Hannah and Her Sisters


Hannah, my live-in girlfriend of the past four years, and I got together when she was only 18 years old and I was the ripe-old age of 35. Hannah, now 22, stood about 5'3" and weighed 125 lbs; with her auburn hair, emerald green eyes, 38DD breasts (almost DDD), and the sexiest legs I have ever seen, she could give a dead man an instant hard-on!

Hannah was a shy girl, in that she did not have too much to say to strangers, or even amongst her acquaintances, but this shyness did not transfer into the bedroom. We had fantastic sex!We explored role-playing, light bondage, and she selflessly gave me total and complete access to all of her sexual orifices, which drove me so completely wild!Another area that we would explore in the bedroom, just prior to engaging in some wild lovemaking, is that we would each tell one another our sexual fantasies in complete and vivid detail. We both felt that this helped to fuel our sexual appetites and enabled us to have the unbelievably satisfying sex that we both enjoyed.

One night in particular, while relating to each other our fantasies and past sexual experiences with other partners prior to our getting together, Hannah said something to me that absolutely floored me.

"Did you know that my sister, Heather, is bisexual (she paused, probably to see if I were going to react suddenly) and recently I've been fantasizing what it would be like to have both you and her in a threesome. What do you think?"

Well, I was totally flabbergasted, because I had been fantasizing about the prospects of a threesome with Heather ever since I first met her. Heather is 18 years old, stands about 5'4" at 120 lbs; with her blonde hair that shimmers like gold, emerald green eyes, 36DD breasts, and an ass that can only be described as "magnificent"; she was possibly even sexier than her older sister.

"God, Hannah, that sounds so fucking hot, but you've got to be pulling my leg," I managed to reply despite the deluge of prurient thoughts that were currently racing through my mind at that time. "Besides, do you really think that you can make something like that come true?"

"Oh, I don't know, but it is something that I have been thinking about for quite some time . . . and I think you have too," Hannah countered.

With the both of us having been unbelievably stimulated with our discussion of this prospect of sexual decadency, Hannah and I had the most intense session of just pure, lusty sex that we had ever had to date!In fact, it went on for hours and hours, and we finally stopped to recharge our spent bodies with some sandwiches and soft drinks. Then we finally drifted off to a very restful sleep.

Well, a couple of months went by and I just let what Hannah had told me about the threesome with Heather slip my mind .

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   . . thinking that Hannah either was too shy about bringing it up to Heather, or that Hannah was unable to engineer the whole thing with her sister. Well, what was about to happen would just blow my mind for the rest of my life. I will remember this forever!

As it turned out, the local schools were going to have a three-day weekend due to some teacher's meetings. Well, Hannah had told me that her mother and father wanted to get away by themselves for this long weekend, and they wanted to know if Hannah's two sisters could spend the weekend with us. "Please, can they stay?Mom and Dad said they would turn us on to a bag of some dynamite green bud," Hannah pleaded. I told her that it was fine with me.

Well, Friday rolled around and by the time I returned home from work, both Heather and her other sister, Justine, were already there. They had come over that morning after I had already left for work, and all three girls now were sitting on our large, leather L-shaped sectional sofa, watching a movie.

Now, let me take this opportunity to describe Justine. Justine is only 12 years old, about 4' 9", she was very thin, almost waif-like, and would be hard-pressed to weigh 85 pounds. She had golden-blonde hair like Heather, but Justine wore hers in tightly braided pigtails, and she had emerald green eyes, as did her sisters. Justine's breasts were just starting to bud, and were nothing more than small bumps on her chest, but she did have the cutest little butt. I had never really thought of her sexually (probably because she was just so young), but I had always thought that she had a very cute face, with her rounded cheeks which were completely covered in freckles.

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As I came into the living room and approached the sofa, I greeted the girls with, “hello, ladies!”They all responded in unison with a collective, “hi!”It was at this point that I noticed all three girls were lounging about in short, cut-off sweat pants, and all were wearing T-shirts with no bras, as I could see Hannah’s and Heather’s nipples pointing provocatively through the thin, cotton material. As I was still in my work clothes, I told the girls I was going to take a shower before I made myself comfortable. As I made my way to the shower, I heard Hannah announce, “I’ll roll us up a couple of joints, so don’t take too long or you’ll get left out!”

