FINDING KRISSY - Chapter Part 2 - The Role-play


This story contains scenes of a sexual nature between a young girl and older man. If this is not
to your taste, or is illegal where you live, or you find it morally
offensive, then read no further and leave now!!

The story is purely imaginary and bears no resemblance to any living person
or persons as far as I know, much as you or I might wish!

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Chapter #2 - THe Role-play

The alarm woke me and I nearly smashed in a fury both at it and myself. It was Saturday morning and I had forgotten to dismantle the alarm the night before, not for the first time on a weekend where I like to sleep in a little longer.

Switching the side table radio on I listened to the 8 o’clock news bulletin trying to fall back into the luxury of extra sleep but to no avail.

I was thinking of her, “Orphan Annie” and not just of her picture but her mind and the way she depicted this young innocent girl I had seduced the night before.

”What a wonderfully wicked mind she has. ” I said with a smile as my naked manhood stirred.

Throwing back the covers I quickly decided to get up and plan some sort of day ahead, walking to the shower with a cock half hard swinging to and fro as if in search of attention.

Washing and soaping into a foamy lather my hand was soon seducing my hard shaft with eyes closed as the water beat on my face.

“Yes little Annie, be a good slut girl and suck Uncle Lex’s nice cock. Oooohhh, yes such a naughty girl you are” my voice groaned an echo in the small tiled cubicle.

“Here it comes baby girl. Oooohhh, oooohhh, yeeessss!! Good girl, good lil slut girl, swallow Uncle Lex’s creamy vitamin cum feed” I called in orgasm mimicking part of the erotic role-play from the night before as my cock exploded.

Leaning back on the cold tiles letting the shower jets wash away the evidence of my new found lust as my mind swam in more erotic thoughts of this lovely young looking kid. Interrupted as a golden trail of pee released to be flushed by the shower stream before I washed my hair and was done.

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“What on earth are you thinking Lex? This sexy little nymphet has bewitched you. ” I laughed at my reflection then brushed my teeth and headed out to dress, just pulling on a t-shirt and track pants for now, not expecting any visitors.

I took my coffee and then straight to the den hoping in anticipation that Annie may have left me an offline message only to be disappointed.

“yourfukslut” had left me an invitation to join her on line later that day. A woman in her mid 30’s that I had raped and abused in an office sex scene that never reached any great heights for me which amused me as she confessed to cuming numerous times.

The other from a standard “dating” site asking where I have been and obviously a little naïve as it had been over two weeks since we last chatted and about the 10th messaged she had left.

“Sorry darling, I am just not interested. I’m off that site for now. I have some things to sort out. Take care and good luck yeah?” I sent back copying a previous message sent 4 days earlier to her.

“Fuck Lex, all a bit depressing old mate. ” I said to myself as I moved back to the kitchen, diverting to get the newspaper off the front lawn and settle reading, looking for some interest to take me out for the day.

I did go out about an hour later after my third glance at the lonely screen of the computer, deciding to mix in at a local fair on the sports ground near by. The outing more in feeling sorry for my 2yr old white Labrador “Ajax” who was pinning at the back door while I read the paper. I usually found time to walk him each day but the week interrupted by colder weather and showers had put paid to the normal plans and Ajax had missed the last two days.

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While the trip killed 3 hours of the day loitering about the many stalls of “arts and crafts”, second hand goods and antiques and feeding from a variety of samples of different cultural cooking, it did not distract my thoughts away from the erotic age play “Orphan Annie” and I had shared the night before. In fact I was quiet disgusted at myself and my new perversion that saw my eyes wondering over just about every preteen girl that was in my scope, comparing each body and trying to put a face to the character Annie had played.
Looking for the obvious new bumps and hip shaping state of their pubescent growth and the look of their tight little asses as they walked in front. It did not matter if they were in a group or with parents, I still felt myself drawn into sneaking glimpses and in one case stalking a young girl in front in an attempt to see her face.

“Time to get home Ajax. ” I said heading back to the street and feeling shamefully sick within myself because of the way my thinking was heading. The girls and there were many, would never have been threatened by me, my God I could never. It was simply a moral issue knawing away at my conscious, challenging all my “proper” beliefs.

“What the fuck have you done to me Annie? You have made Lex feel and act like a predatorial pervert. Maybe I should just go out tonight and fuck these thoughts away once and for all?” I thought to myself as Ajax was let off his led to sprint the last 100 meters home.

