Fr. O'Reilly's True Confessions: Part One


Amada's ConfessionForgive me, Father, for I have sinned in the eyes of the Lord!!! Tell me my child, what it is you wish to confess!!! I have had impure thoughts about the young man living next door to me, Father, and no matter how much I try, every time I see him, well, it's too embarrassing to even repeat out loud!!! Impure thoughts are indeed a sin, my child, but actions of course speak much louder than words, and since you didn't act on you thoughts, please say ten Hail Marys and go in peace!!! I-I'm not finished with my confession, Father, I-I did act on my terrible thoughts, I'm so sorry!!! Oh my, please tell me then exactly what happened!!!I saw the John, that's his name, carrying groceries into his apartment, and he seemed to be struggling so I offered to help him get them into his kitchen!!! I am very ashamed to say that I purposely pressed up against him in an attempt to arouse him!!! Please continue, my child!!! Well, uh, he seemed a little hesitant, but I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants and sucked his hard penis into my mouth until he ejaculated his cum down my throat!!! Is that all!?! No, sir, I-I'm sorry, that it is not all, then I led him by his erection over to the couch where I pulled up my skirt and slid down my panties and begged him like a cheap whore to have intercourse with me!!! And did he comply with your wanton wish!?!" "Y-yes, Father, he climbed on top of me and put his erect penis inside of my vagina and then we had intercourse!!! Was it pleasurable!?! Oh my, yes, it felt wonderful, I couldn't help it, but I had at least three very powerful orgasms!!! Did he ejaculate inside of you!?! Yes, Father, and then to make matters worse, we both undressed and spent the rest of the day and evening naked in his apartment, having both oral sex and intercourse over and over again!!! Did you know what you were doing was wrong!?! Y-yes, I did, but something inside of me just drove me to it, I hated and loved it both at the same time!!! Do you think you can resist doing this again!?! I don't know, Father, I certainly don't love, John, but I have to admit that I am very attracted to his long hard penis!!! You must try and be strong, young lady, these are sins of the flesh and must be resisted, now for penance you must do one hundred Hail Marys and ten rosaries, so go in peace, my child, and be vigilant!!! Thank you, Father, I will do my best!!!
Sister Rachel's ConfessionForgive me, Father, for I have sinned before God and His Mother, and I feel that my sins are truly unforgivable!!! Nonsense, no matter the sin or the situation, God has shown to be loving and forgiving, and all He requires is that we ask for his wonderful forgiveness, now stop crying and tell me your confession!!! I-I'm sorry, Father, it's just that I've been so terrible, after all, I took sacred vows before God to be pure and chaste, of which I have been neither!!! Please my child, self punishment is a sin in and of itself!!! O-okay, but I'm sure that you'll recommend my excommunication from the Church after hearing of my misdeeds!!!
The other day the mother of one of my students came in after school to discuss her child's progress in reading!!! We were sitting at a small table alone in the back of my classroom going over the young man's tests and homework, and I what can only be described as stupidity on my part, my mind was all at once filled with images of this young woman in the nude!!! Her perfume was very intoxicating, and before I knew what I was doing, I leaned over and kissed her gently on her lips!!! I quickly regained my senses and pulled away while apologizing profusely, but much to my dismay and I have to admit, joy, she silently unbuttoned her blouse and showed my her breasts in her low cut bra!!! I was stunned into immobility, but when she asked me in a whisper if I would like to nurse on her nipples, I'm afraid that all I could do was dumbly nod yes and lay my head in her lap and start sucking!!! Is that all, child!?! I-I'm afraid not, Father, it gets much worse, a few minutes later she calmly exposed her vagina to me and without even asking pulled my face to her crotch, where I sucked and licked her for a long time, bringing her to many hard and satisfying orgasms!!! Now, is that all!?! No, it is not!!!
Now I succumbed to my basest desires, and I'm so ashamed of myself, but after bringing the lady in question to her third orgasm, without even being asked, I stood up and removed my clothing until I was completely naked before her, and in the most wanton display of debauchery, spread my legs wide apart while exposing my most private parts to her hungry eyes!!! Now, is that all!?! N-no, Father, then I grabbed her by the hair and practically forced her tongue into my vagina, whereupon she sucked me to three or four brutally satisfying orgasms in a row!!! Are you truly sorry for your sins, child!?! Oh yes, Father, I truly am sorry, so very sorry!!! Go back to your room and read the twenty third Psalm, and then sit and reflect on it, now, go in peace!!! Thank you, Father, God be with you!!!
Lynn's ConfessionPlease forgive me, Father for I have sinned!!! My goodness, dear, it can't be that bad, please stop crying and tell me all about it!!! Well, Father, (while still sniffling), my sins this month are many and varied, but I must confess that some of them are far worse than others!!! Two weeks ago I was invited to an afternoon party at a friends house, and although I knew that what was to happen there was wrong, I went anyway, contributing further to my transgressions!!! When I arrived at my friend's home, three other guests were already there, and I'm very embarrassed to admit this, but the other guests and my hostess had their skirts up and panties off while calmly masturbating as they chatted!!! I know I should have left immediately, but instead I slid off my own panties and started fingering my own vagina along with everyone else!!! Every once in a while someone would have an orgasm and everyone else would cheer her on with hoots and hollers for encouragement!!! I was fast approaching my own climax, when all at once my hostess slid her mouth onto my vagina and brought me to orgasm via her tongue on my clitoris, and even though I knew it was wrong, I continued to displayed myself in the most lascivious way imaginable!!! "Well my child, God is a loving and forgiving God, so say fifty Hail Mary's and go in peace!!! I-I'm sorry, Father, but there is more, I know you don't want to hear that, but unfortunately it's true!!! I'm sorry I interrupted you, so please continue!!!
Anyway, Father, after all of us were satiated with multiple orgasms, my hostess stood up on pretty wobbly legs and announced that another guest would be joining us shortly and would put on a live show for us!!! All of us begged her to tell us who it was, but all at once loud rock music began booming throughout the room, and through a side door, in danced the pool maintenance boy completely naked with a huge erection bouncing in front of him!!! Now my husband has a large penis, but this young man was incredibly well endowed, and sadly, all I could think about was putting his erection in my mouth and having him ejaculate down my throat!!! As he danced in front of us with his penis bouncing invitingly only a few feet away, all of us again began masturbating, but this time with a fury that was truly monumental!!! One by one each of us felt him up and even if just for a few moments, we all got a chance to give him a quick sucking!!! All of the women were now in a state of extreme high arousal, and then out of the blue our hostess passed out large thick black dildos to each of us, and within seconds, we all had them buried to the hilt in our dripping vaginas!!! Almost as soon as the thick rubber penises filled our vaginas, we all began convulsing in a series of incredibly strong and persistent orgasms that left us all shaken to the core!!! The young man's penis was now extremely hard and ready to burst, and as luck would have it, I was the closest one to him, and without even asking, he stepped up to me and offered me his penis for oral satisfaction, which of course I gladly gave him!!! After only a few moments of paying oral homage to the young man's organ, he filled my mouth with the biggest shower of cum I have ever swallowed!!!
And that's all, that's everything I did!!! My child, I hope that this teaches you a lesson, now say one hundred Hail Marys and go in peace!!!

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