While I was in the shower I found myself remembering the picture I had burned in my mind ofHannah’s and Heather’s full breasts stretching the thin cotton material of their tight T-shirts—their hard nipples threatening to poke on through. I found my cock becoming erect very quickly, so I thought I should quickly “squeeze one off” before I went back out to the living room and embarrass myself in front of Hannah’s sisters. After I had relieved myself of my building load, I finished cleaning up, drying off, and I dressed myself in a pair of cut-off sweat pants with a tank top. I finished off by applying just a touch of Calvin Klein’s “Obsession”.

As I made my way back towards the living room, I passed through the kitchen and got myself a glass of iced tea. When I made it to the living room, I could see Hannah just lighting the first joint of the two she had already rolled. I plopped myself down on the sofa, sitting between Hannah (on my left) and Heather (on my right). Justine was sitting on the other section of the sectional sofa, but she got up and sat herself down in front of me on the large coffee table so that no one had to get up to pass the joint.

The four of us finished that first joint, then immediately lit-up and smoked the second one. I did not know about the girls, but I found myself extremely stoned. I was feeling extremely relaxed, and happily sitting between the two sexiest and most desirable girls that I have ever known. The fact that Hannah had found her own sister, Heather, as sexy and desirable as I did made me aware of the increased sexual energy that I was feeling as I sat between these two goddesses of my prurient interests. I was only thinking that how could anything happen between the three of us with Justine's being there.



When the movie was finally over and I was suffering from the “munchies“, I asked if anyone else were suffering from the “munchies“. All the girls mentioned that they were hungry and could eat a pizza.

I left to go to the phone and called in the pizza upon which we all agreed. I gave the order over the phone for the pizza. After I gave the order for the pizza, I came back into the living room and again sat down on the sofa between Hannah and Heather. I still felt the sexual tension building inside of me, but I still was worried about Justine’s being there.

My cock was throbbing to the point to where I thought it would simply burst, and tried to hide my throbbing erection beneath my short sweatpants. We continued to watch the remainder of the movie that was playing itself out upon the T. V. screen, but I was trying not to pay any particular attention, because I was hoping that time would let my erection subside, at least until the pizza came. I tried to hide my excitement as best I could as I sat between the two sisters.

The pizza finally came, we simply gorged ourselves upon it (probably due to the "munchies" that we had felt because of the awesome weed we had smoked earlier). The movie finally played itself out, as the living room was getting dark, since we had on no other lights other than the T. V. I finally decided it was time to get up and get another glass of iced tea.

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  Hannah told me that she was going to roll another joint of that dynamite weed that her parents had given us. I thought, “Great, I could use another buzz!”

I returned from the kitchen with my glass of iced tea and again took my spot on the sofa between Hannah and Heather just as Hannah was lighting up the joint. Just as we finished smoking the third joint of the evening, I heard something that just got my sexual hormones raging again.

“Damn, Hannah, Jon smells good enough to eat . . . or fuck,” said Heather, apparently noticing the Calvin Klein’s “Obsession” that I was wearing. I just could not believe my ears!

“Great, I was hoping you would think so,” replied Hannah. “Why don't you eat him first and then fuck him?I'll tell you what he likes as you go along. "I was totally floored and was becoming very nervous about Justine's being a witness; after all, she was only 12 years old!

"Hannah, I just don't think this is a very good idea!Let's just stop this right now because Justine is here," I pleaded. "She might tell your parents. "

"Oh, no she won't, if she knows what's good for her. We'll let her watch, and if she promises not to tell, we might even let her join in," Hannah replied. "Heather, take off your shirt, then take off Jon's shorts and get between his legs," she commanded. Just as Hannah was pulling my tank top over my head, she asked Justine, "Do you promise not to tell anyone?"Justine nodded her head in the affirmative, and then Hannah told her to sit down on the sofa next to me where Heather had been sitting.

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  “Suck his cock, Heather!He really likes it when I deep-throat him. Oh, he also likes to be titty-fucked, too,” informed Hannah, coaching her sexy sister.

Heather had already removed her t-shirt, and I was able to see her magnificent breasts bobbing and swaying as she was removing my shorts and underwear. She had nice, big, hard nipples that were as big around as my index finger and stuck out about an inch. “Oh my God, Hannah, you were right!He does have a big cock,” Heather said in amazement as my 8” of throbbing manhood sprang into view.

