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“David, dinner’s on the table!” I hear yelled up the stairs to me.

“Coming, Mom!” I yell back from the upstairs bathroom, quickly wiping the spuz from my stomach.   I hate getting interrupted in the middle of a great jack session.   At least I got off before she called; but I usually like to stroke my dick for a few minutes after, milking the rest of the cum from my cock.

I take a moment to admire my huge but softening tool.   I may be a scrawny teenager (It’s my 14th birthday today, by the way. ); but thank God I inherited my dad’s big thick cock.   I’ve measured it…of course I have. Every teenage guy does.   And it’s impressive.   Nine inches long and so thick a dollar bill won’t make it around.   According to Penthouse, that’s good.   Too bad no one but me ever gets to enjoy it.   Having the equipment means nothing when you weigh barely 130 lbs. and have limbs like sticks.   I’m tall enough, 5’ 10” and still growing, but my physique is pathetic.

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So here I am, like every day for at least the last couple of years, hiding out in my room, avoiding the midday heat of Phoenix in June Phoenix, and getting myself off, because my chances of finding some else to do it are just about nil.   I finish cleaning up and head downstairs, Jessie cruising past me down the stairs.   Jessie is my twin sister; and, for the record, I was born first.

I get to the table and everyone is already sitting down.   At the head of the table is my dad, Doug.   He’s a big guy.   He played football in high school AND college.   My other sisters, Monica & Caroline, who are 18(they just graduated last week), and Samantha, who’s 17, are already putting food on their plates.   This is not to imply that they’re fat pigs, far from it.   All of my sisters are athletic and, if I may say so as their brother without getting slapped, pretty damn hot.   Big tits and nice asses definitely run in my family.   So do tight midsections.   They all play Volleyball and at least one other sport each.   Monica & Caroline were both on the Varsity soccer team.   Samantha is on the Varsity track team.

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    Jessie was on the junior high swim team and will be joining the high school team.   The entire family plays volleyball because it’s my mom’s passion.   She’s played since high school and still plays twice a week on an over-30 team for the park board.

My Mom, Sarah, is fucking gorgeous.   She’s got really nice tits, maybe a D cup, and a perfect ass with a slim waist and washboard abs.   I also happen to know that she has her pussy waxed once a month and has it ALL taken off.

I was in my room a couple of months ago and the phone rang.   I picked up just after Mom did downstairs and she didn’t notice.   It was the salon she goes to.   The lady was confirming Mom’s appointment for the next day, and asked her if she was going to want the usual FULL Brazilian.   My mom told her “Of course. ”  The lady wanted to let her know that Sheila was on vacation, and wanted to know if it was OK for Mary to fill in, or would she be more comfortable rescheduling with Sheila?  My mom laughed and said “I don’t really care who strips my pussy.   You know me, Leslie.   I’m not shy.   As long as she doesn’t hit on me, there’s no problem, unless, of course, she’s particularly hot, in which case I may hit on her!”  Leslie laughed back and said, “If that’s what you’re after, I may have to ‘do you’ myself!  Anyway, I had to ask.

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    It’s policy. ”  “No problem.   I’ll see you tomorrow.   Bye. ”  And that was it.   I now knew that my Mom’s pussy was bald and that she and this Leslie were pretty chummy.   I didn’t think they were serious about the girl-girl talk, just joking; but that didn’t stop me from getting off the phone and jacking myself off, imagining the two of them eating each other’s hairless pies.   It was definitely one of my best orgasms ever!

Mom’s only 37, which surprises everyone who meets here. Unless they’ve met Monica & Caroline first, they assume she’s still in her twenties.   Having 18 year old daughters, they assume she’s older.   My parents got married the summer after high school and got pregnant right after.   The result was twin set number 1.  Samantha came along a year later, and then twin set number 2, me & Jessie, three years after that.   After that, Mom and Dad decided 5 kids were enough and have been very careful since.   Dad is always telling his friends stories about how Mom worked her ass off after having Jessie and I to get her figure back, and how she ended up more in-shape than before having kids.

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    Mom doesn’t work, since my Dad makes a boatload as a partner in a local law firm.   Mom pretty much spends her days taking care of the house, working out at her gym, and playing pick-up volleyball games at the park.   He team games are mostly during the weekend.   I’ve seen pictures of Mom in her high school yearbooks.   She was cute then.   She’s HOT now.   MILF material top to bottom.

There was the usual banter during dinner.   Afterwards, Mom brings out a cake for our birthday.   She also gives us each an envelope with our name on it.   Jessie opens hers and finds a $100 gift card for the mall.

“Thanks Mom & Dad!” Jessie cries out.   “Can we go to the mall right now?”

The other three are ALWAYS up for going to the mall.   Mom nods her head and points to the car keys on the kitchen counter.   All four of them are out the door in under a minute.

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Inside mine, I find a guest pass to Dad’s fitness club.   I look up at Mom and Dad.

“You’ll be starting high school in a few months, and your mother and I thought you might want to start working out to put a little meat on that frame.   Use the guest pass and, if you like it, we’ll pay for a year membership.   Help you impress the girls,” Dad ends with a smirk.

“Doug, be nice,” Mom scolds Dad.   Turning to me, she says “Honey, we just want you to have a positive experience in high school.   You dad remembers how hard it was for him when he started high school.   He was built like you and didn’t really know a lot of kids when he first got there.   Luckily for him, he got into weight lifting as an elective and really took to it.   He was a starting linebacker by the next year. ”

“Why weightlifting, Dad?”

