Girlfriends Bed


So on went the night, and when we were done cleaning up I pulled her close and kissed her softly, sneaking a peak at the clock, all or nothing, I grinned down at her, "We have two choices, I can go home or I can stay the night, but its up to you baby," for a long while she didn’t say anything, until she finally led me to her bedroom, already I was hard and waiting, she made me watch while piece by piece her clothing came off, and all I could think, was that tonight after three weeks of forced torture, I was going to get laid, she began to undress me and I let her, my hands slowly roaming over her body, my thumbs brushing against her nipples, sliding down her stomach, she grinned up at me, and shook her head, with a chuckle my brows raised and then I let out a groan a loud pleasured groan, before I knew what was happening, the silly girl was on her back pulling me into her.
I continued to pound into her, until we heard a car pull up and even after I continued to fuck her, though we both knew we only had seconds, we could hear her daughters coming into the house, laughing and talking about their night, but I couldn’t stop and even though she continued to alternate between groans of pleasure and chastising, I knew she didn’t want to stop either, but stop we did, as we heard the knock on the door. "Mom? Mommy are you okay?" I looked at her, she looked at me, and we had to choke not to laugh " "I'm fine sweetie, go to bed and I’ll see you in the morning" there was a long pause, before Cassidy the older of the two girls said good night and we heard the door close, my cock was still hard and I carried her over to the bed, kissing Marcy’s neck gently, she didn’t want to stop, that I knew by the way she moved to massage the base of my cock but we had to be quiet, which was hard, cause well, she’s kind of loud, which I like, but we managed to finish the night on a good note, it was the MORNING that I had to be excited about, and yes, I took her again, twice more after that, a little gentler a little quieter, but I still took her, curled up against each other, I kissed her neck and we passed out somewhere near four thirty am.

The next morning I woke up, or well, kind of woke up and peeked at the clock, my eyes where still a bit fuzzy but I knew it was about quarter after 18 in the morning, and as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. "Morning sleepy head" I looked up and grinned, sitting up I accepted the coffee Marcy set in front of me, her tone was serious as was her smile, "We need to have a bit of a chat Mike," before I could say anything her flat palm rested against my chest gently, and I eyed her curiously, listening carefully, I WAS prepared to ask for marriage, but that would be on my terms, no one else’s "the girls, kind of had a bad night at the party last night," she frowned, and sighed speaking softly" it seems, that one of the older boys wanted to have sex, but they were kind of afraid that it would hurt, so this morning, I explained why I didn’t come out to say good night, and Cassidy suggested that maybe, YOU could take their virginity" she gave me this innocent look and I stared up at her, wondering if this was a dream, when I saw the two girls come in, I stared at the three of them, all standing there so innocent and calm, and I quietly and gently pinched myself, nope not a dream, I looked up slowly and my head tilted. "Are you serious Marcy, I mean, are you sure your okay with this?" at her and the girls collective nods I had to keep from grinning, because I mean honestly, this was the best thing that could have EVER happened to a man before. "Uh…sure. I mean. I guess if Your okay with it honey" I looked up to Marcy unsurely putting on my best innocent face, surprised that I got away with it, maybe I got away with it cause I wasn’t that unsure, who knew, who cared. "I’m fine with it, We decided that Cass would go first and Jess afterwards, in the mean time I’ll go fix you some breakfast" she came over and kissed my lips softly and I stared watching as Cassidy began to undress, I suppressed a groan at thirteen this girl was gorgeous, dark black hair and blue eyes, she had a body that didn’t stop, legs to match and her small budding breasts, my cock was growing hard under the blanket, she bit her lip and pulled it off slowly, to which I carefully checked to make sure the drapes where closed, they where, thank god, I swallowed hard and watched as her hand trailed down my stomach, she sat naked on the edge of the bed now. "Are you sure you want to do this honey? I mean, if you’d rather wait, or if not, we can do it any way you want, " I smiled pleasantly at her, to get her used to my touch, my hand lazily slid up her thigh, I was surprised to note, she was wet, very wet, and her voice for the first time in like ever, was shy "I want to, I want to know what its like, " she smiled at me and I nodded, gently she straddled me, and I spoke softly "you can do it slow, or you can just slam yourself onto me, it’ll hurt but only for a second" She told me that she had never had sex before but had been using her moms small vibrator for the past year, so she was sure that her cherry had already been busted. I told her that she could take it slow just in case. She slowly lifted her puffy lips over my throbbing erection. Luckily for her I was about an average five inches, anything more and this girl would have been in pain. She eased her newly de-virginized pussy down my shaft and it felt good, felt amazing actually, it felt good to take a virgin, the suction of the hole is so damn tight. I let her set the pace, let her ride up and down on my cock while my hands moved up to caress her youthful ass, my mouth captured one of her little hard nipples and I grinned upon hearing her gasp of excitement and surprises, my voice soft and husky "if you liked that you’ll love this" I pushed her off of me gently, and moved around the edge of the bed, laying her down my tongue slid to slide between her lips, licking slowly at her clit, she arched her hips and whimpered softly, but my hands on he breasts I kept her flat on her back, letting her move only her knees I slid closer to her, my tongue sinking deep into her pussy sliding out quickly only to flick her clit before I did it again, her whimpers and cries where soft, but I knew what she wanted, when she came she came hard and fast and I barley had time to lick it all up but I did, I obviously didn’t cum, but that’s okay, this wasn’t about me, now was it?Afterwards I lay there on my stomach groaning softly, my cock rock hard, my head banging down against the soft mattress before I heard another soft voice, "Daddy? Daddy are you okay?" CHA CHING! Was what I heard in my head, no seriously, if that wasn’t the most erotic thing, not just the words, but the voice, knowing it was thirteen year old Jessica, the younger, more innocent and quieter of the two, the one who needed to be drawn out, yeah, I most definitely was not okay, I heard the door close just then, and once again the room thanks to the shades, was enveloped in darkness, slowly I turned and I sighed "No Honey, Daddy is very much not okay, " I watched as she moved to lay on the bed beside me, I watched as she slid from her robe, I even watched as she laid on top of me.