Heather settled herself between my widely spread legs and she gently wrapped her luscious lips around my turgid cockhead. I could feel the hot moisture of Heather's soft lips and mouth on my fuck pole as she started swirling her tongue around my now purple head. Oh my God, something felt totally different than I had ever felt before. . . . Heather must have had a pierced tongue!The feelings were indescribable!She began moving her jeweled tongue on the underside of my member as she slowly worked my entire length down her throat until it was totally engulfed.

I began to feel both Hannah and Justine licking, sucking, and gently nibbling on my nipples . . .

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   Hannah on the left and Justine on the right. I just could not believe my fortune!I could feel my excitement rapidly building as Heather began to massage my balls with her soft hands while she began rapidly fucking my cock with her mouth as if it were a cunt. My breathing started to become erratic as my impending orgasm was about to burst forth. Heather, sensing this, tightly gripped the base of my pulsating cock as she cooed, “not yet, big boy, we still have a lot more planned. ”As my excitement started to wane to the point I no longer felt as if I was going to explode, I suddenly realized that both Hannah and Justine had removed their shorts, and I had been unconsciously rubbing and fingering both their hairless pussies!

Hannah moved down between my widely splayed legs to join Heather in her oral assault on my tumescent manhood, and told Justine to keep up the action on my sensitive nipples. Heather resumed deep throating my cock, and when she reached the bottom of my shaft, I could feel her throat muscles rapidly squeezing and releasing my sensitive cockhead. Hannah was licking and sucking my balls while Justine continued the oral ministrations on my sensitive nipples as I continued to rub and finger Justine's sopping hairless twat. Again, I could feel my impending orgasm about to burst forth, and again, Heather stopped her face fucking my cock while she tightly gripped my pulsating organ at the base. I saw Hannah whisper something to Heather, and then Heather nodded.

Heather then got up and removed her shorts. I could see that she also shaved her pussy, but kept just a little tuft of golden blond hair at the top of her pubic mound. God, Heather had a beautiful, sexy body!She had a narrow waist with a perfectly flat belly, slightly flared hips, legs to die for, and puffy outer labia. Hannah had wrapped her mouth around my cock and began sucking on it as Heather came up and began French kissing me. Justine stopped sucking on my nipples, and began French kissing me deeply as Heather climbed onto my cock and began to mount me while Hannah helped to guide it in.

Oh my God, was she ever so tight!Even though Heather’s pussy was sopping wet, she struggled as she tried to impale herself on my cock.

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  She wriggled her hips as, inch-by-inch, more and more of my cock began to disappear in her steaming hot womanhood. When I was completely buried, Heather leaned forward and began to French kiss me very passionately as she slowly moved her hips up and down on my engorged rod.

Justine had diverted her attention to Hannah’s huge, soft breasts and began to caress Hannah’s globes and suck on her huge, protruding nipples. Both girls were fingering each other’s dripping snatches and moaning in unison. I knew that they would both be bringing each other to orgasm very soon.

Heather continued to ride my cock, which was as hard as a stainless steel rod, and she leaned forward, placing her wonderful tits into my face. Oh, God, I was in Heaven!She began to pick up the pace as I began to bring up my hips to meet her thrusts. I could hear the cries of pleasure as Hannah and Justine successfully brought each other to a very satisfying orgasm. Hearing that, my excitement grew even more. I began ferociously sucking on Heather’s nipples as I felt her cunt muscles gripping my cock in little mini-spasms.

Suddenly, I felt two pairs of hot, wet lips and tongues on my ball sac and asshole. Apparently, Hannah and Justine were trying to see how much stimulation I could take before I would blow my load. Hannah then changed position and began to lick and tongue Heather’s asshole, leaving Justine licking and tonguing my asshole. I struggled to hold back my orgasm, because I wanted this to last as long as it possibly could. Justine kept tonguing my asshole until it was completely drenched with a combination of her saliva and Heather’s dripping juices.

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“Suck them hard,” Heather begged, as I began to suck her engorged nipples until I thought they would pop. Suddenly, I felt Hannah slowly insert two of her fingers into Heather’s gripping asshole, the sensation was immensely pleasurable to both Heather and me. “Bite them. HARDER,” Heather screamed out. I complied and she began to ride my cock like a wild woman, banging down against my hips until I thought she would break them. Hannah began wiggling her fingers in Heather’s ass and the sensations almost made me spew forth my hot load of come right then and there, but I continued to hold back. When I felt Justine insert a finger into my virgin asshole, it took everything I had to hold back, and I did. “BITE THEM!CHEW ON THEM!HARDER,” Heather screamed out again. I complied again and her cunt muscles almost seem to vibrate as if they were electrically powered. I thought I was going to lose it right then, but I still held on.

