Extended family, well sort of!


Fun and games.
Well it started that way. The extended family came about when mum a widow remarried an older man. Not that old mind,but put it this way,I and my brother were about sixteen and his son was about twenty five. Nothing wrong with that. In fact,it became great fun when he visited,as we hit it off and he gave us some great fun swinging us round and throwing us about in all sorts of ways.

Lets move forward. By about seventeen,my brother had grown away from all this kid stuff,but me being rather tiny still shouted and on the step-brother turning I'd leap at him and just hoped he'd be quick to respond and catch me. - He always did! So by the time I was sixteen,I'd developed nicely. Pert little tits with prominent nipples,a gorgeous ass that was very petite if I may say so and slender thighs and calves.

Now tending to wear high heels to raise my tiny frame,on spotting Carl,my step-brother,I'd kick them off and wait in anticipation of him coming through the door and leap at him from several steps up the staircase. He still always caught me but was rather slower in putting me down onto the floor. I liked this as I knew he could feel my soft tits against his chest,because I found no use for a bra' with my firm young tits covered only by thin cotton or nylon.

I also liked the view - as he slowly let me slide down his front - of the mass of chest hair his open shirt displayed. Our eyes always met and he seemed to be looking into my soul on these occasions. I knew there was an attraction more than the fun thing.

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   I revelled in my tits dragging over this chest of his and was conscious of sliding over a bulge in his trousers. Not being stupid,this sensation as it pressed against my upper thighs and pubic area gave me a feeling similar to the one I knew he was having.

How did I know? I knew because that bulge had changed and I generally felt a hard hook like affect catch at my pussy's mound as I slid slowly against him. This day I had to open the door myself to him as I was alone at home. "Hi Georgie,no leap today then!" I dashed up a couple of stairs and lept as usual but in my haste I was only half turned and slammed into him sideways.

He grasped me alright,but instead of it being under each armpit,he had me low down on my ass one side and at the waistband height on the other. "Fuck! I nearly dropped you that time" Still gripping tightly he gently let me slide down but before my feet had reached the floor,my top had risen exposing my tits,even their nipples. I blushed,he blushed but made no attempt to avert his eyes. Now with feet firmly on the floor,I eased his hand away from my body but tingled as he still looked at my still naked tits. "OOPS! sorry,that was a mistake,I shouldn't have jumped at you quite so quickly"

"No but you weren't to know they'd pop out" I blushed some more,but cheekily added, "Don't you like them,are they to small?" - "No, 'course not, they're perfect" - I felt really good about that. Darting again up the stairs. I turned and with boobs covered,I said, "I'll do it again shall I? I'll get it right this time" Now more elaberately I lept at him and Carl gasped as I caught at him rather higher than usual. Now looking over the top of his head,he slowly let me slide again.

Totally unintentionally my top slid up my body and my tits appeared level at his face. Looking down I watched as his eyes darted from one tit to the other as he held me firm with his hot breath panting against my chest.

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   Sliding down again,he stopped me as I felt my mound of venus pressing against what could only be a hard on. He held me and I opened the top of my legs consciously and felt his cock press against my pussy. Now at eye level we gazed at each other and said absolutely nothing as we sensed each others body parts.

The moment was broken as he gasped, "Fuck! I'd better put you down"He lingered and knew before dropping me,I had no objection to what his body was feeling as was my own. He looked hot and stood still in front of me as I again adjusted my top. This was not before he'd studied how hard my nipples had become. He still kept looking as the circle of little goosey type bumps around each nipple were clearly showing through my top as was my hardened nipples. He didn't move either as I blatantly looked at what was clearly a rampant hardon.

"Lets see" He made no response,but he'd heard and knew what my request had been for. He still stood like a statue as I closed closer and touched his fly. Looking up towards his face as he looked up towards the ceiling. Motionless he stood as I slid the zip slowly downwards until it was open and I foraged inside for his hard cock. There it was warm and hard. I felt its girth and ran my thumb over its eye. Not saying a word,he now pressed his hand into my belly then ran it down over my pubic mound and between my legs, Almost in a trance he fondled about my pussy until I felt my clothes raised and his fingers pressing at my slit through my panty's.

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"Wait! Wait!" His eyes dropped down as I stood away and stooped to drop my knickers away from my body. Kicking them away. "Now! do it now!"Not waiting, I dragged at his cock. As it resisted because it was hard and too long for the zip opening I dragged almost manically to pull it out where I could see it. It was lovely,all warm and fat,everything I'd suspected a real man's cock to be compared to the kid's one's I'd touched. I let him feel me proper now and as he fumbled between my legs I giggled as he found my clitoris and started making little circling motions around it but outside on the skin of my hood. - When I do it myself,I touch it direct,so this was a new experience.

I started wanking him now,very slowly as he got quicker and quicker at masterbating my clit. I could feel myself getting nearer and nearer to an orgasm. I wanted to scream but kept making muted little noises as my body jerked to his fingering me. He knew I'd orgasmed as he like myself felt my gush of love juice ooze out of my pussy slit onto his fingers. After a slight slowing of his fingers I grabbed at his hand, "No! No more,I'm to touchy" I hadn't thought of how he felt and hadn't brought him off. Mainly because my body had been consumed with my own orgasm,the first I'd had done by a man as I played with his cock.

He left me stood and disappeared into the kitchen. Mistakenly I thought to finish himself off with a wank.

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   - Later he admitted it had been to stop himself raping me. - I stood trembling with my mind in a whirl, do I? don't I? My body needed satisfying,I knew that. Like a zombie I traced out too find him, At that moment,I wasn't sure why,I just had a faint notion of why I was seeking him out. Surprisingly he was stood by the sink with his cock just how I had left it. Throbbing away and as hard as ever.

Because he was taller than me,I stepped up on the rungs of a kitchen chair and hugging him tightly I kissed hungrily at his mouth. He responded and with open mouth kissed me back. As my tongue entwined with his I moved my hips around until I felt him between my legs somewhat. The harder we kissed,the more I was sure why I'd traipsed after him. With trembling thighs I led my pussy a merry dance as I tried desperately to find the head of his cock with my pussy's puffy lips.

I found it,now with my pussy hovering like a bee on a flower I plunged slowly at it feeling his foreskin peeling back as my very tight cunt hole resisted opening for its first man cock. Kissing and concentrating on my loins I heard him through the lingering kiss say, "You want it all the way do you?" I nodded yes and immediately my pressing down was met by his hardon pressing up into my opening. I opened slowly then suddenly he slipped in and the shaft was swollowed in an instant that was arrived at with a gasp and grunt of satisfaction from Carl as he lifted my dress at the back and gripped my naked ass as he started to fuck my brains out.

"What about my spunk?" - "Do it, just do it anywhere" - He did, I felt the first spurt shoot warmly into my belly and gasped as each following shot of his spunk followed the first. Now with cock empty he gripped on to me as I screamed my orgasm frantically into his ear.

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   I knew my nails must have been hurting him but I cared not as my pussy pulsed and spread my juices all over his cock and balls. We clung and hugged while kissing more,I bit his lip which made him yelp as he swore,"Fuck,you're like a wild cat on the end of a cock" - "I don;t care,I'm still cumming don't you understand" - He did as he started at me again and in no time I came and squirmed to a second helping of his spunk. Now sarified I clung to him like a clam. "You'll never take your cock away from me? Promise,go on promise its mine forever"

"Its yours forever or as long as you want it" . . . Twenty years later I'm still enjoying that marvellous hardon. .



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