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       She lay with her head on my chest so that my cock was resting against her hairless pussy, and damn me to hell if that didn’t feel good, I looked up slowly and watched her experiment, watched her hands grip and begin to massage my massive hard on, and my hips bucked up gently and I groaned "baby, if you don’t sit on me right about now, I’m not going to be any use to you," biting her lip hard she looked up still massaging my 5 inch cock her eyes wide "is it going to hurt daddy?" I smiled and shook my head softly, knowing it would "not much I promise," I nodded softly "but its going to feel damned good after" she giggled softly and crawled off of my chest. She layed on her back and spread her thighs, I got a magnificent view of a tween pussy. She didn’t waste any time this one, she moved fast and hard, she began to finger herself as she said she had done before. Her little whimpers were growing louder as she was exploring her small pussy folds with both hands now. Massaging my cock, my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I watched her for awhile, just letting her do as she would, she had no idea how much her calling me Daddy every time she tried to stop from having an orgasm, turned me on, and I didn’t tell her, not yet, but I did groan with her. Finnaly, it was too much to bear, I flipped Jess over into a doggie style position and told her "it would be much easier for me to enter her from the rear baby. " I slowly pushed up against her, she was extremely wet but was much tighter than her sister. I massaged her little ass while I was easing my manhood into her tight little cunt. She gave out a whimper and a slight moan, I knew then it was time to lay some serious pipe. I began to give slow, steady, deliberate strokes and quickly picked up the pace as I was keeping up the pace of Jess' every moan and quiver. "Oh god daddy, that feels so good" she cooed. I then flipped her over on her back, pulled my cock out of her and sucked on her bare chest, I bit her and I pawed at her, I shoved my fingers into her pussy while she jerked my virgin fluid soaked cock "yeah that’s it, that’s daddy’s little girl, fuck Jess, you know just how to do it, you’ll be a pro in no time baby" I could see her blush as I spoke to her, and I smiled kissing her lips softly as my fingers continued their long wonton plunge into her 18 year old pussy, her pants and whimpers turning me on even more so. I was going to cum, I wanted to cum in her tight preteen cunt. I layed on the bed and put her over me as I did with her older sister. I pulled her down firmly onto my throbbing cock.

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       She took it like a champ and began to moan as we began to grind against one another. I took hold against her little ass cheeks and began to pound harder and harder until I came. It was as she came and collapsed gently on my chest, her hips still grinding against my now limp cock, which was slowly growing hard again, slowly, that she looked up resting her chin on my chest gently "Daddy, do you think we can do this again sometime?" I thought about that quite seriously, fuck the legalities of it, fuck the moralities of it, I had a golden opportunity here, a great wife/friend, and two horny daughters wanting to fuck me, how stupid do you think I was? Then again, remember the legalities and moralities, I kissed her cheek softly and looked up as Marcy came in with breakfast, Six months later, I was laying in bed, Jessica on one side, Cassidy on the other, and My beautiful wife laying on top of me, my cock imbedded in her pussy, hard as a rock, as always.



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