Suddenly, Justine began to wiggle her finger in my asshole, pressing it against my prostate. That was all I could stand!“OH, SON OF A BITCH!FUCK!FUCK!FUCK,” I cried out as I felt my hot man-lava spew into Heather’s convulsing pussy. I felt as if I could pass out any moment while I continued to erupt what felt like a gallon of my man seed.

“SHIT!SHIT!SHIT!OH MY FUCKING GOD,” Heather screamed out at the top of her lungs as her wildly convulsing cunt spewed forth a huge geyser of pussy juice, literally deluging Hannah, Justine and me. I had made Hannah gush many times before, but not with this much pressure or this unbelievable amount.

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  It had to be at least a quart!Heather’s whole body was shaking, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, she was babbling incoherently and, suddenly, with one huge spasm, she literally spat out my throbbing cock from her pussy. Heather almost passed out as both Hannah and I held her up so she would not fall. I could not believe I was still hard, and that little devil (Justine) pressed her finger against my prostate again, making my cock spurt three times more . . . the jets shooting up and out about three feet. Sperm was everywhere!Justine giggled as she slowly withdrew her finger from my anus. Once her finger was removed, my hard on began to subside.

Hannah helped Heather off of me and gently placed her on the carpeted floor of the living room. Heather was still shaking and babbling slightly as Hannah comforted her and tried to calm her down. “Oh my God, Hannah, I’ve NEVER come like that before,” Heather said weakly, still trying to recuperate. Hannah was holding Heather in her arms when Heather started to suckle on Hannah’s huge boobies.

Justine began to slowly lick and suck on my semi-hard cock as if it were a lollipop, thus cleaning away my sperm and Heather’s cunt juices. I looked over at Hannah for approval, and she nodded “yes” just before she rolled over atop Heather in a 69 position. Justine began licking and sucking on my nuts as her little hand was jacking my cock back into hardness.

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  When it was fully erect, she began to wrap her full lips around my cockhead and started swirling her little tongue around my cockhead. My cock was so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it, and Justine struggled to work more and more of my throbbing manhood into her mouth, but she kept at it like a little trooper.

Justine’s hands were caressing and squeezing my balls as she began sliding her little tongue on the underside of my cock, slowly working more of my cock into her mouth until it was halfway buried in her little mouth. “You were watching when Heather was sucking my cock, weren’t you,” I inquired. She nodded her head “yes”. “Do you want to swallow it all like Hannah and Heather can?” I asked. She nodded her head “yes” again. She tried to get even more of my throbbing cock into her mouth, but could only manage one more inch until I could feel my cockhead hit the back of her throat. Saliva was flowing from her mouth as she began to bob her head up and down on my cock. Try as she could, she could not manage to work my cock into her throat any further. “Do you want me to help you?”Justine nodded “yes”. I grabbed her by both pigtails and started to fuck her little freckled face. Every time I would bring her head down, I would thrust up with my hips. By this time, she starts to gag a little on the down strokes, and I could see tears streaming from her emerald green eyes. “Am I hurting you?”Justine just shook her head “no”, and with that motion of her head, coupled with my pulling her head down by her pigtails, my cock became fully buried in her little throat.


  I could feel her throat muscles tightly gripping my cock head, so I just held her head so her lips were tight against my pubes.

“You did it!Now, breathe through your nose until you get used to my cock,” I instructed my little cocksucker. I let go of her pigtails and she started bobbing her head up and down on my cock. When she resumed caressing my balls with her hands, I began fucking her mouth as if I were fucking a tight little cunt.

As I continued to fuck Justine’s throat, I could feel her saliva flowing profusely from her mouth, soaking my ball sac and running down my ass crack. I continued to furiously fuck her freckled little face as I felt my orgasm building. I could feel the tight little ring of her throat muscles snapping on my cockhead as it went in and out of her virginal throat. I could hear both Hannah and Heather moaning in unison, and I knew they were approaching their mutual orgasms. My balls felt as if they would explode any minute, but I wanted this to last as long as I could, so I struggled to hold back

“Do you want me to come in your mouth,” I inquired of my little cocksucker. Justine just started moaning and humming as she increased the vigor of her sucking and the caressing of my balls. Just as I was struggling with all I could muster to hold back my load, Justine slid a finger up my asshole, which was now drenched with the saliva running from her mouth. When she started wiggling her finger in my asshole, tapping it against my prostate, it was all I could take. I unloaded an absolute torrent of hot spunk down her eager throat, but she wouldn’t stop!Justine kept tapping her finger against my prostate and just kept sucking away as if she wanted to milk me of every last bit of sperm I had in my nuts. Suddenly, Justine gave a little cough, and I could see my semen run out from both of her nostrils. She just remained there with her lips pressed against my pubes, and I could feel her trying to swallow every last bit of my jizz that was in her hot little mouth.

