Gentil Journey part 2


Topic: Gentle Journey Part 2 Gentle Journey Part 2
Mika could not get the incident with Kit out of her head, she kept seeing him standing before her his big cock sticking up like a stout tree, she thought he was about 200mm (8”) to 250mm (9”) or bigger, she could still feel the rippling hard cock rubbing her pussy and sliding across her prick clit.
Since that morning 2 weeks ago she had not seen Kit, her mum said he was on assignment in France, he was a news camera man working for an agency who supplied footage to the main TV channels, he went anywhere in the world where the news was, to make and record the current events, filming in the thick of the story which made the current news. .
Easter holidays had arrived, Kit was still on his assignment in France, her mum still had to work, so she was home alone, she had spent the first day doing all the house chores for her mum and she had prepared her mums favourite chicken casserole, her mum came crashing through the door, I am whacked she shouted to no one in particular, she worked for a fashion house, arranging sets and sites for the fashion parades and photo shoots to take place.
Occasionally, she would have to stay away for one or two nights depending on where she had to travel to view the proposed site. Her reputation was such the occasional nights away were becoming rather frequent. Today she had travelled down to Kent and she was well and truly whacked. Her head lifted as she smelt the aroma of her favourite dish in the air. Jumping up she grabbed Mika and pulled her to her chest smothering her with kisses and telling her how much she loved her and how lovely to have her favourite dish for her supper.
A voice boomed out, making them jump. “Ahem I am not interrupting anything untoward am I?” There in the doorway stood Kit! “Sorry I have been trying to call your mobile Petra but its diverting to answer machine?” “Oh Kit, hi!” She said grabbing Kit and smothering him with kisses, my mobile is out of battery and needs charging. Mika looked at Kit her lips trembled a little and the warm feeling in her tummy came back with a bang, she felt her cheeks burn and begin to flush, Kit stretched across and gave her a peck on the cheek, Hi Mika, he said with that sultry smile and cocky sound in his voice. Mika looked at him, looking for some sort of apology in his eyes but all she saw was the same staring wanton look she saw on the landing weeks before. I got to go and finish my room she said, her face reddening as she flew upstairs. Food is cooked Mum help yourself I will have some after; she called back to her mum.
 Later on in the evening Petra came up to room to check if she was OK, you left suddenly, is there something wrong? Petra asked.

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   “No I had to finish clearing up here and I knew you wanted some time with Kit, so I stayed here. Where is he by the way? “ “He has just popped down to the Off License to get some wine for us all; he is celebrating a promotion at work. , he is now the Department manager, plus he works both from the Studios and stays local, rather than all the travel he has had to do. I am off down stairs follow me down when you’re ready?” “Yes ok, I am just going to put my PJ’s on” Mika said, “Then I will be down”. Mika looked at her wardrobe of night attire she chose the ones she loved most, her dark red silk PJ’s with the Chinese print on the jacket. She stripped her clothes off and she pulled her red thong on and the silky PJ bottoms then the billowy Silky top. Mika felt the silk of the jacket rub and glide across her nipples making them tingle and enlarge a little, looking in the mirror she tied her hair up into a ponytail as she did each night, her high neck stood out against the red silky top and she could see the prominent outline of her nubile breasts, this will torment him she thought to herself, she was so  pleased to think she would make him uncomfortable and want her even more?
Mika came downstairs, her Mum said how grown up she looked and so sexy , Mika blushed, and just then the door opened, Kit had arrived back his arms loaded with wine, they opened a bottle of Rose, Mika was allowed a small glass, but soon along with her mum and Kit she had drunk more than she had ever done before, she felt quite light headed and her body seemed to be disconnected, Mika’s mum was really well oiled that and her tired state made her sound rather slurred and a little drunk. “Don’t you think my gorgeous daughter, looks good enough to eat tonight?” Her face turning scarlet, Mika said “Oh Mum please you are so embarrassing?” “No I agree with your Mum you do look extra special tonight. ” Kit said loudly. “Oh well if you are all going to be silly, then I am off to bed she said to them both” “Yea ok love give me a kiss”, her mum said. Dutifully she leant down and kissed her mum, her top billowed opened allowing Kit to see yet again, her gorgeous breasts, as her mum slurred her words oh and don’t forget Kit as well she said especially after his new promotion.  
Kit stood up and walked behind the sofa to where Mika stood holding his hands out for a hug, he was out of sight of Petra and he pulled Mika in towards him his arms enveloped her, pulling her hard against his body. Kit bent his head down whispered in her ear, I want you and then kissed her full on the mouth, pushing his tongue into her mouth tasting her and wiggling her tongue with his, Mika’s tongue also joined the battle wriggling and entwining each other’s tongues together sucking and pulling their slippery serpents to and fro. At the same time his hands dropped down and covered her pert bum cheeks, pulling her into his hardening member with such force. Mika was stunned her mind aghast with shock, yet her body was on fire, she was so confused by his blatant actions.

