Ghetto Toy


While this story deals with taboo subject , it also is some forced sex and interacial. . . . .

I woke up to constant banging on my door, I was awake far too late the night before . Drinking and being rude , I finally got up and looked out the window . And laughed my homeboy Nigel was there . I knew somthing was gonna pop off . Anyhow Im 23 year old black male , 6'0 168 lbs and a 11' big nigga dick . My crew were known to trick all kinds of women into gangbangs , but I never expected this shit to happen .

We were over at the hangout crib, well we called it that anyhow . Was really this dude named G house he sold weed and coke outta it. We sat around smoked blunts and drank . He used to get all kinds of people there , all with another story or tale . Just to get there fix well this sweet white ass bitch knocks on the door .

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   G was in the back so I answered the door , she dident look like a feind . Hell she looked lost and scared , she stuttered . . "G ?" and I said "naw he in the back but come on in " . She looked behind her , at the car that was waiting there . And a skinny white dude pointed and she walked in .

I forgot her name , but she was sweetstood about 5'3 120 lbs and some nice plump ass tittys . It was just me and nigel and G there at the time . We tried to pass the blunt to her she refused and asked if we could get G . I went and knocked on his door "Hey yo G some bitch is out in the front room asking for you " I heard a slam and he then said "Yeah aight ill be there in a minute" . So I walk back and Nigel is drinking and I sit beside the girl , told her G was coming . G comes out the back and smiled "Who you ?" and she shyly spoke"my boyfreind his name is mike " and G looked at Nigel and smiled "So he got my money ?" and she looked down .

She shook her head , sweet blond hair frazzled about as he spoke"Then why the fuck you here bitch ?" by now she was crying and went to get up . I pulled her down and said "Sit yo ass down " she sat and folded her arms a horn honked out side and she spoke "Um cant you just give him like one more bag?" And G was like "Oh yeah ok hold on " she seemed relived . But that soon turned to fear , G pulled out his dick and shook it at her .

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  . "Why dont you suck my dick and my homies dicks and Ill forget your boys debt . . if you are good" she went to get back up and I pulled her back down wrapping my arm around her. She started crying Nigel looked out the window and her boyfreind was gone .

"Looks like your freind left you " and she began sobbing I let my hand run up her thigh wich was covered in her jeans and she tried to push my hand away . Nigel had unzipped his zipper and sat beside her on the other side and took her hand pushing it in his pants . "Please don't do this . . . just let me go" and G stepped up to her and slapped her with his dick "Shut the fuck up. . you sucking dick bitch and if you do a good job we wont fuck you "he laughed "too hard " I laughed then too by this time Nigel had his dick out and her hand around it she dident move her hand to jerk him off at all she went to speak and G pushed his dick into her mouth .

She gagged and tried to push away but I then pulled her shirt off her shoulder pushing a white titty out and began to lick on it . Nigel told her to just go along and we wouldent beat her , she tried to fight a moment or two longer but soon her hand was stroking his dick .

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   And slowly sucking G off. . I pulled my 18 inch monster out and took her other hand she wrapped it around my cock and then spit G's out and protested . . "please its too bi. " I pushed her down to it and she began to kiss the head.

Eventually she got her lips around the head and sucked on it like that . . Alternating between Nigel and G as well . We stopped her and pulled her shirt and bra off and her pants and pantys . Nigel bent her over and slamed his 9 inch cock into her cunt . "Damn this bitch is tight " as she screamed I slamed my cock back into her mouth and started sucking her face as Nigel was slaming into her . G was stroking his dick and smoking a blunt "Mmm bet she aint never had all her holes stuffed " and with that said Nigel got below and began to fuck her G spit on her ass and pushed his dick into her ass hole as I fucked her face .

She was screaming inpain but I think it was some pleasure there too cause she came all over Nigels cock and he shot his load in her pulled out and went off to grab a beer out the fridge . It was my turn I got her on my 18 inch and she screamed like I was killing her .

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   G was pounded her ass and I was slaming her pussy with black cock she was a black cock pin cushion !!!

Eventually me and G got both our cocks into her cunt at once and came together in that cunt . . then called her little wimpy ass boyfreind . . to come get his ho and his dope . . . . . .