I was kind of shy, like you, and didn’t want to do a team activity.   Weightlifting let me be on my own and I could do it when I wanted.   Other than meeting once a week, we were allowed to work out whenever the room was open and log what we did.   I convinced another scrawny kid who was in my homeroom class to join with me and we worked out together.

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    Both of us really got into it.   He was our starting QB junior and senior year. ”

“But that’s not the point, David,” Mom cuts in.   “Your Dad gained a lot of confidence through building up his body.   I don’t think he ever would have asked me out if it wasn’t for the transformation in his physique.   It also transformed his personality.   He became more outgoing, more confident.   That’s what I want for you, David, not just to get bigger, but to think more of yourself. ”

“I’d feel weird going to a gym.   Most of the guys there are going to be huge…and I’ll just be this scrawny kid. ”

“Not really,” Dad says.   “The free-weights area tends to be muscle heavy, but the weight machines and aerobic equipment are used by all sorts of people. ”

“Well, honey,” Mom continues, “We wanted to give you a head-start over your father.   You can do a lot in three months.   Besides, I’m pretty sure they don’t have a weight-training class at South.

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    The equipment is only used by the sports teams.   Why don’t you give this a shot?  For me, please?”

“Okay, I’ll give it a shot.   When should I go?”

“Your sisters are at the mall.   Why don’t you and I go right now?” Dad suggests.

“Sure, Dad. ”

So we spend the evening working out.   It goes well enough until we get back to the locker room.   I have never used a public shower as far as I can remember, and being the only boy in the family, I don’t share the bathroom with anyone.   My parents have their own.   My Dad gets undressed and grabs a towel. I follow suit and head after him to the showers.   I notice people staring at me as I walk by.   It’s like something catches their attention and their heads snap up to get a better look.   After the first couple, I realize what it is they’re staring at.   It’s my dick!  I cover myself with my towel and catch up to my Dad.

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    Once in the shower, I try to face the wall as much as possible while I wash up.   While rinsing my hair out, I forget, and turn away from the shower wall.   My hair’s kinda long; and I always rinse it back so it’s out of my face.   I wipe the water out of my eyes and look to find Dad checking out my cock.   He’s got this kind of shocked/impressed look on his face.   I look around and there are at least 3 other guys checking out my tool.   I quickly get out of there, drying myself as I jog back to the lockers.   Even this is attracting attention, as I realize that while I’m drying my hair on the fly, my dick is flopping up and down as I go.   I wrap the towel around my waist and pull my clothes out of the locker.

Dad hurries up, not saying a word.   We get dressed quickly and leave.   Once out in the car, Dad breaks the silence.

“Sorry about that, David,” he begins.   “It just caught me off guard. ”

“What did?”

“You’re penis.

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    It, it’s really very large,” he stammers out.

“I just inherited yours, Dad. ”

“Ha!  Thanks for the complement, Son, but you’ve got me beat by a good bit!  That thing is huge.   It’s not every day you see a tool that big.   I noticed some of the other guys staring as I chased after you from the shower.   Trust me; they’re not ‘checking you out’.   They’re jealous.   You’ve got a serious package there; and they all wish it was theirs.   Besides, on your skinnier frame, it looks just that much more impressive. ”

I take this all in silently.   After another minute, I respond.   “Is it really that much bigger than average?”

“Oh, yes.   Most guys would be happy with an erection that matched what you have flaccid.   How big are you erect, anyway, if I can ask?”

“10 inches long and almost 8 inches around,” I answer quickly and proudly.

“Wow!” Dad says, whistling.

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    “That’s impressive.   You must not gain much length when you get an erection. ”

“Just an inch or two.   Mostly it just gets thicker…I can’t go back there, Dad.   I’m too embarrassed. ”

“Believe me; you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about.   Not sure why you thought you got that from me.   I’m no slouch; but, wow.   I suppose you really haven’t seen me since you were little.   Everything looks big when you’re younger.   But I can see how you would feel…uncomfortable, with the extra attention.   Let’s see if your mom and I can come up with an alternative.   You did enjoy the workout, didn’t you?”

“Sure, Dad.   It was pretty cool.   Do you think I could get as big as you?”

“As you’ve said, you inherited my body, though with a bit more oomph, I’d have to say.



This makes me laugh.

“Thanks, Dad.   I needed that. ”

“Sure, Son. ”

The rest of the trip home is silent.

When we get home, I head right up to my room.   Mom asks me how it went as I rush by; but I don’t slow down.   How do you tell your mom that you can’t go back because guys were staring at your ridiculously large dick?  Let Dad try to fill her in or, hopefully, make up some excuse.   I leave my door open to try and catch some of the conversation.   Dad is talking in hushed tones; but I hear Mom gasp once and giggle a few times.   After awhile, I hear Dad coming up the stairs.

“Hi, Dad,” I say as he walks in.

“Hey, David, you’re Mom has an idea for a plan B.   She’s got to make a call to see if it’s doable. ”

“What’s her idea?”

“Let’s just see if it pans out, shall we?”


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    I’m just gonna go to bed now.   I don’t really want to face Mom after what you just told her. ”

“How do you know what I did and didn’t share with her?”

“I heard her giggle and gasp.   You told her,” I say, accusingly.

“Well, she is my wife, David.   We share everything.   It makes for a healthy marriage. ”

“What was she giggling about?”

