Granddaughters like to play #5


Topic: Granddaughters like to play #5 - my BIG girl joins my LITTLE girlsThere is a fine line between being in control and losing all self control . . .
AmyJenny Kellie I was having a very difficult time trying to decide how to proceed . . .   Amy was beginning to really enjoy sex. She wasn’t being distracted by the need for romance and wanted to be satisfied and fulfilled.   Her sisters just wanted to be treated like the older sister. I kept timing the girl’s visits to coincide with my wife being out of town. There were no suspicions since I was just trying to have some company while my wife was out of town and my daughter liked the freedom. While we lay together after sex I would talk to them about our situation. I explained that my wife, their grandmother, could never ever know about what we were doing. She just wouldn’t approve and we would all, especially me, get in so much trouble! I would ask them if there was anything that they had questions about. Finally, Amy asked “How can mom have sex with 2 guys at the same time?”I started to explain about how some women, like you 3, like to have a cock in your pussy and one in your mouth at the same time. And how you like to suck on a cock and have your sister lick you while you’re doing it.

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  “No, that’s not what I mean. How can 2 men fuck a woman at the same time?”“Well, most of the time it means that 1 man fucks you in the pussy and one fucks you in the butt. ”“Ewe, gross!” was the response from them in unison. “I know it sounds gross, but some women, not all, enjoy it. From what you’ve told me your mother is one of them. ”“I’m never going to fuck 2 guys!” said Jenny. “Honey, having sex with more than one person at a time doesn’t mean you have to get fucking in the butt. Look at us. We are 4 and no one here has done that. Sometimes guys like to have sex with more than one girl and girls like to have sex with more than 1 boy. We’re all different so sometimes we like to experiment and try different things. ”“But each time we see mom with 2 guys they both fuck her at the same time. Doesn’t that mean that she is getting it there?”“Probably, but that is her choice. Maybe she likes it. ” One weekend I had the girls and our time together was becoming common place.

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   We would go the tub, and end up with all of us fucking. Then I had an idea. Instead of bringing them home on Sunday I decided to take them home on Saturday evening.   We arrived at their place and let ourselves in. As I had hoped their mother was being DP’d on the floor of their living room!  It was just what I had hoped would happen. I unlocked the front door and we stepped in. The girls just stared as the two men pulled out of my daughter and tried to cover their erect cocks. My daughter screamed “What are you doing here?”“The girls missed their mother” I lied. The two men grabbed their clothes and retreated to her bedroom to get dressed. My daughter tried to cover herself with her hands and as she backed towards her bedroom she said “I’ll be right back. ”I looked at the girls and they were giggling. Several moments later the two men came out of the bedroom and quickly left without a word. My daughter came out wearing her bath robe and said “You should have called! I am so sad that all of you all saw that!”“I would have called if I thought that I needed to. The girls missed their mom and wanted to come home. ”“Well next time I’d appreciate a call to let me know!”“Okay, I’m sorry.

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   I promise I won’t do it again. ” was all I could say. My erection could have betrayed me if she looked there. Amy chimed in “How can you do it with two men?”Her mother responded “I like both of them. ”“No, how can they both fuck you at the same time?”She was lost for words. Jenny said “Yeah mom, how can two guys fuck you at the same time?”I looked at my daughter and wondered what her response would be. She looked at the girls and I saw her begin to tear up. She tried to divert their attention by saying “Where did you learn the language?” Amy said “We have heard you say that. You fuck a lot of guys. ”“Girls, I think you need to go to your room so that your mother and I can have a talk. I’ll talk to your mom in her room and we’ll let you know when we are done. ”Without hesitation they walked towards their room. I knew that they would go to the bathroom and watch through the louvered bathroom door. When we were in her room I asked “Haven’t you had enough? You’ve had 3 kids by 3 different men? Why do you keep this up?”She looked down and said “I like sex so much! I know that I should be more discriminating, but I meet guys that are so attractive and I just want to fuck them. ”“So what’s up with this double team thing?”“Well, after a couple of dates, either they or I suggest spicing things up a bit and they bring a friend.

