EIght Grader At a High School Party


However, as hot as Rachel was, I had to wonder, what is she doing at a highschool party? Even the hottest freshman girls are never invited to Chris's end of summer party, so how did Rachel, a girl about to begin 8th grade, end up here?"Sorry guys, I know she shouldn't be here," explained John as the partygoers began to question him about Rachel, "but my parents are out of town and they didn't want her home alone. "This seemed pretty dumb to me. A girl who is almost fourteen years old is definately mature enough to stay home alone. However, I wasn't complaining. In fact, I made an attempt to catch Rachel's eye. I must be pretty good at eye-catching, because she immediately walked over to me. "Hey Dan!" she exclaimed. "What up Rachel?" I replied. "How's it feel to be at a highschool party when you're still in middle school?"Rachel laughed. "It's kinda intimidating actually! I don't know anyone, and all the kids are so much older than me!"I decided to use this to my advantage. "Don't worry about it girl, you can hang out with me tonight if you want. ""Are you serious!?" she exclaimed. "Thanks so much, Dan! Wanna go sit down?" Rachel pointed at the empty couch in the living room. "Yeah, that's cool. " I said. We walked over to the couch, and I sat down on the far left side of it.

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   Rachel, completely ignoring the other two empty seats, put one leg on either side of my lap while facing me, straddling me. As surprised as I was, I didn't mind the contact our crotches were making in this position, so I didn't say anything. We began talking about how she felt about starting eighth grade (she didn't care very much), and then about how I felt about being a senior (ditto). All of a sudden, her voice turned from happy and giggly to slightly whiny but extremely sexy. "Dan. . . " she said in the same way a daughter would try to charm her father into buying her a toy. "Do you think I'm hot?" From her willingness to straddle me, the question didn't surprise me, but I certainly didn't expect it this early in the evening. Thinking quickly, I decided I wanted some action before the summer ended, and here was a girl who I'd been admiring for over two years and looked like she was ready to put out. "Rachel, I think you're fuckin hot. " I replied. As I said this, I slid my hands up her bare thighs and onto her ass, which I gently squeezed. It was extremely firm, and the sensation of squeezing it woke my dick up like a bullhorn in the morning. "Really?" she exclaimed happily.

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   "Even though you're eighteen and im only thirteen? You still think I'm hot?""If I didn't know you, I'd think you were at LEAST eighteen. " I answered. Her face made that change I mentioned earlier, from an innocent angel to a mischeivous devil. Her hands, which had been lying on my shoulders the entire night, began to slide down my chest. At the same time, she began grinding her hips against my shorts-enclosed dick. "Are you hard?" she asked in an I'm-doing-something-naughty-and-I-love-it tone of voice. "Fuck yes. " I answered, and I wasn't lying. Her voice, the feel of her ass, and the friction from her grinding hips were turning me on like nobody's business. But I guess she didn't quite trust me that much. "Well, let's see if you're telling me the truth. " she said in that same voice. Her hands, which had been sliding from my chest to my stomach and back, lowered to my waist. She brought them under my belt line and into my boxers, where she wrapped one of them around my dick. "Whoa, it is hard!" she exclaimed in glee, losing that naughty voice for a second.

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   In reply, I squeezed her ass harder and pulled it into my crotch. "Would you let me give you a blow job?" she asked. I looked around the room. Apparently, the party had moved from the living room to the basement, probably to watch the Patriots game. Rachel and I were completely alone. "Can I?" she repeated. I nodded. She smiled, shifted, stood up, and then kneeled down on the ground. She lifted my shirt a few inches up and began kissing my stomach. As she kissed, she undid my belt and unzipped my shorts. She then slid both my shorts and boxers down at the same time, so they rested around my ankles. My dick stood up fully, and she put her right hand around it softly. She put her lips on the head, and swirled her tongue around all sides of it. The sensation it gave me was amazing. I let out a lusty sigh, and began to stroke her hair.

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   As I did this, she wrapped her entire mouth around my dick and started to slowly slide up and down it, taking it all the way in and then moving back up so only the head was covered. She was incredible. Her tongue twisted and flicked around it as she sucked. It touched all the right places, as if she knew exactly what I was feeling and exactly where I needed to be licked next. At the same time, she kept her eyes open and looking at my face. This made her look so innocent it was almost unbearable. As if that wasn't enough, she took her left hand and began to caress my balls perfectly, as if coaxing the semen to get out of there and into her mouth. "Ohhhh fuck, I'm gonna cum soon. " I moaned. Immediately, she took her mouth off my dick. Before I could ask why she had stopped, she lowered her face down and began to suck on my balls. As she did this, she put her hand just barely around my dick, so that it was making just the smallest amount of contact. The entire time she did this, she maintained eye contact, looking innocent as ever. I was so close to coming, but I wanted to wait until her mouth was around my dick again. As if she could hear my thoughts, she stopped sucking on my balls, put her tongue on the tip of my dick, slid her mouth down so the entire thing was inside it, and resumed the blow job.