“She made a crack about potty training you too soon.   She said that if she could have kept you in diapers, she could have witnessed your “blossoming” for herself. ”

This makes me blush, hard.

“Okay, Dad.   Thanks for that.   Goodnight.   See you in the morning,” I respond as I give him a push out my bedroom door and shut it behind him.   He leaves chuckling to himself.

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I spend the next two hours trying to get to sleep.   The girls got home an hour ago and everyone is in bed.   I can’t seem to relax, so I push my boxers aside and take hold of my apparently above-average tool.   This idea brings a smile to my face.   My dick begins to turn rigid rapidly.   Shucking my boxers and grabbing the hand lotion off my side table, I squirt a generous amount into my left palm and start lubing up my cock.   My thoughts rapidly turn to Mom and the knowledge that she knows how big my dick is and is IMPRESSED by it.   As I continue to stroke my hard rod, I close my eyes and imagine Mom walking in on me, wearing nothing but a pair of crotchless panties and one of those bras that just hold up the tits, but don’t have any fabric past the bottom of the nipples.   I point my dick towards the door, where I imagine she’s standing, planning on blowing my load all over her.   I know this is going to make a mess all over my bed and floor; but I don’t care.   I’m caught up in the fantasy.   I’m totally charged up now; and after just a couple of minutes, I feel the cum start to boil in my balls.   I slow down the pace and increase my stroke length to run the entire length of my cock.   One last stroke from head to base, and I feel the spunk begin to shoot out of my dick.   I hear a loud gasp directly in front of me and quickly open my eyes, my hand clenched around my still spurting tool.

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There stands Mom, not in a bra and panties, but in an oversized cotton nightshirt, her nipples poking through the fabric, a long line of my cum running from her cheek down to her waist.   Her face is flushed.   Another spurt hits her in the face just then, leaving a trial from the bridge of her nose, down across her lips, and dripping from her chin onto the exposed top of her chest.   There is spunk on the back of her right hand.   It must have been over her mouth when she gasped and my first shot hit her.   She looks at me, and then looks at her hand.   After licking my jism from her lips, she licks it off her hand.   The site makes my dick jump and another stream of spooge arcs towards her belly.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, honey,” she begins.   “I didn’t’ mean to invade your privacy, really. I saw the light still on under your door and just stopped in to see how you were doing.   When I stepped in, you were masturbating like there was no tomorrow.   I was caught off-guard…and intrigued.   I’ve never seen a man jerk off before.   That’s something your father does in private.

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    I was also simply in awe of the size of your erection.   Your dad wasn’t exaggerating.   You are huge.   I found myself unable to move and unwilling to disturb you.   You looked like you really needed to cum. ”

As she’s telling me all of this, she continues to lick her hand clean and then proceeds to wipe my cum off her face, neck, and chest with her hand, sucking it all into her mouth as she goes along.   Her eyes have a kind of wild look in them, like she’s REALLY excited.

I lay there silently, spunk running down cock and over my hand.   I can’t move and don’t know what to say.

“I know this looks bad, eating my son’s spunk; but it’s just habit, really.   I’m not one to waste perfectly good cum.  Just ask your father.   I always swallow,” she says matter-of-factly as she finishes up.   Looking at her nightshirt, she says “I hate it when your father pulls away early and gets it on my clothes.   It’s such a waste and then I have to change nightshirts, if I’m wearing one.

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    It’s not so bad if I’m naked. ”   

Grabbing the hem of her nightshirt and pulling it up over her head, she says “Unfortunately, I’m not naked; and now I have to change. ”  

Mom is naked underneath.   Her bald pussy is glistening, small drops of pussy juice clinging to the bottom of her drooping, swollen lips; and her nipples are rock hard.   My dick jumps again, more cum leaking out of the head.

Mom sees where I’m staring and looks down at her pussy.

“What a shock.   My pussy’s wet.   What do you expect, David?  I’m a woman who just saw a very large, beautiful cock explode all over me.   Of course my pussy’s wet.   Hell, it’s soaked!” she exclaims as she dips two fingers into her honeypot, pulling them back out and holding them up to show me that she is, indeed, very, very wet. She then licks off her fingers and turns her attention back to my cock.   It is jumping once again.

“We really have to get you cleaned up,” she remarks…as Dad walks in!

“What the hell is going on here?!” he demands in that low whispered yell that parents use at night when one kid’s asleep and another is in trouble.

“Nothing major, hon,” Mom replies in a calming voice, taking his arm.

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    “It’s all my fault.   I walked in on David masturbating and was fascinated by the size of his tool.   His eyes were shut, so he had no idea I was in the room.   I stood staring too long; and David blew his load all over me.   You know me and cum, didn’t want to waste it.   So I cleaned myself up, which apparently had an… effect, on David.   His cock kept cumming!  Once I was done eating all the cum I could get off my body, I took off my nightshirt to change it.   Will you look at all this perfectly good spunk, wasted on my nightshirt?”

She is actually complaining as she unfolds the soiled nightshirt to show Dad my spunk all over it.   Mom goes back to her recap.

“Anyway, once I got the nightshirt off, David could see that I was sexually aroused and that got him going AGAIN!  I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so I explained that of course any woman would be aroused having a well hung man blow his load all over her. I even dipped a couple of fingers into my poon to show him what pussy juice looks like.   I think it was all rather educational for him, really. ”

“Wow,” Dad says, exhaling slowly and loudly.   “I have to apologize, David.   Your mother gets a little irrational, and VERY charged up, around man juice.

