Girlfriend's Sister


It all started about 2 years ago. My girlfriend, Kyla, and I had been dating for about a year and a half at the time. She was living with her mother, Janet, and her younger sister, Audrey. Audrey was incredible. Only 18 years old at the time, but you couldn’t take your eyes off of her. She is about 5’2” with long red hair weighing about 105 pounds, but a lot of that being in her breasts and ass. When I tell you the perfect body, I mean the perfect body. Anytime I was over at Kyla’s house, I found it hard to stare at anything but her sister, Audrey. The funny thing about it all is that this girl obviously showed that she had a crush on this 20 year old guy. Anytime I came over she went straight to her room and came out in pajamas, which were tight sweat shorts from Victoria’s Secret (which me and my friends call “Fuck me” pants because of the word on the ass that call attention to it). Audrey would come over to me while her sister was talking to her mom, or off in the bathroom showering or something, and ask me to play with her hair, massage her shoulders, or something else that Kyla would obviously not approve of us doing. This was building up all sorts of sexual tension in me that you wouldn’t believe. I mean, this amazingly sexy little girl was teasing me and she knew EXACTLY what she was doing!
            Finally, one day I had beat Kyla to her house before she could get home from school, with her mom still at work, but Audrey was there alone because she was  sick that day. I knocked on the door, and Audrey answered in her robe and I could tell that she wasn’t wearing anything under it.
            “Hi, Greg” she says to me.
            “Hey, Audrey, how are you feeling?”
            “Better, still don’t know if I can make it to school tomorrow.

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            “I am sorry to hear that. Is there anything that I could do to make you feel better?”
            “Well, actually”, Audrey begins tentatively,  “there was thing you could do…”
            “What’s that, hun?” I ask sweetly.
            “Well, it’s kinda embarrassing…, but could you rub some Vapo-Rub on me? I would do it myself, but I can’t maneuver that way and no one else is around to help me. ”
            “You know, that is a sort of awkward thing to ask of me, but as long as we don’t tell anyone, I would love to help you out. I mean, you are Kyla’s sister, so you are kinda like a little sister to me or something, and I just want you to feel better. ” I say to Audrey.
            Audrey then walks over to go grab the Vapo-Rub and returns to the living room and lies on the couch. She pulls her robe apart a little, so I can have easier access to her chest to rub the medicine on.
            “Would you start by just massaging me first before you begin rubbing that stuff on me?” Audrey asks me.
            “Of course, whatever helps you. ” I respond.
            I run my hands back and forth slowly across this young girl’s chest, on the verge of her nipples each time I move towards them. My dick getting harder and harder looking at her tits heaving with each heavy breath she took to try and clear her congested breathing.
            “Oh, that feels sooo good, Greg. ” Audrey cooed.

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            “Would you like me to start rubbing the medicine on now, Audrey?”
            “ Hold on, let me get more comfortable. I am so freaking hot. Is it hot in here to you too?” As she started removing her robe…
            “It’s getting hotter…”
            With that she looked at me just fixated on her bare breasts. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. She knew I couldn’t and what’s more, she knew that I wouldn’t be able to. She finally had me where she wanted me.
            “You like what you see?” Audrey coyly grinned at me.
            “Uh,…, well, I’m sorry…, I was just surprised that you so easily took your clothes off…”
            “Did you not like it?” She pouted.
            “Well, yeah! You are beautiful! Who wouldn’t like it?! If I were a boy in your class, I would’ve asked you out many years ago and I wouldn’t have accepted ‘no’ for an answer. ”
            “I’m not accepting it from you either…” she shot my way, with the sexiest look you could imagine. Before I knew it, she was on me. Her robe thrown to the ground, her wet lips pressed up against mine. I didn’t fight it, obviously! I shoved my tongue into her mouth. My arms wrapped around her.   She broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, “I love you so much, Greg.

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   Fuck me then make love to me!”
            Did I need more of an invitation to the greatest party on the Earth? I threw her against the back of the couch. I tore off my clothes and regained my position right up next to this beauty. “Are you going to fuck me, Greg?” Audrey yelled at me. “I want you to be forceful with me and pound my pussy into a puddle of cum!”
            With that I spun her around and grabbed her sweet ass. I slowly slide my cock into that wet pussy as Audrey moaned for more. I wrapped her scarlet hair in my hand and rode her ass back and forth. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “Scream my name, bitch!” I commanded her.
            I thrusted back and forth into her fire-crotch that was shaved in to a “landing strip”. Pulling harder and harder on her hair, I fucked that pussy sore. I began to get closer and closer to cumming. “Audrey, I am about to cum!” She clinched her pussy lips around my throbbing cock and she neared climax as well.
            With that I pulled out, because I couldn’t take it anymore and I flipped that girl over. I began cumming all over her face and in her hair. Audrey just moaned and cooed remaining as turned on as ever.
            “Oh, Greg, baby! That was amazing.

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   I want to leave this cum on me forever!” Audrey responded to my marking of my territory. Just then Kyla walk in the door from school, seeing me cumming on top of her baby sister!
            “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE?!?!?!?”


P. S. I would love to see someone else continue this story. See a chain sex story.



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