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  She finally removed my cock from her throat, her finger from my ass, and she just looked into my eyes smiling as she licked her lips, trying to clean up every bit of my hot seed.

“There, I did it,” Justine beamed triumphantly. Immediately, I heard both Hannah and Heather applauding their little sister’s first deep throating achievement. I was just as proud of Justine as her sisters were . . . maybe even more so.

“I think she deserves a reward,” Hannah announced proudly.

“What do you think it should be,” Heather and I both inquired in unison, not knowing what sort of “treat” Hannah had in mind, but we just knew it was going to be something special.

“I think it’s time that little sister here gets fucked for her very first time with a real live cock instead of fingers or a small vibrator,” Hannah answered. “What do you think, Justine?”

Justine’s face just lit up, beaming with an ear-to-ear grin, as she enthusiastically nodded her head “yes”. “Oh, hell yes!I’ve wanted to do that ever since I saw Heather and Jon fucking,” Justine added. “Please let me fuck Jon!Please?”

“Girls, I don’t know about this. This doesn’t sound like a very good idea. Maybe we can set her up with some boy in the neighborhood,” I protested.

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“Well, if you’re worried about troubles with the law, you can already be in trouble for just letting her suck your cock,” Hannah said, which made perfect sense to me. “Besides, why let some dumb boy who doesn’t know what he’s doing be her first?It may as well be with someone who really knows how to fuck. ”

“Please, Jon, will you PLEASE fuck me . . . or let me ride on your thick cock?” Justine pleaded.

“Will you PROMISE not to tell one single soul about what has happened here and what is about to happen, and I MEAN no one,” I asked Justine.

“I PROMISE!I’ll swear on my life!”

By this time, my cock had lost its hardness. "Well, I'm going to have to get myself ready," I announced.

"Don't you worry about that, I have an idea. Lie back on the coffee table, Jon," Hannah instructed. I cleared off everything from the coffee table, and then I reclined upon it with my butt just near the edge. I could see Hannah whispering to both Heather and Justine.

Both Hannah and Heather got between my widely spread legs and began licking my balls and asshole while Justine starting licking, sucking, and nibbling on my sensitive nipples. I started to play with Justine's bald little pussy, which was rapidly becoming very, very wet.


  I asked her if she had shaved her pussy as her sisters did, and she told me that she didn't have to because she never had any pubic hair come in yet. I had two of my fingers in her pussy, gently rubbing on her g-spot, while my thumb gently stroked her throbbing little clit.

I could feel my cock stirring when Heather started gently sucking on my nuts and Hannah started tonguing my asshole. When it became fully hard, Heather brought my cock to her warm, wet, willing mouth and began rapidly swirling her tongue around my throbbing cockhead. Her tongue piercing was giving me some unbelievable sensations as she started to ease me down her silky throat, moving her tongue on the underside of my cock as she went. When Heather had my throbbing member fully engulfed, Hannah had moved up to Justine and began to lick, suck, and gently nibble on Justine’s nipples. Justine may not have had very big breasts, but her nipples were as large as Hannah’s and Heather’s—about the size of my index finger and at least an inch long.

Heather began gently squeezing and massaging my scrotum with both hands as she began fucking my throbbing member with her throat. By now, Justine began moaning, and I could tell that she was getting very excited, because her pussy was literally dripping, and her sweet virginal juices were running down my wrist and forearm.

"I think you're ready to go, Justine," Hannah said as she detected the copious flow from her youngest sister's pussy. She then kissed Justine very passionately before helping her onto the coffee table. “I love you, Justine,” Hannah cooed to her. Heather assisted Hannah in positioning their baby sister over my 8" of thick, throbbing manhood. Justine squatted down over my hard-on and I could feel my bulbous cockhead come into contact with her dripping labia. Her breathing was already becoming sharp and irregular, and I hadn't even penetrated her yet!We all could sense that Justine was apprehensive about her first real fucking.