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   She maintained the quality she had before, anticipating my every desire like she was in my head. I couldn't hold it in any more. "Im coming Rachel, I'm coming. " I said quickly. I expected her to take her mouth off, but she continued the blow job, staring innocently into my surprised eyes. My orgasm began, and the semen flew out of my dick like gunshots. However, from the looks of it, you wouldn't know anything was even coming out. She continued the blow job as if nothing was happening while my hips pumped forward in her direction. After about ten seconds of coming, I had finished. She took my dick out of her mouth, and stuck out her tongue. There was cum all over it. She brought it back into her mouth, swallowed, and stuck it out again. Empty. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen anyone do. She stood up and put her hands on my knees.


  "Dan, I'm still a virgin. " she whispered lustily. "Would you fuck me?""Fuck yes. " I answered. I felt stupid repeating that phrase over and over again throughout the night, but nothing more intelligent was coming to my mind. Rachel got back on top of me in the same straddling position as before. I began kissing her neck, while at the same time squeezing her firm ass in my hands. I lowered my kisses down to the top part of her breasts which were exposed by her tight, low-cut tank top. While I kissed them, I unzipped her skirt. She lifted up her right knee while resting her left knee on my thigh, and I slid the skirt off her. We then repeated this for her panties. I stopped kissing her breasts for a moment to catch a glance of her pussy. It was beautiful. Despite the maturity of the rest of her body, her pussy had no hair on it, and the lips were perfectly shaped. The sight of it made my dick, which was already at half mast from the disappearing semen display, fully erect.

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       She moved her hips in a little closer, and rubbed her wet pussy up and down the underside of my dick. I grabbed her ass to provide support, and she lifted her hips up above my dick, then slid her pussy onto it. I couldnt believe how tight it was. It was extremely difficult to fit my dick in, but after about two inches, I began to wonder, where was the hymen?"I thought you said you were a virgin?" I inquired. "I am. " replied Rachel. "My cherry. . . ohhhh fuck that feels good. . . popped when I fell. . .

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      . ahhh. . . in a split during soccer. " I remembered seeing that soccer game with John, and remembered the blood and how worried her parents had been, and then I had never heard anything about it after that. Well, mystery solved. By now, I had all seven inches in her. She was so tight, I wondered if I'd ever be able to get it back in after pulling out. She raised her ass up about three inches, then slid back down. It was much easier the second time. She began slowly and smoothly riding my dick. She tipped her head back and moaned in ecstasy, but I could tell she wasn't having an orgasm yet. I thought she might need something more, so I began pulling her tank top up. She removed her hands from my shoulders and raised them up high so I'd have an easier time removing her tank top.

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       I slid it all the way off, and then proceeded to undo her bra. Now braless, I could see her breasts in all their glory. They were absolutely perfect, just the right size and shape. The nipples were the size of a half dollar. I wrapped my mouth around the left one and began to tickle it with my tongue while sucking. I took my right hand and twisted the right nipple around in my fingers, while still firmly grabbing her ass with my left hand. I switched back and forth a few times, sucking on one nipple while twisting the other. Her moans turned to screams of pleasure, and I felt her vaginal muscles begin to spasm. "I'm coming!!! Oh shit!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Ah! Ah!" she screamed as she orgasmed intensely. Her back arched, and her hips moved up and down my dick quicker than ever. Not one to let up, I continued pleasuring her breasts, until the screams finally subsided. She looked me straight in the eye. "That was incredible Dan! Now I'm gonna make you do the same. " she said seducingly. Suddenly, I realized something.

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      "Oh fuck, I'm not wearing a condom. " I muttered. Rachel laughed. "Don't worry about it. " she said soothingly. "My mom put me on the pill when I was in seventh grade for some reason. " I breathed a sigh of relief. She smiled, and began sliding up and down my dick again. She started clenching and unclenching her vaginal muscles, which gave me an incredible sensation. Once again, I grabbed her firm ass, feeling her young muscular butt in the palms of my hands. She began gyrating her hips as she moved up and down, adding to the friction and almost bringing me to the edge. "Holy shit, I'm so fuckin close. " I managed to croak out. She smiled and gave me the most innocent look I had ever seen in my life. That did it.


       "ohhhh fuck. " I moaned, and began the biggest orgasm of my life. The orgasmic waves rocked through me, and I came for about twenty seconds straight, all the while her hips gyrating, her muscles clenching, and her face looking more innocent than ever. When I finally finished, she smiled at me, and got off my now-limp dick. She picked up her skirt and slid it over her long, slender legs, zipped it back up, and put on her bra and tank top. "That was amazing, Dan. " she exclaimed. "Can I come to your college parties after you're done with senior year? I promise I'll make them even more memorable than this one. ""Of course you can. " I answered. "I can't wait to see how fuckin hot you're looking by then. "Rachel smiled. I pulled my boxers and shorts back up, and we went downstairs together to watch the Patriots game with the rest of the party. Well, that's my first story I've ever written, I'd appreciate any feedback. .

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