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   Kit could feel she either had no panties on or she wore a thong, none the less he groped and grasped her tight buttocks at the same time grinding his cock into her mercifully.
Her mum’s voice changed the scene abruptly. “Could you get me another drink before you sit back down here please?” she asked no one in particular. Kit said yes and looking at Mika intently he smiled and gently brought his hands up and under her silky top across her breasts, he bent down and took a nipple into his mouth and sucked and chewed it gently. Tingling sensations were erupting all over Mika’s body. She extricated herself from his hands and she turned on her heel and walked away mumbling goodnight as she exited the room. She got to her bedroom, feeling bewildered and very excited at the raw feelings Kit had generated in her body. She wished they could have gone further, but she was frightened that her mother would catch them and she would be devastated.
Sometime later about 30 to 40 mins had passed, Mika still awake thrashing about on her bed her mind and body in utter turmoil. A gentle knocking at her bedroom door brought her out of her turmoil, Mika could you give me a hand to get your mum upstairs, she fallen asleep and I need some help. Mika opened the door; Kit grabbed her hand then led her downstairs to the lounge, where her mother was semi conscious. “Come on dear”, Kit said “Mika and I will get you to bed”, they lifted her up and got her upstairs without too much effort, once in her room they laid her on the bed, “give me a hand to get her undressed?” he asked politely. Mika took her mums blouse off and her bra then she pulled her skirt of leaving her panties, to save her being embarrassed.
She felt Kit behind her looking over her shoulder as she undressed her mum, he said “She is out like a light, she must have been tired”. His hands rested on her hips as he leaned in further to see if Petra was Ok.

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   Then his hands moved slowly around to the front of her waist then up under her top, cupping her breasts in his hands his fingers tweaking and pulling her nipples gently, Mika straightened up leaning back into his body, his left hand slid down the front of her body, over her belly and under the waistband of her silky PJ bottoms, he wormed his fingers under the waistband of her thong and he cupped her now wet pussy sliding a finger across her wet slit feeling the head of her clit as his hand sought out her wet pussy hole, pushing a finger inside her wet hot slit. He began to thrust his finger in and out of her now throbbing sex, he felt her love juices pouring out over his hand.
Petra stirred, “You OK dear, are you coming to bed soon”? Mikas mindset came down to earth with a thud, she lept away from Kit’s  grasp, and she ran back to her own room, once again her body felt cheated and thwarted, she soon fell into a troubled sleep. In the morning Mika’s mum came into her room, “I am off to work now poppet, but I am away tonight. Kit’s gone into work early he has to pick up his car, he will be back later, so I will call you tonight OK”? Bending down she pecked Mika on the cheek and just as quickly she was gone.
After a short while Mika got up and headed for the shower, all of the time remembering Kits actions from last night and the previous time when he caught her naked on the landing. Part of her wished he was here and they could do it again, the other part was afraid of what could happen. Washing the soap off her body, she wrapped her body in the towel and walked into her mums room to make sure he was not there, but hoping that he was.
The room was empty so she went back to her own room, she decided she wanted to walk and get the thoughts of Kit out of her head, pulling on her thong  pulling it tightly into her pussy, she contemplated wearing a bra, her nipples were quite sensitive and she wanted to feel her breasts loose and free. She chose a light yellow linen blouse, brown chukka jacket and a denim skirt, with her favourite Huggy boots.
She went to the park and was not there long and knew she had chosen the wrong clothes, the sun was belting down, the heat was intense she had taken her chukka jacket off and was finding it a nuisance just carrying it. She lay down on a high sloping bank and could watch the people playing  and picnicking, and further over with children paddling in the foot pool. Time passed and she decided to head for home as she was hungry and thirsty.
As she walked along her street she arrived outside her home and saw Kit’s silver Mercedes Sports car with deep red leather upholstery, last night suddenly filled her being and her legs became sluggish and jelly like, she climbed the steps and went inside, throwing her jacket onto the hall stand she walked into the kitchen heading for the fridge, opening the fridge she grabbed a Pepsi and flipped it open drinking almost the whole bottle she was so thirsty, she turned around and headed for the door and suddenly was confronted by Kit who had a towel wrapped around his waist. Still wet he had just come from the shower in the bathroom.

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“So the tables are turned, now it’s me caught in a towel all wet and slinky, he laughed loudly”. “We think alike” he said passing her and opening the fridge door and grabbing a Pepsi for himself, he smiled at her and said, “now you have caught me in a towel, what are you going to do about it Mika”?
Mika’s face turned red with embarrassment she looked passed him, shying away from his sharp penetrating eyes, and just as suddenly she looked back and she saw the muscles of his chest ripple and the six-pack and his flat hard belly made her stomach churn with delight and fright all at the same time.
Placing his bottle on the kitchen table, Kit walked up to her, she could see his member swinging and growing beneath his towel. He grinned and could see the perplexity in her face, she was transfixed, she could not move, infact she did not want to move, her eyes still transfixed by his marvelous sexy chest and belly. She could also see his cock under the towel rampantly sticking out like a tower, he stretched out his arms to her.
Almost without any self control, she folded into them slowly and his muscles felt so strong and hard against her small frame, the world was opening up to her whole being or so she felt. Her nipples were thrusting and digging into his hard chest, as was his rigid member digging hard into her groin.
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