“Buzz” (1:23pm)

“Your there Uncle Lex? Your little cum slut baby girl is missing you bad” (1:23pm)

“Buzz” (1:33pm )

“Awe okay. I have got to run. There is some real shit going down here and I need to fuck off for a while. Hope we can catch up later Uncle Lex, lil Annie misses you and needs you. ” (1:41pm)

I slowly sat as if waiting for a bomb to go off and re-read her messages 4 or 5 more times, hopelessly aroused by her bold words to me, a complete stranger in reality.

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“Am I missing something here? Damn girl, was that last bit in character or for real, ‘misses you and needs you’. Don’t even think Lex. It’s her character talking and she’s only 18 for god’s sake, over 30 years difference. ” I said loudly to myself accepting it as flattery.

“Lex will be about most of the afternoon and night Annie. Look forward to catching up again lil one. ~winks~” I posted back then slapped my forehead Homer Simpson style.

“Why the fuck did you send that idiot, what happened to the moral high-ground, leaving her be and going out for the night?” I chastised myself as soon as the message appeared in her box.

I shut the computer down annoyed with myself and quickly settled in the lounge room watching the “sports channel” almost in a pout at my own stupidity with my brow still frowning some hours later.

Half time in the football match I was watching saw me go back in curiosity to my office, flipping the lap-top open and there she was.

“Buzz” (2:33pm)

“Buzz” (2:41pm)

“Buzz” (2:43pm)

“Lex, please. . please be there soon. I am in so much trouble. I have to get out.

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  ” (2:43pm)

“Buzz” (2:52pm)

The last message only five minutes ago as I sat quickly and with a rush of blood typed back;

“Annie? I am here honey. What’s up baby?” concerned now that her messages were really telling of some pending disaster and my compassion taking over.

“Oh thank fuck Lex. I was only going to be able to be online another 20 mins. I have just got to get out of here. ”

“Hey Annie, calm down honey, what is the problem. ”

“My step-brother Johnny Lex. Lets just say he is making advances and I am really scared now because he has been on the piss all day. . ”

My mind rushed over all the information I new of this girl and it seemed I knew very little, confused now having assumed she may be living on her own or at least sharing and apartment somewhere.

“Annie, what stepbrother? I am sorry this is all very confusing to me. I know so little can you fill me in a little more?”

“Lex I can tell you this is not the first time he has put the hard word on me and my parents never believe me. I am so scared Lex. I have decided to get out this afternoon while they are all out the back boozing up. My best chance to slip away before tonight and too late.

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   I am running away Lex I have no where to go, no idea what to do, I just know I am going. .

“Hell you are serious Annie, hang on and let me think. ”

“Lex, I know this is awful of me, but do you think I could come there for a day or two, just until I sort out what to do. I promise I won’t be a burden or bring down my fucked faced family on you. I am just so scared and worried what might happen, please?”

Again my head was spinning in a “too much information mode” as I read her plea. My heart now very concerned about my new young friend and thoughts of the neighbor’s whispers and gossip were concerning me on one side as I raced through the scenario, overruled and growled at on the other. No-one had shared my space for so long and now I was being asked to take in a “run-away”, someone I had never met or seen and had spent only three hours with online. It was all very suspicious for me, a growing feeling that I was being conned in some sick neurotic way.

“Lex, say something I beg you. I really need a friend right now. I know you don’t know me but just try and trust a little okay?”

“Annie what is it exactly you want from me. It is all such a rush and panic. I am trying to digest all this. I do care, really I do.

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   Just tell me what you want to do and we’ll go from there. ”

There was a long pause of two or three minutes. I was about to buzz when she posted quickly making errors that alerted me to her angst.

“Meet me at Parramatta station…somtime this afternoon. I mean ir. . please be ther. . i have to go. . Iam stealing my step-dads cell. . 0456757593. . dont call.

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  util I call you. . please be there…will explin all then. . be there lex. . please. . look for me. . red hood sweater. . denim mini and purple backpack. . ”

“Orphan Annie has signed out”

She was gone.

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   I re-read and re-read her last post deciphering her grammar errors to understand the plan. I held a mixture of foreboding and an equal amount of genuine concern. My heart beat so fast trying to reson things through.

“What is the worst case scenario Lex. She is a fraud and I waste a day waiting for her? She knows who I am and thinks she can get me suckered in? Maybe she is the law. I never did see her on cam or hear her voice. Was it illegal to write such things? No, surely not?Either way I will be wary and what if she is genuine and I ignore helping her. Fuck, it would gnaw at me for weeks wondering. So that’s it, I go down there not expecting anything and go from that point. Why the fuck did she give me her number and say don’t call, wait, I’ll call you? Has she got my number and if so from where? Fuck it, there is only one way to find out what the fuck this is all about” I queried then as a little panic set in made last minute checks just incase.

