloria's anus. Gloria moaned as her daughter slowly forced the thick head past her anal opening. "Oh yes Lora, fuck me with it," Gloria gasped as she pumped her ass on the dildo. Lora leaned over her mother's back and began jabbing her hips, driving more and more of the dildo deep into Gloria's asshole. I could see Gloria's body tremble as Lora punched inch after inch of the dildo into her ass. Lora looked up at me and smiled as she stood behind her mother and fucked her with the dildo. "Daddy calls Mommy his ass fucking whore," she giggled.

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   "I bet he does," I replied as I moved behind the little girl and dropped to my knees. I spread her tiny ass cheeks and ran my tongue through the lubed crack of her ass. She shivered as I rimmed her puckered anus. I could smell the heat of her tiny pussy as her juices began to flow. Her anus clamped around my tongue as I slid it into her brownie. Her hand brushed against my chin as she reached down and began playing with her self. I pulled my tongue out and squatted behind her as I aimed my cock at her asshole. She gasped softly as my cock head slid into her. "Damn you are hot!" I hissed into Lora's ear as I placed my hands over her tiny tits and began shoving more of my cock up her butt. Lora eagerly fucked me back, taking most of my cock up her ass. "Oh yes!" Gloria suddenly screamed. I looked down as I continued fucking Lora's tight ass. The dildo had stretched Gloria's ass to the point of ripping it, but she kept thrusting back to meet her daughter's movements. She blabbered endlessly as two thirds of the thick dildo soaked in her ass. She gasped and screamed as she thrashed about on the floor beneath Lora and me.

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   Gloria suddenly pulled away from Lora; the dildo making a soft pop as it fell out of her gaping ass. She rolled over on her back and spread her legs as she moved toward Lora and me. The fine red hair of her pussy was nearly dripping with her wetness. She took the dildo in both hands and returned it to the gaping mouth of her ass, then reached up and pulled Lora on top of her. She grunted like a kicked dog as nearly the entire dildo entered her. The sound of Gloria and Lora kissing feverishly filled my ears as I leaned over and resumed fucking Lora's tender asshole. I felt my heart hammer in my chest and my cock jerk as I began to shoot. Lora squealed as my hot cum filled her young ass. Her tiny hips gyrated wildly as she milked my erupting cock with her hungry ass. My shrinking cock slipped out of Lora and was replaced by several of Gloria's fingers as she bounced her body on the floor. With a shrill scream, her body began to convulse. She slowly relaxed as Lora let the dildo slide out of her ass. Lora undone the buckle of the harness then turned toward me. She licked her lips then pounced on my slimy cock. She didn't hesitate as she sucked me into her hot mouth.

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   I could feel her tongue on my shaft as she slowly brought my cock back to life. It was nearly painful as she sucked hard on my tender shaft. Gloria got to her knees and made her way to Lora. She looked up at me as she buried her nose in Lora's crack. Lora thrust her ass out as her mother stuck her tongue out and began lapping up the fluid oozing from her ass. "My turn," Gloria said after she finished cleaning her daughter. She strapped the monster dildo on. Lora lifted her head then crawled up my body until her hairless cunt rubbed over my cock. I reached down and guided it to the tiny lips. She dropped her hips on mine, seating my cock deep in her womb. Her mouth found mine as we began fucking. I was forced to swallow Lora's scream as Gloria popped the head of the dildo into her ass. I could feel the thick head through the thin membrane that separated Lora's ass and cunt. It tightened her pussy even more around my cock as Gloria slowly slid it into her daughter. Lora trembled in my arms, her tiny tits poking my chest as we kissed, and Gloria fucked.

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   Lora's soft tears fell on my cheeks as she was ripped in both holes. I could feel her body jerk as she sobbed under her breath. "I think you're hurting her. " I warned Gloria as I fucked little Lora. "Not likely Henry. She has a bigger one than this at home," Gloria assured me. The tears stopped and the sobbing quieted as she slowly got used to the feeling of being split open. We fucked lustily for longer that I though possible. It felt as if the top of my cock would burst as my orgasm slowly built. "I'm going to cum!" I roared as my balls began to twitch. "Not yet Henry," Gloria pleaded. She pulled Lora back on top of her as she fell back, the dildo half buried in Lora's ass. My drooling cock jerked in the cool basement air as the both lay back and opened their mouths. I clamped my hand tightly around the base of my cock and moved over them. After only a few strokes my cum roared out of the end of my cock.

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   Their lips smacked and their tongues flicked out to catch my load. I watched as the two kissed and rubbed their faces together, smearing my load all over. I leaned over their cum drenched faces and smiled tiredly, then collapsed beside them. Gloria and Lora pulled apart and cuddled with me on the floor. "That was great Henry," Gloria said dreamily. We lay quiet for several minutes then Gloria and Lora got dressed and prepared to leave. "Can we get together again sometime?" I asked as I ushered them to the door. "You never know Henry," Gloria said with a wink. Lora blew me a kiss as they walked out of the house and toward their car, their faces still glistening with my cum. .


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