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My stepdaughter had grown into quite a fox by the time she was 12, and admittedly I looked at her inappropriately quite often!
Most times when I would jack off, it was her pussy I was thinking about, even when she was as young as 10, but I never really did anything about my desires until she was 18 By that time I had already wanted to fuck her for at least 5 years, but the opportunity finally arose! She knew, in a way, that I was the go to man when she wanted something-- I don't think she knew that while I was giving in to her whims that I was secretly thinking about licking her pussy!
One night- she'd come into my man cave after I'd had a beer or two-- and admittedly, I might not have said anything otherwise-- to ask me for money for some new sneakers.
"Well, Bree," I said, sliding back in the couch, "how much do you need, gorgeous?" winking at her.
"They're $50, but totally worth it!" She replied, a hopeful look in her eyes!
"Wow!" I replied, "That's a lot of money for new sneakers, especially since you have some others like them in your closet!" I winked at her.
"But I don't have RED ones!" She said, trying to make her case stronger.
"I understand. . . but, I've been thinking, I've been giving you money on the sly for this kind of stuff, and I haven't really gotten any return on the investment! I'll give you the money- but with a condition. . . how about a trade?"
"What kind of trade?" She said, a bit puzzled.
"I'd like to see you naked. " I blurted out, but still with an air of cool, surprisingly enough!
"What????" Her eyes got wide. . .
"Yes- if you shut the door and strip for me, I'll give you $15 toward the sneakers!"
She paused- and for a moment I thought she might storm out of the room.

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   But she didn't. . . Biting her lower lip, she said, "What if we get caught?"
Cooly, I replied, "We won't - we have the house all to ourselves for AT LEAST another 3 hours, sweetie. But, just shut the door anyway! What do you say?"
"But that's only $15- what about the rest? I don't have any of it now. . . "
"Ok- if you let me take some pictures of you naked, I'll make it $20. . . and I have some other trades in mind. . but we'll get to those when we get to them. . .

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I was pleasantly surprised when she went to the door and shut it. She came back in front of the couch and started to promptly strip. As she took her tank top off, she said "You promise?"
"I promise" I said as I got my camera ready.
As she slid her panties off, and I finally took a good long, unabashed stare at her, she was even hotter than I'd imagined! Tight ass, perfect pussy, and perky little tits with perfect nipples! She held her arms up and said. "Good?"
"Not yet, sweetie- I haven't taken any pictures yet. " As I snapped the first one. I had her spin around then sat her on the couch, where I snapped photo after photo. Some with her legs spread, some full view leaving more to the imagination.
"How about now?" She asked.
"A deal is a deal. " I said, handing her $20. What about the other 30?
"I don't know. " She said. . .


"Well, how about this? For another 10, will you let me lick your pussy? All  you have to do for that is just stay where you are and spread your legs. . . "  
Nervously, she said ok and opened her legs a little. I spread them open farther and got on my knees infront of her to taste her delicious little 18 year old pussy. it was AMAZING!! After about 30 minutes of tickling her clit with my tongue, I stood up and gave her another 18
"Now you're just 20 short- but I have another idea!" I was so rock hard that I had to have some release, which I was now negotiating!
"If you let me put my cock inyour mouth and suck it, you'll have the whole 50!"
At this, she seemed to back off slightly. But I persisted.
"I'm so hard right now, you won't have to do it for long" I said, lying, "and when I'm done with your pretty mouth, you'll have all the money you need!" I took my hardon out of my jeans. "Here, just start by touching it. . . "
She nervously did.
"Now just take it in your mouth. . .

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  " She started to- hesitated, then did- "Now, just use your tongue and lips on it. "
It felt amazing!! Despite the fact mine was the first cock she'd ever sucked, she caught on quickly, and before long she was in a rhythm! She took an occasional break for a breath, but went right back to the job at hand! I gently but firmly held her head as I fucked her mouth, and as she sucked me, I added "YOu're going to have the money- -but how will you get to the mall? You don't want your mom to know how you got the money, do you?"
She paused long enough to say "No" and went back to sucking me. . .
"Ok" I continued, panting, knowing I'd need to cum soon! "How about this- you can either let me cum in your mouth, or let me fuck you- and I'll even take you to the mall! But if I cum in your mouth, you have to swallow it!"
"I'll let you fuck me. " She said. Her voice said she didn't want to, but that she would give in.
Her pussy was nice and wet, partly from me eating her, and I suspectt partly from her getting turned on by the way I'd blackmailed her for sex and the fact she knew she was whoring herself to me, her stepfather for a pair of sneakers. I turned her around and bent her over the couch, getting behind her with my cock at the opening of her pussy.
"Here we go, baby. . . I'm going to slide my cock in you now. . .

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   " I slid into her, and with each stroke went deeper into the pussy I'd been fantasizing about for so long! God, why didn't I think of this years before! I was so hard- and so enjoying fucking her- that I held back the urge to cum for a long time- but, eventually my cock started to throb, and I knew I would be pumping her full of cum!
I fucked her harder, still doggy style, just to the edge, and then pulled out of her, covering her tight ass and delicious pussy with my hot seed! I scooped a bit of my cum from her crotch on the head of my cock and turned her around to face me.
"Now, suck it again, baby. . . come on, just open your mouth. . . " Defeated, she did, and as I put my cock back in her mouth, I got immediately hard again. I fucked her mouth again, and it took almost no time for me to start cumming! This time, I kept my cock in her mouth when I came. I didn't cum as much the second time, of course= I just wanted her to have an idea of how cum tasted- I planned on hiring her MUCH more!!
As I came in her mouth, she wasn't sure what to do- "Just swallow it, baby. . . " I said- "It's ok. . .

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Nervously, she did- I brought her a drink from the man cave fridge for her to wash my cum down.
I handed her the balance of the 50, plus another 20. "That's because I owe you extra for sucking me again. And for letting me cum in your mouth. " As I handed her the money, I kissed her on the lips.
"You know now, when you need money for something, just come to me and I'll ALWAYS have something you can do to earn it, Bree! How did you like it? Knowing you made all that money for sex?"
"I feel like a whore. . . " she said. "I AM a whore. I just let my stepdaddy pay me to use me for sex. . . " She looked up, with a sparkle in her eyes. "And I liked it!I'll do it with you again- any time  you want- but you have to pay me or at least promise to pay me so I'll feel like a whore! I like being daddy's whore!" She jumped on my lap, and I felt my own cum drip on me from her ass and crotch, and as I kissed her, I knew this was the start of something beautiful!

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