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  "Just relax, Baby Sis, you'll love it. Trust me," Hannah told her comfortingly.

Heather grabbed hold of my cock and began moving it up and down the length of Justine's dripping slit—gently guiding it in her tight little hole. Hannah continued to help Justine ease herself down until my cockhead had penetrated her unbelievably tight virginal pussy.

Heather still had a hold of my cock at its base with one hand while the other hand was gently massaging my heavy balls. Justine slowly eased further down upon my steel-hard erection, with Hannah’s assistance, until about half of my cock was buried within her hot clutching cunt. God, she was incredibly tight!Justine’s breathing was now labored as she continued to impale herself on my turgid dick.

“Just hold it right there, Justine, and let yourself get used to it before we go any deeper,” I suggested. Heather now was gently licking and sucking on my balls and asshole, occasionally sticking her tongue inside my puckered anus. When Justine’s breathing settled down, I told her to slowly start moving up and down on my cock while trying to go a little deeper each time. Hannah left Justine to her own devices and came over and started French kissing me very deeply while gently tweaking my nipples.

Justine finally managed to work herself all the way down on my cock. I could feel my cockhead firmly pushing against her cervix. She had absolutely the smallest and tightest pussy in which I’d ever been!Justine started riding my rock-hard cock in earnest now, and Hannah began kissing her horny baby sister on her full red lips while gently pulling on her rock-hard nipples.

As Justine was riding me, I grabbed her cute little butt with both of my hands and helped her bounce on my cock.

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  Heather was licking all around my anus, my balls, Justine’s pussy, and her tight little butt hole—moving continuously up and down, up and down. Heather had her fingers of her right hand working furiously in her own dripping cunt while she used her left hand to tweak and pull on her own nipples. Hannah was alternating between tweaking Justine’s nipples and tweaking mine. I could feel Justine’s tight, rippling pussy clutching at my cock as if it were a hot, velvet, vibrating vise. I could feel my load building within my balls as if I could let go any minute, but I struggled to hold back. I could see that Justine’s excitement was building because her face was becoming so flush I could barely make out the freckles on her cheeks and nose.

I gently slid my middle finger of my right hand into Justine’s tight puckered bunghole until I had it buried in her clutching heat as far as it would go. I could feel my finger against my cock through the thin membranes that separated her pussy from her ass. When I started to wiggle my finger around in her gripping poop chute, the sensations were almost too much for either of us to bear.

Justine was now literally slamming herself down onto my cock, her blonde braided pigtails flailing madly, and I could actually feel my cockhead penetrate her cervix!I could feel the opening snapping on and off my bulbous cockhead like a tight, little mouth sucking me as I was fucking her. This was making it extremely difficult to hold back the load that I could feel churning deep within my balls. Justine’s pussy was absolutely pouring out its juices like a slow-running tap, but Heather was lapping it up from my balls and ass.

“Oh God, Jon, your cock, it’s just so FUCKING big!I’m fucking the shit out of you!You’re fucking the shit out of me!Oh, God I’m going to come. Oh God, Hannah, this is just too fucking good!Justine was fast approaching her sensory overload. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!I’M COMMMIIINNNGGG!!!"

With that, Justine abruptly slammed herself down clear to the root of my pulsating prick.

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  I could feel it firmly lodging in her cervix, which was gripping my cockhead to the point where I thought it would get pinched off. My load immediately erupted from my cock and I could almost swear I heard it go “pop”!Justine's pussy gushed as did her other sisters, but with Justine, it was more like "Old Faithful".

Justine’s body was convulsing so wildly, I was afraid that she would fall. I rapidly grabbed her to pull her towards me, and we kissed each other so deeply and passionately, our tongues intertwining. Her cervix still had my bulbous cockhead in a vise-like grip, and her cunt muscles were milking my cock, but we all had one surprise. . . .

Justine's twat still was ejaculating her fuck juices as her older sisters could, but yet my cock was not expelled, nor could I extract myself from her, due to her cervix tightly gripping my cockhead. I felt as if I were trapped—trapped within her tight confines of love and sex. This was the first time I had ever fucked a virgin cunt, and I had never expected this!

I continued holding Justine in my arms and I could feel her body still quaking slightly. We still continued kissing one another quite passionately. Hannah and Heather were gently stroking Justine's body on her back, legs, and ass. I could feel my erection subsiding, and Justine's cervix finally released its grip on my cockhead. Both our bodies were covered in sweat, and my pelvic area was drenched with Justine's orgasmic juices.

