Fleeting moments - Pt. 3


Perhaps kissing someone who is dear to me, and yet also a kin in an. . . indirect parental relationship is unsettling at least, and definately a problem to ponder at. But, with all common logic lost to the contact between a man and a woman, I for the first time am not acting the way I should be, but more of letting the emotions welling inside of me take the better judgment. . . for me.
Sarah had expressed to me her plea of reunion. Reunion of a crumbling family that I have no exact interest to repair, nor the intention to be involved in.
Initially, that is. With Chelsea - the outrageous bitch who calls herself my wive - I had lost all motives to really repair the wound, much less to mend loose ends together bit by bit. And now with Sarah, my daughter, who I have kissed suddenly, oh. . . just because of her pained look, her hurtful expression.

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  . . I fear I may be unable to surpress my urges nor fate which has set to be my downfall.
Alas, if that is the case. . .
Sarah - my non-blood related daughter - was gently kissing back with those tender lips of hers. So soft, so warm. . . I have almost forgotten how pleasant one single kiss can really do for a troubled mind. Unconsciously my lips continued to press, the hands of mine starting to slide up and down her clothing. . . just a bit.

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   Just to feel her texture, just to glide my nails across her cloth, feeling the softness, the smoothness in which her breath gave an almost inaudible gasp of surprise. I slowly made my nails glide across her neck, and up to her cheeks before cupping it, pulling her deeper unto the kiss that I have initiated.
No one is in the house other than me and Sarah. No one else is in the house to see the sinful act that I am committing, to tear me out of my drugged mind upon those very acts which scream with wrongings and doings that I may regret later in the future. My mind is in automatic, and everything is moving as my heart wills it.
Sarah too, seems to yield under my innocent touch, her heartbeat heard faintly through the silence of our lips kissing together, and the contact of flesh and flesh the taboo that we have come to commit in this very night. "Daddy. . . ?" She whispered, her cheeks flushed and slightly uncertain as to my touch. . . her eyes betraying confusion, but also a strange yearning for me to continue on, to continue further in this strange feeling she experiences. . .

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I can only place my finger to her lips, giving a quiet hush for her ears to listen, letting myself kiss her lips once more, letting my tongue roam just a tad bit into her warmth and lips. Snaking that tongue slightly down her neck, giving light nibbles, innocent touches that made her gasp and sigh, her body starting to squirm under my touch.
"Hush. . . . " I softly said. "Let Daddy help ease your problems. . . " I continued on, kissing my way down her neck, then to her collar, my left working on twirling the finger around her aroused breast as she started to mewl and open up from my touch. Her legs were spreading, her eyes starting to flutter close through the arousal I'm giving her body. To her I presume, it felt like as if even a tiniest touch can arouse her body to an agonizing state, a state that only cries for release and pleasure, a state that only she can imagine through her own self pleasuring through masturbation. . .

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  that contact.
"D-Daddy. . . it feels. . . . strange. . . "
No response. Too endorsed in my own actions, I had already pulled her shirt up, revealing her breasts hidden behind the bra she wears. The nipples firm and erect, no thanks to my own doings. She wasn't resisting, or for the fact that she was biting on her own finger, small whimpers escaping her lips, her eyes wanting more, more.


  . . . so much more which I can give to her. . .
For the next couple of minutes, while keeping her sanity through the continuously small teases and touch, I had undressed her to just her bra and panties, admiring her slim body for my. . . unfortunate perverse pleasure. Her shirt and jeans were laying on the ground, while her body moved as if hypnotized, each action only forcing my own arousal to soar even higher than the last. I too have reduced my attires to just my boxers and shirt as well, and my hard on isn't that hard to notice for the time being - the bulge - per say. . .
My fingers trailed down her cleavage, one hand slowly working and kneading the right breast around while I kept my other finger poised near her pelvis, stroking her skin, stimulating her body senses.

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   Sarah by then is now giving a light pant, her lips opened up and her eyes closed, enjoying the sensations I'm creating for her.
"Like it. . ?" I questioned, leaning close to blow a soft breath on one of her shoulders.
"Mm. . . "
"Want more. . . ?"
". . . . " She nodded slowly, opening her eyes and looking into mine, the look so pleading, so wanting.

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  . . by gods, I couldn't help but take the advantage even further, enticing her with the words that flowed out of my mouth.
"Tell Daddy where you want more. . . . "
"Everywhere. . . . . I. . .