“The toilets and bathrooms clean, lounge room tidy, check! Laundry folded, dirties in the wash, check! Food, shit need to go shop quickly” I told myself making a list as I walked about the house and kitchen checking that my home would be presentable.

“Look at you Lex, you’d think the mother in-law was coming, or a pretty date. ” I laughed at myself. “Ajax come boy. We need to go shop boy.

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  ” I called pulling on a sweater after feeling the new chill from outside as the door opened.

That was the 5th train to come and go in the past 40 minutes and each one of them unloading a bigger crowd all returning from the football across city. I already had a headache from standing on tip-toe to look for the identifying attire Annie was to be wearing. The other concern was the time, now 4:30pm and the winter sun very low with the air-cooling quite quickly, might well see me searching in the artificial lighting after much longer and that would be even harder with her not knowing what I look like. At least I had an image to go on albeit if a real one.

I was so tempted to call her and would in an hour if there was no sign. It was now well over two hours since the computer conversation and now I was beginning to feel a bit foolish. A rough estimate knowing that she lived in the eastern suburbs and had she left in the hurried panic she depicted, should have seen her at central within 40 minutes and out my way half an hour later even allowing for the faulty time table the state rail system seemed to be infected by.

“Okay Ajax, we’ll see in the next train and if not, call that number. If someone else answers we assume either something went amiss and head home. ” I told my dog then had the thought that maybe she did come back online and send another message.

“I 'mfucking idiot Ajax, why did I not check the PC after the shopping, before we came down here and stood fro nearly two hours”

“All passengers on the Penrith route please board the next train into Parramatta station arriving on platform 3 in 2 minutes”a monotonous voice announced over the PA system.

As others stood to move in readiness I jumped up onto a bench seat so as to screen all 6 carriages at once. Concentrating with eyes squinting trying to recognise a flash of her colors amongst the mixing throng of departing and alighting travelers only to see the train soon pull away and the platform quickly deserted.

She was crouched down against the ticket office window rummaging through a second heavier looking bag for something urgent.

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   Well I thought it was her. She had the right colors but was only a short petite looking figure with her back to me as I approached.

“Annie? Are you Annie miss?” I said quietly not to alarm.

The most angelic looking face with deep brown eyes snapped about to look up.

“Yes sir” she replied “L, Lex, Mr Well. . ?” she then stammered as much in surprise as I was before turning away to sob into her hands and as she did I saw the round purple mark on the side of her temple and the dried blood on her torn ear, her face was a little swollen, something you don’t immediately notice.

I stood over her as Ajax sniffed the big bag at her side in total shock. Annie was not 18, looked nothing like it and would be lucky to have been 18 at best. She was just a small kid, a petite little girl with wild rebellious black hair dyed with some streaks of purple, straight and very shinny from what I could tell under the hood she was hiding in. As she stayed sitting, her hands now holding her sobbing face on her knees it dawned on me again that I knew this kid from somewhere, her profile image still familiar but nothing like the child’s face I was looking down to. In amongst all the turmoil of my brain putting everything together, my god, and the erotic role play she had participated in, no lead me in, even how she nearly said my last name, a paternal compassion quickly developed that was so foreign to myself.

I crouched down to sit on my heels, a hand touching her shoulder as my decision came quickly.

“Annie, come on up you get. Lets get out of here and home I am sure you have a lot to tell me and for tonight at least there is a spare bed at my place okay?” I said with soft tender voice.



She sniffled some more looking under her eyes up to me with a small nod and began to stand up, a pain reflected on her brow as she grabbed her upper leg with a moan.

“Hey missy, you okay here, Mister? Do you know this girl?”The station master asked having witnessed in his own curiosity, his tone very suspicious as he walked over.

“She is going to be fine and thanks for your concern but can’t you see that this is emotional for her. My daughter wants to come back home. Can you leave us be please. ” I lied with my mind creating a possible real life scenario.

“I am so so sorry daddy and I have been so scared, can we just go home. ” Annie added flinging her arms around my neck still with genuine tears.

“Oh I see, um, well good luck to you both and missy, there is never a better place then home even if you feel different. ” He counseled before walking away satisfied. Annie giggled briefly at my neck before letting go.

I picked up her back pack and the larger heavy bag and nodded in the direction the car was parked, smiling friendly knowing she was indeed still afraid and emotionally shot. Annie hugged a laptop to her belly and limped with some difficulty beside me to the car, her left hand holding the outside of her left upper thigh.

Ajax allowed Annie to take his seat of pride in the front excited with new company he jumped in the back and kiss licked her cheek from behind. “Sit Ajax, good boy” I commanded hoping his attention was not unwelcome.

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