Final Fantasy - A daughters story dads words


Fucking her, I was fucking my darling daughter, banging her hard and she loved it.   O my did she love it.   “Daddy” she moaned “fuck me hard, stick it in me daddy, faster, faster, I want my tits to bounce every where. ”  So I complied, I grabbed her arm and just rammed her again and again, she squealed with passion, her pussy now a shower of cum, my hard cock was a jackhammer, slamming her cunt without mercy.   She wanted no mercy, “O gawd daddy fuck me, more, more,” she screamed,  we were rabid animals, my daughter and I.  
Fucking each other as if there was nothing else in the world.   I grabbed her hair, expecting to hear a shout of pain only to hear my baby girl scream with lust and delight.   I had her bent over the couch arm, with her pussy up and open.   I fucked her over and over again, never letting up.   She reared her gorgeous ass back against my cock, making sure I fucked her harder and harder.   It was taboo and forbidden and that made it even more lustful.  
We were in a compromising position and it would be impossible to escape if someone should walk in on us, but that made it all the more exciting.   Ashley’s tits were the greatest tits I have ever seen, a D cup and full of honey.   I watched them as I slammed her pussy harder and harder, there was no escape, our juices mixed, spreading them all over the couch’s arm.   Ashley had been wanting this for a long time, you know you have, and finally I couldn’t stop myself.   Ashley was in the same frame of mind, I don’t know who started fucking who first.

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    All I know was my baby girl was enjoying my cock inside her pussy as much as I did.   The excitement was palatable, the risk, the forbidden sex, it only made us hornier.   So we kept on fucking, suddenly she became aware of the situation.   Daddy, we might get caught.   Don’t worry, I said in a husky voice as I straightened back up and positioned my cock to her pussy.   I have my eyes on the door and besides, like you said earlier, just the thrill of knowing we might get caught makes it more exciting.
“I don’t want to get caught, daddy. ”
“We won’t I assured her, don’t worry.   Daddy will take care of his little girl. ”
With that, I pulled Ashley’s ass back at me and slammed hard into her quivering cunt.   I closed my eyes briefly to savor the tight warm softness of her pussy.   Slowly I began to work my cock in and out, in and out.   With each withdrawal I noticed the white creamy wetness from her pussy coating my cock.   I pounded feverishly into Ashley’s cunt, feeling her walls tight around my cock with each stroke.   As I plowed my daughter’s pussy, I couldn’t help realize how luck I was.

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    I kept my eyes on the door as I gripped Ashley’s hips while maintaining my hold on her hair and pushed myself deeper and deeper into her.
Ashley was in heaven.   She wished now that she had done this sooner, her lust for her daddy had never been so great.   Her father was fucking her uncontrollably and she loved it.   His thighs were smacking noisily against her ass and she new he was about to cum.   Ashley knew that she had had larger dicks in her, but that did not take away from her daddy’s 7 inch thick dick.   Having him slamming it into her unmercifully gave her as much pleasure as the biggest dick she ever had.
As I daddy banged her into the couch, we both heard a noise in the driveway and stopped fucking to listen more closely.   I stopped and looked out the window; it was the neighbor coming home for lunch.
David resumed fucking his daughter with more energy than before.   I ravaged her pussy, slamming into her harder and harder with each thrust until I finally reached my climax.   My whole body tensed as I emptied my sac into Ashley’s beautiful pussy.
From then on we fucked when ever and where ever we could.   Sometimes I would corner her in the bathroom when people were in another part of the house and bend her over the bathroom sink and fuck her pussy.   With each stroke I would whisper in her ear that she belonged to me and after I came, I’d make sure that she wore my cum in her panties.

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On another occasion, while the dreaded mother was in her room on the phone I snuck into Ashley’s room as she was getting ready for a date and dragged her into the closet and fucked her on the floor.     Ashley and I were French-kissing deeply in the closet as I  rammed my cock deep into her cunt, Ashley’s legs were stretched wide over my shoulders and I penetrated her with my pole.   We were so engrossed in what we were doing that we did not hear mommy dearest come into the room.   She seemed oblivious to what was going on, she had her cell stuck to her ear, undoubtedly planning her next meeting with a stranger to fuck.   O well, my baby girl was twice the woman she would ever be, and she pleasured me unlike that bitch had.



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