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Hannah and Heather went over, sat back down on the sofa, and started making out. When Justine finally settled down, we both got up from the coffee table, and joined her sisters on the sofa, trying to catch our breath.

By the time Justine and I had regained our composure, Hannah and Heather both were on the floor of the living room busily engaged in a hot and heavy sixty-nine session. Suddenly, I had an idea. I hurriedly went to the bedroom, where Hannah and I slept to retrieve two cock-shaped vibrators, I then returned to the living room.

Upon my return to the living room, I could see Justine watching intensely as Hannah and Heather were dining on each other's dripping pussies. Hannah was atop Heather, and both seemed intent upon lapping up and swallowing each other's secretions as soon as they appeared. Justine, appearing dazed, was fingering her tiny twat with one hand while pinching and pulling on her nipples with the other one. As I took in the scene that was playing before me, I was very excited and amazed with the pure lust and love that these two sisters were exhibiting towards each other. I could feel my cock stirring as it was beginning to revive.

I got down on the floor with the two entangled sisters and settled in between Heather’s legs, which were widely spread with her knees drawn upwards. I switched on the smaller of the two vibrators and began to slowly insert it into Heather’s flooded pussy, working it in and out while going deeper with each inward stroke. Hannah continued with her assault on Heather’s clit, which was now becoming a little more difficult as Heather’s hips were undulating wildly with the introduction of the vibrator. I gently grabbed one of Hannah’s hands and placed it on the vibe, indicating to her to take over fucking Heather with it.

I moved behind Hannah and marveled at the sight before me.

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  Hannah’s pussy lips were extremely swollen and glistening with her juices, and Heather had her lips wrapped around Hannah’s engorged clit and was sucking on it as if it were a tiny penis. Hannah had absolutely the largest clit that I have EVER seen!It was slightly larger than the first joint of my little finger. I started to lick Hannah’s tightly puckered asshole until it was drenched and dripping with my saliva. My cock was painfully erect and throbbing at this point and I wanted to bury it into Hannah’s pussy, but I had another plan in store for my lovely and sexy girlfriend.

I switched on the larger vibrator and slowly worked it in and out between Hannah’s slick, swollen lips, inserting it deeper and deeper as I went, until I finally had it buried to the hilt. I continued to lave Hannah’s little rosebud with my tongue, occasionally inserting my stiffened tongue teasingly into her sopping snatch.

Apparently, Justine saw the precum dripping freely from my turgid cock head, so she joined the mass of bodies on the floor. Justine wrapped her lips around my rock hard pole and began suckling it as a baby would its mother’s tit, greedily swallowing the precum as it flowed. Just as I was starting to insert two of my fingers into Hannah’s gripping asshole, Justine began sucking my cock in earnest while gently massaging my sperm laden balls. God, that little girl could suck!I could feel my load building, but I didn’t want to come in Justine’s mouth. I had other plans. . . .

Heather was playing with Justine’s little snatch with her left hand, fucking her tight sheath with two fingers while rubbing Justine’s tiny clit with the thumb.

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  I withdrew my cock from Justine’s mouth, and took Heather’s right hand so she could take control of the vibrator which was fucking into Hannah‘s pussy.

Hannah’s asshole was drenched with my saliva, and I could see her sphincter rapidly clenching and releasing. By now, all three of “my girls” were moaning in ecstasy with their collective orgasms becoming imminent. I KNEW what I had to do!

I got up on my knees behind Hannah and placed my cock at the entrance to her ass. My cock was slick with the combination of my precum and Justine’s saliva, and Hannah’s asshole was still pretty well lubricated from my saliva. I slowly eased my hard-on past Hannah’s tight anal ring.

“Oh God, Jon, yes!PLEASE fuck my ass,” Hannah pleaded. “That’s what I want. That’s what I NEED!Don’t be gentle with me. Just slam it to me,baby!NOW!”

Never wanting to disappoint Hannah, I slammed my cock into her clutching heat as hard as I could, until I was buried up to my balls. I could feel the vibrations from the vibrator dancing along my cock as I pounded Hannah’s gripping backdoor like an animal, my balls slapping wildly against those sexy butt cheeks of hers. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold out for very long despite having come three or four times already, but I wanted to wait until all of “my girls” had come. Judging from the moans, groans, whimpers, and shrieks coming from the three sisters, I knew it wasn’t going to be very long at all.