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  I want it everywhere. . . "
"Tsk. . . but where exactly do you want more, my dear? Here--?" I said, giving her nipples a light pinch, her body convulsing lightly with a slight moan and an obvious wet spot starting to appear on her panties, "--Or here?" I finished, stroking my other finger downward, giving her clitoris a light scratch through the panties. Sarah could only moan with wanton need, while she pushed my finger down to her crotch, her back arching and her mouth opened with a silent gasp.
To me, what more can I say but to comply to her wishes? Leaning close, my lips seeked out for hers in a kiss as I then let my tongue trail a light path of saliva down her neck, between her breasts, and close to her panties while I nibbled here and there, this way and that. . . all the way down to my goal, to that warm, moist spot in which her lovely juices lay inside, waiting to be released. Pushing the panties aside this time, this is the first moment of clarity that I have actually seen my daughter's pussy up close.
And that. .

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    . is something which I cannot describe, for its beauty cannot be told by mere words.
    It has to be touched. Nay - it must be touched. Her clit which moves slightly with each breath she takes, and her hairless mound that releases a sweet odor, tempting my lips to touch and suck the honey out. . .
    Her voice suddenly broke through the soft silence when I did that.
    "D-Daddy? What are you -- ooh. . . . D. .

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      . . Daddy. . . " She panted, looking down at me who was busily giving her slit a light dab with my tongue, followed by a slight tease with the clit above. . . again and again, then licking the forbidden place to force her body to excrete more of that sweet honey-like taste.
    She was whimpering now with my actions.
    "Oh, god. . . . D.


      . . Daddy, my pussy. . . . !" She gasped through her pleasure, pulling and squeezing her breasts while her legs wrapped around my head, pulling my lips closer to her rosy flesh. How she knew of such words, I shall never know. But that doesn't mean I didn't like it, though. . . .
    Spurred on by her words, I increased the oral sensations for another few minutes, her words floating in the air, her gasps, her moans and light screams until --
    "Oh god, oh god, oh god. . .

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      . I-I'm gonna cum! Daddy. . . daddy? Dadd. . . . . . oohhh, gods!!"
    But. Before she could even gain release, I momentarily paused my actions, looking up at her with a sly smile. Her body was convulsing in preparation to orgasm, but without the final touch, she was hanging by a thread, her eyes looking confused and overloaded, just wanting that release.
    "No. .

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      . no no! Please, don't stop. . . . don't stop!" She begged, trying to touch herself - in which I denied, merely giving her clit a couple of clockwise rubs here and there, keeping her on the edge.
    "Do you want daddy to help you? Do you want me to continue?" I taunted, pulling my boxers down, aligning myself up slowly, keeping the other hand at fingering her with small pumps and rotating actions.
    "Yes. . . yes! I want it, I want it, I want. . . " She repeated, oblivious to what I'm really doing, oblivious to my cock ready to impale her when she is already so close in release. In a flash, just as I pinched her clit to set her body in a wild, screaming orgasm, I also pushed my entire length into her, feeling her hymen break and her enormous pleasure overriding the slight momentary pain through that orgasm - and her body lifting herself up from the bed to fully impale herself right down onto my cock, which took me by surprise.

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       Perhaps it was the teasing and my touch which made her go wild, perhaps it was the way I changed her from an innocent to a more lustful kitten. But whatever the case, I was fucking her in a missionary style, hearing her words change dirty, telling me to fuck her, to make love to her. . .
    Surprising. I would have to ask where she got all those words from when its done. But for the time being. . .
    I am more happy to oblige, Sarah going into her second orgasm from my previous antics afterwards, her arms wrapped around my neck and her hips going on auto, moaning with each slam of my cock deep into her core, as best as I could.
    I didn't know how much time passed during that moment. All I could then remember was myself thrusting faster, my lips then tonguing hers deeply as I spurted my seed deep into her womb, hearing her orgasmic cry and finally. . .
    Just our breathings, exhausted for tonight.

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       Laying next to her, my cock still gripped tightly inside her pussy as I empty my entire month of semen into her crotch, just bathing under the aftermath of our orgasm, and the silence that ensued us afterward as we drifted off to sleep.
    Perhaps, when I wake up. . . I'll be able to sort things out afterwards. Until then. . .
    Sleep would do. Sleep would do. . .