Girl Next Door


My wife and I moved into a house in a rather small town. The people next door which was an older couple (mid 40's) had a daughter who was 18 and very beautiful. The girl started coming over and talking with my wife and soon the conversation turned to sex. She wanted to know if it hurt the first time and what it felt like to get her pussy ate. She said her girl friend told her that her boy friend ate her pussy and it felt great.
My wife shared these conversations with me and I think she could tell they got me a little worked up. One Saturday the girl (call her Sally) came over and she was wearing a pair of very short shorts and a t-shirt. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra even though her tits were just starting to fill out.

I started teasing her and she came and started trying to wrestle with me. I managed to get a feel if her tits and once the t-shirt slipped up and exposed one of her young tits. It was beautiful. After she had gone my wife came and sat down beside me and felt of my cock which was about half hard from romping with the 18 year old.
"You'd like to suck on those little tits wouldn't you?" She ask.
I smilled and told her that of course what man wouldn't. She ask me if she could arrange it so I might get a feel and ever a suck of them would I be willing to? By this time my cock was at it's full length and hard as nails. We talked a little more about her.

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