Heather was the first to explode. “Oh my fucking God, Hannah!Here it fucking comes!I’M COMMMIIINNNGGG!!!”Heather was delirious and running her words together almost incoherently.

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  Heather’s body was convulsing as if she had been electrocuted, lifting her hips up high so rapidly they almost collided with Hannah’s face.

Heather’s pussy exploded, sending a torrential stream about three feet into the air and landing about six to eight feet away. Heather slammed the vibrator as deep as it would go into Hannah’s pussy and just held it there as she was trying to recover from her intense orgasm.

Justine’s orgasm immediately followed Heather’s. “OH SHIT!OH SHIT!OH SHHHIIITTT!!!”Justine fell backwards onto the carpet, dislodging herself from Heather’s fingers, and her eyes were rolling into the back of her head. Justine’s little pussy gushed forth with her orgasm. It didn’t have the strength of Heather’s stream, but had enough force to thoroughly wet down Hannah’s thighs and ass; my thighs; and Heather’s left arm, face, and hair.

Hannah was slamming her ass against my pelvis in time to my thrusts and wriggling her ass all around. It was all I could do to stay “in the saddle”. Among Hannah’s frenzied movements, the sensations I was receiving from her hot, clenching rectum and the vibrating dildo buried deep in her pussy, I was finding it more and more difficult to delay my orgasm. Just when I thought I was going to release, Hannah simply erupted.

“FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!FUUUCCCKKK!!!”Hannah was literally screaming at the top of her lungs. Hannah began convulsing wildly, almost like an epileptic. Her pussy and rectum were milking, wringing, and pulsating. Hannah spewed out her orgasmic juices and in doing so propelled the vibrator from her pussy, sending it halfway across the living room.



Well, that was enough for me. I gave a grunt and my cock exploded. I could feel jet after jet of my hot sperm being injected deep into Hannah’s hot, receptive bowels. Hannah collapsed beneath me onto Heather and I followed, not wanting to remove my cock from within her depths. I could feel the two quaking bodies beneath me as we all tried to recover from our orgasmic bliss.

The four of us were spent, hot, and sweaty. We all had successfully fucked each other senseless. When we all had finally recuperated somewhat and regained our composure, we collectively decided to take a shower to freshen up and rejuvenate ourselves. Hannah mentioned that it was too bad we didn’t have a shower large enough for the four of us to fit into all at once, so we took our showers in pairs. Hannah and I took our shower in the master bathroom, while Heather and Justine took theirs in the guest bathroom.

When we had finished our showers, we all gathered back in the living room, all still in the nude. The living room was a mess and it reeked of sex!There was pussy juice and sperm all over the sectional sofa (thank God it was leather and not cloth upholstered), the coffee table, and various places on the carpeting. We went to the bathrooms to retrieve our used bath towels and cleaned everything the best we could. Hannah said she would shampoo the carpeting either Monday or Tuesday.

I rolled what would be the last joint of the evening.

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  After we had smoked it, we decided that it would be a good idea to all go to bed for the evening since we all were so exhausted. Hannah came up with the idea that the four of us should sleep together on our king-sized bed. I agreed, as did Heather and Justine. We all piled in the bed together, still in the nude, with Hannah spooning against my back; I was spooning against Heather’s back; and Heather was spooning against Justine’s back.

“Did ‘my girls’ have a good time?” I inquired.

“Oh, hell yes!The best time ever,” was the collective response. “Let’s do this again!”

“Thanks, Jon, for making my fantasy a reality,” Hannah added.

“No, thank you. I never dreamed that anything like this would ever happen to me. I just love all of you girls,” I responded.

“We all love you, too, Jon,” they all said in unison.

“You know, Jon, Tiffany (their 18 year old cousin} called this afternoon and when she found out that Heather and Justine were spending the weekend, she wanted to know if she could spend tomorrow night with us too,”Hannah said. “Do you think it would be all right?”

“Well, we wouldn’t be able to do what we did tonight if she did,” I answered.

“Oh, I don’t think THAT would be any problem, Jon. Between my sisters and me, we could talk Tiffany into anything,” Hannah countered.

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“Are you trying to kill me?” I asked, laughingly.

“No, we girls just want to have a good time with you and each other. Besides, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t mind dying that way, anyhow,” Hannah purred.

Well, my friends, that is as they say, another story. . . .