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  ”“Then what happens?”“After a few times with the two of them they both stop coming around. ”“So why do you keep letting this happen?”“I don’t know, I guess I just love the sex!”“Is that so? Well then . . . ” I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants. I stepped out of them and pulled down my shorts to expose my hard on. “Take off your robe and lie down. ”“Are you serious?”“I’m as serious as a heart attack! If its sex you love then I’ll give you sex!”She hesitated and gave me a quizzical look. “Take off your fucking robe and lie on the bed!”She slowly undid the tie on her robe, pulled it off and lay on her back. I knew the girls were watching and wanted to take our games to the next level. I went to the end of the bed and bent down to taste her pussy. I began to lick her from the bottom of her lips up to her clit. She was so wet! I moved up to her clit and began to suck on it while using my tongue to flick it. I felt her hands on the back of my head and she was holding on tight enough to make sure that I didn’t pull away. I brought my hand up to the edge of the bed and slid it towards her bottom.

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   My finger found her brown hole and easily slipped in. She was obviously well lubricated from her tryst. She was so experienced that while I continued to stimulate her clit I easily inserted another finger, and then another! With 3 fingers in her ass and me tonguing her clit she began an intense orgasm! My head hurt because of the pressure of her grip. When she started to calm down and let loose of my head I said “Turn over. I want to take you from behind. ”She did as she was told. “Okay my horny daughter, since you like to fuck two guys at once I’m going to fuck your ass just the way you like it!”I climbed on top of her, positioned my cock at her brown hole and buried it all the way in! She arched her back and moaned “Oh yeah, fuck my ass!”As I pumped my cock all the way in and out I said “How did you like this?”“It feels so good! I love having a cock in my ass!”I looked over at the louvered bathroom doors and could see the girls watching. “I bet you really love having a cock in your pussy and another in your ass at the same time, don’t you?”“It’s the best! Come on, shut the fuck up and get deeper! Fuck my ass!”I was thinking about my little girls and how this might affect them. I willed myself to stay strong and make my daughter beg for more before I came and it would be over. I was thinking about how I could arrange to have someone else join us and DP Amy, then Jenny and finally Kellie. Just thinking about how this will happen made me so hot that I started to cum! I pushed in all the way and held myself deep in her ass as I unloaded!“Oh fuck dad, is that it? Did you cum? That's why I like 2 guys! I'm not done yeyt!”“Yes I did baby, it was wonderful! Don't worry, I'll get you off!”“Okay, I want more! Fuck my ass more!”I pulled out and said “Do you have a dildo?”“Yeah right here. ” She slide over to her bed side table and opened the drawer. She pulled out a HUGE cock. It was about 10” and fat. I took it from her.

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   Without hesitating I put the tip of it to her ass and pushed it in. There was no resistance and it went all the way in!“Oh yeah, fill my ass!”“Tell me what you want. Your ass is filled, how can I make it better?”“I need a BIG cock in my pussy or a strong tongue. ”“Okay, are you ready?”I moved in between her legs and began to suck on her clit. It was so big and so hard! Once again she grabbed onto the back of my head and held me tight. I was stroking the dildo in and out and she said “Push it all the way in and leave it there! Suck my fucking clit! Make me cum!”I quickly pushed it in as far as it would go, kept flicking her clit with my tongue and used my free had to reach up an tweak her nipple. The pressure from her grip on my head increased, and I felt her body tense! “Oh my god, oh yeah, suck on me, oh yeah, I’m cumming!” She let loose of my head, went limp as she stretched out and I snuck a peak over towards the bathroom door. I smiled towards the girls and thought about what this mean to how I would proceed with my little girls. “Oh dad, that was great!”While I continued to look at my girls I said “I’m glad you liked it. I enjoyed it too! Let me ask you, can I bring over a friend?” “Any time you want!”




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