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    It’s almost an obsession, really. ”  Turning to Mom, Dad says, “Sarah, why don’t you go put on another nightshirt while David cleans up?  I can have a little talk with him about his oversexed mother and also fill him in on your backup plan for his birthday present. ”

Mom gives Dad a pained, shocked expression.

“What!  And let all of this wonderful semen go to waste?  And I am not, by the way, oversexed. ”  Turning back to me, Mom continues, ”However, that being said, I have absolutely no intention of letting your tasty spooge go to waste.   I’m not sure if this is crossing some mother-son line or not; but, if you don’t mind David, I’d very much like to lick your cock clean and suck out any remaining spunk.   Would that be okay with you?”

In response, my dick jumps back to full attention.   Out of habit, I automatically increase my grip on my cock and stroke downward, more cum emerging from the head of my dick.

“Now just a damn minute, here!” Dad bellows, again in that low voice, probably terrified of waking my sisters and having them walk in on all of this.   “You CANNOT blow your own son!”

Mom just gives Dad that condescending parent looks, like he doesn’t have a clue.   “Please, Doug!  I would never blow my own son.   I’m just going to clean him up…thoroughly.   A blow job entails sucking a guy off UNTIL he cums.   Well, that ship has obviously sailed.   David has already cum all over me.

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    Now why don’t YOU be a doll and go get another nightshirt for me?”

With that, Mom walks over to the side of my bed, on my left, and extends her hand towards me, indicating, I think, that she wants my own spooge covered hand.   I release my grip on my cock and offer Mom my hand.   She takes it and, bending over, pulls it into her mouth, sucking it clean.   The sight of my naked, wet mother sucking my cum off my hand sets me off again, spooge boiling up out of my dick and running back down the side.

“Oops!  We have to deal with this quickly!” Mom says as she quickly lowers her head into my lap, licking the sides of my shaft as she grabs my cock with her left hand to continue to milk my tool.

She begins to hum a little as she licks my cock clean and proceeds to suck the head into her mouth.   She’s really enjoying this!  I begin to moan myself, as this all seems to come back into focus.   I don’t care what Mom wants to call it, I’m getting my first blow job from my own mother!!  Woohoo!!  I look over at Dad, who hasn’t spoken in over a minute, and is now sporting major wood, his dick sticking out of his boxers.   The head is almost purple, and looks ready to explode any second.

Turning to me, Dad says, “David, I hope this doesn’t scar you for life; but this is simply too much for me; and I have GOT to fuck your mother RIGHT NOW!”

“Go for it, Dad!” I reply enthusiastically.

Dad shuts my door, whips off his boxers, and moves in behind Mom.   Mom pops up and quickly interjects.

“Hold on there, sport. ” She says to Dad.   As much as I’d love to have you fuck my pussy raw right now, this isn’t a great time in my cycle.

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    We could end up pregnant.   You’ll have to get your rocks off fucking my ass today. ”  As she says this, she turns back to me, giving me a wicked smile.

“Didn’t know your parents were into kinky sex, did you?  Your dad loves fucking my ass almost as much as he loves fucking my pussy, maybe more.   It’s a lot tighter than my cooch. ”  Looking back at Dad, who’s already moved in behind her and is running his dick up and down her pussy crack, she says,” Why don’t we turn this into a real sex ed. lesson for David?  He can learn more about sex firsthand.   Besides, the idea of an audience appeals to me right know.   I feel like I’m about to have an orgasm just thinking about it!”

Mom puts her leg up on my nightstand, giving me an unobstructed view of Dad’s cock stroking back and forth between her pussy lips, Mom’s juices dripping onto his dick.   Her pussy lips seem to caress the sides of Dad’s dick.   She grabs Dad’s cock and guides it into her pussy.

“Now, even though your dad isn’t going to fuck my pussy ‘til he cums, we still need to have him take a few strokes in there to lube his dick up for my ass. ”

As Dad rams is cock up into Mom, she arches her back and starts to twist her nipples roughly, moaning,” Oh, yea.   Ram that tool home!  Fuck my hot cunt!”

This gets my dick going again, and I immediately reach for it, hoping to be able to jack off again while I watch my parents fuck.   Mom quickly intercepts my hand and pushes it away.

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“That’s my toy for now.   Put your hands down, please. ”

Mom then opens her mouth as wide as she can and lowers her mouth over my dick, wrapping her lips around my shaft.   She places her right hand on the bed to support herself, and cups my balls with the other.   Dad is slowing stroking his dick in and out of Mom’s pussy.   Mom lowers her head further, engulfing more of my cock.  It must be knocking against her tonsils by now, I think.   Mom stops, takes in a deep breath through her nose, and presses downward, almost engulfing my ENTIRE dick!

“Oh my God!” I exclaim, somewhat louder than I should.   Without thinking, I place my hands on Mom’s head and push it down into my lap, forcing her to take it all down her throat.   Instead of gagging or protesting, Mom just pauses at the bottom, takes in another breath through her nose, a starts to bob up and down on my raging tool.   I feel like I’m going to blow another load, but want to hold off, really enjoying my first blow job.   I don’t want it to end.   I try to relax and enjoy the feeling of Mom’s wet lips stroking up and down my cock.   After a minute, Mom pops up off my dick.

“Sorry for the interruption, sweetie,” Mom says, looking at me.


