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Every time I would go to visit I would steal one of Mom's slips, she had so many and I always went to the bottom of the pile to the ones she doesn't wear that much. My favorite use to be to stand in front of her dresser wearing 3 or more slips jerking off while looking at her lingerie open drawers. I would start to cum and spray my cum all over her open drawer making sure to get every piece of panty, bra and slip that I could.
When I was in my 20s I stayed with my grandmother, she was approaching 70. We were talking in her living room, it was the middle of winter and chilly. She sat in her favorite chair with a blanket covering her and when I asked her if I could turn up the heat she insisted I put a blanket over myself. Good, I thought, here's my chance. I went into her room and opened up her slip drawer. I put on 4 long half slips and 2 full slips. I couldn't believe I was gonna do this. I put a huge blanket over me and went and sat in the chair facing her.
I crossed my legs in the chair to make a hollow area above my erect nylon covered cock. I was talking with her and stroking myself under the blanket. I would start to get close and wander off in my conversation and she would ask me if I was OK. I told her I was fine and to keep talking. I wished I had the guts to ask her to jerk my cock till I came but I didn't.

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   I was about to cum, my mind was spinning, I didn't care about anything. She said she was hungry and wanted some of the egg salad she made that morning. I had an idea.
I got up and walked across the room, I looked back and she was watching innocently at me, I raised the back of the blanket to show a little lace and I saw her eyes drop to the showing lace. She didn't say a word. This made me so fucking horny. I went into the kitchen and put a piece of bread on her plate. I jerked my cock openly now until I was about to cum. I lifted up the layers of heavenly silk and aimed my cock at the bread. I shot thick wad after wad of cum all over the bread. Then I added the egg salad and another piece of bread. I got her tea mug and wiped my cum around the rim. I used her silk to rub my swollen cock clean and went to her room to change.
I slowly changed knowing my cum was soaking into the bread of the sandwich I made her. I poured her some tea with my cum still wet around the rim and brought it to her.

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   She started eating, my cock started to grow hard again and halfway through the sandwich she said the mayo must be going off because the sandwich tasted strange. Her eye sight and taste were bad due to her age. I could see my gooey cum on her mug as she brought the cup to her mouth. A tiny string of cum stretched from her mouth to the cup, I had to get up. She ate most of her sandwich and I took the plate and cup from her.
I went into the kitchen for my inspection and opened the remainder of the sandwich. The part where most of my cum dropped was gone. I had my cum in my grandmother's stomach and on her lips. I ran to her room and grabbed one of her bras and wrapped my cock in the cup. Nana has huge boobs and the cup completely covered my cock. I knew she would wear this one the next day so I blew a huge cum wad in it in anticipation.
That is it for now, I can tell you more another time.