    “But if I don’t get your father to switch holes soon, he’s going to blow in the wrong one!  Doug, pull out, will ya!  Besides David, I think you’ll find this interesting, so please pay attention. ”

Dad pulls out of Mom’s pussy and backs up a step.   Mom straitens up, but keeps her leg up on the nightstand, giving me a perfect view of her dripping lovebox.   She rubs her fingers in her pussy, getting them very wet.   She then reaches around and rubs her asshole with her wet hand, lubing up the outside.

“You see, David, lubrication is VERY important when having anal sex.   The anus doesn’t naturally lubricate as much as the vagina, so I rub my pussy juice into it.   Here, let me give you a better view. ”

With that, she puts her leg back onto the floor and turns around, her ass now 2 feet from my face.   Bending over at the waist and looking back at me from between her legs, she continues.

“Can you see my rosebud better now?”

I nod weakly, amazed at what I’m seeing and what is happening.

“Good.   So, I rub as much of my pussy juice over my rosebud as I think I need for entry,” she explains as she dips her hand back into her pussy and then spreads her juice over her asshole.   She goes back to her pussy for another dip.   “I then put a wet finger or two into my ass, lubricating the anal walls,” she explains as she pushes one finger and then another into her ass.

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     The sensation makes her shiver.

“Easy there, honey,” Dad speaks up.   “I don’t want you going off without me!”

“Don’t worry, love.   I’m pacing myself.   We haven’t had sex this good in quite awhile.   I want it to last. ”

Looking at me, she says, “Not to imply that sex with your father isn’t great, this is just something really different, which makes it more exciting!”

“Can I fuck you now?” Dad asks impatiently.

“Hold on a minute, I’m still lubing up my ass. Besides, I just got another idea.   This is supposed to be a ‘hands-on’ sex. ed. experience for David, right?  Like home ec. for sex…”

“Yea…so you’ve suggested,” Dad replies.

“Well how about we have a little more ‘hands-on’?” Mom suggests.   “David, how would you like to help me lube up my ass so your father can jam his big cock up there?” she says with a lustful grin.

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“Sure!” I say, grabbing my dick again and stroking it slowly.   Dad just shakes his head, giving in to the obvious fact that Mom’s in control of this little drama, and there’s nothing he can do at this point to reign her in.

“Don’t jack off again, David” Mom warns me.   “I’m not done with that by a long shot. ”

“I won’t, Mom.   I have great dick control.   I can stroke it for an hour if I want. ”

“Impressive, isn’t it, Doug?”

“For a teenager, very,” Dad replies.

“Move down to the end of the bed, will you please, David?” Mom asks.

I move to the end of the bed and sit cross-legged, facing back towards the pillows, where Mom is positioning herself.   She stacks the pillows behind her and puts one under her ass.   Leaning back against the pillows, she reaches for her ankles and brings her knees up to her chest, and then catching her ankles behind her shoulders.   Not only am I amazed at Mom’s flexibility, I have a beautiful view of her exposed pussy and rosebud.   Her legs behind her shoulders, Mom’s hands are now free to continue my “lesson”.   First she spreads her pussy lips apart and points to a little nub near the top.

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“Now this is my clit.   It is very sensitive.   Your Dad loves to suck on it until I cum.   These are the outer lips and these are the in…”

“I know all of this Mom.   Except for the part about Dad sucking on it until you cum.   We covered it all in sex ed. ”

“But did you get to actually touch and feel any of it in sex ed. ?” she asks with a smile.   “Scoot up here and sit in front of me.   Doug, how are you doing?”

I look over at Dad, having forgotten for minute that he was even there, so engrossed I was in the sight of Mom’s bald, glistening, dripping cunt.   He’s stroking his dick with one hand and fondling his nuts with the other.

“I’m fine for now; but if this goes too much longer or farther, I’m going to blow all over both of you; and you and I will probably be arrested!”

Mom laughs, grabs Dad’s dick, pulling him toward her, and gives it a quick suck.   She rubs her pussy and clit as she does this.

“You’ll get your rocks off.   Don’t worry about that, dear.

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    My ass is just itching to have you bust a load in there!”

Letting go of Dad’s tool, Mom turns her attention back to me.

“So, David.   You up for this?”

I nod vigorously.

“Give me your hand. ”

She takes my hand and places it on her pussy, rubbing my fingers into her honeypot.

“Feel how wet it is?  That’s what lubricates a woman’s pussy for fucking.   Rub it between your fingers. ”

I do; and it feels slippery, yet a little sticky.

“The feel of it changes depending on the time of my cycle,” she informs me.   Taking my hand again, she grips my fingers and forces them together into a cone shape.   Mom then pushes my fingers up into her pussy.

“Feel how wet the walls are, honey…Go ahead.   Explore a little!”

I work my fingers around in Mom’s pussy, pushing my hand in deeper.   Mom starts to moan and grabs Dad’s cock again.   She puts it in her mouth and starts to give him a blow job.

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    Dad leans into the bed and grabs Mom’s head and starts fucking her face.   Mom releases her grip on Dad’s cock and starts twisting her nipples with one hand while the other starts rubbing her clit.   I continue to explore Mom’s beautiful cunt.   I catch a strong scent of pussy and lean in to get a better whiff.   I take hold of the fingers Mom’s frigging her clit with and sniff it deeply.   Mom reaches forward, feels my nose and mouth, and puts the fingers in my mouth.   They taste wonderful.   After a few seconds of sucking on Mom’s fingers, she pulls back and also pulls away from Dad’s cock.

“What do you think?” she asks.   “Pretty tasty, huh?”

“I’m not really sure, Mom.   I’m not sure I actually tasted anything.   It wasn’t bad, it was great; but I don’t know how I could describe the flavor.   It was like it didn’t have any, just smell.   And it smells great, by the way. ”  This entire time my hand is continuing to explore the inside of Mom’s pussy.

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    I’m now up to my knuckles.

“Try something deeper,” Mom suggests, as she folds my thumb into my palm and pushes my hand up into her pussy.   I can’t believe I’m now fist fucking my Mom!

“Ohhh!  Unnngghh!” Mom exclaims.   “Oh, that feels good…. Mmmm…Anyway, David, scoop up a good sample and pull your hand out. ”

I do as I’m told and pull my hand out covered in pussy juice.   I taste it again and definitely detect more flavor this time.   VERY tasty.   I look up at Mom and smile.

“I guess that’s better, huh?”

“Definitely, Mom. ”

“Well, let’s not waste that nice lube.   Rub it into my rosebud, will you?”

I reach forward and tentatively start to rub my slippery fingers over Mom’s asshole.   Mom moans and goes back to frigging her clit with one hand and dipping her other into her pussy, pulling it out and stroking Dad’s cock, lubing up his dick.

“Okay, your father’s ready.   Push a couple fingers into my ass and run your fingers around the inside.

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I push in one and then another finger, twisting them inside Mom’s asshole.   Mom starts moaning again.   Feeling adventurous, I add a third finger and push further in, finger fucking Mom’s ass.   Mom moans louder.   Dad spoke up.

“That’s enough, Son.   We’re getting dangerously close to that line again.   Your mother’s ass is sufficiently lubed up for my dick.   You can pull out now. ”

I remove my fingers and study them.   I’m amazed that they look clean.   I give them a tentative sniff and am really surprised to smell nothing but pussy.   Mom has stopped blowing dad; and is watching me.   She takes my hand and sucks her own juices off.

“I love the taste of my own pussy!.

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  . . You’re surprised, aren’t you?” she says as she lowers her legs and gets off the bed.
      “Move back to where you were and lie down. ”

    Mom stands next to the bed and puts her leg up on the bed next to mine, giving me a perfect rear side view of her asshole and pouty pussy lips.   Dad moves in behind her, making sure not to block my view of his dick and Mom’s rosebud.   After giving me another lustful look, Mom mouths the words :  ”Watch this. ”

    “Go ahead, Doug.    Fuck my ass! “

    Dad guides his dick up against Mom’s asshole and starts to push.   Mom pushes back, and Dad’s cock disappears into her ass.   Mom purrs like a cat.   I go back to stroking my cock.   Dad continues forward an inch or two and then pulls back a little.   His next stroke is a little deeper and the next deeper still.

    “Do you see what you’re father is doing, David.

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        By taking his time a pushing a little further each time, he can bury his entire dick in my ass. ”  Mom lowers her head onto the bed and pushes back.   “God, that feels good…Oh, yeah, baby!  Fuck your little slut’s ass good!  Fuck me harder!”

    I start stroking my cock faster.   Mom sees this and turns her attention back to me.   Dad‘s tool is now buried in Mom’s ass, his balls slapping her pussy when he bottoms out.

    “Doug, hold up a sec.   I want to work on David’s cock some more while you fuck me. ”

    Mom starts shifting toward the end of the bed, Dad having to shuffle along with her or pullout, which he is obviously unwilling to do.   Once Mom get down to the end of the bed so she’s looking right up at me past my cock, she bends back down and wraps her hand around my dick, sucking it into her mouth.   Dad goes back to fucking her ass, using long, slow strokes.   I take my hand away and put my hands behind my head, looking forward to Mom sucking my cock again, hopefully this time until I cum.   Mom bobs up and down on my cock, driving my dick all the way past her throat until she has all 18 inches in her mouth. When she pulls back she swirls her tongue around the head of my dick.   At first this almost sets me off; but I get used to it after a few strokes and hold back from erupting.

    After about 18 minutes of Dad fucking Mom’s ass and Mom sucking my dick, I can see pussy juice running freely down Mom’s legs.

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        Dad is grunting, Mom is moaning, and I’m beyond words or sound.   She reaches back and starts frigging her clit again and then jamming her hand into her cunt.

    Another 5 minutes goes by and my balls are starting to boil.   Mom is trying to get her hand deeper into her pussy but can’t reach any further back.   She looks frustrated.   Dad’s face is twisted into a grimace and looks ready to blow anytime now.   Mom finally pulls her hand out of pussy.   It’s dripping her juices all over my bed.   AS she continues to suck my dick, she feels for my left foot and grasps it in her hand.   Picking it off the bed, she rubs my toes over her wet pussy and sensitive clit, pulling back from my dick to close her eyes and let out a passionate “Mmmmmmmmm!”  She moves my foot back and forth to plant it in the entrance to her lovebox.   I get the message and push my foot up into her pussy, turning it sideways so I can really get it up in there.   Mom starts to buck almost immediately, both holes now full, her orgasm crashing over her.   As she cums, her ass clamps down on Dad’s dick and he explodes in her ass, while Mom grabs my ball and pulls her teeth over the head of my cock.   It’s become so sensitive that the scrapping sensation is too much and I start to spooge all over Mom’s face.   Mom’s mouth dives back down over my dick, taking it all in, my dick emptying directly into her stomach.



    After a few more minutes we all calm down.   Dad pulls out of Mom’s ass; and Mom releases her grip on my foot, allowing it to fall back to the bed.

    “I need a shower, badly,” Dad says, his body covered in sweat.   “You coming, hon?  David, make sure to shower and change your sheets.   We don’t want your sisters to get suspicious. ”

    Mom is still milking the last of the spunk from my cock, which is now fairly limp, though still a handful.

    “In a minute, dear.   I’ll catch up. ”

    “Okay.   See you in there. ”

    After Dad has left and we hear him starting the shower in the master bath, Mom turns back to me, her hand still jacking my limp cock.

    “So how was that, David?  Did you enjoy yourself?”

    “Oh, yeah,” I say, a big grin on my face.

    “You know, I like the taste of my juices.   You might like the taste of your own.   Interested in trying?”

    “Uh, no thanks, Mom.

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        Think I’ll pass. ”

    “Oh, come on.   It doesn’t make you less of a man.   Give it a try…for me?”

    “Sorry, Mom; but I don’t think I could. ”

    “Maybe I can make it worth your while,” she says, as she scoops up a bit off the tip of my dick and swirls it around her right nipple, which is pointing right at me.

    “Now are you interested?”

    “Oh, yeah,” I say, as I pull Mom towards me and guide her to a position lying next to me.    I suck the nipple covered in my jism into my mouth and start sucking on Mom’s tit.   It tastes salty.   I wouldn’t say I thought it tasted good or bad.   I didn’t really care.   I just wanted to keep sucking on Mom’s tit.   Swirling my tongue around her nipple, I reach up with my right hand and start to kneed her left breast.

    “”Ohhh, that feels nice.   Bite them a little,” she tells me.

    I nibble on the one and then the other, as my other hand drifts down to her pussy, which is wet again.

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        Without asking for permission, I cup her pussy and push all four fingers inside.   Mom responds by lifting her leg, allowing me better access.   I push further in and start stroking, finger fucking my Mom as I suck and bite her tits.   God, this is fucking awesome!!  My dick is hard again.   I push Mom onto her back and climb up on top of her.

    “Whoa there, Cowboy,” Mom says as she rolls away from me and off the bed.   “I know we’ve had some fun this evening, and it’s been morally questionable fun at that; but you can’t fuck me, David.   Sorry.   AS much as part of me would love to have that giant tool of yours stroking the inside of my pussy, we can’t. ”

    She says this as she stares at my dick, her hand absently drifting down to her pussy and caressing it lightly.   After less than a minute, she snaps out of her reverie.   She gives me a stern look.   I quickly avert my eyes.

    “I saw that, mister.   You think you’ve got me right where you want me.

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        Just need to be patient, right?  Sorry, hon.   Ain’t gonna happen…. but I am happy to see a new confidence in you.   That look you gave me was very self-assured.   Maybe this evening’s events will help you even more than building up your body!”

    I’m both disappointed and uncomfortable.   I need to change the subject.

    “Was that my back-up birthday gift?”

    “No, actually, it wasn’t,” she replies, sitting down on the end of my bed.   Everything that happened was honestly spontaneous and, at least for me, a passionate expression of my love for you. ”

    “Then what’s my birthday gift?”

    “I spoke to Renea, my friend who owns the gym your sisters and I go to.   It’s strictly women only; but she’s agreed to let you use it during the day when it’s closed.   She always closes down in the summer between 18 and 6 because of the heat.   Most of her members are at work anyway, and it’s not worth paying to cool the building during the hottest part of the day.   Her only stipulation is that I’m present any time you’re there.   I’m responsible for you & anything that happens when we’re there…So don’t let me down,” she finishes with a smile.

    “Really?  That’s pretty cool.

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        My own private gym, huh?  What does she have?”

    “A full Cybex circuit plus free-weights and various cross trainers.   It’s a really nice place…Oh, the only drawback will be the heat.   The air conditioning has to stay off until 5 p. m.   That’s when Renea comes back to start cooling the place down for the evening. ”

    “Wow.   Won’t it get pretty hot in there?”

    “Well, we’ll definitely lose some water weight in there, if we show up after noon. It’ll be like working out in a sauna, I imagine.   Hopefully we can schedule our workouts for 18 a. m. and take advantage of the cool air.   That should last at least an hour, I would hope.   If not, she does have a cold water dispenser we can use, OFTEN. ”

    I laugh, and notice that my dick has relaxed again.   I look back at Mom’s still sweaty body; but I don’t react.

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        I still think she’s way hot; but I’m comfortable seeing her this way now.   It’s pretty cool, actually. ”

    “You look beautiful, Mom. ”

    “Awe, thanks honey!” she says, giving me a hug.

    As she hugs me, I whisper in her ear, “And your bald pussy is fucking hot!”

    Mom giggles into my neck and then pushes away.

    “Quite the way with words there, young man!”

    “Hey!  What’s going on?!”

    We both turn towards my door.   Samantha, my 3-years older sister, is standing there, both hands planted firmly on her very slim hips.   You know, I never really noticed how tight her body is.   She's wearing a sports bra and boxers, her washboard abs kinda rippling with the tension in her body.

    I don’t know what to say, so I turn back to Mom.   Mom seems at a loss for words too, so she looks back at me and gives me a smirk.   I think she’s just stalling for time.   After a few seconds, she turns back to Sam.   I look back at Sam also.   She’s obviously staring at my dick, only averting her eyes to look at Mom once or twice.

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    “Hi, Sam.   What are you doing up?  David and I are just talking about his birthday present. ”

    “What present?  You naked on his bed?!  I thought you were getting him a membership at Dad’s club. ”

    “Sam!  Of course not!  Dad’s club didn’t work out.   David was uncomfortable there.   I was telling him about the gym we all go to. ”

    “But that’s just for women, Mom. ”

    “Yes, but she closes for most of the afternoon, and is letting David and I use it then. ”

    “Why you?”

    “Would you let a 18-year-old boy run around your business without supervision?”

    “No, I suppose not…. But why the hell are you naked; and why is David naked?”

    Mom looks at me, raising her eyebrows.   I just shrugged.   It wasn’t really bothering me.   It sure would have yesterday, that’s for sure.   I move my leg back onto the bed, giving Sam a better view of my cock.

    “Sorry, sis.

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        Would you like me to put something on?”

    “Well…it’s your room.   I guess you can wear whatever you want in here,” she concedes quietly.

    I shift back towards my pillows and relax back into them, keeping one leg up and the other flung out so my tool is in plain view.   I give Mom a smirk.

    “David, stop teasing your sister,” she says to me, batting at my foot as she laughs.   “You’re going to ruin other men for her if she starts comparing them to you!”  Turning back to Sam, she says, “Your father went to get me another nightshirt.   I walked in on David jerking off about an hour ago and he blew his load all over me.   Obviously, I then needed a clean nightshirt.   Your father simply hasn’t returned with it yet. ”

    “This was an hour ago?  I just heard him in the hall maybe 5 minutes ago.   That’s what woke me up.   What have you guys been doing in here?”

    “Do you really want to hear the whole story?” Mom asks her.   I give Mom a wide-eyed look.

    “Sure, shoot,” Sam says as she walks into the room and sits down on my bed, up near me.   I chuckle quietly.

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        I’m not a total idiot.   It’s pretty obvious her line of sight to Mom allows her to keep my cock in view also.

    “What’s so funny, dork?” she says, giving me a glare.

    “Oh, nothing,” I reply, smiling sweetly at her.

    “So Samantha, do want to here this or not?” Mom interrupts.   “I want to get in a shower before bed and don’t have a lot of time for this. ”

    “Sorry, Mom.   Go ahead. ”

    “It’s pretty simple, really.   When your brother blew his jizz all over me, he was, of course, very embarrassed.   I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable, so I acted as if it was no big deal, which it isn’t, and apologized for interrupting him.   Everyone masturbates and, while awkward, his mother catching him shouldn’t be the end of the world.   I sat down to talk to him about it.   He felt very exposed, and I thought he would relax of he wasn’t the only naked person in the conversation.   So I took my nightshirt off.

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        I needed it off anyway, since your brother’s cum was soaking through it and making it stick to my skin.   David immediately noticed that I was aroused, sexually, and I explained that that, too, was perfectly natural.   A woman has a man’s cock explode all over her and she’s going to get wet, almost guaranteed. ”

    “So what have you been talking about for the last hour?”

    “I basically turned it into a sex education class, letting David ask me whatever he was curious about.   You Dad walked in a bit later and joined the conversation.   It was all very positive and fruitful, I think.   I realize you kids all take sex ed. in school; but I think that until you see and feel the real thing, it’s all very mysterious and intimidating.   I’m not sure what you have or haven’t done with your boyfriend; but for David, first-hand experience has been lacking.   David is now very relaxed about the opposite sex, which is probably the best birthday gift I could give him. ”

    I look back to Sam, who is staring back at Mom with her mouth open.

    “What do you mean, see AND FEEL?” she demands.

    “Don’t take that tone with me, young lady!. . .

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      Yes, I let David touch and explore my pussy, breasts, and even my butthole.   Your father was here the entire time and had no problem with it.   We were simply being open about our bodies, or at least mine.   David obviously knows his way around the male anatomy. ”

    “Did you fuck him?!” Sam asks incredulously.

    “Of course not!  This was a growing and sharing experience for David, not something sordid. ”

    Sam seems to deflate a little and settles back into the pillows.   Looking back to her, I can see that her nipples are totally erect and pushing WAY out into her sport bra.   Nice!  We’re all quiet for a full minute.

    “What about your butthole?”

    “Excuse me?” Mom says.

    “Your butthole.   Why did you talk to him about that?  And how do you explore an asshole?”

    “Oh. . . that.


        Well, I assumed you knew about anal sex…”  Sam gives her a somewhat blank, somewhat disgusted look.   “but apparently not.   Your Dad fucks my ass sometimes, especially when it’s my fertile time of the month. ”

    “Oh…ewww, and ouch!”

    “Not ewwww, and definitely not ouch,” Mom shoots back.   “I happen to enjoy anal sex.   There are A LOT of nerves around your rosebud, and getting your ass banged, assuming there is proper lubrication, is really quite enjoyable. ”

    Everyone is quiet again.   I hear the sound of the shower turning off.   Dad must be done.

    “So how did David ‘explore’ your butt?”

    “Well, if you’d like, I’ll show you.   There’s nothing to be ashamed of…. Well, yes or no?”

    “Uh, Okay,” Sam answers hesitatingly.

    “David, set up the pillows like I had them before.   Also, go get another set from my room for your sister. ”

    Both Sam and I stare at .

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